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The Forgotten: James Whale's "By Candlelight" (1933) and "The Road Back" (1937)

One of the quirks of Il Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna's annual jamboree celebrating restored or rediscovered movies, is that expensive products of the Hollywood studio system can be just as obscure and hard-to-see as low-budget oddities, foreign arthouse affairs and forgotten silents from a hundred years ago. Dave Kehr's retrospective of neglected items from Universal's vaults demonstrates this clearly.James Whale always liked to say By Candlelight was his favorite of his own films, bypassing the more celebrated Frankenstein films. It's a romantic comedy of confused identities and it's no surprise that P.G. Wodehouse had a hand in the stage source.But in this movie, when a butler impersonates his master in order to seduce a wealthy lady who turns out to be a maid impersonating her mistress, all the irony of Wodehouse's inversion of traditional ideas about class has gone. All right, so George Orwell argued persuasively that Wodehouse
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Murder Case Involving Texas Justice of the Peace To Be Developed As HBO Film

The shocking story of a former Texas Justice of the Peace-turned-convicted murderer will be the subject of Preserve, Protect, And Defend, a movie in development at HBO Films. It is being written by Big Love creators Mark V. Olsen & Will Scheffer as well as filmmaker Craig Zobel (Compliance), who is set to direct. Preserve, Protect, And Defend tells the true story of 47-year-old Eric Williams, a disgraced Texas Justice of the Peace who enlisted the help of his wife to plot…
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El Rey Network Cancels Matador

The original action drama series, Matador, which launched on El Rey Network in July, will not return for a second season. The show was created by Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman, and ended its 13 episode run in October. Despite initial high hopes for the drama – the pilot of which was directed by network founder Robert Rodriguez – low international sales apparently played a significant part in the network’s decision not to renew. In a statement regarding the cancellation, El Rey Network explained its choice.

“Ultimately, it was a business decision but to be clear, we were very proud of the series on every level – creatively it hit the mark and we are gratified that it celebrated diversity in front of the cameras and behind the scenes. We want to thank everyone involved, from the extraordinarily talented cast and crew to the amazing production team. We appreciate all that they have
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Film Review: ‘Little Hope Was Arson’

Film Review: ‘Little Hope Was Arson’
A recent high-profile rash of church burnings in East Texas is revisited in Theo Love’s “Little Hope Was Arson,” an artfully crafted look at a crime spree whose motivations remain somewhat cloudy after an hour-and-a-quarter of evidence and interviews, including with the perps themselves. It began its U.S. rollout in 18 markets on Nov. 21, simultaneous with VOD launch.

Little Hope Baptist Church was the first among 10 houses of worship within a 40-mile radius to be burned down over five weeks’ span in early 2010. Its destruction was actually blamed on an accidental electrical fire until later, when it became clear that other churches had been victims of arson. Someone then scratched the pic’s title phrase on a public restroom stall wall, as if bragging that they hadn’t destroyed just nine structures, but had entered the double digits already. By then, the fires had sparked the largest criminal investigation in East Texas history.
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Richard Linklater on Living With Bernie Tiede

Richard Linklater on Living With Bernie Tiede
Less than two months ago, a judge in Panola County, Texas, ordered the early release of Bernie Tiede, the now-55-year-old convicted murderer played by Jack Black in Richard Linklater’s 2012 dark comedy, “Bernie.” One of the conditions: that Tiede live in Linklater’s garage apartment.

“It got reported strangely,” the director admits. “There were headlines like ‘Judge Orders Murderer to Live With Filmmaker.’ There were jokes immediately on the Internet, like ‘Zodiac Killer Crashing at Fincher’s.’

“Austin’s kind of a garage-apartment town, so it’s not a big deal for me to let Bernie live there while he gets back on his feet,” he continues. “(But it sounded) almost as if the judge had said, ‘Ok, you Austin liberal, you want to let him out, well, fine. But he’s got to live with you!”

What didn’t get reported immediately was the fact that Tiede’s
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R.I.P. T.S. Cook

R.I.P. T.S. Cook
Screenwriter and producer T.S. Cook, best known for penning the 1979 thriller The China Syndrome died Saturday after battling cancer. He was 65. Cook, a Cleveland, Ohio native, received Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations for Best Screenplay for The China Syndrome, an honor he shared with co-writers Mike Gray and James Bridges. Cook was a decades-long active member of the Writers Guild of America and a “tenacious advocate” for writers, his longtime manager Jeff Aghassi tells Deadline. Cook was honored by the WGA in 1980 for The China Syndrome. He also received an Emmy nomination for penning The Tuskegee Airmen (1995) and won a second Writers Guild award for Nightbreaker in 1989. His other TV credits include Project U.F.O., Baretta, The Paper Chase, Airwolf, Texas Justice and most recently The Hive and NYC: Tornado Terror, which both aired on Syfy in 2008.
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Ion acquires slew of films, TV series

Ion Television is acquiring more than 30 films and TV series as part of its effort to bulk up its programming slate.

Titles include such films as Paramount's "The Godfather" trilogy and "Top Gun" and Warner Bros.' "The Fugitive" and "Goodfellas" as well as TV shows like "Shark" and "Texas Justice."

"With nearly 35 star-studded movies and high-profile network television series, Ion Television continues to position itself as the premiere programming destination for the many viewers looking for top feature films," said Kristine Hunsinger, senior vp scheduling and acquisitions at Ion. "With this announcement, Ion Television is establishing itself as a clear choice for appointment viewing."
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The 2008 Fantastic Fest Jury members and films

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We are proud to present the 2008 Fantastic Fest Jury Members and Jury Films. Awards for all these catagories as well as the Amd Next Wave, Bloodshots, Fantastic Fest bumper, Fantastic Fest online, best Shakey Face and Audience Award will be all be announced at the Fantastic Fest Awards Ceremony on Monday, September 22.

The 2008 Animated Shorts Official Selections:

Bernie's Doll

Blood Will Tell

City Wasp

Coffee Vending Machine and His Sword


The Facts in the Case of Mr Hollow

Fantaisie in Bubblewrap

Film Noir


Game Over

Karaoke Show


The Squirrel Next Door


The Watermelon Chickens

For the first time this year, the Animated Shorts will play as a program at Fantastic Fest, screening three times throughout the festival, 3:45 Pm on Thu, Sep 18, 1:45 Pm on Sun, Sep 21, and 3:50 Pm on Wed, Sep 24.

Members of the Animated Shorts jury:

Sammi Inoue Harte: is a founder of
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Second wave of Fantastic Fest titles announced

The second round has been announced which includes some feature length world premiers as well as a host of crazy shorts. Nicolás López's Santos will be premiering in a sweeping tale of comic book nerds vs superheroes in a battle for the future makind, with a Chilean tip. Also playing will be Acolytes or how kids blackmail a serial killer which is quite beautifully shot. One of our favorite shorts will be playing, Osbert Parker's Film Noir. Eel Girl and the twisted Butcher's Hill will also be screened. Check out all the films after the break!


World Premiere / dir. Nicolás López / Chile / 2008 / 100 min.

Three years after his SXSW debut feature Promedio Rojo, Chilean prodigy director Nicolás López returns with Santos, a wild, sweeping tale of comic book nerds versus superheroes in a battle for the future of mankind. Think Ultraman with a Latin American brain transplant. From
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2nd Wave of Fantastic Fest Content Announced

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Date: Thursday, August 7, 2008

Press Release: For Immediate Release

Subject: Second Wave of Fantastic Fest content announced

Where: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema South Lamar, Austin, TX

Fantastic Fest, September 18-25, 2008


Tim League

(512) 912-0529



We are proud to announce the second wave of our feature film programming for the 2008 edition of Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. For the past 9 months, we have been scouring the globe for the strangest, the most heart-pounding and the most challenging new genre films. With over 100 films representing over 30 countries, Fantastic Fest is the largest festival of its kind in the United States. We are proud to announce our second announcement of 15 confirmed feature films as well as our first announcement of official short film selections and details on special “fantastic-fest-themed” Alamo signature events.

Round 2: Fantastic Features:


World Premiere / dir. Nicolás López / Chile / 2008 / 100 min.

Three years after his SXSW debut feature Promedio Rojo,
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