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The scene in the coffee shop was improvised. On the DVD commentary, Spike Lee states that when Denzel Washington ad-libbed the line, "I'll bet you can get a cab though," he nearly ruined the take by laughing so loud at Washington's line.
The scene, in which the boy shows the video game he is playing on his PSP to Dalton, was not in the original script. Director Spike Lee added it to "make a comment on gangster rap's infatuation with violence." The game is not real, but was created by an animation house. Lee asked them to come up with animation for "the most violent game ever".
The interrogation scenes were mostly ad-libbed.
According to Spike Lee, he and Willem Dafoe met in the men's room during the intermission of the play 'Julius Caesar', in which Denzel Washington appeared. As they were standing side by side in the men's room, Spike said: "We should work together" and Dafoe replied: "Yeah, Spike, we should" and that was it. Later on, Spike sent him the script.
Jodie Foster dubbed herself in the French version.
The pizza that the police give to the robbers has the name "Sal's", a reference to one of Spike Lee's earlier films, Do the Right Thing (1989).
Marcia Jean Kurtz plays a bank-robbery hostage named Miriam in this movie. Over thirty years earlier, she had also played a bank-robbery hostage named Miriam in Dog Day Afternoon (1975).
Shot in 39 days.
According to an interview with Spike Lee, Ron Howard was going to direct the film. But Russell Crowe showed him Cinderella Man (2005), and Howard went off to do that instead.
Paul's (Lemon Andersen) line, calling one of the detectives that were interrogating him a "wassa-wassa", was improvised. So was Detective Frazier's (Denzel Washington's) response: "How do you say 'Rikers Island' in Spanish?"
The ground scenes for the bank were filmed inside a real bank, whereas the underground scenes of the bank were filmed in a bank movie set in Brooklyn, New York.
The song used in the opening credits "chhaiyan chhaiyan", is a famous Bollywood song from the movie Dil se.. (1998). It is composed by celebrated music director A.R. Rehman.
The barber, in the scene at the exclusive men's club where Jodie Foster confronts Christopher Plummer named Vincent (his nameplate is affixed to the mirror, and Plummer addresses him by name too), is in real-life, the barber at the Down Town Association on Pine Street.
Spike Lee says that, at the time of making the movie, he was not aware that riddles had been a major part of the plot in another thriller set in New York City, Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995). He said if he had known that, he would have cut out the riddle scenes in his movie.
This marks the fourth collaboration of Spike Lee and Denzel Washington.
Enver Hoxha really was the dictator of Albania from 1944 until his death in 1985.
Marcia Jean Kurtz played a similar role as a hostage in Dog Day Afternoon (1975), and Lionel Pina, who delivered pizza to the beleaguered hostages here, also performed the same task in the earlier film.
Spike Lee decided to cast Amir Ali Said after watching him perform in a Chappelle's Show (2003) skit.
The line: "Detective First Grade Keith Frazier.....Yesss!!!" is a tribute to New York Knicks former long-time announcer Marv Albert. After a basket was made by 1970s New York Knicks star Walter Frazier, Albert would say: "Walt Frazier shoots....Yesss!!!"
It is mentioned several times that Frazier is under investigation for a large sum of money that went missing on a previous case. Denzel Washington also played a similar character in The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009). The character was a protagonist attempting to thwart criminals while a pending investigation for a large sum of money was looming over him.
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The soundtrack for Inside Man features the song "Chaiyya Chaiyya", composed by A.R. Rahman, which originally appeared in the Bollywood Hindi film Dil Se.. (1998). The song is featured during the opening credits of the film. A remix of the song, titled "Chaiyya, Chaiyya Bollywood Joint" plays during the end credits, and features Panjabi MC's added rap lyrics about people of different backgrounds coming together in order to survive.
The Bomb forty-ounce, seen in the film, is a reference to another Spike Lee movie, Clockers (1995).
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After Madeleine (Jodie Foster) first meets with Dalton (Clive Owen), she is debriefed by Detective Frazier (Denzel Washington). During the debrief, Frazier asks if Dalton is, "smarter than me? One of your types...Ivy-League type?" Jodie Foster graduated from Yale University; an Ivy League school. Much of the dialog in the film was improvised and it appears that Denzel Washington improvised this line because Foster's scripted response is interrupted and there is a slight awkward pause.
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Jodie Foster filmed her part in three weeks.
The ringtone on P. Hammond's mobile at the start of the movie is Kanye West's "Gold Digger".
Two classic Al Pacino movies are mentioned by the characters: Dalton (Clive Owen) says "I don't need your status report, SERPICO" and Det. Frazier (Denzel Washington) says "you saw DOG DAY AFTERNOON, you're stalling!"
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Rachel Nichols, Kate Hudson, Rachael Leigh Cook, and Jennifer Jason Leigh were offered the role of Madeleine, but turned it down. Marcia Cross was originally cast as Madeleine, but turned it down, due to her commitment as Bree, in the television series Desperate Housewives (2004). Jennifer Love Hewitt was offered the role of Madeleine, but turned it down, due to her commitment with the television series Ghost Whisperer (2005). Jennifer Connelly also auditioned for the role of Madeleine, but turned it down.
Second film in which actor Walrs Ahluwalia has played a character with the name Vikram. He previously portrayed the character Vikram Ray in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004).
The picture in Arthur Case's office is "Cards Player" by Paul Cézanne.
At one point in the movie, Frazier says "I'm listening " Same phrase Frazier Crane uses on his radio show, in the sitcom "Frazier " *The sitcom is Frasier with an S,not a Z
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The actor Peter Frechette who plays Peter Hammond in the movie Insids man, has the same name in the Spike Lee movie miracle at Saint Anna.
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Shon Gables: Real-life news reporter for WCBS channel 2.
Sandra Endo: real-life news reporter for New York 1.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The Cartier diamond ring is a real diamond ring, it was borrowed from Cartier for the movie for three days. The ring is valued at 1.5 million dollars.
At the beginning of the movie, the slogan on the thieves' stolen van offers a clue to the method of the heist: "We don't leave until the job is done!"
The shoot-out sequence between the police and the robbers was not in the original script. Spike Lee said he added it because he felt that "it was a good time to interject some action" in the movie. This scene was the last one, it was filmed on the last day so they could "shoot up" the bank movie set.
During the first scene, in which Frazier talks to Russell on the phone ("Is this the president of Albania?"), you can see the earpiece in his right ear, through which he is listening to the cops.
According to Frazier's promotion certificate revealed in the final scene, we know that the final scenes in the movie took place on August 12, 2005. We also know from the comments Russel's cohorts made when they were waiting to pick him up that he had been inside for a week. If the cohort's weren't exaggerating, this means the majority of the movie takes place on August 5, 2005 which was a Friday. This makes sense since the bank would be packed with people on a pay-day.
At the end of the movie, Frazier's girlfriend is reading "Gotham Diaries", a novel co-written by Spike Lee's wife, Tonya Lewis Lee.
In the shot of the bus leaving with the hostages, we can see Steve, Stevie, Chaim, and Steve-O sitting in a sequence, mixed with the rest of the hostages.
During the interrogation scenes, and when the hostages are being placed on police buses to be taken to headquarters for questioning, the audience learns the real names of Dalton's robber accomplices. 'Steve' is Kenneth Damerjian, 'Stevie' is Valerie Keepsake, and 'Steve-O' is Darius Peltz.
There are several instances of product placement in the film, such as an iPod seen playing propaganda messages, the Dell computer boxes covering the entrance to Dalton's 'cell', Madeline White's Apple Cinema Display and Hermès Birkin Bag, the Sony PSP owned by the little boy, the Chevrolet van used to transport the crew to the bank, and the Volkswagen SUV, which is used to pick up Russell. A North Face backpack was used to carry the diamonds out of the bank. Also, Poland Springs water, Pepsi, and Wrigley's Juicy Fruit are shown.
Denzel Washington's lapel pin of his jacket is on the wrong side at 2:02:02. Previous scene shows the lapel pin is on the left side, which is where the lapel pin is suppose to be.
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The certificate for Detective Frazier's promotion to Detective First Grade is dated August 12, 2005 (08/12/05). His badge number is 0812. Eight subtracted from 12 is 4, and this movie is the fourth collaboration between actor 'Denzel Washington' (nm0000243) and director 'Spike Lee' (nm0000490), though there is no indication this was intentional.
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