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Halloween 2017: 31 Movies to Watch on Hulu This October

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Last week, I gave you guys a few lists from Amazon and Netflix in regards to what they have to offer via their streaming services this fall. As a newbie to Hulu, I only discovered over the weekend that they, too, beyond just being an amazing resource for television programming, offer up a killer selection of genre movies that are free to stream with a standard Hulu membership.

Here’s a look at an assortment of 31 films from Hulu that I think would be great movies to stream this October. I tried to give you guys a wide variety, too, hitting various sub-genres, so hopefully there’s a little bit of something for everyone in this list.

The Faculty

As far as high school horror films go, The Faculty has remained one of my very favorites for years now. Essentially, it’s Robert Rodriguez riffing on The X-Files, and who can resist that?
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‘Rise:’ Short Film Starring Anton Yelchin To Be Made Into a Feature — Watch the Original Here

  • Indiewire
‘Rise:’ Short Film Starring Anton Yelchin To Be Made Into a Feature — Watch the Original Here
The sci-fi short “Rise,” starring the late Anton Yelchin and directed by David Karlak, will be made into a feature. Producers Johnny Lin (“Bernie”) and Brian Oliver (“Black Swan”) —from Filmula and Cross Creek, respectively— obtained the feature rights from Warner Bros., as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Read More: ‘Thoroughbred’ Review: Anton Yelchin’s Final Performance Highlights Cory Finley’s Remarkable Debut

The short is based on a screenplay written by Karlak with Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (the “Saw” films, “The Collector”). Here is the official description of the short film: A dystopian future, where man’s attempt to create artificial intelligence has spun wildly out of control, leading to a war between man and machine.

Read More: Martin Scorsese’s 1990 Short Documentary About Giorgio Armani is Now Streaming Online — Watch

“Brian and I are extremely excited to have an opportunity to build a film franchise based on
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‘The Neighbour’ Review

Stars: Josh Stewart, Alex Essoe, Bill Engvall, Melissa Bolona, Luke Edwards, Jaqueline Fleming, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Skipp Sudduth, David Kallaway | Written by Marcus Dunstan, Patrick Melton | Directed by Marcus Dunstan

It’s safe to say I’m a fan of the films of Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. Between them, the duo have written and/or directed some fun fear flicks: Feast and it’s sequels (which I truly adore), Saw 4 – 7 and the fantastic pairing of The Collector and The Collection. It’s been four years since the latter film, their last feature, and now they’re back with The Neighbour – which also marks the Third time the filmmakers have worked with actor Josh Stewart.

Set in Cutter, Mississippi, The Neighbour follows two small-time drug-traffickers, John (Stewart) and Rosie (Essoe), who operate a weigh station next door to their creepy, hunting-obsessed neighbour, Troy. Planning to leave their drug-dealing life behind,
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Interview: Marcus Dunstan talks ‘The Neighbour’

We speak to Marcus Dunstan, the writer/director of hit horror films The Collector and The Collection. His new film is called The Neighbour. This action-packed horror thriller that premiered at London’s Frightfest in August and is Out Now on DVD and VOD. Synopsis:

In the small town of Cutter, Mississippi, army veteran John and his wife Rosie live on a run-down ranch, dreaming of one day escaping to Mexico. To raise the cash John runs illicit errands for his uncle. On the day they plan to finally leave Cutter, Rosie disappears. John thinks his mysterious neighbour, Troy, might have something to do with it, and breaks into his house that night. Thinking that his mysterious neighbour, Troy, might have something to do with it, he elects to investigate, but discovers a secret far more sinister than he could ever imagine.
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DVD Review – The Neighbour (2016)

The Neighbour, 2016.

Directed by Marcus Dunstan.

Starring Josh Stewart, Jaqueline Fleming, Alex Essoe, Bill Engvall, Luke Edwards, Melissa Bolona, Skipp Sudduth.


A married couple of low-level criminals looking to escape to a new life discover their next door neighbour is also up to no good.

From the creative team that brought you torture porn standouts The Collector and it’s even more demented sequel The Collection, The Neighbour is a more deliberately paced and restrained thriller that stars Marcus Dunstan regular Josh Stewart as John, a career criminal who, along with his wife Rosie (Alex EssoeTales of Halloween), work for local crime boss Neil (Skipp SudduthRonin) switching the plates on cars for drug deals and hoping to make enough money to disappear from their life of crime. Living out in the sticks their nearest neighbour is Troy (Bill EngvallSharknado 3: Oh Hell No!), whom the
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Competition: Win brutal horror ‘The Neighbour’ on DVD

From the director of the cult horror classics The Collector and The Collection, comes The Neighbour, a brutal, stylish and paranoid thriller about a married couple with a shady trade, who discover their nextdoor neighbour is up to even worse things than they are.

To celebrate it’s DVD release, we have a copy to give away to one lucky winner.

The Neighbour is available to buy on DVD from Monday 31 October 2016. Order it today:

To win a copy of The Neighbour, just answer the following question:

Who directed The Collector, The Collection And The Neighbour? It is:

a) John Gulager

b) Marcus Dunstan

c) Patrick Melton

Email your answer to, making sure to include your name and address. You can also leave your answer on our Facebook page, just make sure to like us first or your entry will be invalid.

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Marcus Dunstan talks stunts, ‘Saw’ and his new film ‘The Neighbour’

Marcus Dunstan interview for The Neighbour.

Marcus Dunstan is a well known name in the horror realm. Alongside Patrick Melton he wrote four of the Saw films (IV – VII), as well as directing both The Collector and The Collection. He steps ever so slightly away from the horror genre though with his latest film – The Neighbour. The film is an intense thriller with nods to horror. We caught the film at Frightfest and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The film stars Josh Stewart and Alex Essoe as John and Rosie, a young couple that have been downtrodden by life. They make their money by helping out John’s Uncle, a man with heavy criminal ties. To make matters worse, their neighbour Troy (Bill Engvall) is exceptionally creepy. Desperate to break out of their rut, the pair decide to leave town after one last job. However, after John returns home and Rosie is
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Alex Essoe talks eating bugs & nightmare neighbours

Alex Essoe interview for The Neighbour.

Alex Essoe is one of our favourite acting folks around at the moment. Her turn in Starry Eyes as an actress desperate to succeed is hypnotic and haunting. Since then she’s carved up a strong career on the independent film circuit, and it surely won’t be long until she breaks into the big leagues. Her latest venture, The Neighbour, sees her character Rosie kidnapped by her neighbour.

Rosie and her boyfriend John (Josh Stewart) are down on their luck and are making ends meet by working with John’s criminal uncle. Whilst John is out on what will hopefully be their last job, Rosie witnesses their creepy neighbour Troy (Bill Engvall) do something terrible, and finds herself as the next target. When John returns home he suspects Troy might be to blame for her disappearance and sets out on a rescue mission.
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Paramount Lands Pitch From Platinum Dunes and ‘Saw IV’ Scribes (Exclusive)

Paramount Lands Pitch From Platinum Dunes and ‘Saw IV’ Scribes (Exclusive)
Paramount Pictures is in negotiations to acquire an untitled pitch with Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes banner producing and “Saw IV” scribes Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan writing.

Michael Chaves, who wrote and directed the short “The Maiden,” is attached to direct.

Plot details are being kept under wraps, but sources describe it as a supernatural horror-thriller that takes place on a global scale.

Already in 2016, Platinum Dunes has bowed “The Purge: Election Year,” which became the highest-grossing pic in the series, and “Ouija: Origin of Evil,” which bowed this weekend to $13 million on a $9 million budget. It also has a new “Jack Ryan” series at Amazon going into production next year.

The banner has also been busy on the pitch market, setting up the spec “Northeast Kingdom” with Alex R. Johnson to direct.

The film marks the biggest production yet for Chaves, whose profile rose significantly following the release of “The Maiden,
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From stand-up to scares: Thn talk ‘The Neighbour’ with Bill Engvall

Bill Engvall Interview for The Neighbour

Bill Engvall is best known to audiences for his work within the comedy world. Starting his career as a stand-up comedian, Engvall worked his way to television, and had his own sitcom which ran for three years (and starred Jennifer Lawrence). Now though, he’s venturing into new, darker territory as he stars in new action/thriller/horror, The Neighbour.

Directed by Marcus Dunstan of The Collector fame, Bill stars as Troy, the titular neighbour. Troy takes a shine to his next-door neighbour John’s (Josh Stewart) girlfriend Rosie (Alex Essoe). When she catches him out doing something illegal she finds herself in danger of becoming his next victim. Can John find her in time?

The film is a great cat and mouse thriller in the vein of Dunstan’s previous work. It screened at Frightfest earlier this year and we found the whole thing terrifyingly tense.
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‘Saw’ writer Marcus Dunstan reveals identity of Doctor Gordon’s ‘Saw VII’ accomplices

Marcus Dunstan reveals the identity of Doctor Gordon’s accomplices in ‘Saw VII’. Be warned – this post contains spoilers for the ‘Saw’ franchise.

It’s October, the month of the horror film, meaning it won’t be long until a re-watch of the Saw movies is underway. It’s a solid franchise, though we couldn’t help but feel a little cheated by that ending in Saw VII. Hoffman is hunted down by unknown assailants, one of whom is identified as Doctor Gordon, the others are never unmasked. It’s a mystery that has bugged this writer for several years and we finally now have confirmation on just who was helping Gordon punish Hoffman.

When the opportunity to interview one of the writers of Saw IV – VII, Marcus Dunstan, presented itself, we saw it as the perfect time to get to the bottom of the mystery. Here’s what he
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Watch a tense exclusive clip from Marcus Dunstan's new thriller 'The Neighbor'

  • Hitfix
Watch a tense exclusive clip from Marcus Dunstan's new thriller 'The Neighbor'
Creative partners Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton -- who co-wrote a total of four Saw sequels -- are back once again with The Neighbor, a new thriller that marks Dunstan's third directorial effort after 2009's The Collector and its 2012 sequel The Collection. Set in Mississippi, the film stars Josh Stewart (Criminal Minds) and Alex Essoe (so memorable as the fame-hungry actress in Starry Eyes) as a couple who uncover the horrifying truth about their next door neighbor (stand-up comedian-turned-actor Bill Engvall of Blue Collar Comedy fame).  You can watch an ultra-tense scene from the film in the HitFix-exclusive clip above. The Neighbor is out this week on DVD, Digital HD and VOD.
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Interview: Co-Writer/Director Marcus Dunstan Discusses the Evil Next Door in The Neighbor

  • DailyDead
For over a decade now, Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton have collaborated on bringing crimson-stained nightmares to the big screen, and while horror fans may associate the creative duo with gore galore due to their inventive Saw sequels (parts IV–VI) and creepy Collector films, their latest project, The Neighbor, opts for atmospheric tension over buckets of blood.

With The Neighbor coming out on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD, and VOD from Anchor Bay Entertainment on September 6th, I had the opportunity to talk with Dunstan about directing his third film, casting Bill Engvall as a charming villain, re-teaming with actor Josh Stewart, and the possibility of a third Collector movie.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today and congratulations on The Neighbor. I'm a big fan of what you and Patrick have done in the horror genre, and this film, being more of a southern thriller, is
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[Interview] ‘The Neighbor’ Filmmakers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan Talk About Writing Out of “Fear”

[Interview] ‘The Neighbor’ Filmmakers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan Talk About Writing Out of “Fear”
Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are set to release their latest genre offering, The Neighbor, a crime thriller that reunites them with The Collector star Josh Stewart. The Neighbor, directed by Dunstan from a screenplay he co-wrote with Melton, is set in Mississippi where a man who discovers the dark truth about his secretive neighbor and what, or who, he may be keeping […]
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Frightfest 2016: ‘The Neighbour’ Review

The Neighbour review: A terrifyingly tense tale that grabs the attention from the start.

The Neighbour review by Kat Hughes, Frightfest 2016.

The Neighbour Review

In 2009 Marcus Dunstan wowed audiences with The Collector. Starring Josh Stewart as Arkin an ex-con whose planned heist of his new employer’s country house goes awry. The house has already been taken over by ‘the collector’, a devious serial killer who likes to collect his victims. The pairing of Stewart and Dunstan re-teamed for a follow-up The Collection, a film that failed to reach the same excitement level as the first. Seeking to reignite the spark, the duo have joined forces for a third, but completely different film, The Neighbour.

This time Stewart plays John, a down-trodden young man who makes his living helping his uncle run his local crime ring. Whilst John is helping his uncle, his wife Rosie (Alex Essoe) is left at
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‘The Neighbor’ Also Moving into the UK (Images)

‘The Neighbor’ Also Moving into the UK (Images)
Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton’s latest genre offering, The Neighbor, a crime thriller that reunites them with The Collector producers Brett Forbes and Patrick Rizotti, and star Josh Stewart, is moving into the UK. While the U.S. gets to see the film on September 6, it will arrive in UK cinemas and on VOD September 16 with a DVD release slated for October […]
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Exclusive: Poster for Starry Eyes actress Alex Essoe’s latest ‘The Neighbour’

The Neighbour exclusive poster: Debut promo for the upcoming Frightfest flick.

The Neighbour exclusive poster can be seen below.

The Neighbour will hold it’s UK premiere on Sunday 28th August at Frightfest and in preparation we can exclusively reveal a first look at the poster.

The film is directed by Marcus Dunstan who brought us The Collector, an inventive cat and mouse film set entirely with one house. In The Neighbour he re-teams with his Collector lead Josh Stewart, who plays John, an army veteran who realises that his neighbour hides a sinister secret. After his wife Rosie, played by Starry EyesAlex Essoe, disappears John heads over to his neighbour’s house and discovers that you really should fear the man next door. The official synopsis is below:

In the small town of Cutter, Mississippi, army veteran John and his wife Rosie live on a run-down ranch, dreaming
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Interview: Bill Engvall on Playing the Nightmare Next Door in The Neighbor

  • DailyDead
Bill Engvall has made folks laugh for decades, so it may come as a surprise that he induces scares instead of smiles in his role as the unsettling antagonist next door in Marcus Dunstan’s The Neighbor. With the film coming out on DVD September 6th from Anchor Bay Entertainment, Fortress Features, and Salt Company International Production, as well as VOD from Starz Digital, I recently had the opportunity to speak with Engvall, who discussed growing up with a fondness for the horror genre and Vincent Price, playing a charming character with a dark side, working with Dunstan and Josh Stewart, and much more.

Congratulations on the film, Bill. It was great to see you play a darker role in a film like The Neighbor, so kudos to you and the whole team for putting this together.

Bill Engvall: Well, thank you, man. I’ve got to tell you something,
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Horror Highlights: Kane Hodder Joins the Cast of Witchula, Born Again Teaser, Valentine Dayz

  • DailyDead
Another horror icon joins the cast of Witchula, and it’s Kane Hodder (Hatchet, Old 37, Friday the 13th series)! Hodder will play a pivotal role in the film and will also take the position as Stunt Coordinator. Also in today’s Horror Highlights: a look at the teaser for the devilish Born Again and production details on Valentine DayZ.

Kane Hodder Joins the Cast of Witchula: Press Release: “Hollywood, Calif. – Aug. 8, 2016 – PRLog — ‘Witchula’, which many are already referring to as the “real Expendables of horror,” has announced the addition of Kane Hodder to a cast that already features horror icons Bill Oberst Jr. and Eileen Dietz, as well as indie favorite Marilyn Ghigliotti. Hodder is best known for his iconic roles of Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th franchise and as Victor Crowley in all three ‘Hatchet’ films. Hodder will not only act in the film in
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Crew Behind Bigfoot Horror Film The Fiancé Team Up Again for Zombie Flick, Valentine Day(Z)

The team behind “The Fiancé” (a bigfoot thriller written and directed by Mark Allen Michaels and produced by Screenwriter/Director/long-time Journalist Staci Layne Wilson) has returned with the vampire apocalypse with a noir twist film, “Valentine DayZ”.

The film, which is described as “a heart-stopping horror story written and directed by Michaels, and produced by Staci Layne Wilson (“Fetish Factory”) and Kate Rees Davies (“Altered Perception”)” is currently in production and looks to inject some new blood and angles into the zombie craze, something I’m pretty excited to see for myself..

Revisiting his unique blend of hardboiled crime thriller and brutal, bloody horror, Michaels’ “Valentine DayZ” takes his characters on a journey from the champagne and yacht lifestyles of the rich and corrupt, to doom and despair in Death Valley as the zombie-apocalypse threatens everything they hold dear.

The cast of Valentine Day(Z) includes Dallas Valdez (“The Fiancé
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