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NBA's Timofey Mozgov Blows $1,300 On Gucci Fanny Pack

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You know you've got Way too much money when you drop $1,290 on a Gucci fanny pack -- just like Brooklyn Nets center Timofey Mozgov!! Remember, the L.A. Lakers signed Mozgov to a $64 Million contract back in 2016 -- so, why the hell not blow some of that cash on a ridiculous, unnecessary fashion ... right, Timofey?  We spotted the 7-footer rockin' The Rock's favorite '90s accessory at Lax on Thursday ... and later found out
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21 Insane Things That I Still Can't Believe Actually Happen in Fifty Shades Freed

Even if you're a huge Fifty Shades fan, you have to admit that the first two film adaptations - Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker - are incredible in that "so bad, they're good" kind of way. The cheesy dialogue, nonsensical storylines, and watered-down Bdsm sex scenes are all part of the fun, right? The third and final film in the trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed, is no different. While the soundtrack is complete and utter fire, the last act of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele's relationship includes some truly questionable moments. There's an unexpected and fairly awkward piano ballad! There's a thinly drawn kidnapping plot! There's . . . Rita Ora! It's a lot (and yet somehow it's still not enough). After watching Fifty Shades Freed in a theater full of people openly - and affectionately, for the most part - roaring with laughter at all the silly things that happen,
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The Rock Gets $20M Payday as Red Notice Lands at Universal

The Rock Gets $20M Payday as Red Notice Lands at Universal
Dwayne Johnson's latest movie is going to earn him a $20 million payday. Following a massive bidding war between virtually every major studio in Hollywood (including Netflix), Universal and Legendary Pictures have won the rights to Red Notice, a new heist thriller that will see The Rock reteam with his Skyscraper director Rawson Thurber. Thurber is said to be getting an eight-figure payday for his work on Red Notice, which he will write and direct. This movie is on the fast track and is expected to be a major blockbuster with global appeal. Hence, the bidding war.

According to a new report, Red Notice will be a "two-hander," meaning that it will be a starring vehicle for Dwayne Johnson and another yet-to-be-named star. Odds are, it's going to be a big name, given that this is being pitched as a major blockbuster that is on the fast track. Red Notice
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Red Notice: Universal wins bidding war for Dwayne Johnson project

Simon Brew Feb 12, 2018

Red Notice, Dwayne Johnson’s developing heist flick, heads to Universal and Legendary in the biggest studio deal of the year.

Universal has had to break out its chequebook for the next big Dwayne Johnson action movie. Several studios were involved last week in an auction for a film called Red Notice, that’s going to see The Rock playing an Interpol employee. The Red Notice of the film’s title refers to the most serious of the notices that he agency can issue.

The film is set to cost around $150m to make, with Skyscraper director Rawson Marshall Thurber also on board. Johnson will trouser in the region of $20m to appear, and Universal has put the project on the fast track, with the aim of getting it filmed next year. That said, Johnson has to fit in filming the Fast & Furious spin-off movie – alongside
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Lobo Movie Wants Director Michael Bay

Warner Bros. and DC Comics are looking to revive their long-gestating Lobo movie, with director Michael Bay being eyed to direct. The filmmaker has recently taken meetings with Warner Bros. and DC to discuss the project and give notes for writer Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman) to incorporate in the latest script rewrite. The studio's plan is to have the writer work on the new script, to see if it is to the director's liking and try to make a deal.

What's interesting is this news comes just a month after an unconfirmed report claimed that Warner Bros. and DC were cancelling the movie, along with nixing the rumored Deadshot stand alone movie. While there is no clarification on the Deadshot movie's status as of yet, it seems that Lobo is still very much in the works, although whether or not it actually goes in front of cameras remains to be seen.
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Warner Bros. Eyeing Michael Bay To Direct Lobo

Lobo may have stumbled upon the unlikeliest of saviors.

Sources close to The Wrap indicate that Transformers helmer Michael Bay has met with Warner Bros. to discuss the long-gestating anti-hero pic, all the while offering his own input to Jason Fuchs’ (Wonder Woman) screenplay. That advice will presumably form the basis of a rewrite for what may well be Warner’s answer to Deadpool. And it appears the studio is keen on injecting a little Bayhem into its DC Extended Universe.

Should Michael Bay choose to direct, it would be his first foray into the comic book movie world, and Lobo‘s first tangible sign of progress since Brad Peyton (San Andreas) passed up the chance to helm his own version of the cigar-chomping rogue back in 2013.

Truth be told, Lobo has been kicking around in some shape or form since 2009, when Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman were attached to
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The Rock's Fast and Furious Spin-Off Targets Deadpool 2 Director

The Rock's Fast and Furious Spin-Off Targets Deadpool 2 Director
Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham's Fast and Furious Spin-Off has been talked about a lot over the past 6 months and now it seems that the project may have found a director. A new report states that Deadpool 2 and Atomic Blonde director David Leitch is the frontrunner to helm the untitled spin-off, which is pretty big considering other reports that popped up earlier this week claiming that the movie could get pushed back over a lack of director, but those reports may have just been proven to be false.

Fans have been waiting quite a while to get to see Dwayne Johnson's Luke Hobbs team up with Jason Statham's Deckard Show in their own Fast and Furious spin-off and it looks like the original release date of July 26th, 2019 will stand. The Predator director Shane Black was rumored to direct the project for a short amount of time, but that
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Jumanji 3 Brings Back Welcome to the Jungle Team

Sony is moving ahead with a sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and they're bringing back the core creative team to make it happen. There's no release date set for Jumanji 3 just yet, but it's said that the studio is hoping to have it ready to go for December 2019, where it will go up against Star Wars: Episode IX. That might scare off most competition, but Jumanji 2 has been a massive success since opening in December and just regained the top spot at the box office over the weekend. With that in mind, it's no surprise Sony is moving quickly to make a sequel happen.

According to a new report, writers Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner are in negotiations to write Jumanji 3 for the studio. The deal isn't done just yet, but it's expected that they'll sign on the dotted line. They were two of the four writers credited
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Avengers: Infinity War Crowned King Of Super Bowl Ads, But Fallen Kingdom Was A Close Second

The numbers have been tallied and the results are in, and it appears Avengers: Infinity War has emerged as the big winner of Sunday’s Super Bowl ads.

Over the weekend, all eyes in the sporting world were trained on the match between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots, and in keeping with tradition, Hollywood’s leading studios used this oh-so-precious window of time to promote their wares in front of the biggest audience possible – even if viewing figures for Super Bowl Lii stooped to a nine-year low.

Regardless, the NFL’s crowning event still brought about new previews for 2018’s undisputed heavyweights – namely Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Infinity War and the downright spooky Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – while Netflix and Paramount Pictures blindsided the entire industry by releasing The Cloverfield Paradox via Netflix immediatley after the Big Game. Alas, it’s difficult to know how Julius Onah’s space oddity is performing,
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Dwayne Johnson Falls Like Rock in 'Skyscraper' Fail

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Dwayne Johnson just doesn't have the numbers to pull off the big stunt in his upcoming blockbuster -- and it all adds up to him falling to his death ... according to the Internet. Chill, he didn't really fall. It just looks like it on the poster, and in the trailer, for "Skyscraper" ... which Dwayne debuted during the Super Bowl. The movie's marquee stunt shows him running and jumping from a crane to the burning tower
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‘Skyscraper’ Trailer & Poster Features Dwayne Johnson Jumping the Shark

Universal has released the full length trailer for ‘Skyscraper‘, and it sure is a doozie. We saw the first glimpses of the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson-led parody homage to 1980’s action movies in the film’s Super Bowl Trailer just a few days ago, but now the first full-length trailer gives a better look at what’s to come with ‘Skyscraper‘. The film stars The Rock as a U.S. war veteran how now serves as a security expert for skyscrapers. In a stunning turn of events, Johnson’s Will Ford and his family are trapped atop the world’s tallest building when it catches ablaze.

All kidding aside, the film has been described as a mixture of ‘Die Hard‘ and ‘The Towering Inferno‘, the film seems to be exactly what you would expect from a Johnson-led movie called ‘Skyscraper’. At this point, what really sells me is the self-aware
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Watch Every Super Bowl 52 Movie Trailer, From Worst to Best

Super Bowl Lii turned out to be a real barn-burner – and though fewer trailers ran during this year's ad space than in past gridiron showdowns, those that showed up brought their A-game. The night's Mvp? Netflix, who blitzed everyone with an Internet connection courtesy of a surprise sequel release that's undoubtedly left dozens of Cloverfield fans dozing off at their desks. From Marvel's upcoming all-star blitz to the latest blockbuster featuring the Rock jumping off of something very, very tall, here's how this year's Super Bowl movie trailers stacked up.
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Watch Every Movie Trailer from Super Bowl 52

Football fans around the world are tuning in to Super Bowl 52 tonight, as the Afc Champion New England Patriots take on the Nfc Champion Philadelphia Eagles. Millions more will be tuning in for a different reason, though to check out all of the commercials, including new trailers for highly-anticipated movies. In case you're not a football fan, we have compiled all of the movie trailers right here in one convenient place. Unfortunately for fans of the Merc With the Mouth, it was confirmed earlier today that there is no new trailer for the highly-anticipated Deadpool 2.

There were reports last week that studios such as Warner Bros., Sony and 20th Century Fox will be sitting out the big game, which isn't surprising for Warner Bros. since they have traditionally sat out the big game. There will still be plenty of movie trailers debuting during the big game, with Universal Pictures dropping
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‘Skyscraper’ Trailer: The Rock Totally Isn’t to Blame for That Very Tall Building Catching Fire — Watch

  • Indiewire
‘Skyscraper’ Trailer: The Rock Totally Isn’t to Blame for That Very Tall Building Catching Fire — Watch
Summer is just around the corner, which must mean that another silly movie starring The Rock is too. This year that honor goes to “Skyscraper,” in which the wrestler-turned-actor seeks to clear his name following a conflagration at what looks to be a very, very tall building. Watch the trailer, which just premiered during the Super Bowl, below.

Read More:Dwayne Johnson Teases Presidential Run at L.A. Comic Con: ‘The People’s President Has a Really Nice Ring to That’

Here’s the synopsis: “Global icon Dwayne Johnson leads the cast of Legendary’s ‘Skyscraper’ as former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and U.S. war veteran Will Ford, who now assesses security for skyscrapers. On assignment in China he finds the tallest, safest building in the world suddenly ablaze, and he’s been framed for it. A wanted man on the run, Will must find those responsible, clear
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‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ Is Now Dwayne Johnson’s Biggest Domestic Release

  • The Wrap
‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ Is Now Dwayne Johnson’s Biggest Domestic Release
Dwayne Johnson has become one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars, and now he’s set a new personal record, as “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” will pass “Furious 7” on Monday to become The Rock’s highest-grossing domestic release. This weekend, “Jumanji” added $11 million to bring its domestic total to $352.7 million, just $300,000 shy of the $353 million made by “Furious 7” in the summer of 2015. “Furious 7” is the highest-grossing film in the “Fast & Furious” franchise, taking a big bump as viewers flocked to theaters to see the final film of the late Paul Walker. Also Read: 'Jumanji'...
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Skyscraper Poster Sends The Rock Flying Into an Inferno

Universal Pictures has released the first poster for their highly-anticipated action-thriller Skyscraper, as we get closer and closer to the first trailer debuting during the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. This poster comes a day after the first Super Bowl trailer preview revealed the first footage, which showcased Dwayne Johnson's character Will Sawyer telling a group of executives that their skyscraper known as The Pearl, the tallest building in the world at 3,500 feet tall, presents an astronomical amount of security and safety issues. As you can see in the poster below, one of those issues is the entire building can be set on fire.

What's interesting about this poster is it's quite similar to a recently released photo from Mission: Impossible - Fallout, which shows Tom Cruise leaping from one building to another. The big difference is The Rock is much, much higher off the ground, and the building
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The Rock Plans His Mission in Skyscraper Super Bowl Teaser

Universal Pictures has debuted the first footage from Skyscraper with a tiny 15-second preview before the new trailer drops during the Super Bowl. This footage offers our first glimpse at Dwayne Johnson's character Will Ford, who is seen telling a group of executives that the world's tallest building they just built, dubbed "The Pearl," has brought, "every safety and security challenge" he can think of. While we don't get to see any footage of Ford in action quite yet, this preview sets the scene for what could be an action-packed trailer debuting on Super Bowl Sunday.

Global icon Dwayne Johnson leads the cast of Legendary's Skyscraper as former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and U.S. war veteran Will Ford, who now assesses security for skyscrapers. On assignment in China he finds the tallest, safest building in the world suddenly ablaze, and he's been framed for it. A wanted man on the run,
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Dwayne Johnson's 'Skyscraper' Gets Heroic Super Bowl Spot

Dwayne Johnson's 'Skyscraper' Gets Heroic Super Bowl Spot
It wouldn't be the Super Bowl without a larger-than-life ad from The Rock himself.

Dwayne Johnson's Skyscraper debuted its first look at the film, which stars the actor as a former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and U.S. war veteran who assesses security for skyscrapers. While in China for work, he is framed for setting the world's tallest building on fire, and must find the people responsible and clear his name. (To make things more complicated, he must also save his family, who is trapped inside the building).

Universal and Legendary are releasing the film from director Rawson Marshall, who reteams with Johnson following...
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Disney’s Jungle Cruise Casts Emily Blunt, Gets Rewrite By Logan Writer

Emily Blunt is joining Dwayne Johnson in the cast for Disney’s live-action Jungle Cruise movie, itself based on the popular Adventureland theme park attraction of the same name. Screen Rant learned that Disney was considering Blunt for Jungle Cruise only yesterday, but it’s now being reported that the Edge of Tomorrow star has closed a deal to appear in the film opposite ‘The Rock’. Johnson is starring in the movie as a 1920s riverboat captain who goes on a wild adventure across the world, after he teams up with a scientist (Blunt) in search of a magical cure.
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Dwayne Johnson Hilariously Shoots Down Jumanji Criticism On Twitter

Dwayne Johnson has taken exception to a fan’s Twitter criticism of his film Jumanji, and he let the nitpicker have it. The Rock’s latest big screen outing has turned out to be an unexpected smash hit at the box office, racking up an insane $772 million worldwide in just over a month. Perhaps the bigger surprise is how well the movie has done with critics, earning an eyebrow-raising 76% with reviewers over on Rotten Tomatoes.
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