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‘The Star’ Film Review: Fail, Mary

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‘The Star’ Film Review: Fail, Mary
The first Christmas has always been something of a challenge for big-screen treatments. Treated too reverently, there’s not enough drama to make the birth of Jesus all that interesting. (I’m zero-for-two at staying awake through the well-intentioned “The Nativity Story.”) Filmmakers who tweak the material, on the other hand, can expect the kind of placard-waving protestors that greeted the U.S. premieres of “Monty Python’s The Life of Brian” or Jean-Luc Godard’s “Hail, Mary.” So now we get “The Star,” which attempts to retell the Nativity story through the eyes of some sassy talking barnyard animals,
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Kirk Cameron is Saving Christmas in the trailer for his new movie

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Alright everyone, here is the trailer you were all waiting for. The first Christmas movie of the year has unveiled a trailer! It is Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas! Okay, so maybe you weren't waiting for this one with bated breath, but this trailer is certain to stir some conversation. Cameron, the former teen star of Growing Pains and the Left Behind films, has made a recent career out of religious-based documentaries exploring Christianity in modern America. Whether you agree with the...
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'Doctor Who': Ranking the Christmas specials

"Doctor Who's" Christmas special is only hours away from airing, so there's no better time to take a look back at the holiday episodes that have come before. "The Time of the Doctor" is sure to earn a place high on this list as fans say goodbye to Matt Smith, but there are many other emotionally charged specials to reflect on as well.

Before tonight's premiere, here's our take on the past seven years of "Doctor Who" Christmas specials, ranked from best to worst:

'The End of Time'

This is a given. David Tennant's send-off was the perfect goodbye to his Doctor, and his final words -- "I don't want to go" -- still make fans emotional to this day. Add that to the fact that the two-parter took viewers to Gallifrey, and this is the best Christmas special yet.

'A Christmas Carol'

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10 Christmas No 1′s That Had Nothing To Do With Christmas

The Christmas number one: where charity songs and novelty acts are regarded as the cream of the crop for one week only. It is here the weird, wacky, wonderful and what the f- all congregate for the traditional Christmas sermon of tackiness from Sir Cliff.

The first Christmas number one actually on the subject of Christmas came in 1955, in the fourth year of the charts’ existence, with “Christmas Alphabet” by pop singer Dickie Valentine. However, it was only really in 1973 when the idea of Christmas songs gunning for number one was established, when Slade released their timeless “Merry Xmas Everybody” in a deliberate (and successful) ploy, beating out the other big song of the year; Wizzard’s wondrous “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday”. The following year saw Mud’s “Lonely This Christmas” and two years after that we had “When A Child Is Born” from Johnny Mathis. A
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TV on Tap: NBC Gets "Downton Abbey" Creator to Pen a Period Dama, "Arrow" Targets David Anders and Will "Waterworld" Become a Syfy Series?

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Yep. Still Happily Divorced, no need to change the theme song.


Yes! Comedy Central has ordered a third season of the amazing Key & Peele. I just wish Comedy Central would do something to guarantee that we have Luther, President Obama's anger translator for the next four years. At this point Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert aren't enough comedy power to make up for the combined awfulness of today's Gop.

I cringed a little when I saw out host Stephanie Miller in a spot asking viewers to give to the Salvation Army (she and fellow Current host Bill Press are competing to raise more money). Then I read that Miller interviewed Major George Hood of the Salvation Army on her show and let him dismiss the organization's anti-gay history without challenge and it made me really sad. John Aravosis of AmericaBlog has collected stories that illustrate why the organization has an anti-gay reputation.
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Whitney Houston: A Film Fan's Appreciation

Late singer showed dignity and vulnerability in films like 'The Bodyguard' and 'Waiting to Exhale.'

By Ryan J. Downey

Whitney Houston in "Bodyguard"

Photo: Warner Bros.

Whitney Houston will be remembered for her voice, her hit songs, her charismatic presence. As someone who has spent my life sharing equal passion for music and movies, it's particularly noteworthy to me that the biggest hit I associate Houston with is intrinsically tied to a film. Judging by the number of "Whitney, I will always love you" tweets from celebrities and fans on Saturday, I'd say I'm not alone in thinking of her big voice mostly in "I Will Always Love You," which is inseparable from "The Bodyguard."

My late mother was a huge fan of Dolly Parton, who originally wrote and recorded the song that would become a huge hit for Houston on the soundtrack to "The Bodyguard,
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Trailer: Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol

The first Christmas Day special featuring the Eleventh Doctor has a trailer for you to watch. Since the rebirth of Doctor Who to the BBC airwaves, every Christmas there has been a special episode where the Doctor has an adventure on Christmas Day. Now that Matt Smith has replaced David Tennant in the part of the Time Lord, it's his turn to make merry and give Whovians their annual dose of X-Mas sci-fi.

The premise of the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas special is stil a secret, but judging from the trailer there's evidence of some plot elements borrowed from Charles Dickens' tale of A Christmas Carol. Michael Gambon appears to be playing a Scrooge-like character and The Doctor may be substituting for the part of one of the ghosts from Dickens' classic tale. Apart from that, I have no idea why Amy Pond is dressed back up in her
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