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10 of the Most Festive Holiday Scenes in Non-Holiday Movies

10 of the Most Festive Holiday Scenes in Non-Holiday Movies
Want to work a little holiday cheer into your binge-watching rotation without going full-blown festive? We’ve got you covered. The following 10 scenes don’t come courtesy of your traditional holiday movies. Rather, they represent merely a snapshot of yuletide festivity in decidedly non-Christmas features.

You’ve Got Mail

Warning: This one will bring on some serious feels. Watching Kathleen Kelly celebrate her last Christmas in her mother’s bookstore is pretty heart-breaking. Luckily, we are comforted by the knowledge that come spring, she’ll be in Tom Hanks’ arms.

Mean Girls

Thanks to Tina Fey (and the Plastics), “Jingle
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Kate Beckinsale on Harvey Weinstein: "He Couldn't Remember If He Had Assaulted Me or Not"

Kate Beckinsale on Harvey Weinstein:
Kate Beckinsale has shared an account of meeting Harvey Weinstein, after which "he couldn't remember if he had assaulted me or not."

The actress, who starred in The Weinstein Co. titles Serendipity and The Aviator, took to Instagram to recall when she met with the Hollywood producer at the Savoy Hotel when she was 17 years old. She assumed it would be a business discussion in a conference room, but she was then sent up to a hotel room, with Weinstein greeting her in his bathrobe.

"I was incredibly naive and young, and it did not cross my mind that...
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Report: Kate Beckinsale Files Police Report After Run-In With Threatening Stalker

Serendipity” star Kate Beckinsale is said to have had an alarming run-in with a serious stalker. Related: Kate Beckinsale Thanks Ex Michael Sheen Beckinsale, 44, postponed her appearance at Tampa Bay Comic Con on Saturday after an incident with an attendee, according to TMZ. The man in question is reported to be 45-year-old Terry Lee Repp, who has […]
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Horror Highlights: Kate Beckinsale at Wizard World Sacramento, Peelers Blu-ray / DVD, Attack Of The 50 Foot Film Fest

If you live on the West Coast and you're a fan of Death Dealer Selene from the Underworld movies, then you'll want to mark the weekend of June 17th–18th on your calendar, because Kate Beckinsale will be a featured guest at Wizard World Sacramento. In today's Horror Highlights, we also have details on the Blu-ray / DVD release of Peelers and the lineup for Attack of the 50 Foot Film Fest in Atlanta.

Kate Beckinsale to Attend Wizard World Sacramento: Press Release: "Sacramento, Calif., June 5, 2017 – Kate Beckinsale, star of such films as Underworld and Pearl Harbor, and Val Kilmer, standout in Batman Forever and Top Gun, have been added to the top-flight celebrity roster at Wizard World Comic Con Sacramento at the Sacramento Convention Center. Both will appear on Saturday and Sunday, June 17-18, when they will greet fans, sign autographs, pose for photo ops and conduct interactive Q&A sessions with fans.
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Movie or TV Characters I’d Marry in a Heartbeat: Kate Beckinsale’s “Sara Thomas” in Serendipity

I’ve decided to start a segment on this site that I’m quite sure my wife will love. It’s called “movie or TV characters I’d marry in a heartbeat.” We’ll be exploring the type of movie character whom I think I could probably spend the rest of my life based on whatever factors make it possible. In some cases it might be looks. In other cases it might be personality. Hell it might even be a particular super power. You just never know. And just to make things fair, I’ll add some dudes from time to time as well. The first

Movie or TV Characters I’d Marry in a Heartbeat: Kate Beckinsale’s “Sara Thomas” in Serendipity
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'The Space Between Us' Review: Star-Crossed Lovers Cross the Stars in Ya Romance

'The Space Between Us' Review: Star-Crossed Lovers Cross the Stars in Ya Romance
Space – the final Ya-romance frontier. Having already used vampirism, lycanthropy, terminal diseases, time travel, dystopic futures and a televised to-the-death competition as obstacles to young love, the genre would seem to have nowhere left to go – at which point the makers of this sci-fi tearjerker looked to the cosmos and thought, "A-ha!" The fault is not in our stars, people. The fault is our stars.

Gardner (Asa Butterfield) is a typical 16-year-old brainiac, the kind who spends his days tinkering in robotics, endlessly rewatching Wings of Desire and Dm-ing with his female misfit counterpart.
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‘The Space Between Us’ Review: Ya Goes To Mars In This Weightless Teen Weepie

  • Indiewire
‘The Space Between Us’ Review: Ya Goes To Mars In This Weightless Teen Weepie
Essentially reimagining “Starman” as a tepid Ya weepie, “The Space Between Us” adds the one thing that’s been missing from melodramatic teen dramas like “The Fault in Our Stars” and “If I Stay”: Mars. Of course! The Red Planet. What took them so long? It’s such a perfectly natural setting for a genre that has wasted millions upon millions of dollars searching for signs of life. Alas, there are none to be found in this otherwise guileless and good-natured sci-fi love story.

Inexplicably not based on a book — but rather on an original idea by “Collateral Beauty” screenwriter Allan Loeb — “The Space Between Us” begins in the near future, as visionary scientist Nathaniel Shepherd (Gary Oldman, so characteristically hard to recognize that he’s easy to recognize) bids farewell to the first colonists of Mars, a team of astronauts who will establish and live in a dusty little outpost called “East Texas.
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Kate Beckinsale Shows Off Her Abs While Hanging Out in the Bathroom

Kate Beckinsale Shows Off Her Abs While Hanging Out in the Bathroom
While Kate Beckinsale may have landed her most enduring acting role in the movie Underworld a full 14 years ago, her most recent selfie proves she’s still totally in peak vampire butt-kicking shape. The actress posted a throwback snap to her Instagram account on Wednesday wearing a two-piece swimsuit and giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at her latest cover shoot for Shape.

In the latest post to her account, Beckinsale shared a selfie of herself posing in the mirror, laughing at something out of frame to her right and wearing just a black cap-sleeved crop top with criss-crossed straps across
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The Space Between Us trailer: A fun emotional roller-coaster that will tugs your heartstrings

There is no greater force than love. It makes miracles happen and romantic movies capture all such facets of love. And what better time to release one such film, than right before the Valentine's this year. A fun emotional roller-coaster that tugs the strings of your heart is just the doze cupid delivers through this romantic sci-fi movie "The Space Between Us". It stars Hugo fame Asa Butterfield and Tomorrowland actress Britt Robertson. The movie revolves around a young teen couple from different worlds and how fate brings them close. Gardner Elliot (Asa Butterfield) has an unusual upbringing on Mars. When his mother dies in childbirth, he is raised on that planet itself. At the age of 16, Gardner falls in love with a girl called Tulsa (Britt Robertson) living on Earth, after they connect via an online platform. Watch the trailer here: This movie is set around the age old
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The Weekend Warrior 1/6/17: Underworld: Blood Wars, Hidden Figures, A Monster Calls

Welcome back to the first Weekend Warrior of 2017, your weekly look at the new movies hitting theaters this weekend, as well as other cool events and things to check out (when applicable).

We’ll bypass the past couple holiday weekends cause that was so 2016, and we’ll instead get right into the new movies opening on Friday including two that opened in select cities and are expanding nationwide.

Underworld: Blood Wars (Sony/Screen Gems)

Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, Tobias Menzies, Lara Pulver, Charles Dance, James Faulkner, Peter Andersson, Clementine Nicholson, Bradley James, Daisy Head

Director: Anna Foerster (debut feature from director of TV shows Outlander & Criminal Minds)

Genre: Action, Horror, Thriller

Rated R

Plot: The vampire death dealer Selene (Kate Beckinsale) finds herself facing both Lycans and vampires, both of them trying to use the blood of her daughter to create new hybrids, so she and David (Theo James
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Kate Beckinsale and Molly Shannon Have a Fortuitous ‘Serendipity’ Reunion: See the Pics!

Kate Beckinsale and Molly Shannon Have a Fortuitous ‘Serendipity’ Reunion: See the Pics!
Is it destiny that these two would be reunited?! Serendipity co-stars Kate Beckinsale and Molly Shannon ran into each other at Jeff Benzos and Matt Damon’s Manchester By the Sea holiday party and it looked like no time had passed.

More: Kate Beckinsale Bears Resemblance to Ex Michael Sheen's Girlfriend Sarah Silverman in Throwback Pics

“@lindseyvonn is nearly as excited about the Serendipity reunion @theofficialsuperstar and I are having as we are,” Beckinsale captioned a cute pic of ski pro Lindsey Vonn laughing next to the former co-stars.

The trio posed for pictures together with Beckinsale and Shannon looking practically ageless more than 15 years after their romantic comedy. Beckinsale wore a black, off-the-shoulder Kaufman Franco dress. In the film, Beckinsale played the destiny-obsessed Sara to Shannon’s quirky, New Age pal Eve.

The classic winter romance flick also starred John Cusack and John Corbett.

Vonn was clearly enthralled with the chance meeting and had a blast
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John Cusack: examining his recent straight-to-dvd movies




John Cusack has made 17 films in four years. We've found the ones that have gone all-but straight to DVD and watched them...

John Cusack is a bit of a Hollywood oddity. There’s no pattern to the type of movie he will choose to do, so he’s always kept us on our toes. Sure, he’ll make a dumb action movie, but that will often afford him the chance to make a few smaller gambles later on. Up until the last few years he’s played the system very well, but recently his ethic appears to have, um, waned? A little?

Since the heady days of Say Anything and Sixteen Candles he’s come to represent a sort of slightly weird-looking, awkwardly charming, offbeat everyman that men aged 18-49 can look at and go 'me'” - which is fine. There’s a place for that, as
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Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'In the Heights' Set for Film Revival

Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'In the Heights' Set for Film Revival
A film adaptation of Hamilton mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda's debut musical, In the Heights, has been revived by the Weinstein Company, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Universal was developing an In the Heights movie with screenwriter Marc Klein (Serendipity) and director Kenny Ortega, but dropped the project in 2011 over casting difficulties and its proposed $37 million budget. The Weinstein Company will likely bring on a new director and writer, and while Miranda will be heavily involved in the film, it's unclear whether he will reprise his role as the show's main character,
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Kate Beckinsale: Michael Bay Slammed My Appearance

With a slew of successful films and a legion of adoring fans, Kate Beckinsale lacks for nothing these days. But back when she filmed “Pearl Harbor,” the “Serendipity” star received a ton of negativity from director Michael Bay.

During her interview on “The Graham Norton Show,” Kate declared, “I think he was baffled by me because my boobs weren’t bigger than my head and I wasn’t blonde. I'd just had my daughter and had lost weight...but I was told that if I got the part, I'd have to work out, and I just didn't understand why a 1940s nurse would do that."

Beckinsale added, "When we were promoting the film, Michael was asked why he had chosen Ben and Josh, and he said, 'I have worked with Ben before and I love him, and Josh is so manly and a wonderful actor.’ Then when he was asked about me,
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‘The Martian’ meets ‘Room’ in this new Gary Oldman movie

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‘The Martian’ meets ‘Room’ in this new Gary Oldman movie
Confession: I hadn’t heard anything about The Space Between Us before clicking on the trailer for it today. Watching it, seeing the trailer’s opening seconds show a crew of astronauts bound for Mars, I thought, “Oh man, these guys must hate that they’re releasing this in the shadow of The Martian.” The rest of the trailer banished that thought completely. Yes, The Space Between Us starts with scientists on Mars. But, despite one line in this preview that is the very three words of The Martian’s tagline (“Bring him home”), it looks like a totally different movie, one that may have more in common with Room than with Ridley Scott’s movie about the Red Planet. It looks like most of this will take place on Earth (and that doesn’t mean at Jpl). The Space Between Us is about a boy named Gardner. On the
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Daisy Ridley in Talks to Star in Holocaust Drama 'The Lost Wife'

Daisy Ridley in Talks to Star in Holocaust Drama 'The Lost Wife'
Daisy Ridley is in talks to star in the Holocaust drama The Lost Wife. The film was penned by Marc Klein (A Good Year, Serendipity). The story centers on a young Jewish woman who is separated from her husband when the Germans invade Prague and uses her talents as an artist to survive until the couple is miraculously reunited decades later in America. It is based on a book by Alyson Richman. Robbie Brenner, whose passion project Dallas Buyers Club (2013) landed a best picture Oscar nomination, is producing Lost Wife via The Firm, where she is president of the

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Kate Beckinsale’s “Love & Friendship” Rolls Out New Poster

Adding to the growing number of period pieces, “Love & Friendship” is slated to hit theaters on May 13th, 2016.

Roadside Attractions just unveiled a new promotional poster featuring stars Kate Beckinsale, Xavier Samuels, Stephen Fry and Chloe Sevigny.

Of her filming experience, the “Serendipity” star explained, "Putting [the corset] on in the morning is okay. It’s putting it back on after lunch that's the unpleasant one. That's the one where you're like, 'I wish I didn't eat that.'" She also gushed over her character Lady Susan- "She's the most wonderful, incredibly charming, totally entitled, intelligent, promiscuous, witty woman. She's the best character I've read in years."
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Peter Chelsom Set To Helm WWII Assassin Tale ‘The Paladin’

Exclusive: Peter Chelsom will direct The Paladin for The Firm. Chelsom, whose credits include Shall We Dance, Hector And The Search For Happiness and Serendipity, was set by Jeff Kwatinetz to helm the WWII tale. Script is by Jason Keller and Eric Pfeffinger. Set during the darkest days of the war, The Paladin tells the incredible true story of how Winston Churchill orchestrated a monumental shift in the war through a top-secret program where he turned a 15-year-old boy…
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Relativity Selling ‘Out Of This World’ to Stx Entertainment (Exclusive)

Stx Entertainment is in negotiations to buy “Out of This World” from the embattled Relativity Studios.

A deal has not yet closed, but an agreement to allow rights to the project to migrate from one studio to another is expected to be reached soon. “Out of This World” is described as a “Romeo & Juliet” story that centers on the first human born on Mars, who is secretly raised on the planet after his astronaut mother dies during childbirth. As a teen, he strikes up an online romance with a girl from Colorado, prompting him to travel across the solar system to meet her, all the while pursued by Nasa.

The pact comes as Relativity is scrambling to reach an agreement with its creditors on tens of millions of dollars in debt payments. If a deal is not reached and its lenders do not allow the company to have an extension,
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Hector And The Search For Happiness Images

Hector and the Search for Happiness, based on the best-selling novel of the same name, is the kind of adaptation that could turn into a new favorite for millions, or completely ruin the book for everyone, without a lot of room to fall anywhere in-between. There are tone requirements, a wide range of emotion, and supporting characters that need to be worked in to things just so.

The big questions that creates in this case revolve around director Peter Chelsom, and Simon Pegg. I’m generally fan of Pegg, but can he go everywhere this film will need him to, and go to all of those places effectively? I’m not sure. Chelsom is a different case, and isn’t a name that most people are going to be able to easily associate with his body of work as a director. The Mighty is an under-appreciated gem, and Serendipity is
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