American Beauty (1999) Poster

Scott Bakula: Jim Olmeyer



  • Lester Burnham : I figured you guys might be able to give me some pointers. I need to shape up. Fast.

    Jim Olmeyer : Are you just looking to lose weight, or do you want increased strength and flexibility as well?

    Lester Burnham : I want to look good naked!

  • Jim Olmeyer : Hello! We're your neighbors from two doors down and we just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood!

    [hands the Colonel a gift basket] 

    Jim "JB" Berkely : Everything's from our garden, except for the pasta.

    Jim Olmeyer : Yes, it's from Fizzoli's, it's amazingly fresh, you just pop it in water and it's done! I'm Jim Olmeyer.

    [shakes the Colonel's hand] 

    Jim Olmeyer : And this is my partner Jim.

    Jim "JB" Berkely : Jim Berkely, but people call me J.B.

    [extends his hand to shake] 

    Colonel Frank Fitts : Ah, let's just cut to it, what are you selling?

    Jim Olmeyer : Nothing, we just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood.

    Colonel Frank Fitts : You said you're partners, so, uh what's your business?

    Jim Olmeyer : Well, he's a tax attorney.

    Jim "JB" Berkely : And he's an anesthesiologist.

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