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‘Gilbert’ Subject Gilbert Gottfried On Seeing His Personal Life Portrayed On Screen: “This Could Be What Hell Is”

‘Gilbert’ Subject Gilbert Gottfried On Seeing His Personal Life Portrayed On Screen: “This Could Be What Hell Is”
“I just wanted to be in Tribeca so that I can legally refer to Robert De Niro as 'Bob,'” Gilbert Gottfried joked, sitting down with director Neil Berkeley (Harmontown, Beauty Is Embarrassing) at Deadline’s 2017 Tribeca Studio to discuss their documentary, Gilbert. A legendary stand-up comedian and actor with a voice recognizable to many who was propelled to fame in the 1980s, Gottfried was candid about his total reluctance to participate in the project, which peeks…
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‘The Wire’s’ David Simon On ‘The Deuce,’ ‘Legacy of Ashes’

‘The Wire’s’ David Simon On ‘The Deuce,’ ‘Legacy of Ashes’
Having made the Oscar Isaac-starring HBO miniseries “Show Me A Hero,” David Simon visited Barcelona recently to receive a career achievement award at its third edition of TV fest Serielizados. The creator of the “The Wire” and “Treme” and a two-time Emmy winner, Simon delivered a master class in a packed Blanquerna University Auditorium, which was conducted by film director, author and now TV series creator David Trueba. World premiering AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead,” and showcasing the European premiere of Neil Berkeley doc “Beauty is Embarrassing,” Serielizados is one of Spain’s multiple TV festivals. The Simon master-class was one undoubted 2016 highlight. Variety talked to Simon about “The Deuce” and projects such as “Legacy of the Ashes” and the ramp-up in TV drama production.

As Cannes MipTV underscored – and Paris’ Series Mania will probably be no different – a young generation of writers and directors in Europe are
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Sundance: 'Chelsea Does' Director Eddie Schmidt on Getting Real With Chelsea Handler For Netflix

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Sundance: 'Chelsea Does' Director Eddie Schmidt on Getting Real With Chelsea Handler For Netflix
For months now, we've been waiting to find out what exactly it meant for comedian and host Chelsea Handler to leave "Chelsea Lately" and sign a deal with Netflix. But while the shape of her promised talk show has yet to be revealed, here's the documentary "Chelsea Does...," which features Handler taking on four specific topics — marriage, racism, technology and drugs — that interest her on different levels. Whether it's hating her iPhone or putting on a bright pink wedding dress, Handler gets real and personal for the four almost-feature-length installments, which happened to be guided by director Eddie Schmidt. Read More: Netflix Gets Topical With a Chelsea Handler Talk Show, But What Does That Mean? Last Friday, "Chelsea Does..." made its Sundance debut prior to its premiere on Netflix. While Eddie Schmidt ("This Film is Not Yet Rated," "Beauty is Embarrassing") is no stranger to the Sundance world -- he first brought a project.
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Film Review: Ego an Arduous Carousel in Documentary ‘Harmontown’

Chicago - Dan Harmon does not look very good in his documentary “Harmontown,” which is probably why he agreed to the project. The creator of NBC’s cult comedy “Community” is presented wantonly in this documentation of his tour across America to interact with his fans through live recordings of his podcast “Harmontown.”

Director Neil Berkeley (2012’s “Beauty is Embarrassing”) has created a different yet lacking type of tour film, as it whittles a revered showman to a representation of his polarizing elements; of the self-loathing narcissism that defines Harmon.

Rating: 2.0/5.0

The spectacle of Berkeley’s film is Harmon’s podcast, which aside from Harmon’s GoPro & mirror confessions, provides a physical representation of what being inside Harmon’s head is like. As Harmon comes to comedic life by sauntering onstage to be his unapologetic self for an enthused crowd, he interacts with co-host (and actor) Jeff B. Davis, who
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Dan Harmon crowd surfs in exclusive clip from 'Harmontown'

Dan Harmon crowd surfs in exclusive clip from 'Harmontown'
Community creator Dan Harmon is a comedy heavyweight. He's also something of an actual heavyweight. (I write this as a man who could stand to lose a pound or 20 myself.) But did that stop the mercurial, mirth-creating madman attempting to crowd surf when he took his Harmontown podcast on the road in early 2013? It most certainly did not, as the exclusive clip below from the tour-documenting, and utterly fascinating, new film Harmontown very much makes clear. Directed by Neil Berkeley (Beauty is Embarrassing) Harmontown boasts talking-head contributions from Ben Stiller, Sarah Silverman, and John Oliver, among others, as well as
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Dan Harmon on Watching Himself in ‘Harmontown’

Dan Harmon on Watching Himself in ‘Harmontown’
Those who watch “Harmontown,” the Neil Berkeley documentary on controversial “Community” creator Dan Harmon, certainly learn a lot about the showrunner — but it ultimately may have been Harmon himself who learned the most from the film.

Harmon and Berkeley talked about the documentary, which follows Harmon as he tours the country with his podcast after being fired from “Community” in 2012, at a screening and Q&A at the WGA Theater in Beverly Hills Wednesday night. Harmon noted that the documentary focused on plenty of his low points — including drinking moonshine on stage and getting in fights with his then-girlfriend, now fiancé, podcaster Erin McGathy.

“You don’t see me rise back up in that movie,” said Harmon. “You see me realize that I’m a big baby and you see me realize that I can’t be a man.”

According to the “Community” creator, seeing himself interact with his girlfriend
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Harmontown Gets Its First Trailer

Dan Harmon wants to be the guy that makes people happy – so says the man himself in the first trailer for Neil Berkeley’s documentary Harmontown. It is sad to think that, despite having created one of the best comedy series in recent memory – Community – Harmon is probably best known for his spectacular firing from said show, following mounting conflict between him and cast member Chevy Chase. What does the man who wants to make people happy do to heal such a damaging wound? He takes his popular podcast on tour, of course – using the love of his dedicated fanbase as a revitalizing salve.

On the face of it, it sounds incredibly narcissistic, egotistical, and perhaps even desperate. In reality though, with this trailer, it is a beautiful thing to watch. Harmon is not only a refreshingly honest voice in relation to Hollywood as a whole, but also in relation to the human race,
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Vhx, Bond360 Ask Users To Pay What They Want For ‘Creativity Bundle’

Vhx has made more than $3.4 million in revenue though its digital distribution platform, but the site's latest endeavor is giving several titles away for free. It has launched the 'Creativity Bundle', a collection of four critically-acclaimed films that are available at a "pay what you want" price. The four titles in the Creativity Bundle are all documentaries, and they all focus on a specific topic related to creativity or creative individual. Indie Game: The Movie follows the lives of independent video game developers, Helvetica dives into the world of fonts, Sign Painters hones in on its titular profession, and Beauty Is Embarrassing takes artist Wayne White as its subject. While viewers can pay whatever they want for this collection, Vhx has three suggested prices: $5, $10, and $15, with the top tier also providing access to bonus features. This model is a familiar one to fans of the Humble Bundle, which has spent
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Riotous Road Dan Harmon Doc ‘Harmontown’ Picked Up For Theatrical Release

Even though his creation Community is lesser known in the UK, his impact is huge in the States and Dan Harmon is also considered to be somewhat of a one-man crazy nerd party but with massive talent.

Harmontown is a documentary directed by Neil Berkeley (Beauty Is Embarrassing) and co-produced by Future You Pictures and Starburns Industries, that follows the Community creator and writer/producer Dan Harmon on tour for his eponymous podcast series. It’s just been picked up by The Orchard, an independent music, film and video distribution company, for theatrical and digital rights across North America and the UK.

After being fired from the hit series he created, Harmon takes his writing on the road in Harmontown and performs live podcasts for his cult-like fan base across the country. Known for his wit, cynicism, genius and self-deprecation, the film initially begins documenting Dan’s fandom, and progressively
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‘Harmontown’ Docu Starring ‘Community’s Dan Harmon Set For Fall Release

‘Harmontown’ Docu Starring ‘Community’s Dan Harmon Set For Fall Release
After he was booted from Community, show creator Dan Harmon hit the road taking his Harmontown podcast to fans across the country as filmmaker Neil Berkeley (Beauty Is Embarrassing) documented the tour. The resulting film, Harmontown, world-premiered at SXSW and has now been acquired by McN/distribution co. The Orchard, which is plotting a theatrical and digital release this fall in North America and the U.K. Film features Harmon buddies and former collaborators Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Sarah Silverman, Jason Sudeikis and Joel McHale among other comics and Community stars. Harmon, who returned to Community for Season 5, is an exec […]
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Dan Harmon Tour Doc ‘Harmontown’ Acquired by The Orchard

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Dan Harmon Tour Doc ‘Harmontown’ Acquired by The Orchard
Everything is coming up aces for Dan Harmon. The “Community” creator got his show back last year, just got a second life and sixth season at Greendale from Yahoo, and now, the documentary about his traveling podcast has been acquired by distributor The Orchard. Also read: ‘Community’ to Return for Season 6 on Yahoo Screen Directed by Neil Berkeley (“Beauty is Embarrassing”), the film traces Harmon's shows throughout the country, with guest appearances by “Community” stars and top comedians like Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, and Jason Sudeikis. See video: Joel McHale Wants Nc-17 Rated ‘Community’ Movie With ‘Swordplay’ “‘Harmontown
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Bond/360 Launches “Pay What You Wish” Four-Movie “Creativity Bundle”

Hailed as revolutionary back in 2007, “the Radiohead model” — pay-what-you-wish downloadable media pricing — never flourished in the years following. Even Radiohead abandoned it. Yet, as Bond/360 is setting out to prove, it may still have its place when it comes to independent film. Tonight at midnight they’re launching a four-film “Creativity Bundle” download through Vhx. Pay what you want to own — not rent — four movies. And, just as Radiohead’s In Rainbows was one of their best, these titles (or at least the two I’ve seen) are excellent: Indie Game, Helvetica, Sign Painters and Beauty is Embarrassing. […]
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Bond/360 Launches “Pay What You Wish” Four-Movie “Creativity Bundle”

Hailed as revolutionary back in 2007, “the Radiohead model” — pay-what-you-wish downloadable media pricing — never flourished in the years following. Even Radiohead abandoned it. Yet, as Bond/360 is setting out to prove, it may still have its place when it comes to independent film. Tonight at midnight they’re launching a four-film “Creativity Bundle” download through Vhx. Pay what you want to own — not rent — four movies. And, just as Radiohead’s In Rainbows was one of their best, these titles (or at least the two I’ve seen) are excellent: Indie Game, Helvetica, Sign Painters and Beauty is Embarrassing. […]
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Neil Berkeley, 'Harmontown' Director, on Hitting the Road with Dan Harmon

Honesty has gotten Dan Harmon in trouble in the past -- whether you're a fan of his or not, you're likely well-aware of Harmon's much-publicized trials with "Community," his meta-sitcom, beloved by critics and a small-but-diehard fan base. The show was taken away from him in May 2012, but honesty also seemingly ended up being his salvation, and not just because NBC hired him back to run the show's fifth season in June 2013.

Somewhere along the way, the "Community" mantra-turned-meme of six seasons and a movie became 20 shows and a documentary. And much like another fan favourite ousted by NBC, Harmon decided to hit the road during the ensuing layoff, taking his nerd-friendly podcast Harmontown on a 20-city, 23-day cross-country tour with a documentary crew, his co-host Jeff Davis, fiancée Erin McGathy and personal D&D dungeon master Spencer Crittenden in tow. Bringing his brand of unfettered candour to the people
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Hot Docs 2014: 'Harmontown' Review

Within seconds after sitting down to watch "Harmontown," you will notice that the doc is brought to you by "Starburns Industries." For those in the know, the production company is paying homage to one of the bit characters played by Dino Stamatopoulos on the TV show "Community." Those who watch the show will get a lot out of "Harmontown," and there may just be something for everyone else.

Dan Harmon is the comedic genius behind programs like "The Sarah Silverman Show," and the cult pilot one-off "Heat Vision and Jack," but his baby is "Community." The NBC art-sitcom experiment has been a massive underground hit, rewarding endless fanboys and girls with rapid-fire cultural references, endearing nerdy characters and non-stop punchy one-liners. The show is by no means a ratings-getter, and every new season is borne out of a turbulent gestation. Harmon's perfectionist work ethic towards the production and casting of
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Dan Harmon's Comedic Insanity Hits the Road in 'Harmontown' (Video)

The comedy gods really broke the mold when they made Dan Harmon, the controversial creator of "Community." When the showrunner and writer was canned from his own show, he took his live comedy show "Harmontown" on the road, broadcasting it as a podcast along with way.

Now you can watch the mishegoss unfold up close and personal-like in the documentary "Harmontown." Director Neil Berkeley went on the road with Harmon and fellow comedians Jeff Davis and Erin McGathy (who is also engaged to Harmon) to document their trip across the country, recording episodes of "Harmontown" along the way. Berkeley also talked to Harmon's colleagues and pals, like Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, Chris Hardwick, Joel McHale, and Alison Brie.

If you're at all familiar with comedians, road trips, people who drink a whole lot, and/or Dan Harmon's online persona, then you know things get pretty intense. "Harmontown," which premieres at SXSW,
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Bryan Singer headlines Sundance Film Festival juries

Bryan Singer headlines Sundance Film Festival juries
X-Men franchise director Bryan Singer, whose first two features debuted at the Sundance Film Festival — including The Usual Suspects in 1995 — was one of the industry figures named to the Sundance juries that will judge this year’s films when the festival begins next week. Singer, who has X-Men: Days of Future Past due in May, will be one of five members of the U.S. Dramatic Jury. Other members of the juries include Tracy Chapman, Lone Scherfig, Leonard Maltin, and screenwriter Jon Spaihts (Prometheus). A complete list of the juries, courtesy of the Sundance Film Festival, can be viewed after the jump.
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Mad Max's Weekend Movie Guide: 'Iron Man Three' & More

"Dads leave, you don’t have to be such a pussy about it." – Tony Stark, 'Iron Man Three'

Greetings from the apocalypse! Free Comics? An "Iron Man" sequel that doesn't suck? Genre festivals, eccentric painter docs and serial killer biopics? Have I been irradiated and gone to heaven? Nope, it's all happening man, it's all happening …

Friday, May 3

Pow! In Theaters

As a raving fan of Shane Black and Robert Downey Jr.'s first collab, the neo noir comedy "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," I had hoped that this director/star combo would hit it out of the park with "Iron Man Three." Well, frankly, Shane hit it out of the park and into the stratosphere, mesosphere, ionosphere, etc. Pulpy, groovy, bang-up fun, this is the best cinematic iteration of ol' shellhead yet, and while Joss Whedon got the quipy part right in "Marvel's The Avengers," this one perfectly balances
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Slackery News Tidbits: January 21, 2013

Here's the latest Austin movie news.

Films such as Slacker and Grindhouse may have put the "third coast" on the map, but the Texas House and Senate have proposed to eliminate the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program budget, which provides financial incentives for movies, video games and advertising, according to Austin Movie Blog. The state legislative bodies budget proposals include $4.2 million for the Texas Film Commission and Texas Music Office, which would not include incentives, instead of the $39.2 million the Governor's office requested. If approved, the budget cuts could cause many productions to move out of Texas.The "third coast" isn't down yet. Austin Film Festival is kicking off the return of its Audience Series with a screening of the Austin-made horror-comedy Saturday Morning Massacre (Jette's review) on Monday, February 4 at Alamo Drafthouse Village. The film, which screened at Aff 2012, is about a group of down-on-their-luck paranormal investigators and their beloved pooch,
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Movie Houses of Worship: NYC’s IFC Center

Moviegoing is like attending church for many of us, and so I’d like to introduce a new regular feature titled “Movie Houses of Worship,” which spotlights our favorite temples of cinema around the world. I’m kicking things off with a theater I frequented often when I was still living in New York City. If you’d like to suggest or submit a place you regularly worship at the altar of cinema, please email me at christopher (at) filmschoolrejects (dot) com. Name: IFC Center Opened: June 2005 (renovated from the famous Waverly Theater/Twin, which existed from 1937-2001 in an actual former church, built in 1831) No. of screens: 5 (two of which were added in 2009, built out of a space once housing an attached bar) Current first run titles: Sleepwalk With Me; Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry; The Ambassador; Beauty is Embarrassing; Detropia; Girl Model; Versailles ’73: American Runway Revolution. Jonathan Demme’s I’m Carolyn Parker: The Good
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