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Five Things You Didn’t Know about Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch is an Irish actress who has done a fair amount of modeling work as well. Primarily, she is known for playing Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies. However, it is important to note that Lynch remains active on the movie screen, the TV screen, and the theater stage, as shown by her recent role in the 2017 production of Disco Pigs. Here are five things that you may or may not have known about Evanna Lynch: Was a Harry Potter Fan Lynch was a fan of the Harry Potter series before she became a cast member of

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Evanna Lynch
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Celebrating Irishness at the Movies

And look at that, not a leprechaun in sight.

For a relatively small island with a tiny film industry, Ireland certainly gets a lot of representation in movies — sometimes via other places masquerading as Ireland, other times by representing other places (the beach landing scene in Saving Private Ryan was shot in Wexford, for example) or worlds (Ahch-To in The Force Awakens), and occasionally it even gets to play itself. The island also exports a rather impressive number of cinematic talents considering the fact that, though every third or forth person you meet on the street in, say, Boston or Chicago (a lot of places, really) will claim Irish heritage, the Republic of Ireland has a population of slightly less than 4.6 million and Northern Ireland slightly more than 1.8 million, bringing the island to a total of only around 6.4 million. In other words, still around 2 million less than before the Famine, over
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Cillian Murphy: ‘Is this it, for the rest of my days?’

He’s found a new audience as the violent lead in Peaky Blinders. But as he turns 40, the actor contemplates what comes next

Soon it will be Cillian Murphy’s birthday. “I’ll be turning 40,” the Irish actor says. “Just a couple of months.” A placid and even-spoken man, Cork-born and with an iron Corkonian modesty at the core of him, Murphy does not sound overjoyed about his approaching milestone. But neither does he sound histrionic or weepy. Last night, he says, he was in bed by 10, falling asleep to the comforting murmur of The World Tonight on Radio 4. These days, this is not even an uncommon scenario. “I feel like I’m entering a different phase of my life,” he says. “I don’t mind embracing it. I had a really good time in my 20s and 30s. Now I’m ready for a bit more… decorum, I guess?
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12 Awesome Films That Prove Ireland Can Make Great Movies

Ireland, for its tiny size and small population, can boast of a lot of wonderful native films. Whenever people think about Irish cinema – two major themes emerge. First, there is Ireland’s turbulent historical and political past which makes good cinematic fodder, and secondly there are all the films exposing either poverty and drunkenness (Angela’s Ashes being the most famous film of this ilk) or clerical abuse (The Magdalene Sisters).

I have not included films about Ireland as they tend to be very stereotyping – for example, The Quiet Man and Darby O’Gill and the Little People. I have let Irish cinema speak for itself with powerful masterpieces of cinema, quirky contemporary films and some very funny comedies.

Whatever you are after, there is an Irish film to satisfy you.

12. Disco Pigs (2001)

The adventures of Pig (Cillian Murphy) and Runt (Elaine Cassidy). They were born on the same day,
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Once the Musical: how I fell for its honesty

Once was a surprise cinema hit – a micro-budget romance about an Irish busker and a Czech flower seller. Who better to adapt it for stage than self-confessed misanthrope Enda Walsh? The playwright recalls his journey from cynic to proud, emotional wreck

We don't do musicals in Ireland. Well, not much. We like to keep our actors and musicians separate at all times. In separate counties, even. There is possibly a musical theatre company hidden on Sherkin Island doing a production of Wicked right now, but they haven't been found yet. And when they do find them, it will be a heavy dose of Samuel Beckett for those grinning fools. Why break into song and dance to exorcise your inner emotions when you can talk yourself through it? Over the years, I've added my own fair share of words to Irish theatre. You can't help it as an Irish person. We talk.
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Best Soundtracks of 2012 (part two)

What makes some film soundtracks transcend from mere background music to helping a director tell a story and help invoke an emotional response? Is it a clever mix of well chosen tunes that capture the zeitgeist or an eclectic mix of older material that either captures a time and place or sets a tone of nostalgia? The answer varies depending on the feature film. 2012 was a fantastic year for original motion picture movie scores but not so good for soundtracks. Still, Simon and I have managed to pull a list of what we feel were the very best.



The second half of Tabu by Portuguese filmmaker Miguel Gomes, is the direct opposite of what came before. Gomez effortlessly shifts gears omitting any audible dialogue except for a persistent (but suave) voice-over narration from one of the characters – combined with lush synchronized ambient sounds, a few sparse foley effects, and
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Enda Walsh: 'I tried to take a hammer to rural Ireland'

Disco Pigs made a star of playwright Enda Walsh and his lead, Cillian Murphy. Now, 15 years on, the pair have reunited for a drama about a crazed smalltown preacher

The first time I met Enda Walsh was in the summer of 1997 at a writers' retreat in County Monaghan. Back then, he was working on the first draft of a new play, the proposed follow-up to the phenomenally successful Disco Pigs, which made his name. Fifteen years later, that same play, called Misterman and starring Cillian Murphy, is about to open on the Lyttelton stage at the National Theatre in London, having played to packed audiences and rave reviews in New York. What happened, I ask him, in the years in between?

"Oh, it drove me mad," he says, laughing his oddly demonic laugh. "I tried to make it work with me acting in it, then I just put it aside
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Happy St. Paddy's Day: Irish Director Kirsten Sheridan On 'Dollhouse,' The Word "Random" And Using Ryan Gosling's Music

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Happy St. Paddy's Day: Irish Director Kirsten Sheridan On 'Dollhouse,' The Word
Continuing its festival run this week at SXSW, following its Berlin premiere, is a remarkable Irish film, "Dollhouse," directed by Kirsten Sheridan. The trippy, pulsing story of a home invasion scenario that is by turns scary, funny and surreal (you can read our review here), the film gained a special mention in Berlin, which is also where we caught up with its director.

Sheridan was previously nominated for an original screenplay Oscar (for co-writing her father Jim Sheridan's "In America"), and gained a lot of positive notice for her debut feature, the Cillian Murphy breakout "Disco Pigs." Following that was a perhaps ill-advised foray into Hollywood for the schmaltzy "August Rush" (about which she speaks candidly below). With "Dollhouse" only her third feature, and a startling departure from both of her previous outings, we sincerely hope the Dublin-based filmmaker won't leave it so long till her next. As our
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A list of movies with an Irish connection for St.Patricks Day viewing

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In no particular order, here’s a list of movies either based in Ireland or with an Irish connection. The Snapper The Guard 28 Days Later Disco Pigs The Actors My Left Foot Millers Crossing In Bruges Happy St.Patricks Day to everybody, no doubt the fighting, drinking and sheep molesting is starting. On the off chance that you’re not partaking in some mutton molestation today…or painting yourself green here’s some extras on the above selections from the crew here at The Movie Bit. Vic: For some vintage Colm Meaney (and his finest performance comes in Parked)and even if it is quite brief, some vintage Brendan Gleeson, check out The Snapper. Based on the Roddy Doyle, this is nothing but pure hilarity about pregnancy. And speaking of Brendan Gleeson, that dude has been in everything from Braveheart to Artificial Intelligence, but one of his finer moments has to be in The Guard.
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13 SXSW Movies We've Already Seen Including '21 Jump Street,' 'Marley,' 'Killer Joe,' 'Bernie' & More

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13 SXSW Movies We've Already Seen Including '21 Jump Street,' 'Marley,' 'Killer Joe,' 'Bernie' & More
Yesterday, we ran through fifteen movies that we're dying to see at this year's SXSW, but the Austin, Texas festival doesn't just have world premieres: there's also a selection of films that have played film fests elsewhere in the world over the few last months, from Venice and Toronto to Sundance and Berlin.

As it happens, we've had Playlist agents at all those festivals too, and below we've picked out thirteen known quantities, films that we can definitively say are either worth checking out, and worth avoiding (thankfully, not too many of the latter). Read on for our verdicts, and stay tuned for comprehensive coverage from SXSW, which runs from Friday March 9th to Saturday the 17th.

21 Jump Street

Synopsis: Two bored, fresh-faced cops are transferred to a new department and sent undercover to bust a drug-running ring in a high school.

Our Verdict: After "Bridesmaids" had a raucous reception last year,
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Murphy Wins Best Actor At Irish Theatre Awards

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Murphy Wins Best Actor At Irish Theatre Awards
Inception star Cillian Murphy was honoured in his native Ireland as he picked up a top drama prize at the 2012 Irish Times Theatre Awards.

Murphy was named Best Actor on Monday for his performance as disturbed character Thomas Magill in the one-man production Misterman.

Accepting his trophy, Murphy singled out the show's playwright and director Enda Walsh, who originally gave him his big break in the stage show Disco Pigs.

He told the crowd, "I only have two words for this really: Enda Walsh. Fifteen years ago he gifted me a career with his play Disco Pigs and 15 years later he gifted me the part of Thomas Magill in Misterman."

Misterman was previously staged in New York and at Ireland's Galway Arts Festival; it will next be seen in London's National Theatre in April.

Berlin Review: Kirsten Sheridan's 'Dollhouse' a Fun and Messy Improv Delight That Places Young Hooligans In an Unlikely Setting

Berlin Review: Kirsten Sheridan's 'Dollhouse' a Fun and Messy Improv Delight That Places Young Hooligans In an Unlikely Setting
"Dollhouse" contains a deceptively simple premise that benefits greatly from its free-form style. Kirsten Sheriden, working on a smaller and more experimental scale than her previous efforts "August Rush" and "Disco Pigs," follows an enthusiastic gang of young hooligans as they break into a  posh home and wreck havoc wherever they see fit. When the homeowner herself surfaces and joins in the fun, the evening grows increasingly strange and intangible, venturing beyond the realm of plausibility with a giddy approach that matches the intruders' carefree energy. Based off a 15-page outline that the small cast built out moment by moment during the shoot, "Dollhouse" signifies one of the more inventive uses of improvisation in recent memory. According to Sheridan in a Q&A following the film's Berlin International Film Festival premiere, the actors discovered plot twists along with their characters. The result is a...
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Cillian Murphy Performs a High-Wire Act in Brooklyn, in ‘Misterman’

Cillian Murphy Performs a High-Wire Act in Brooklyn, in ‘Misterman’
Pavel Antonov Cillian Murphy as Thomas Magill in “Misterman”

When it comes to Irish actor Cillian Murphy, much has been made about three things: his blue eyes, his “chameleonic” ability to play both angelic and villainous roles, and his possible return as Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow in the Batman film, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

(a. Enough has been said about his eyes. b. As he demonstrates in his new play, “Misterman,” he can inhabit both angel and villain in the same role.
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Cillian Murphy, the owner of the most in-demand eyes in Hollywood

The Irish actor makes a perfect villain for new sci-fi flick In Time, but will he make a return as Scarecrow in the next Batman film?

Cillian Murphy's eyes are more famous than he is. He must envy them. The rest of him is pretty well known too, but his eyes have inspired whole websites, Facebook fan pages and amateur YouTube montages. A Tumblr page succinctly called Fuck Yeah, Cillian Murphy's Eyes consists of pages and pages of photographs of the actor, looking up, down, left, right, blinking, winking, staring, gazing – you name it. There are discussions as to exactly what shade of blue they are. "The colour of the sea on a bright summer's day"? Or, "The bluest blue of all the very blue blues"?

Yes, people really do have that much time on their hands, but the eyes have doubtless helped their host to find work.
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Spotlight on Filmbase Training Courses

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Filmbase has been open for 25 years and Irish talent that have cut their teeth at the Temple Bar based centre include Kristen Sheridan (Disco Pigs, August Rush), John Wallace (co-producer Rewind, Runners), Thomas Heffernan (Writer, The Pool), Martina Niland (Snap, Sarah & Steve) and John Moore (Max Payne). With an ample scope of training subjects and wide range of course formats, Iftn takes a closer look at the upcoming training programme at Filmbase.
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‘Inception’ star Cillian Murphy set to tread the boards in NYC with ‘Misterman’ (IrishCentral)

Cillian Murphy is set to tread the boards in New York City this year in the critically acclaimed hit play “Misterman”. The play written by Enda Walsh is set to transfer to New York’s St Ann’s Warehouse later this year as part of Imagine Ireland, Culture Ireland’s year of Irish arts in America. The original production of the play premiered at the Black Box Theatre as part of the 2011 Galway Arts Festival. “Misterman” features Cillian Murphy star of “Inception”, “Breakfast on Pluto” and “The Wind that Shakes the Barley” and is written and directed by Enda Walsh (“Penelope”, “The Walworth Farce” and “Hunger”). This is the first time in 15 years, since “Disco Pigs” that this Irish pair has worked together. ------------------- Read More: Sexy new stills of Robert Pattinson released -See Photo Sinead O’Connor announces winner of her perfect man contest The secret of Bono's great
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Competition: Five copies of ‘Savage’ to win on DVD

Released on DVD on March 14th, Savage is the debut feature from writer-director Brian Muldowney and stars Darren Healy (Disco Pigs; Layer Cake) and Nora-Jane Noone (The Day Of The Triffids; The Descent; The Magdalene Sisters) in a gritty and brutal “Straw Dogs”-meets-“Taxi Driver” exploration of violence, obsession and revenge that has been described as “uncompromising… utterly compelling… [and] not for the faint-hearted”.

Dubliner Paul Graynor (Darren Healy) works as a freelance press photographer, visually documenting the day-to-day events of a vibrant city that, like many others, is becoming increasingly hostile and threatening. What Paul doesn’t realise is he is about to become front-page tabloid news himself. Walking home alone at night after a date with Michelle (Nora-Jane Noone), the care worker who is responsible for looking after his ailing father, Paul is accosted and violently assaulted by two youths.

Left unconscious by his attackers, he awakes several
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Savage (2009) Movie Review

Irish indie production “Savage” marks the debut of writer-director Brian Muldowney, and is basically a “Taxi Driver” style tale of urban ills and revenge, showing a distinctly non-tourist friendly side to the streets of Dublin. The film features Darren Healy (“Disco Pigs”, “Layer Cake”) in the lead, with support from Nora-Jane Noone (“The Day of the Triffids”, “The Descent”) and various nasty looking young thugs. Having enjoyed a measure of critical praise at festivals, the film now arrives on region 2 DVD via High Fliers Films, coming complete with commentary by and a Q&A session with Muldowney, plus cast auditions. Healy stars as Dubliner Paul Graynor, a press photographer whose trade often brings him into contact with the worst of humanity. One night, walking home after a date with his elderly father’s care worker Michelle (Noone), the poor man is attacked by a couple of particularly vicious youths, who
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Geek shows and movies on UK TV in the coming week

To Kill A Mockingbird At 50 might just be the TV choice of the week, as we round up the next week's telly. Plus, as usual, there's a lot of films to get through...!

A new comedy show launched last Friday, and its second show airs tonight, July 2nd at 11:05pm on Channel 4. I'm far from Patrick Kielty's biggest fan, but any outlet for comedians of the calibre of the planned guests is a welcome one. Politics, news, and sporting losses are always easier to take when dished out by funny people and Rich Hall, Jack Whitehall, Andi Osho and Kevin Bridges do just that in an appropriate bar setting in Stand Up For The Week.

Family Guy continues its Star Wars specials on Sunday, July 4th, with Something, Something, Something, Dark Side. We think it's as good a pairing as Robot Chicken, Legos, or thumbs can manage.
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Chatroom by Hideo Nakata – Cannes 2010

The 63rd Cannes Film Festival is coming, guys! And today we are here to have a little chat about Chatroom, new Hideo Nakata’s movie, that’s set to play in Cannes this week.

It’s already being described as “a psychological thriller about teenagers who encourage each other’s destructive behavior.” And just for a beginning, let’s mention that the film stars recent Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson and Imogen Poots. Not bad for a start? Log in then…

More detailed synopsis part of Chatroom goes like this: “When jaded teens Jim, Eva, Emily, and Mo meet William online, they’re seduced by his charisma. But William isn’t what he seems. He’s calculating and manipulative and doesn’t have time for people in the real world. Jim is vulnerable and has no idea how dangerous his new friendship with William will be.

When Jim confesses he’s on anti-depressants,
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