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BnB Hell Trailer Invites You in for a Nice Peaceful Slay Over

BnB Hell Trailer Invites You in for a Nice Peaceful Slay Over
108 Media has debuted the trailer and poster for its thriller BnB Hell, which is currently available on Digital HD and VOD in the U.S. and Canada. The harrowing thriller can currently be purchased through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube and Microsoft Store. This footage may make you think twice about checking out that quaint bed and breakfast you found online, because it might not be as advertised, and may end up costing you your life.

The trailer, which comes courtesy of 108 Media showcases a young woman named Willa (Kimberly Woods), who has been on the hunt for her missing sister, which ends at a rundown bed and breakfast in the Hollywood Hills run by an ill-tempered woman called Mommy (Carol Stanzione). When she discovers a camera in her room, another guest Marco (Victor Dobrev) tells her that it's the house camera, for guests to record video diaries, although it has been mysteriously turned. After checking the camera, Willa finds disturbing messages left by former guests, which suggest unsettling secrets lay buried there.

The supporting cast includes Timothy Lee DePriest as Baby, Victor Turpin as Sam, John Stevenson as Derek, Olivia Steifel as Alex, Jessica Graham as Jackie, Shayla Famouri as Darla, Tallie L. Brinson as Nathan and Stefanie Maxwell as Emily. The film marks the feature directorial debut of director Andrew Jordan, which has been freaking out horror fans with it's terrifying premise and shocking twist ending since debuting on VOD and Digital HD last week. Andrew Jordan previously directed episodes of the web series Chicks Flippin' the Script and the short film Heartprints, which he also produced and edited.

The film was written by Andrea Harrison, which marks her writing debut, although she has been a working actress for several years. She has appeared in films such as American Virgin, Violent Blue, Blue Dream, Mickey's Summer Resort, Caged Beauty and this year's Darling Nikki. She has also appeared on TV shows such as The League, Greek, True Blood and Castle, while also serving as a producer on BnB Hell, along with the TV series Miracle Mile Girls and the feature film A Beautiful Now. It remains to be seen if this writer-actress has more projects in development.

While there is no theatrical release date for this new thriller, it could very well find a home with horror fans on Digital HD and VOD formats. Since this film marks both the director and writer's feature debuts, we could certainly be hearing much more from them in the near future, if fans respond positively to BnB Hell. While we wait for more on these filmmakers, take a look at the trailer and poster for BnB Hell below.
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Scream queen DeeDee Bigelow takes on monster catfish in Animal Planet's Hillbilly Handfishin'

Scream queen DeeDee Bigelow - whose credits include Machete Betty, Violent Blue and upcoming movies Legend of the Red Reaper, Spreading Darkness, The Road Killer and Scarlet Samurai: Incarnation - has netted a new role and a change of genre.

DeeDee will appear in Animal Planet's adventure show Hillbilly Handfishin' on August 30.

On the show, she will compete with several others in the sport of noodling, which is catching catfish using only the bare hands and feet.

Bigelow will appear in Season 2 of the show, in the episode Luck of the Irish.

This episode features three pairs of people, from different walks of life, who take a shot at fishing in the Red River of Oklahoma. Bigelow is no stranger to physical roles, but the catfish in this river bite back.

Two early stills have been released from this episode. The first shows Bigelow behind the scenes in makeup.
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James Duval Heads to Noirland! First Teaser and Images

Indie director Ramzi Abed (The Devil's Muse, In a Spiral State) is back with another slice of headsy goodness with his lastest film Noirland, and we've got your first look and info!

Noirland is a "darkly romantic horror ensemble mystery" starring James Duval (Donnie Darko, The Black Waters of Echo's Pond), Rena Riffel (Showgirls, Dark Reel), Twink Caplan (Clueless), Jesse Hlubik (May, Violent Blue), Elissa Dowling (Dread), Ford Austin (Dahmer Vs. Gacy), Wendy McColm (Suzie Heartless), Eric Fleming (In A Spiral State), Lenora Claire (The Devil's Muse), Clint Catalyst (Portland), Hollie Stevens (Enter The Peepshow), Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger), Adam Meir (In A Spiral State), Lorielle New (The Pit and the Pendulum), and Silvia Suvadova (Violent Blue) among others.

Though still in production, the film is nearly wrapped. Abed hopes to premiere it either late in 2010 or in early 2011.

Check out the plot crunch, teaser trailer, and images below.
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Nothing Can Prepare You For the Masterpiece That is the Violent Blue Trailer

Nothing Can Prepare You For the Masterpiece That is the Violent Blue Trailer
Movieline's Two-Minute Verdict has parsed some astoundingly convoluted (or convolutedly astounding?) trailers in 2009, from After Last Season to Perfect Sport. Yet neither of those -- in fact, no trailer ever -- has presented quite the bafflement that is the first spot for something called Violent Blue. From its accompanying plot synopsis to its screamy, disjointed, narrative-allergic, mildly Nsfw set-ups, director Gregory Hatanaka has pushed trailer arts to unprecedented heights of insanity. And that's not the oxygen getting thinner around you, either; that's just your brain melting.
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It's Another Slice Of Oddity From Mad Cowgirl Director Gregory Hatanaka With Violent Blue

When last we heard from writer-director Gregory Hatanaka he was fusing religious hysteria with the fear of a tainted food supply in Mad Cowgirl and now he's back to ... well, it's hard to say exactly what Hatanaka is up to with Violent Blue but that is only because Hatanaka is so gleefully strange. A cast of indie film veterans and underground stars play in a large cast of characters joined by their bizarre obsessions.  Check the first proper trailer for the film below.
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"Violent Blue" Trailer Now Online!

"Violent Blue" Trailer Now Online! The first official trailer for director Gregory Hatanaka's ("Mad Cowgirl", "Until The Night") new bizarre flick, "Violent Blue", is now online! You Tube Link : The film stars Silvia Suvadova ("Kolja", "Polanski"), Nick Mancuso ("Under Siege", "Rapid Fire", "Death Warrior"), Jesse Hlubik ("May", "I Know Who Killed Me", "The Lost"), Barry O'Rourke ("Viva"), Andrea Harrison ("Born To Be A Star") with special appearances by Shane Ryan ("Warning!!! Pedophile Released"), Luke Y. Thompson ("Wicked Lake"), Kai Lanette ("Amateur Porn Star Killer 2"), Lina So ("Repo Men"), Aneliese Roettger ("Couples Retreat", "Frat Party") and producer Barry Barnholtz ("Public Enemies", "A Christmas Proposal", "B.T.K.", "Cyborg...
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Los Angeles Theatrical Premiere of Warning!!! Pedophile Released

La Premiere Dates set and New Trailer Online Los Angeles Theatrical Premiere October 16-22, 2009 at the Laemmle Theatres Warning!!! Pedophile Released Starring Kai Lanette (Amateur Porn Star Killer 2), Joanna Angel (Breath of Hate), Sean Cain (Live Evil), Shane Ryan (Violent Blue), Molly Wryn (Dune, David Lynch) and Elina Madison (Small Town Saturday Night). New Trailer Synopsis An 18-year old boy is accused of molesting a 12-year old girl. They call each other "soul mates" and claim they never more than kissed. He's put away for 6 years and she waits for him but in the meantime is beaten, gang-raped, impregnated and thrown out onto the streets only to eventually turn to a life of drugs, theft and prostitution. Did society make...
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Teaser For Gregory Hatanaka’s Violent Blue

Gregory Hatanaka’s psychedelic martial arts thriller “Mad Cowgirl” was a perplexing motion picture, a real head-scratcher. To be perfectly honest, I’m still not entirely sure if I fully comprehend the message the filmmakers were trying to impart. And while I have this strange, unexplainable desire to give the flick another spin, I seriously doubt I could stomach another viewing anytime soon. That said, Hatanaka’s latest endeavor, the cleverly-titled “Violent Blue,” intrigues me. Judging from the teaser trailer recently unearthed by the fine fellows at Twitch, the film appears to be another entry in the “How hard is it to emulate David Lynch?” genre. Apparently, it’s not as difficult as you might think. “Violent Blue” will unleash its surreal fury early next year.
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The Director Of Mad Cowgirl Returns With Violent Blue!

When writer-director Gregory Hatanaka last graced these pages it was accompanied by his utterly bizarre cult title Mad Cowgirl - a film which fused religious hysteria, kung fu splatter, sex, contaminated meat and Walter Koenig. And, yes, Koenig was involved in the sex. And now Hatanaka is back with another lo-fi opus, this one titled Violent Blue. What’s it all about? I have no idea but it looks every bit as odd as his previous work. Check the trailer below the break!
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