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Robert De Niro Wears Massive Platform Shoes to Tower Over Al Pacino on Set of New Movie

Robert De Niro Wears Massive Platform Shoes to Tower Over Al Pacino on Set of New Movie
Robert De Niro will be towering over Al Pacino in their upcoming mobster film The Irishman thanks to a little movie magic.

On Wednesday, the two Oscar winners were photographed on the New York City set of the 2019 Martin Scorsese flick — with De Niro, 74, wearing lifts (to put it nicely) in his shoes to give him some height over Pacino, 77.

The move has nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with the fact that De Niro’s character, hitman Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran, stood tall at 6-ft-4-in. Before his death in 2003, the alleged Bufalino crime family member
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Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa Revealed in Martin Scorsese's The Irishman

Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa Revealed in Martin Scorsese's The Irishman
Al Pacino has been spotted on the set of Martin Scorsese's The Irishman in Suffern, New York. Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci were first seen filming back at the end of September, but Pacino has not been seen until now. The 77-year old Al Pacino was filming scenes with 74-year old De Niro and the two appear to be enjoying their reunion as they can clearly be seen smiling in between takes. De Niro has worked with Pacino on 1995's Heat, 2008's Righteous Kill, and they were both in The Godfather Part II, though they never appeared on screen together.

Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro have made eight movies together, one of the most fruitful and consistent creative partnerships in Hollywood history. Joe Pesci has had supporting roles in three Scorsese pictures including Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and Casino. Shockingly, Scorsese has never worked with Pacino before, despite
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Netflix Pays $105M to Reunite Scorsese, De Niro, Pesci and Pacino

Netflix Pays $105M to Reunite Scorsese, De Niro, Pesci and Pacino
With its dominance in television already secured, the Netflix streaming service has been branching out to narrative features in recent years, with films such as Beasts of No Nation and the upcoming Bright, which released its first trailer during the Oscars this weekend. The streaming service has now made another bold move to acquire a highly-anticipated film, director Martin Scorsese's The Irishman, which reunites silver screen legends Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Netflix reportedly shelled out $105 million for the global rights to this film, which is eyeing a 2019 release on Netflix that would come day-and-date with an Oscar-qualifying theatrical run.

IndieWire broke this story as the film continues its work in pre-production, which was previously set up at Paramount Pictures. Martin Scorsese still has a first-look production deal with Paramount Pictures that runs through 2019. Paramount also sold off the international rights to The Irishman for $50 million to Stx
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Film Review: ‘Danny Collins’

Film Review: ‘Danny Collins’
With his tufts of gravity-defying, shoe-polish hair and burnt-orange tan, Al Pacino has been sporting the look of a glammer-than-thou aging rock star for so long now that it’s only fitting he’s finally gotten around to playing one — which he does, exceedingly well, in “Danny Collins.” For his directorial debut, screenwriter Dan Fogelman has crafted a familiar late-in-life redemption narrative, made surprisingly palatable by Pacino’s winning comic bravado, a superb supporting cast, and currents of real feeling that cut through the expected bromides about the emptiness of fortune and fame. Though it’s unlikely to score quite the same home run with the Social Security crowd as the Fogelman-scripted “Last Vegas” did ($134 million worldwide), this March 20 opener should leave the staff of new distributor Bleecker Street humming a happy tune.

This is the second time in a year that Pacino has played a celebrated star in the throes of an identity crisis.
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Robert De Niro says he’ll appear in David O. Russell’s 'Joy'

  • Hitfix
Robert De Niro says he’ll appear in David O. Russell’s 'Joy'
Does Robert De Niro feel indebted to David O. Russell? His Best Supporting Actor nomination for 2012’s "Silver Linings Playbook" came 20 years after his last flirtation with the Academy, a Best Actor nod for 1991’s "Cape Fear." Many suspected that De Niro was done giving the all that earned him statues for "Raging Bull" and "The Godfather: Part II." Movies like "Little Fockers," "New Year's Eve" and "Righteous Kill" paid the bills — why chase awards fodder? And then "Silver Linings Playbook" came along, throwing the pessimistic theory out the window. De Niro kept a good thing going, reuniting with Russell for a bit part in "American Hustle," making him part of the director’s regular roster. From the sound of it, the working relationship isn’t slowing down: From De Niro’s mouth, he will costar in the director’s next project. Previously reported to be in talks for a role,
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Al Pacino is a talentless has-been in first trailer for 'The Humbling'

  • Hitfix
Al Pacino is a talentless has-been in first trailer for 'The Humbling'
The first trailer for Barry Levinson's "The Humbling" teases so much that could — should? — go right. There's Levinson, whose never let his eclectic career hit an easy groove; There's star Al Pacino, a legend everyone's gunning for no matter how many "Righteous Kill"-like duds come along; There's the esteemed Philip Roth providing source material with Buck Henry adapting; And there's Greta Gerwig, one of the strongest young actresses in the business. Throwing Dianne Wiest, Charles Grodin, and Dan Hedaya on top is like a sundae with three cherries. And yet "The Humbling" arrives tattered and scarred, patrons of the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals underwhelmed by the dramatic vehicle. But could a drop of glory from the once-great Pacino all it takes for a movie like "The Humbling" to transcend itself? Let's hope. In "The Humbling," Pacino plays Simon Axler, a Shakespearean thespian whose reality and stage life
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Al Pacino And David Gordon Green Shine In First Clip From Manglehorn

The name Al Pacino has almost become synonymous with the act of scenery chewing in recent years. Righteous Kill, Ocean’s Thirteen, The Devil’s Advocate – the list goes on. It often seems that, if he’s not bouncing off the walls and tearing his own hair out, we’re just not getting the full Pacino. It is perhaps testament to the skill of director David Gordon Green, then, that Manglehorn apparently showcases a Pacino performance that is both measured and nuanced – demonstrating a subtlety and lightness of touch. Pacino has most certainly still got it.

With a premise that – on the surface at least – is reminiscent of As Good As It Gets, Manglehorn sees an aging locksmith (Pacino) pining for the love of his life in a small Texas town, while finding a warm friendship with a bank teller (Holly Hunter). Supporting those two leading acting heavyweights are Chris Messina
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Ving Rhames Boards ‘Operator'; ‘Threshold’ Ramps Up; Five Join ‘Clavius’

  • Deadline
Ving Rhames has joined the cast of the beat-the-clock indie Operator, directed by sibling duo Obin and Amariah Olson (Unknown Caller). Mischa Barton, Michael Pare, and Luke Goss also star in the action-thriller about a 911 operator and her estranged cop husband whose daughter is abducted, forcing them to dispatch the city’s police and fire units to remote locations at the kidnappers’ bidding. Timothy Woodward Jr. and Larry Olson are producers. Story is by the Brothers Olson, Dwain Worrell, and Anthony Feole, while script is credited to Feole, Worrell, and Amariah Olson. Rhames is also set to return to the Mission Impossible fold for M:i-5 alongside Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner. He’s repped by Kramer Management.

Psychological thriller Threshold has set its cast with filming underway in L.A. Randy Wayne (To Save A Life, Honey 2), Trilby Glover (Righteous Kill), Leslie Stevens (A Chorus Line, The Young And The Restless
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Review: 'Power' is the Best TV Show Ever Produced By 50 Cent (and the Worst)

Review: 'Power' is the Best TV Show Ever Produced By 50 Cent (and the Worst)
You know "Power" even before you start watching it. The drama executive produced by Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson exudes the qualities, but not quality, of his other "street" films, "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" (a well-above-average film, actually) and "Righteous Kill" (the Robert DeNiro/Al Pacino team-up that's as awful as "Heat" is superb). The formula is simple: A muscle-y tall black male with a limited vocabulary proves his toughness early on before revealing a side of himself not welcomed by his single-minded peers. He wants out of the game, but he can't admit to anyone -- not even himself -- that he's scared to try. Sadly, "Power" doesn't seem to elevate the conversation past those previously explored ideas, nor does it carry the sense of urgency needed to escalate its events. The posters and early previews of the new Starz series stressed the duality of Ghost, our lead character's most
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"Grudge Match": Stallone and De Niro Must Need Money

It’s never pleasant to watch a person you once respected lose touch with the skill or talent that made them so great, and that’s what we’ve been witnessing with Robert De Niro and, to a lesser extent (in that our respect for him was considerably less), Sylvester Stallone. As Robert De Niro has been lending his presence to lousy family comedies (Meet the Fockers, Little Fockers, etc.) or failed attempts at reclaiming his once gritty persona (Righteous Kill) with only a few good projects scattered in between, Stallone has been doing the same with revisits to his boxing (Rocky Balboa), soldier (Rambo), and action star (The Expendables, Bullet to the Head) glory days. And so, with their collective dignities besmirched by their refusal to let go of their glory days, they’ve given in to a film like Grudge Match, a film whose very premise plays out
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50 Cent joins Melissa McCarthy in Paul Feig's Spy

50 Cent joins Melissa McCarthy in Paul Feig's Spy
50 Cent will join Melissa McCarthy in Spy.

Rapper Curtis Jackson will play himself in director Paul Feig's film - which was previously titled Susan Cooper - according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jude Law will feature in the film as a suave spy, with Jason Statham as a clumsy and overconfident agent.

Rose Byrne, Miranda Hart, Bobby Cannavale and Nia Long will also appear in the movie.

It is yet to be revealed how 50 Cent will figure in the plot.

McCarthy continues her collaboration with Feig, following on from Bridesmaids and The Heat.

Curtis has previously featured in Get Rich or Die Tryin', Home of the Brave and Righteous Kill.

The 20th Century Fox picture will begin shooting in Budapest in April.

Spy is scheduled for release on May 22, 2015.
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‘Grudge Match’ Review: Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone’s Reputations Take Another Dive

  • The Wrap
‘Grudge Match’ Review: Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone’s Reputations Take Another Dive
Sylvester Stallone has built an entire late-stage career out of nostalgia, from periodically dredging up Rocky and Rambo for random sequels to a decades-too-late team-up with Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Escape Plan” to crafting the entire “Expendables” franchise around the gag of “I used to be an action star.” Robert De Niro, meanwhile, has chipped away at his reputation as one of this generation’s finest screen actors with films that spoof his on-screen image (“Analyze This,” “The Family”) and ones that are just outright embarrassing (“Red Lights,” “Righteous Kill,” and a list that goes on and on down to “The Adventures.
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How Philomena continues to fill the seats at the cinema

Commenting on the Critics with Simon Columb....

As it continues to be screened nationwide, Charles Gant highlights the importance of Judi Dench’s casting in Philomena – and the impact on its box-office - in the recent January 2014 edition of Sight & Sound:

"Steve Coogan may be a producer, co-writer and star of Philomena, but for backers Pathé there was never any question about the key selling-point. 'Judi Dench is the asset that launches the film,' says the company’s UK distributing boss Lee Bye."

Read the full article by subscribing to or buying this month's Sight & Sound here.

Gant clarifies how integral Judi Dench is to the “grey cinema audience”, and how her role in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (pulling £20m at the box-office) and Ladies in Lavender have established her as bankable as Jude Law and James McAvoy.

Philomena has had exceptional word-of-mouth and a film-savvy audience
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50 Cent does Robert De Niro a favor!

50 Cent does Robert De Niro a favor!
New Delhi, November 15: Romany Malco has revealed that Robert De Niro had convinced 50 Cent to portray a gangster rapper in the upcoming movie 'Last Vegas'.

The 70-year-old American actor had called up the 38-year-old American rapper and convinced him for a special appearance after director Jon Turteltaub failed to find an appropriate musician to take on the small role, Universal Pictures India reported.

The iconic actor who is great friends with the rapper offered to reach out to his 'Righteous Kill' co-star and invited him to the set. (Ani)
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Camerimage unveils competition juries

  • ScreenDaily
Hunger Games DoP Tom Stern and 12 Years a Slave cinematographer Sean Bobbitt among those chosen for jury duty.

The 21st Camerimage, the International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography (Nov 16-23), has revealed the competition jurors who will judge entries at this year’s event in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Jury members of the main competition jury are:

Tom Stern, cinematographer (Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino, The Hunger Games);Ed Lachman, cinematographer (Erin Brockovich, The Virgin Suicides, I’m Not There);Todd McCarthy, journalist and film critic;Denis Lenoir, cinematographer (Paris, je t’aime, Righteous Kill, 88 Minutes);Adam Holender, cinematographer (Midnight Cowboy, Smoke, Fresh);Timo Salminen, cinematographer (The Man Without a Past, La Havre, The Match Factory Girl);Franz Lustig, cinematographer (Don’t Come Knocking, Land of Plenty, Palermo Shooting);Jeffrey Kimball, cinematographer (Top Gun, Mission: Impossible II, The Expendables).Polish Films Competition

Jost Vacano, the cinematographer behind several Paul Verhoeven films including Total Recall, RoboCop and [link
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Emmett/Furla Films Enters Tentpole Fray With Hasbro

In an ironic way, toymaker Hasbro is helping Randall Emmett and George Furla grow up.

As film financiers, the producers have built a reputation for making mid-range-budgeted action films such as “2 Guns,” “Righteous Kill” and the reboots of “Conan the Barbarian” and “Rambo,” aimed at males that frequent the megaplex.

But when they landed a three-picture deal with Hasbro last year, Randall Emmett and George Furla turned heads. With adaptations of games Monopoly and Hungry Hungry Hippos and the Action Man toy, the producers now find themselves in the tentpole biz, a four-quadrant arena where they haven’t played before.

Monopoly” will be the first project to go into production, in 2014, followed by “Hungry Hungry Hippos,” Emmett/Furla’s first foray into animation.

Hasbro has been looking to get a “Monopoly” movie on the bigscreen since 2009, and the project, which has Ridley Scott attached as a producer, will likely begin production next summer.
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Emmett/Furla Films: 15 Years of Steady Growth

Emmett/Furla Films: 15 Years of Steady Growth
1998 — Emmett/Furla founded


October — Release first film, Nickolas Perry’s “Speedway Junky


April — 10-pic distribution and financing deal with Avi Lerner’s Nu Image/Millennium Films


January — Joe Carnahan’s “Narc” (1) earns $10.5 million at box office.

May — Emmett/Furla goes to Cannes for first time.

November — Don Michael Paul thriller “Half Past Dead” (2) with Steven Seagal and Ja Rule reels in $15 million at B.O.


January — Launch of digital production division Resolution Digital, headed by Gavin Lloyd

February — Intl. distribution deal with Millennium Films extended.


April — Andrew Douglas’ “The Amityville Horror”(pictured), with Ryan Reynolds, earns $65 million.


March — Richard Donner crime drama “16 Blocks” with Bruce Willis hauls in $37 million B.O.


April — Equity fund worth more than $100 million with Japan-based Imec and Korona

September — Jon Avnet crime drama “Righteous Kill” starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino makes $40 million.


November — Along with Cheetah Vision Films, partnership with Georgia-based entrepreneur
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'My Best Friend Is Mark Wahlberg': Meet Super Producer Randall Emmett

'My Best Friend Is Mark Wahlberg': Meet Super Producer Randall Emmett
Producer Randall Emmett has more than 80 films listed on his IMDb page. Some, such as "The Amityville Horror," "Rambo" and "Righteous Kill," made a lot of money at the box office; others, such as "Broken City" and "The Wicker Man" did not; many star Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson.

"I like big movies," Emmett told HuffPost Entertainment, before citing "Argo" and "Zero Dark Thirty" as two contemporary favorites. That attitude is reflected in Emmett's recent output as well: he produced 2011's "End of Watch," the aforementioned "Broken City," and this year's other Mark Wahlberg films, "2 Guns" and "The Lone Survivor."

Out Friday, "2 Guns" is Emmett's biggest film thus far. The action-heavy throwback features Wahlberg and Denzel Washington playing unlikely allies in a twisty story involving drug cartels, U.S. intelligence agencies and a lot of bulls.

"Everybody was on their game," Emmett, who has been friends with Wahlberg since 1995 and worked as the actor's assistant,
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Shirly Brener Cast in Zombie Web Series “Chronicles of the Dead”

Israeli celebrity actress Shirly Brener (Righteous Kill, Hit List, Streets of Blood) joins the cast of zombie apocalypse web series “Chronicles of the Dead”. The indie horror series is the brainchild of 3N Films founders Brian Hernandez (Director and Writer) and Younger Robbins (Writer).

Brener is cast as powerful CEO ‘Dagny Green’, head of a global corporation that is secretly stockpiling footage of the zombie apocalypse for yet unknown reasons. Her recurring role is written with a … Continue reading →
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Stand Up Guys Review

Director: Fisher Stevens.

Starring: Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin, Lucy Punch, Julianna Margulies, Addison Timlin, Vanessa Ferlito, Bill Burr.

Certificate: 12A

Running Time: 95 minutes.

Synopsis: A pair of aging stickup men try to get the old gang back together for one last hurrah before one of the guys takes his last assignment – to kill his comrade.

The name Fisher Stevens will be well known to many a movie and television buff. Some may know him for his supporting roles in hit drama series Damages and Lost. Others, as the Oscar-winning producer of documentary, The Cove. However, if like myself you grew up in the 1980s, he’ll best be remembered as the creator of Johnny 5 in the Short Circuit franchise, or as the horny teen who lost his fingers in notorious cult horror, The Burning. Here, he’s at the helm for gangster comedy Stand Up Guys which unites
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