Movie News: Christopher Plummer to Replace Kevin Spacey in 'All the Money in the World'; Watch 'Early Man' Trailer

All the Money in the World: Christopher Plummer (The Man Who Invented Christmas, above) will portray billionaire J. Paul Getty in Ridley Scott's All the Money in the World. The film has already been completed, but in view of recent, serious allegations of misconduct against Kevin Spacey, the decision was made to re-shoot his scenes, originally shot over a period of eight to ten days, with Plummer stepping in to play his supporting role. Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg also star; the kidnapping thriller is still set for release on December 22. [Deadline]   Metal Gear Solid: Derek Connolly (Jurassic World) has been tapped to write a new draft of the screenplay for Metal Gear Solid. Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who worked with Connolly on Kong: Skull Island (above), will...

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Jurassic World Scribe Hired To Pen Script For Metal Gear Solid Movie

Despite having seen no shortage of video game to film adaptations within our lifetime, there have been some glaring omissions when it comes to top franchises that have yet to make their way to the silver screen. Being a huge fan of the stealth action genre, I can’t help but lament the developmental hell that both Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell have had to endure for what seems like an eternity. Now, I could probably complain about this all day, but at least we’re now seeing some movement when it comes to the former.

Granted, I’m still placing this in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” category, but director Jordan Vogt-Roberts can at least credit himself with having a clear, highly ambitious vision. Having been attached to Solid Snake’s cinematic debut since 2014, it’s probably safe to say that he’s more frustrated than any of us,
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Metal Gear Solid Movie Brings in Jurassic World Writer

  • MovieWeb
It looks like the long-gestating Metal Gear Solid movie is back on track. Sony has been working on bringing Solid Snake to the big screen for a very long time, but the project keeps stalling out before it ever really gets going. However, now it looks like the creative team is falling into place. The studio has officially hired Jurassic World writer Derek Connolly to pen the Metal Gear Solid movie. With any luck, this will be the draft that actually goes in front of cameras.

Derek Connolly joins director Jordan Vogt-Roberts on the project. The pair collaborated previously on this year's Kong: Skull Island, which was a huge success, both critically and financially. So having Sony reteam them for Metal Gear Solid absolutely makes sense on paper. The last writer that was reportedly brought on to have a crack at the project was Jay Basu (Monsters: Dark Continent) back
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Jurassic World Writer Penning The Film Adaptation of Metal Gear Solid

  • Cinelinx
The Director of Kong: Skull Island is reuniting with his writer to put together a feature film adaptation of Metal Gear Solid!  More within!

Derek Connolly has kept himself busy since Steven Speilberg discovered him after Safety Not Guaranteed.  Since then, he's been the man behind the words of many big budget films like Jurassic World, Kong: Skull Island, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and even the upcoming 9th episode of Star Wars.  Connolly is set to add one more to that list as Sony Pictures has announced that he will be penning the film adaptation of the renowned video game from Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid.

Connolly will be reuniting with his Kong: Skull Island director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who is set to helm the film.

The duo will be looking to create a movie worthy of one of Kojima's masterpieces.  Metal Gear Solid released in 1998 on the Playstation (1) and follows
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‘Metal Gear Solid’ Movie Will Be Penned By ‘Jurassic World’ Screenwriter Derek Connolly

  • Slash Film
Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom screenwriter Derek Connolly has just been tapped to pen the Metal Gear Solid movie. Adapted from the video game series launched in 1998, Metal Gear Solid will be directed by Kong: Skull Island filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Learn more details about the Metal Gear Solid movie writer below. While video game films have yet to truly […]

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Metal Gear Solid movie to be written by Jurassic World scribe

He may have fallen foul of the Star Wars: Episode IX shake-up, jettisoned in an escape pod alongside his Safety Not Guaranteed collaborator Colin Trevorrow, but according to Variety, Derek Connolly has landed another potential blockbuster franchise in the form of Metal Gear Solid.

Having already written Jurassic World and Kong: Skull Island, Sony have hired him to tackle the latest draft of the videogame adaptation.

Metal Gear Solid will see him reunite with Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, with Ari Arad producing.

Metal Gear Solid is the long-running videogame series produced by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan, which dates back to 1998. The game was directed, produced, and co-written by series creator Hideo Kojima. The original game focused on Solid Snake, a soldier who infiltrates a nuclear weapons facility to neutralize the terrorist threat from Foxhound, a renegade special forces unit.

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‘Jurassic World’ Writer To Tackle Metal Gear Solid Script

Jurassic World’s Derek Connolly is set to tackle the screenplay for a planned Metal Gear Solid movie. The film, which is set up over at Sony Pictures, is being directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) and produced by Avi Arad.

The movie will be based on the video game, first launched on PlayStation in 1998 and follows Snake, a soldier who infiltrates a nuclear weapons facility to neutralize the terrorist threat from Foxhound, a renegade special forces unit, sore reports Variety.

Here’s a more detailed plot:

During a training mission in late February 2005 on Shadow Moses, a remote island off the coast of Alaska containing a nuclear weapons facility, Foxhound and the Next-Generation Special Forces rebelled against the United States Government, under the command of Liquid Snake. Their target was the advanced weapon system Metal Gear Rex, a gigantic robotic weapons platform with worldwide nuclear strike capabilities. Their
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Metal Gear Solid movie lands Jurassic World co-writer

Simon Brew Nov 9, 2017

Derek Connolly is hired to work on the Metal Gear Solid movie draft...

Jordan Vogt-Roberts is continuing to develop his planned movie take on the videogame Metal Gear Solid, that Sony Pictures is backing. The film has been in gestation for some time, but it’s now getting a further helping hand from Derek Connolly.

Connolly has been hired to work on the latest draft of the screenplay, having worked with Vogt-Roberts on the recent Kong: Skull Island. He’s also co-written Jurassic World and the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

There’s still no known timeframe for Metal Gear Solid on the big screen just yet, but we suspect over the next year or so, we’ll see Sony trying to push the proverbial accelerator down on the project a little. As we hear more, we’ll let you know…

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‘Jurassic World’ Scribe Derek Connolly to Write ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Film

‘Jurassic World’ Scribe Derek Connolly to Write ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Film
Derek Connolly, who penned the box-office smash “Jurassic World” as well as the film’s upcoming sequel, has been brought on to write the latest draft of Sony’s “Metal Gear Solid” adaptation.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, Connolly’s collaborator on “Kong: Skull Island,” will direct the feature film.

Avi Arad is producing.

Created by Hideo Kojima, the “Megal Gear Solid” video game first launched on PlayStation in 1998 and follows Snake, a soldier who infiltrates a nuclear weapons facility to neutralize the terrorist threat from Foxhound, a renegade special forces unit.
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Movie Review – Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House (2017)

Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House, 2017.

Written and Directed by Peter Landesman.

Starring Liam Neeson, Martin Csokas, Michael C. Hall, Diane Lane, Ike Barinholtz, Bruce Greenwood, Maika Monroe, Josh Lucas, Tom Sizemore, Kate Walsh, Eddie Marsan, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Tony Goldwyn, Julian Morris, Brian d’Arcy James, and Noah Wyle.


The story of Mark Felt, who under the name “Deep Throat” helped journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncover the Watergate scandal in 1974.

At one point during Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House the titular famed whistleblower states that “no force is stronger than FBI, not even the FBI”, which offers insight to just how big the Watergate scandal investigation was not just for citizens of the United States, but the country’s authority. For the first time in the history of the organization, they were being blacklisted from interviewing various aspects
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Metal Gear Solid Movie: Eight Actors Who Could Play Solid Snake

Liam Hoofe takes a look at potential actors for the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid movie…

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of Kong: Skull Island, confirmed this month that he is committed to making the “truest, most balls to the wall, Metal Gear version” of Metal Gear Solid, the popular game franchise which looks finally set to get a big movie adaptation.

An adaptation of the successful video game series has been on Hollywood’s to-do list for years, and it makes a lot of sense. The game is one of the most cinematic of all time, with a complex narrative spanning decades and strong, detailed characters that really jump off the screen.

One thing that is essential to making the movie work, as with most video game adaptations, is making sure the main character is cast correctly. Solid Snake is one of the most iconic video game heroes of all time,
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Star Wars: Episode IX director revealed, X-Men: New Mutants logo, Metal Gear Solid movie and more – Daily News Roundup

Star Wars Director

After the news last week that Colin Trevorrow had left Star Wars: Episode IX over “creative differences”, Disney and Lucasfilm officially announced that Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams will be stepping in to helm the galaxy far, far away again. I guess Patty Jenkins was busy? “With The Force Awakens, J.J. delivered everything we could have possibly hoped for, and I am so excited that he is coming back to close out this trilogy,” said Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy. Read more here.

Episode IX Pushed Back

And with that, it should come as no surprise that Star Wars: Episode IX has now been pushed back so new screenwriters Abrams and Chris Terrio can flesh out a new script. Episode IX will now open on December 20th 2019, putting it in competition with Universal’s Wicked and Sony’s Masters of the Universe. Read more here.
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Jordan Vogt-Roberts on making “the truest, most balls-to-the-wall, Kojima version” of Metal Gear Solid

Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been attached to direct a feature adaptation of the critically acclaimed video series Metal Gear Solid since 2014, and given the success of his last movie Kong: Skull Island, it seems we may be edging ever closer to seeing Solid Snake on the big screen.

During an interview with Gamespot, Vogt-Roberts has revealed that he’s been working with Sony to ensure that “we’re making the truest, most balls-to-the-wall Metal Gear version” of the movie.

“I really give credit to the people I’m working with at Sony, the executives and the producers. I was able to go to them and say, ‘Let’s stop where we are, because I think we’re heading down a direction that doesn’t fully capture why people love this game, what Kojima’s voice is, why people who have played this game for decades love it, why people who have
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Expect Godzilla Vs. Kong To Retain The Same “Sensibility” As Skull Island

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

That’s a question that will be posed by Godzilla Vs. Kong in three years’ time, and make no mistake; Adam Wingard’s epic crossover will crown a definitive winner when the great ape and Gojira go head-to-head. And what a spectacle it’ll be.

Dubbed a “massive monster movie brawl” of epic proportions by Wingard himself, who is fresh off Netflix original Death Note, it’s since been revealed that Godzilla Vs. Kong will feature multiple sky-scraping monsters alongside the two titular deities – perhaps we’ll see a return of those MUTOs come 2020? Time will tell.

When asked about the movie’s overall sensibility, though, Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts outlined how his Vietnam-era blockbuster compares to Wingard’s vision for Godzilla Vs. Kong during a recent interview with Collider.

And so, after recounting his involvement in Destiny 2‘s stunning live-action trailer,
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Jordan Vogt-Roberts on His ‘Destiny 2′ Trailer, Cinema Sins, ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ and More

Jordan Vogt-Roberts is keeping busy. Coming off the success of Kong: Skull Island, he's got adaptations of Metal Gear Solid and The Stars My Destination in development, but rather than rushing into production on a new feature film or even returning to the excellent TV series You're the Worst (for which he helmed the pilot), he decided to go back to commercials and direct the fun Destiny 2 trailer. Last week, I spoke with Vogt-Roberts about the Destiny 2 trailer and was also went into a variety of other topics including the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong, …
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The Metal Gear Solid Movie Will ‘Fuse A Couple Different Storylines Together’

  • LRM Online
Hollywood has been trying to crack the code on video game movies for decades. As far back as the Super Mario Bros. Movie, they’ve had trouble in converting the gameplay-focused stories to the big screen. The closest we’ve had to success have arguably been Warcraft and the Resident Evil films, and even those couldn’t be called runaway hits.

However, if there’s one video game that could take the transition pretty well, it’s Metal Gear Solid. Ever since the PS1 game hit the console, it was quick to establish itself as an incredibly cinematic experience. This trend continued with Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. With each entry, it became all the more obvious that producer Hideo Kojima was working to create cinematic experiences
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Metal Gear Solid movie “not a direct adaptation of any particular game”

Simon Brew Sep 1, 2017

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been chatting about his Metal Gear Solid movie plans...

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts continues to press ahead with his plans to make a film based around the Metal Gear Solid games. And following his success over the summer with Kong: Skull Island, he’s got some blockbuster currency to help move things forward.

Vogt-Roberts has just also directed a live action trailer for the incoming Destiny 2 videogame, and in an interview with Eurogamer about that, he’s talked about his plans for Metal Gear Solid.

“I can’t go into it too much. It’s not a direct adaptation of any particular game”, he said. “It’d sound too much like a modern statement to call it a remix, because that’s not what it is, but it’s trying to fuse a couple of different storylines together, and it’s all tied together
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Destiny 2 Gets Epic Live-Action Trailer from Kong: Skull Island Director

  • MovieWeb
Destiny 2 Gets Epic Live-Action Trailer from Kong: Skull Island Director
How does one follow up a successful movie like Kong: Skull Island? If you're director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, you make an awesome live-action trailer for a highly-anticipated video game. Destiny 2 is finally set to arrive on September 6 (October 24 if you're a PC gamer) and Bungie is trying to get the word out there. So they have just released a brand new, live-action trailer for Destiny 2 that features Nathan Fillion as his character Cayde-6, which was helmed by Vogt-Roberts who proves he could be the man to make a great video game movie someday.

In the new Destiny 2 trailer, Nathan Fillion's Cayde-6 explains that everything you love about Earth is gone. Except for the Last City. And now a psycho rhino named Ghaul is coming to take that away too. So it's time to grab some big guns, unite our scattered heroes, and take back our home. While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter,
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Jordan Vogt-Roberts discusses his Metal Gear Solid movie plans

Fresh from the success of Kong: Skull Island, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is now turning his attention to his next projects, including an adaptation of the acclaimed video game franchise Metal Gear Solid.

Vogt-Roberts has been attached to the project for several years now as he attempts to perfect the script with screenwriter Jay Basu (Monsters: Dark Continent), and during an interview with Den of Geek he’s provided a brief update on their progress, and his ambitions for the movie:

“It’s like, fundamentally, Metal Gear is about the cycle of pain and it’s about this fucked up weird family soap opera, and it’s about ideologies, and it’s about characters and philosophies,” said Vogt-Roberts. “And it’s about playing with tone and it’s about so many different things. But a lot of those things are conceptual ideas. So I was able to go in and say,
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