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This was the second film that Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal have starred in together, with the first being The Adjustment Bureau (2011).
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This was the most expensive Chinese movie ever, with a budget of $135 million and, due to the huge amount of crew involved, had over one hundred translators working on the production.
For his role as an archer, Matt Damon was trained in Hungary by Lajos Kassai, a world champion archer.
The filmmakers were denied permission to film on the actual Great Wall, so the locations were added digitally.
The beasts in this film are called the taotie, named after an evil fiend in Chinese mythology. Here they are represented as alien beings.
The coloured mountains are real. They can be seen in Zhangye in the north west of China.
Matt Damon and his family spent nearly half a year in China during filming.
A majority of the movie was filmed in China and some scenes in New Zealand.
James Horner was contracted to write a score to this movie before his death.
The poster says the Great Wall took 1,700 years to build. While this is technically accurate, since it was actually constructed as a series of several walls built separately over that time by various ruling dynasties. Each new wall section built by any single ruler would take approximately ten to twenty years to construct.
This was actor Andy Lau's first Hollywood movie.
Bryan Cranston was in early talks for the role of Ballard.
Andy Lau and Matt Damon both played the same role of an undercover gang member working in the police force: Lau played a triad member and senior inspector Lau working for the Hong Kong Police Force in Infernal Affairs (2002), and Damon played his American counterpart, staff sergeant Collin Sullivan of the Massachusetts State Police in its American remake The Departed (2006).
This was director Yimou Zhang's first film almost entirely in English, with some sentences in Chinese.
Edward Zwick was set to direct at one point, with Henry Cavill to star.
Benjamin Walker was cast for a role in the film, but he dropped out.
In the first battle against the tao tei, the Spaniard Tovar uses a red cape as would a matador in a bullfight in Spain.
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The Great Wall of China is the only manmade structure on Earth that can be seen by the naked eye from the International Space Station.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

When William (Matt Damon) was asked if he had been left behind before, he replied, "Yes. Twice before. And it didn't end well for them." This is an homage to his previous films Interstellar (2014) & The Martian (2015), in both of which he was left behind on other planets and the expedition went wrong.

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