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Cory Michael Smith to Star in 1985, Yen Tan's Feature Adaptation

Last year we debuted the poster for Yen Tan's 1985, a short film that evoked potent memories in just eight minutes. It won a Special Jury Prize at SXSW. Now a feature film version is on its way.  The cast is impressive: Cory Michael Smith (TV's Gotham), Virginia Madsen, Michael Chiklis, Noah Schnapp (Stranger Things) and Jamie Chung. Here's the synopsis, per Deadline:  Terminally-ill Adrian (Smith) flies home from New York to visit his estranged family in Texas. His attempt at revealing his circumstances to his conservative parents (Madsen, Chiklis) are challenged when he reconnects with his preteen brother (Schnapp) and his old flame (Chung). Yen Tan (Pit Stop) wrote the screenplay and will direct. He's a long-time acquaintance, talented filmmaker and an all-around good...

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‘Gotham’s Cory Michael Smith, Virginia Madsen & More Set For AIDS Drama Pic ‘1985’ From Yen Tan

‘Gotham’s Cory Michael Smith, Virginia Madsen & More Set For AIDS Drama Pic ‘1985’ From Yen Tan
Cory Michael Smith, Designated Survivor‘s Virginia Madsen, Michael Chiklis (Gotham, FX’s The Shield) have been tapped to co- star in AIDS drama film 1985, along with Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp and Jamie Chung (The Hangover Part II, Big Hero 6) Pit Stop helm Yen Tan is directing from his own script, which is based on his SXSW Special Jury Prize winning short. It center on terminally-ill Adrian (Smith), who flies home from New York to visit his estranged family in…
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Final Fantasy Xv Chapter 13 Changes Now Live On Xbox One And PlayStation 4

Square Enix has just rolled out its latest series of patches for Final Fantasy Xv, one of which brings with it the long-awaited changes to the RPG’s oft-criticized Chapter 13. Available now on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Chapter 13, Verse 2, as it’s so-called, sees players take control of Noctis’ bodyguard Gladiolus as he attempts to navigate his way through Zegnautus Keep. Judging by the trailer released alongside the update, it seems as if the musclebound warrior will also team up with Ignis during the events of Verse 2 and, if nothing else, the adjustments should help to serve as a primer for tomorrow’s Episode Gladiolus Dlc.

Besides the above, Patch 1.06 also includes various bug fixes, gameplay enhancements and new music tracks for the Regalia, as well as new and improved versions of Noctis’ Arcana spells, Alterna, Holy and Death. You can see them all demoed in the video above and,
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Every Movie and TV Show Expiring on Netflix in March

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The time has come to say goodbye to some of your favorite movies and shows on Netflix. While there are plenty of titles in store for next month, classics like Jaws and romantic comedies like The Nanny Diaries are about to disappear forever. You better start watching now before they're gone! Related:33 New Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Netflix in February Expiring March 1 Jaws Justice League: War Jaws 2 Jaws 3 Jaws: The Revenge Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Keeping Up Appearances Monarch of the Glen, Seasons 1-7 National Lampoon's Animal House Robin Hood, Seasons 1-3 Survivors, Series 1-2 Expiring March 2 Black or White Sweetwater Expiring March 3 Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey Misfire Web Junkie Expiring March 4 Entertainment I Dream of Wires Otto the Rhino Seashore The Discoverers The Nanny Diaries Expiring March 5 Food Chains Jail Caesar The Days to Come Two Hundred Thousand Dirty Expiring March 6 Pit Stop
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New to Streaming: ‘The Handmaiden,’ ‘Loving,’ ‘The Light Between Oceans,’ and More

With a seemingly endless amount of streaming options — not only the titles at our disposal, but services themselves — we’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight the titles that have recently hit platforms. Every week, one will be able to see the cream of the crop (or perhaps some simply interesting picks) of streaming titles (new and old) across platforms such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, and more (note: U.S. only). Check out our rundown for this week’s selections below.

American Pastoral (Ewan McGregor)

If my limited experience with Philip Roth adaptations is any indication, his novels deal in emotion. There are existential crises concerning identity involved, each a character study about life’s impact beyond the surface experiences propelling them forward. This isn’t something easily translated from page to screen when so much consists of internalized motivation. You must really look into the text, ignoring plot to
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10 Surprises and Hidden Gems from the 2017 Sundance Lineup

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10 Surprises and Hidden Gems from the 2017 Sundance Lineup
2016 is nearly over and most people can’t wait to reach the finish line, so the Sundance Film Festival lineup couldn’t arrive at a better moment to give us something to anticipate for the new year.

Read More: Sundance 2017 Announces Competition and Next Lineups, Including Returning Favorites and Major Contenders

With the announcement of the U.S. and World Competition sections as well as the ever-tantalizing Next category of edgier fare, the first set of Sundance announcements kick off a wave of expectations from new talent and veterans alike. There will be much to dig through, from potential sales titles to breakthrough talent, and more announcements to come (the midnight section, short films, and forward-thinking New Frontiers section are all around the corner). In the meantime, we’ve dug through the initial Sundance blast to unearth a few standouts worthy of anticipation.

David Lowery’s Secret Movie Isn’t
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Watch: Adorable Dog Enjoys Peanut Butter Treat with Help of Human Hands

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Watch: Adorable Dog Enjoys Peanut Butter Treat with Help of Human Hands
It’s time to make a hilarious “pit” stop during yet another Monday back at work.

This delightful moment comes from Our Pit Stop, an Instagram account belonging to a family that fosters pit bull dogs looking for forever homes.

The family’s current furry tenant is Opal, a beautiful girl who came to them seven months ago from Fern Dog Rescue. When Opal the “silliest little hippo” was found, she had very little fur due to a skin infection and was also plagued with a myriad of other health issues.

Thanks to the dedication of her foster family and her own upbeat attitude,
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David Lowery On ‘Pete’s Dragon’: How a Microbudget Filmmaker Became Disney’s Secret Weapon

David Lowery On ‘Pete’s Dragon’: How a Microbudget Filmmaker Became Disney’s Secret Weapon
Nine years before he completed production on the multi-million dollar Disney remake of “Pete’s Dragon,” David Lowery was living out of the back of his car, editing corporate videos. The Dallas native directed his first feature, the little-seen “Lullaby,” at age 19. The ensuing years found him collaborating with a close-knit group of local film-savvy friends, but little in the way of upward mobility. “I never put a premium on making a living,” he told me in a recent phone conversation. “It was never one of those things that was important to me.”

Lowery’s work at the time suggests as much — it’s anything but commercial — and yet it provided him with an ideal platform for a massive career move as one of Disney’s newest secret weapons. “Pete’s Dragon,” a $60 million re-imagining of the 1977 live-action-animated musical film, has all the hallmarks of Lowery’s earlier work: a serene,
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'The Amazing Race' Predictions: Who is Going Home in Leg 11?

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'The Amazing Race' Predictions: Who is Going Home in Leg 11?
In some ways, it feels like it just began, but it's true. The Amazing Race is coming to an end for season 28. Whether you loved them or hated them, the social media stars are going to be gone from your TV screens and will head back to the distant back-lit glow of you laptop, phone or any mobile device of your choosing. 

We're one episode away from the finale and one more Pit Stop from the final finish line. This means, unless The Amazing Race pulls another Final 4 situation, one more team is going to be out of the running out of time right before the last leg, so who is it going to be?
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‘The Amazing Race’ Season 28 Episode 6 Recap: “Let the Good Times Roll”

And we're back! After a few-week hiatus, the social media influencer extravaganza that is The Amazing Race Season 28 returns. But before we get to the action, it's worth nothing during the show's time off, there's something a lot of fans have been wondering:

I guess the #ExpressPass doesn't exist this season. #AmazingRace

Chris M (@CoolHandChris55) February 13, 2016

Is there no #ExpressPass in this season?! #AmazingRace

— Vern Mei (@VernMei) February 13, 2016

@PhilKeoghan @travelocity @colombia_travel When will the #ExpressPass show up? #AmazingRace

— Deven Parikh (@DParikh30) February 27, 2016

For the uninitiated, an Express Pass is used to skip all tasks in a Leg and move directly to a Pit Stop. It's a big deal. If an Express Pass were to show up this late in the game and a team were to use it on this ninth leg, it could really shake things up. And shaking things up seems like exactly what the powers that
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'The Amazing Race' Recap: Not So Amazing in the French Mountains

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'The Amazing Race' Recap: Not So Amazing in the French Mountains
The Amazing Race had one of the most boring and embarrassing ends to a leg of the race in week 4. The difference between first and last place was not determined by the team's skill, luck or speed. It was merely determined by train schedule as 8 of the teams ended up on one train together to the Pit Stop. The last place team was all on their own and was eliminated from the race. 

For Leg 5, The Amazing Race had to make this competition seem like an actual competition and hopefully separate the teams again. There were efforts made, but all in all, they failed. While not quite as bad as the finish to leg 4 was, week 5 of The Amazing Race was pretty disappointing, especially in its final moments. Not even the majestic beauty of the French mountains could save it from being a complete snooze fest.
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Amazing Race Insider: Erin and Joslyn Talk 'Sleep Challenge,' Big Mat Attack

Amazing Race Insider: Erin and Joslyn Talk 'Sleep Challenge,' Big Mat Attack
The Amazing Race team of Erin Robinson and Joslyn Davis — hosts of the Clevver entertainment news hub — share with TVLine weekly behind-the-scenes secrets.

Flag On The Play? | When we arrived at the roadblock, which — no big deal — was on the lawn of the United Nations [Offices in Geneva], I had a major pinch-me moment. Who gets to frolic around on the lawn of the Un?!?! But when you’re on The Amazing Race, magical things can happen. Back to business: When we arrived at the Un, all of the teams ahead of us were still there and it seemed like it was kind
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SXSW 2016 Exclusive Poster Debut: Yen Tan's 1985

We're gearing up to cover SXSW 2016, which begins next week in Austin, Texas, and to kick things off, we're happy to premiere the poster for Yen Tan's short film 1985. Mr. Tan wrote and directed the film, which stars Robert Sella and Lindsay Pulsipher. Mr. Tan is a personal acquaintance of long standing, so, frankly, I'm not entirely objective, but he made the wonderfully on-point drama Pit Stop a couple years back, as well as a flock of good short films over the years. He's also a very good poster artist, and we've premiered his work in the past. 1985 will enjoy its world premiere on Friday, March 11, at 10:15 p.m. at the Vimeo Theater, as part of the Texas Shorts Competition, and...

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10 Infamous Wrestling Mohawks


Like most fashion trends over the years, the Mohawk hairstyle has seen dramatic spikes in popularity and steep declines into virtual obscurity. In a lot of ways it rides the same rollercoaster as the WWE: you’re never quite sure when the next boom period will come but there’s a distinct suggestion that it’s probably just around the corner.

But one thing we all know is that Vince McMahon loves to be part of the “in crowd.” He loves his WWE empire to feel socially relevant, and he will pounce on something that swells in popularity like a cheetah on a galloping gazelle. So it was no surprise to see wrestlers suddenly sporting Mohawks whenever they crept back into the limelight during the 1980’s and late 1990’s – and again today.

Not that this is a bad thing of course. Mohawks look cool and more importantly
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‘The Amazing Race’ Season 28 Episode 2 Recap: “You Look Like Gollum”

Where We Left Off or: Moving Forward With A Lighter Load

This week's episode of the "very special" 28th season of The Amazing Race -- in which every team is chock full of YouTube and social media stars -- picks up right where last week's left off: on the Pit Stop mat.

For those following along at home, last week turned out to be a non-elimination leg with Team JuicyDad07 saved from being the first team out in exchange for having to face a Speed Bump in the next week. And for the uninitiated, a Speed Bump is a task that only the team it was given to has to complete. It's almost exclusively given to a team in a non-elimination leg to give them a slight disadvantage in the next leg.

Our venerable host Phil Keoghan asks the beleaguered Team JuicyDad07 what strategy they will use to make up
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Arrow Stars on Oliver's Mayoral Run — Who's Supportive and Who's Not?

Arrow Stars on Oliver's Mayoral Run — Who's Supportive and Who's Not?
The results are in for Oliver Queen’s mayoral run — at least among his inner circle.

His friends and family will finally weigh in on this Wednesday’s Arrow (The CW, 8/7c) — two weeks after Oliver declared his political intentions to Felicity.

RelatedArrow Stars Talk Grave Scene Mystery, Fan Theories: ‘You Can Kill Off Anyone’

“It’s actually very atypical for our show to announce something, and then just leave it dormant for an episode, which we did this week because so many other things were going on,” star Stephen Amell explains during a recent visit to the show’s Vancouver set.
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Arrow Stars Talk Grave Scene Mystery, Fan Theories: 'You Can Kill Off Anyone'

Arrow Stars Talk Grave Scene Mystery, Fan Theories: 'You Can Kill Off Anyone'
The “Who’s in the grave?” cliffhanger that capped Arrow‘s Season 4 premiere has the CW series’ cast playing conspiracy theorists as avidly as viewers.

PhotosArrow Season 4: Who’s in the Grave?

“As castmates, we’re all like, ‘Is it you?! Is it you?! Oh, it could be you!” star Emily Bett Rickards describes. “‘No, you know what, it’s definitely me. It has to be me! It’s has to be you! It has to be me! It’s going to be them! It’s going to be no one! No one‘s in the grave!’ Like,
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Vampire Diaries: Meet Oscar, the Stoner Heretic With a Salvatore Connection

If there’s a rule against using magic under the influence, someone forgot to tell Oscar, the new heretic being introduced on Thursday’s Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8/7c).

RelatedVampire Diaries‘ Kat Graham Previews Phoenix Stone Twist, Bonnie’s Future

“He’s a laid-back stoner who’s been living the high life off the grid for a while now,” Tim Kang tells TVLine of his unconventional character. “He’s been on an assignment from Lily, and he’s really taking advantage of that time off from the family, just enjoying himself.”

Of course, Oscar’s good times are about to
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Ratings: Fox's Empire Enjoys Its First Season 2 Uptick

Ratings: Fox's Empire Enjoys Its First Season 2 Uptick
Fox’s Empire this Wednesday drew 12.3 million total viewers and a 4.8 rating (per finals), ticking up in both audience and in the demo for the first time this season.

Related2016 Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Cancelled? What’s on the Bubble?

Prior to this week, the returning megahit had experienced four straight episodes of declines.

RelatedEmpire Recap: Church and Destroy

Opening Fox’s night, Rosewood (5.3 mil/1.6) added a few eyeballs as well as two tenths in the demo.

Elsewhere in the ratings….

CBS | Survivor (9.1 mil/2.1) and Criminal Minds (8.5 mil/1.6) each dipped a tenth, with the latter hitting a series low,
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Is ‘Star Wars: Aftermath’ a Good Pit Stop on the Journey to ‘The Force Awakens’?

Is ‘Star Wars: Aftermath’ a Good Pit Stop on the Journey to ‘The Force Awakens’?
It’s officially Force Friday, and in addition to all the new toys and various goodies you can get related to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, today also brings the first official books that are part of The Journey to The Force Awakens, filling in the gap of time between Return of the Jedi and the […]

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