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"The Tonight Show" without class
jmcd200718 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
To sum it all into perspective, I cannot stand Fallon. I tried watching a couple of episodes of his version of "The Tonight Show" but just couldn't go on. Carson would be rolling in his grave. Whatever class "The Tonight Show" once had is now gone and has been replaced by immature tomfoolery. What probably annoys me the most about Fallon is his over-emphasized laughter over the littlest things and the worshiping of his guests, which is absolutely atrocious and unnecessary. These things make him look immature, fake, and desperate for the attention and ratings. Although some of his games aren't bad, his monologues are weak...but nowhere near as bad as Letterman's, whose monologues and humor are about as dry as a desert. Anyhow, Fallon's house band, The Roots, also look like they were picked out of an alley from the 1970s. The set and furniture are bland, and so is Fallon's brand of humor. If you like toilet humor and other jokes that you'd probably hear in a middle school hallway, then this show is for you. Furthermore, if you like a "host" that lollygags around the set while barely giving his guests enough time to talk during an "interview," then this show is for you. Many of the once great hosts of late-night have either retired or are starting to wear out their welcome. For instance, although I was glad to hear that Letterman finally decided to retire, I cringe at the fact that someone like Stephen Colbert will be taking over for him come May 2015. Kimmel isn't bad, but could be better. Late night is dead, folks, and NBC just helped put another nail in the coffin here.
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Jimmy Fallon is annoying and childish
futurechange5 June 2015
I use to watch Letterman just because he was calm and grown up even if boring. I find Jimmy Fallon and his false sounding,extremely worded appreciation of every guest and their talent as about untruthful as I have ever seen. Most guests look so uncomfortable. His laughter is forced and false as if him laughing will make things that are not funny magically become so to the audience.

I know the man has some talent in some areas but I do not think hosting a show is one of them. The other new guy does the same but just a little less teenage type. Is there no research done on guests so you can learn something unique about them as Graeme Norton does ? It looks so old fashioned and without class.

I think they should have chosen a woman as the men are horrible. So many to choose from and we get two duds. Someone off the street could do better, I dare the networks to try it.
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Poor Jimmy......a real snooze.
lfletch0316 July 2014
I watched 10 or so shows, thinking Jimmy needed to "warm up". But the show is just terrible. It might be better without the loud mouth, obnoxious side kick. I have always liked Fallon and thought he'd do really well with this show but not so. I feel embarrassed for Jimmy. I don't care how you cut it; this show simply does not work for Jimmy. I agree with the reviewer who said something like: this is a teenager in a 39 year old's body. Monologues are corny and the skits are just horrific. I can't imagine what has happened to Jimmy. I just loved his humor but no more........not as a host anyway. He seems very awkward and unlike himself. I was really looking forward to the show as I never did warm up to Jay Leno....Jay repeated his jokes too much. I still love Jimmy Fallon but I feel very badly that he can't seem to carry this off. Like I said, it might be better if the sidekick is removed or replaced. Steve Higgins is SO loud and SO irritating. Sad, really sad !
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Weak and getting weaker
jidavis-225-54984629 January 2015
Agree with reviewers who say that Fallon can pull off some funny bits but doesn't have the stuff to produce a consistently funny and entertaining full show night after night. Understand that a younger guy is supposed to appeal to a younger audience but the incessant giggling/shouting/screaming/hiding under the desk makes it unlikely that he will ever graduate from the third grade. He doesn't engage very well with guests on the show; the silly games are not a substitute for either serious or comic interaction with those appearing on the show. He might consider letting some of his accomplished guests, Seinfeld for example, do a comedy bit on their own. Also agree that the band doesn't add much to the show; would be better just to have higher quality musical guests and have them do two performances as on SNL. Bottom line - Comedy has a lot of staying power but silly gets old in a hurry; Fallon doesn't seem to know the difference between comedy and silly. At the end of the day (haha - get it?!), Jimmy seems to have succumbed to the same problem that plagues SNL; maybe he spent too much time there - take a one-time clever and humorous idea and then repeat it over and over until viewers are sick of it.
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Steve Higgins Is Too Weird
stanheckjr15 June 2017
The Tonight Show needs an overhaul! The shows host acts like a drunk frat boy and his sidekick (Steve Higgins) is weird & not funny. Jimmy Fallan also has these stupid games he plays with his guest and they are boring to watch.

Jimmy has an obvious "FAKE LAUGH" that gets on my nerves. If your looking for him to be a great interviewer don't bother. He has softball questions and never has follow up questions. With Know follow up questions that tells me "He isn't paying close attention" to what his guest is saying. He will ask a question and listens to when they stop talking so he can "Plug" his guest projects.

Steve Higgins jumps in too much during the monologue and he doesn't help. He comes across as dad that laughs at his own jokes
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He would be great if he can just stop talking all the time.
ShadeofMisery1 August 2016
Fallon is that kind of a friend who always needs to have the last word on everything. Like, if a topic comes up he just happens to know something about it or has to say something because he wants people to know that he's so smart and worldly and funny even though his facts are wrong. He's an okay, decent human being but I don't want to be around him for ten minutes.

As a host there is much to be desired. From his fake laugh and awkward clapping to his exclaiming that he loves everything and down to the poorly constructed jokes that he passes off as comedy. But it's okay because his flaws are a bit endearing.

However there is one thing that pisses me off so much. He constantly interrupts his guests. His need to always be the center of attention derails the show. For example the episode with Whoopie Goldberg where he asked two audience members to be the host for the night. I thought we would get 5 minutes of two strangers talking but instead Jimmy focused all the attention back on him by taking a selfie.

The most recent transgression is the episode with Martha Stewart. He acted like such a spoiled attention-seeking child, screaming at Questlove and Martha who were trying to make themselves heard.

This is a pattern he has with all of his guests. Whenever they talk about something or explain something or relate a story, Fallon will interrupt them with a story of his own.

The most obnoxious thing is when he does his interruptions he almost always stutters.

If you watch the show you know that he always does this. Like he can't form a coherent thought before opening his mouth.

That alone is what makes him the most incompetent host the world has ever seen.
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No longer watching the TONIGHT SHOW
duraflex8 January 2015
Jimmy Fallon has a modicum of talent and can pull off some funny bits but hosting the 60 minute TONIGHT SHOW 5 nights a week is obviously more than he can handle. He seems like an okay guy but he's an example of The Peter Principle in play.

Johnny Carson was the Gold Standard for hosting this show. He had charisma and depth. He could do political and social commentary, do comedy skits and handle all kinds of interviews from the serious to the silly. I still watch him on DVDs - stuff I've seen and enjoyed before.

Leno was good and usually worth staying up to watch. Politically, he leaned left but Obama was easy fodder for his jokes. Leno's interviewing skills didn't match Carson but he could handle man-on-the-street stuff and showed us how ignorant too many Americans are.

I've given Fallon about 10 tries but concluded he's not worth staying up for or even setting the DVR. The band is absolutely awful. Don't know what Fallon's ratings are or how long his contract runs but I will not be among his viewers.
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Worst host ever of The Tonight Show
My wife and I never like Jimmy Fallon. what is with the crap about reading those annoying cards? We never could understand that. Every host brings their own sense of humor and style. I just happen to not like Fallon's style. Even though Jay Leno left after screwing Conan out of The Tonight Show, I believe that NBC should of offered the job back to Conan instead of Fallon. Conan paid his dues at NBC and worked harder and longer at NBC than Fallon ever did. So I believe The Tonight Show should still be Conan's and I refuse to watch Jimmy Fallon. Maybe I am wrong but that is my choice. There is probably so much of behind the scenes that we don't see or even hear of. The ultimate decision will be made by the viewers.
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Talk shows hosts have their own way, and that's that
randyw015 March 2014
Fallon doesn't have the raw guttural humor of someone like Ferguson, nor should he expected to be. Fallon's semi-worship of guests has actually toned down a may drop as he ages, or not.....sometimes people just don't change.

He does not have writers that create some of the inspired bits of other shows....maybe it's not that easy to find people like that. This show is more like a very conventional show than something created with a niche audience. He'll find a way to survive.

As for people making political accusations here, you sound like very grumpy people who can't watch anything on TV without demanding that everything should be your way.
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It looks like Jimmy's only taking the money
bmtwineman22 November 2016
I used to be a fan of The Tonight Show. But lately Jimmy Fallon has turned into an idiot. Why would he be taking the wrong side on this political agenda. He is a very talented man that is using this platform to collect money. I know he's smarter than that. Quit making fun Donald Trump, our president! You don't deserve to be sitting down laughing at him. I wish I could convey everything I need to say in this short time, but of course for them it's into a few lines of this agenda to make this tablet. I am a believer in the Constitution cover I believe we live to be able to express your own opinion, but when money is involved comma sometimes people like Jimmy Fallon take it wrong again.. I wish I hope American Bandstand Tumi a part of the truth, the only thing that matters in America is the truth!
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