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Highlights from The Simpsons Take The Bowl

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Highlights from The Simpsons Take The Bowl
There's no point of reviewing Sunday (September 14) night's The Simpsons Take The Bowl show from The Hollywood Bowl, at least not in a traditional way. Sunday's presentation was the third and final night for The Simpsons Take The Bowl and, alas, if you didn't catch one of the shows... That's it. Sorry. Timed to loosely synchronize with the classic comedy's 25th anniversary, the show's recent syndicated move to Fxx and Sunday, September 28 premiere for the new season, The Simpsons Take The Bowl was a terrific two hours of live music, singing and dancing, culminating in fireworks. The event featured an assortment of new animation tailored around the venue, but also included classic "Simpsons" bits including Homer's plummet down the Springfield Gorge, Homer's gambol through The Land of Chocolate and the transition from the Ajax Steel Mill into The Anvil. I'm not sure that all of my favorite "Simpsons" musical moments were acknowledged.
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The Simpsons: Bart’s 25 Greatest Moments

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Although the world’s most famous two-dimensional, yellow-skinned dysfunctional family (and you’d be surprised at how many there are) comprises five members, two have inarguably ascended beyond the television show to become cultural icons themselves. One is boorish but loveable dad Homer and the other is the brattish Bart ‘Don’t have a cow, man’/’Ay Carumba’/’Eat My Shorts’ Simpson.

Just like his father, Bart Simpson is one of the most recognisable faces across the world, whether animated or not, and It is sometimes forgotten now, after 25 years of the show, that Bart was once the main character of the series before the whole family was given a fair crack at the whip. So just why is Bart so popular? As The Simpsons has always been a show for all-ages, while Homer is a hero to put-upon parents everywhere, perhaps the secret of Bart’s popularity
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Brad Bird Returns To Disney With 1952

Brad Bird is to work with Disney again on 1952, a new sci-fi project written by Jeff Jenson of Entertainment Weekly and Damon Lindelof, co-creator of Lost.

Bird has had tremendous success with The House of Mouse, specifically Pixar, as he wrote and directed The Incredibles (2004) and Ratatouille (2007). He had previous success with animation, directing The Iron Giant (1999) and working extensively on The Simpsons (he even directed the video to Do The Bartman). Last year, he made his live action debut with the sensational Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which grossed nearly $700 million worldwide.

Very little is known of 1952, we’re not even sure if it will be live action of animated. But rumour has it this will be a big deal for Disney. Let us hope it will avoid the problems of their last sci-fi epic John Carter. But with Bird at the helm, we don’t think they have much to worry about.
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