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Boston Globe
Older moviegoers may also recognize The Space Between Us as a dress-up variation on the old Jeff Bridges/Karen Allen movie “Starman” (1984), and by far the best parts have to do with Gardner’s often comic adjustments to life on Earth.
If you dare to keep track, the dumb stuff in The Space Between Us piles up quickly.... But it's not as easy to make fun of the mild sweetness at the heart of the movie.
It seems unfinished, choppy, the storytelling almost of the after-school special variety.
The science is sloppy, the sentimentality is sloppier in “The Space Between Us,” a sci-fi romance pairing up agreeable leads in a cut-and-paste script.
Slant Magazine
The Space Between Us is simply disappointing when it isn’t trying to browbeat its audience into emotional submission.
The whole thing ultimately collapses in a heap of unintentionally hilarious melodrama.
Combining its adventure and romantic plotlines in painfully hokey fashion, The Space Between Us (the title is a pun, get it?) is so ludicrous that only a cinematic stylist might have been able to pull it off.
The nonstop silliness of this picture leaves one choking on stifled laughter.
It’s hard not to engage in eye-rolling over what already promises to be one of 2017’s worst movies: The Space Between Us spends so much time piling one daffy, laughable plot beat upon another that it never bothers to nail down the characters.
If romance-seeking audiences know what’s best for them, they’ll put some space between themselves and this movie.

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