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An Excellent Cartoon
fionashirra25 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
At the request of my 8 year old daughter I am typing up a review for this cartoon.

It seems Amazon have outdone themselves with this cartoon as my daughter was talking about it all morning. Needless to say, she loved this show and describes it as a wonderful mixture of dark and light forces.

A magical show set in a post apocalyptic world with the main character a young boy called Niko, alone in the world and the final hope for mankind. Niko is a brave, and loving boy with a mission to save the world with his Sword of Light (though he still needs some practice using it). Niko is the kind of character that inspires kids, my daughter said, and I quote "he is brave because he never gives up".

The show was funny but with moments of thrilling peril (obviously the kiddie friendly kind) and my daughter is eager to see the next installment and discover how Niko fairs in this challenging new world.
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This is one of the best New Cartoons thanks Amazon.
Jntfurstman23 July 2016
The Show is Incredible and it Has Great Animation. It tell the story of Niko who's the last Human on a quest to Defeat the darkness and restore light to the Kingdom and it's has Great Characters and Fun action scenes it has Great Voice Acting and Great Animation. It's simple yet full of Action. Niko is Adorable and brave and Fun to Watch and it Reminds Me of Batman and Avatar and it's one of the best New series Of 2014 thanks Amazon and to the many people for making this the best new Series yet it's going to be a lot of fun thanks Amazon. P.S. More Episodes of Niko and please More Great Action too Please Thanks Amazon. I also thanks Jim Cummings and Ton Kenny for doing Great Voice work it's Awesome Thanks Amazon. and Please Make More Episodes.

Sign By Teddy Furstman.
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Wonderful family entertainment
winkastw13 September 2017
My family loved watching "Niko and the Sword of Light" on Amazon Prime, and got totally swept up by the story and the adventures of Niko and Princess Lyra, rooting for them all the way in the delightful contrast of locations and challenges. The animation is especially well done with great care to rise above all the competition to create masses of family fun and engrossing stories. Well worth the watching time and again, thank you..
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Niko and the Sword of Light is an inspirational and beautifully animated new series that's a must for all youngsters!
sarah_t_pearce21 August 2017
My daughter who is 12 years old has just watched the first episode of Niko and the Sword of Light with me.

She thought the story line was genius, truly original and like nothing she has seen before. She really liked the fact that Princess Lira is very independent and provides a good example to young girls that it's not only male characters who can be strong and heroic.

The story has a great balance of adventure and humour and conveys a strong message about how believing in yourself and never giving up can enable you to achieve great things, even when the going gets really tough! The characters bring this message alive in a way that will really engage and inspire young people.

My daughter loved Niko and the Sword of Life and felt children younger than her will enjoy it too. The humour makes the scary bits not very scary!
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An exemplary children's cartoon
benjaminburt1 August 2017
Niko and the Sword of Light is an interesting amalgam, trying to balance some good storytelling and a unique fantasy world with the censorship and simplicity of children's programming. To be clear, this is very much a children's program, with on-the-nose dialogue, simple character motivation, and easy-to-understand message themes. Nevertheless, show is able to distinguish itself by being well-paced and engaging.

The animation is also hard to pin down, as sometimes it looks like some low-budget direct-to-video stiff animation, while other times it suddenly jumps into unique, flowing, and exciting action.

The setup is surprisingly similar to Samurai Jack - a 'shape- shifting master of darkness' is challenged by a pure-hearted hero with a magic sword. This show gets points for having a plot, though. The backstory of the villain and of princess Lyra are both fleshed out a little more than Samurai Jack, but that's not saying a whole lot.

All in all, a unique and engaging children's cartoon.
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