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'The Commuter': Film Review

'The Commuter': Film Review
Throughout his late renaissance as an action hero, Liam Neeson has battled wolves (The Grey), evil Albanians (Taken), evil Turks (Taken 2), flight turbulence (Non-Stop), an unwanted TV show adaptation (The A-Team), an unwanted board game adaptation (Battleship), more evil Albanians (Run All Night), evil Germans (Unknown) and even evil Nazis, if you want to go all the way back to Schindler's List.

But in The Commuter, which marks the 65-year-old star’s fourth collaboration with Spanish director and Hitchcock enthusiast Jaume Collet-Serra, he may be facing his greatest challenge yet: trying to take the Metro-North Railroad home from New York...
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Episode 188 – Monte Hellman’s The Shooting & Ride in the Whirlwind

This time on the podcast, Scott is joined by David Blakeslee and Trevor Berrett to discuss Monte Hellman’s The Shooting and Ride in the Whirlwind.

In the midsixties, the maverick American director Monte Hellman conceived of two westerns at the same time. Dreamlike and gritty by turns, these films would prove their maker’s adeptness at brilliantly deconstructing genre. Shot back-to-back for famed producer Roger Corman, they feature overlapping casts and crews, including Jack Nicholson in two of his meatiest early roles. The Shooting, about a motley assortment of loners following a mysterious wanted man through a desolate frontier, and Ride in the Whirlwind, about a group of cowhands pursued by vigilantes for crimes they did not commit, are rigorous, artful, and wholly unconventional journeys to the Old West.

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Roger Corman and Monte Hellman discuss the films
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Outlander: Here's Why the Adorable Young Ian Looks So Familiar

Outlander's young Ian Murray, played by John Bell, has become a fan favorite since his introduction in episode "A Malcolm" in season three. Jenny and Ian's youngest son is fiercely loyal and has his eyes set on adventures beyond the Highlands, which often lands him in tricky situations. Not only does he hero-worship his Uncle Jamie and want to accompany him everywhere (just like his namesake), but he accepts Claire upon her return without question, being the only one of his siblings to readily call her "Auntie." If you've been trying to place where you've seen the young Scottish actor, you're not alone. Bell is most known for his role as Bain in the fantasy film The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and its sequel, The Battle of the Five Armies. After winning the 2006 Blue Peter competition, Bell landed a small role in Doctor Who, which was his breakout,
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Watch: Brad Paisley and John Fogerty Team Up in a Concert Honoring Veterans

Watch: Brad Paisley and John Fogerty Team Up in a Concert Honoring Veterans
Two superstar country music singers are bringing their talents together to honor those who have served ahead of Veterans Day.

Brad Paisley and John Fogerty will be playing for an audience of active and retired military personnel in front of the historic Battleship USS Iowa.

The event will be streamed tonight at 9 p.m. Et and again at 9 p.m. Pt. Tune into ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night for a special performance by Paisley and Fogerty.
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The Top Five Peter Berg Movie Roles of His Career

Peter Berg is a director, an actor and writer. He’s worked in television and in film and has managed to bring us a wide variety of films such as Battleship, Friday Night Lights, and many others from different genres. He’s proven himself to be adept behind the camera as well as in front of it, providing a high level of acting talent as well as the type of vision that creates memorable films. He actually put his dreams of being an actor and director on hold when he first started and became a production assistant in order to learn more

The Top Five Peter Berg Movie Roles of His Career
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Liam Neeson Isn't Really Retiring from Action Movies

  • MovieWeb
Liam Neeson Isn't Really Retiring from Action Movies
Well, that didn't last long. Liam Neeson took a very short-lived retirement from action movies last week, but that is officially over. One might say he has Taken back his recent comments regarding his future in action flicks. Despite the fact that the well-respected actor recently indicated that he's not doing any more movies that utilize his particular set of skills, he now says he's "unretired." So, is it time for Taken 4?

The actor is currently making the rounds for his latest movie, Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House, which looks to be more in line with his more serious work over the years. While speaking with Variety, he was asked about his recent retirement from action movies and revealed that it's not true. As Liam Neeson tells it, he's going to do those types of movies until he's dead. Here's what he had to say about it.
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American Assassin movie review: we’ve CIAn it all before

MaryAnn’s quick take… It’s tormented hotheads all around with a hero and villain who are almost indistinguishable and same-old spy stuff racing to a seen-it, been-there ticking-clock finale. I’m “biast” (pro): love a good action movie

I’m “biast” (con): this looked really familiar

I have not read the source material

(what is this about? see my critic’s minifesto)

Lordy, save us from young hothead dudes who disobey every order yet save the day, leaving their older, wiser, and more experienced superiors in awe. Let’s not encourage this. Mitch Rapp (Dylan O’Brien: Deepwater Horizon, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials) — why not just call him Lank Squarejaw? — is “the best I’ve ever seen” whose test scores are “off the charts” and “through the roof.” He’s got “talent and balls”! He’s got a dead blonde fiancée killed by terrorists — let’s
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Liam Neeson Is Retiring from Action Movies

  • MovieWeb
Liam Neeson Is Retiring from Action Movies
Liam Neeson is possibly looking to make on Oscar bid this year with his work in Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House, playing the man known as "Deep Throat" who helped expose the Watergate scandal. For much of his career, those were the kinds of roles that he was best known for. However, once Taken came out in 2008, he managed to find a new life as an older action movie star. But Liam Neeson has had about enough of that and has announced that he is retiring from big action franchises.

As reported by Sky News, Liam Neeson spoke at the Toronto International Film Festival recently and revealed that he is done with movies like Taken. So why is he deciding to hang up his very particular set of skills now? Apparently, he's getting too old. Here's what he had to say about it.

''The thrillers,
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‘Hellboy’ Whitewashing Controversy: 5 Japanese Actors Who Could Take on the Embattled Role

‘Hellboy’ Whitewashing Controversy: 5 Japanese Actors Who Could Take on the Embattled Role
Early last week, white British actor Ed Skrein joined the cast of Neil Marshall’s upcoming “Hellboy” reboot, a casting choice that was immediately derided for its whitewashing of Skrein’s character, a Japanese-American Marine named Ben Daimio (whose family tree includes no less than a famous Japanese spy and war criminal, who also appears in the John Arcudi and Mike Mignola comic book series). In short order, Skrein did something wholly remarkable: he dropped out of the project after learning about Daimio’s heritage.

Read More:‘Hellboy’ Whitewashing: Ed Skrein Steps Down From Playing Japanese-American Comic Character

In an official statement, the actor made it clear that he believed the choice was what was “right,” noting that portraying the part in “a culturally accurate way” was clearly important for audiences (Skrein also pointed to his own “mixed heritage” family in the statement, which you can read here). In a
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Visiting the set of American Assassin

Ryan Lambie Aug 29, 2017

We ventured out to the fringes of London to check on the progress of the action thriller, American Assassin. Here's how we got on...

It comes to something when you’re so lily-livered that gunshot makes you jump even after you’re told that it’s coming. It’s early October 2016, and I’m sitting in a darkened warehouse in London where filming on American Assassin is taking place. Actor Dylan O'Brien is on set, holding a machine gun in a darkened tunnel. Illuminated by diffuse light from above, he looks lean and bestubbled, his firearm pointed straight towards the camera.

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A crewmember has dutifully handed out ear plugs with the warning that the gunfire
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Korea Box Office: ‘Taxi Driver’ Outpaces ‘Midnight Runners’

Showbox’s “A Taxi Driver” remained on top of the South Korean box office. The Korean drama earned $12.9 million from 1.77 million admissions between Friday and Sunday for a total of $56.0 million from 8.09 million admissions after two weekends. That makes “Taxi Driver” the biggest release of the year, ahead of Cj’s action drama “Confidential Assignment,” which earned $55.94 million.

Opening on Wednesday, “Midnight Runners” debuted in second. The Lotte Entertainment release earned $9.53 million between Friday and Sunday for a 5-day total of $13.6 million. Directed by Jason Kim (“Koala”), “Runners” sees the story of two Police University students who witness a kidnapping case and track it down.

Thursday opener, Warner Bros.’ “Annabelle: Creation” landed in third. The horror movie earned $6.63 million over opening four days.

Despite a week-on-week drop of 68%, Upi’s “Despicable Me 3” jumped to third from the previous week’s fourth place. Cj’s “The Battleship Island” suffered an even steeper decline.

Despicable Me
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'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets' Review: Luc Besson Makes a Sci-Fi Mess

'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets' Review: Luc Besson Makes a Sci-Fi Mess
Confession: There are times when I've been loyally in Luc Besson's corner – the visual splendor of Subway (1985), The Big Blue (1988) and La Femme Nikita (1990) established him as a master of what the French call Cinéma du Look. And 1994's The Professional – with Jean Reno teaching the assassin's game to a very young Natalie Portman – went deeper, blending style with a nurturing sense of humanity. Plus, there's a lot to be said in favor of both his sci-fi extravaganza The Fifth Element (1997) and last year's next-level ScarJo-evolution whatsit Lucy.
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Valerian Director Sold Rihanna On Her Return Sci-Fi

Music superstar Rihanna is no stranger to acting in a big budget sci-fi film, having starred in 2012's Battleship. Since then she's been selective with the roles she's decided to take. Rihanna has decided to jump back into the sci-fi world, starring in Luc Besson's highly anticipated Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets [...]
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Arrowverse, Supernatural & Riverdale return dates confirmed

Rob Leane Jun 9, 2017

Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends Of Tomorrow, Riverdale and Supernatural will all return to The CW in October...

The CW's DC Comics TV series are currently enjoying their summer breaks. Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends Of Tomorrow will all return in the autumn, though.

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The official return dates for all these shows have now been confirmed, along with those for Supernatural and Riverdale, The CW's other genre series.

Here's the schedule, courtesy of Cbr...

Monday 9th October

Supergirl season 3 premieres at 8pm.

Tuesday 10th October

The Flash season 4 premieres at 8pm.

Legends Of Tomorrow season 3 premieres at 9pm.

Wednesday 11th October

Riverdale season 2 premieres at 8pm.

Thursday 12th October

Supernatural season 13 premieres at 8pm.

Arrow season 6 premieres at 9pm.

Here in the UK,
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Rihanna Hits Back at Fat Shamers

  • Yidio
2017-06-06T05:25:49-07:00Rihanna Hits Back at Fat Shamers

Rihanna clapped back at fat-shamers with a Gucci Mane meme on Instagram on Monday, June 5.

“If you can’t handle me at my 2007 Gucci Mane, you don’t deserve me at my 2017 Gucci Mane,” the meme read along two side-by-side pics of the rapper looking heavy and then thinner.

RiRi’s post comes after Barstool Sports published an article with the headline: “Is Rihanna Going to Make Being Fat the Hot New Trend?”

In the post, author Chris Sprags wrote that Rihanna’s been “enjoying … room service bit too long” and that she’s going to inspire women to "look like the humans in Wall-e.”

Read the rest of this article at Us Weekly.

Rihanna has appeared in Battleship and Bates Motel.
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‘The Leftovers’: The 7 Filmmakers That Made It One of Television’s Best Directed Series

‘The Leftovers’: The 7 Filmmakers That Made It One of Television’s Best Directed Series
The end is finally upon us. “The Leftovers” airs its final episode this Sunday on HBO, and with it comes the close of one of television’s all-time great drama series. Over the course of its three-season run, “The Leftovers” has earned acclaim for Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta, as well as the ensemble cast, but it would be a shame to say goodbye to this series without spotlighting the men and women behind the camera.

The Leftovers” and its point-of-view storytelling always allowed different directors to leave their mark on the series. Through memorable sequences and shots, these seven directors made “The Leftovers” an emotionally visceral and downright spiritual experience. It’s safe to say there won’t be another series like it for some time, but television is in good hands as long as these filmmakers are guiding it.

Read More: ‘The Leftovers’ Is the Best Show on
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Rihanna, Nyong'o and DuVeray Team for Netflix Movie Based on a Meme

Rihanna, Nyong'o and DuVeray Team for Netflix Movie Based on a Meme
Last month, a 2014 photo of Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o, who were both sitting in the front row of a Miu Miu fashion show, went viral, with several social media users crafting a movie idea around this image alone. It all started with one Twitter user dubbed "@1800Sadgal" calling for a heist movie where Rihanna would play the "tough-as-nails leader/master thief", with Lupita Nyong'o portraying "the genius computer hacker." During the Cannes Film Festival, Netflix actually picked up this project, which will star both actresses with Ava DuVernay set to direct from a script by Insecure creator Issa Rae.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Netflix closed a deal for the concept of this Meme Movie, which still doesn't have a title, during a "dramatic negotiation session." There were several other buyers bidding for the project, but Netflix won with an "aggressive bid" that secured the rights. Another report from Vanity Fair
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‘Supergirl’ Dares to Defy the President and 3 More Things to Watch on Monday, May 15

‘Supergirl’ Dares to Defy the President and 3 More Things to Watch on Monday, May 15
Welcome to PeekTV, your daily look at the best that television has to offer. In each installment, we make three picks for the best shows to watch and…toss in a little extra.

Monday, May 15 What Happened Last Night?!

(What happened on that boat will be ingrained upon our corneas for all eternity. Having trouble processing everything? Let us help.)

What to Watch Tonight


“Resist” – CW, 8:00 p.m.

Synopsis: Supergirl grapples with whether or not to obey the President’s orders regarding Rhea’s latest actions. Meanwhile, Cat Grant returns to National City.

Why You Should Watch: Now, if only there was a current ongoing news item that would lend some added relevance to the story of a powerful female figure defying a person of authority who happens to live in the White House. “Supergirl” has never shied away from engaging the American political climate (its second episode
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Nine Actors Who Reinvented Themselves and Revitalized Their Careers

  • Cinelinx
Some actors manage to catch lightning in a bottle twice. It’s impressive enough to find your niche in Hollywood’s A-list even once. Occasionally, an actor will reinvent him/herself and begin a new phase of their careers that will be even more successful than it was before. Here are nine actors who had a cinematic rebirth.

Liam Neeson- Neeson has had a long career, and the early part of it was in dramatic roles. An intense dramatic actor, he apeared in films like The Dead Pool, Dark Man, Schindler’s List, Rob Roy and Les Miserables. His career rebirth came after playing Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars-Episode one: The Phantom Menace. After that, he got more offers for actions parts and recreated himself as an action hero in films like Gangs of NY, Batman Begins, Taken, Clash of the Titans, the A-Team, Unknown, the Grey, Taken 2,
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Bates Motel Welcomes Rihanna as Marion Crane: The Unlikely Story Behind the Superstar's Casting

Bates Motel Welcomes Rihanna as Marion Crane: The Unlikely Story Behind the Superstar's Casting
Bates Motel exec producer Carlton Cuse experienced his Rihanna-as-Marion-Crane epiphany while flipping through the pages of a magazine.

“I was reading a profile of her in Vanity Fair and all of a sudden she says that Bates Motel is her favorite television show, and I was like, ‘What?'” Cuse recalls to TVLine ahead of the singer’s debut as the ill-fated Psycho icon (10/9c, tonight on A&E). “We had been talking about introducing Marion Crane and the challenge was doing it in a way that wouldn’t be a pale imitation of Janet Leigh from the original.
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