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Batman: Sins Of The Father Brings The Telltale Series To Comics

There’s no doubt in our mind that the video game medium has been kind to superheroes for the past eight years and, more specifically, those residing under the DC Comics umbrella. We say that because, for the longest time, interactive experiences based on our favorite masked characters were often mediocre at best. Let’s be honest, we probably played them because they were all we had to go on.

But in 2009, the paradigm shifted with the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Not only did Rocksteady Studios get what makes the Dark Knight tick, but they found the winning formula when it came to actually bringing his world to button-mashing life. Soon after, other fan favorites like Injustice and Batman: The Telltale Series came about, each exploring the DC Universe in their own unique ways.

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Telltale Batman Season 1 Comes to Nintendo Switch This November

  • Cinelinx
Nintendo Switch is about to get their first Mature-rated game!  It comes in the form of the 1st Season of Batman: The Telltale Series!

While gamers are knee-deep in Batman: The Telltale Series Season 2 The Enemy Within on console, PC, and mobile, Nintendo is about to join the party with the first season of Batman: The Telltale Series on Nintendo Switch.  On November 14, 2017, in North America, (November 17 for Europe and Asia) Nintendo Switch owners can experience one of the best series Telltale Games has produced.  That's not hyperbole, either.  Telltale Games released a trailer, announcing the release on Switch, featuring all the praise it earned when it came out.

"This will be Telltale's first Mature-rated title on the system, so we're really excited not only to have our game on Switch but also to approach a new audience with a game we're really proud of," said Executive Producer Sean O'Connor.
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First Look at ‘Batman: The Enemy Within’ Episode 2

Here it is fellow Gotham nerds! We are excited to share the official trailer for episode two of ‘Batman: The Enemy Within’, a new five-part episodic game series that continues Telltale’s unique take on the Caped Crusader.

Just incase you aren’t caught up, here’s the synopsis as we head in to the second episode.

The death of a villain at the hands of a mysterious assassin was just the beginning. As explosions rock Gotham, Batman races to meet a new foe, but encounters a force that may cause even the Dark Knight to fall. In the guise of the billionaire, Bruce meets John Doe’s ‘friends’ and becomes enmeshed in a plot where the only way out is to go deeper in. But at what cost?

Check out the trailer for ‘Batman: Enemy Within’ episode 2 right here!

Episode two, ‘The Pact,‘ launches October 3 on Xbox One,
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Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 2 "The Pact" To Debut In September

  • Cinelinx
As you can tell from the title image, Episode 2 of Batman The Telltale Series: The Enemy Within is about to get a whole lot more interesting!  Come inside for more

Season 2 of Batman The Telltale Series: The Enemy Within is in full force.  The events of Episode 1, seeing the Riddler terrorize the members of the agency have shaped how the story will continue to unfold next month.  However, one thing will remain constant, no matter what you chose in "The Enigma", Harley Quinn will be debuting in Episode 2, "The Pact" on September 26, 2017!

Here is what the developers had to say about our favorite harlequin:

We're also happy to confirm that, yes, Harley Quinn will debut in episode two. In keeping with our efforts to create our own unique take on the Batman canon, we've worked hard to craft an interpretation of the character that captures her essential qualities while still
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Video Game Review – Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 1 ‘The Enigma’

Shaun Munro reviews Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 1 ‘The Enigma’…

After Telltale’s first episodic adventure series starring Batman turned out to be a bit of a mixed bag – plagued by rampant technical issues across platforms and some questionable story elements – it’s a pleasure to report that the developer seems to have pulled their socks up for season two, at least if this mostly enthralling, content-rich season premiere is any indication.

Following on from the shocking events of the first season, Batman now finds himself facing off against a new enemy terrorising Gotham City in The Riddler (voiced with manic aplomb by Robin Atkin Downes), a genius trickster who ensnares the Caped Crusader in a series of challenges, both mental and physical, like he’s never faced before.

On top of this, Bats will also have to contend with the re-emergence of his former Arkham Asylum pal John Doe
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Gotham’s Rogues Gallery Comes Out To Play In The Official Launch Trailer For Batman: The Enemy Within

Developer Telltale Games has rolled out the official launch trailer for Batman: The Enemy Within, the sophomore season due to commence on August 8th.

Releasing across PS4, Xbox One and PC – as is tradition, mobile owners will have to wait a little longer – Telltale’s new chapter in the storied history of Troy Baker’s Bats begins with “The Enigma,” and up above you’ll find the Caped Crusader going up against some of Gotham’s greatest foes – think The Joker and The Riddler, to name but two.

Assuming you played through Batman: The Telltale Series in its entirety, The Enemy Within will offer players the chance to carry over their choices if they so choose. It’s all part of Telltale’s M.O. when it comes to crafting unique, personal stories around its impassioned playerbase. What’s more, Crowd Play makes its return on August 8th, lending
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Watch the Batman: The Enemy Within launch trailer

Next week Telltale will release Batman: The Enemy Within, the sequel to last year’s highly acclaimed Batman: The Telltale Series. Ahead of the first episode’s release, Telltale has unveiled the launch trailer for the game that shows off Batman’s battle with the deadly Riddler and the re-emergence of The Joker. Watch it here…

Batman: The Enemy Within will be accessible to both returning fans and newcomers, though returning players can import their choices from the first season of Batman: The Telltale Series into The Enemy Within. It will also include Telltale’s unique multiplayer ‘Crowd Play’ feature, which allows friends and family to engage with the adventure together by helping to decide the direction of the story from any mobile device with an online connection.

James Windeler, the lead writer for Batman: The Enemy Within, also spoke about how the response from the fans helped
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Unlikely Allies Join Forces to Fight Riddler in Season 2 of Telltale's Batman

  • Cinelinx
Season 2 Episode 1 of Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within is just a few days from premiering!  Check out the trailer for Episode 1: Enigma!

After a successful first season of Telltale's Batman series, Telltale Games and Warner Bros. Interactive is bringing the world's greatest detective for a 2nd season to solve the quandaries from the world's most dangerous puzzler, The Riddler.  In order to do that, Telltale is teaming Batman up with some of the most unlikely of allies.

Season 2 will feature Amanda Waller and the return of The Joker on August 8, 2017 with Episode 1, aptly named Enigma.  Furthermore, if you thought your decisions from Season 1 wouldn't pull over to Season 2, you'd be wrong.  Several repercussions will optionally carry over in The Enemy Within.  Additionally, This season will also include Telltale's unique multiplayer 'Crowd Play' feature, which allows friends and family to engage with the adventure together by helping to decide the
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Telltale Games announces Batman: The Enemy Within, The Walking Dead: The Final Season and The Wolf Among Us 2

On the eve of San Diego Comic-Con International, Telltale Games has just dropped a rather major announcement on its next three titles – Batman: The Enemy Within, The Walking Dead: The Final Season and The Wolf Among Us 2!

In this latest chapter, both Bruce Wayne and Batman will be forced into precarious new roles. The Riddler has returned to terrorize Gotham City, but his gruesome puzzles merely foreshadow an even greater crisis. With the arrival of a ruthless federal agent and the return of a still nascent Joker, Batman must navigate uneasy alliances while Bruce Wayne undertakes a perilous series of deceptions. Which of Batman’s new allies will you choose to trust? And how deep into the darkness will you let Bruce descend?

This new season will be accessible to both returning fans and newcomers alike, though players’ choices from the first season of Batman: The Telltale Series
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Telltale Announces New Batman Game, The Wolf Among Us 2, and Final Season of The Walking Dead

  • Cinelinx
With Sdcc 2017 kicking off, Telltale Games has updated fans on some of the titles they can look forward to, including the first details (and launch date) for Batman: The Enemy Within, revealing The Wolf Among Us 2, and the final season of The Walking Dead.  Come inside to learn more! 

If you enjoyed Telltale's Batman series, you'll be happy to hear you won't have to wait long to get your hands on the second season of the game.  It tells an all new story and doesn't Have to connect to the first season (though your choices can be brought over), which makes it ideal for current fans and newcomers to enjoy.  The first episode, "Enigma," arrives on August 8, 2017, so you won't have to wait long to get your hands on it.   

Award-winning developer and publisher of digital entertainment Telltale Games, alongside DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, today announced Batman:
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Doctor Who: The Lie Of The Land geeky spots and Easter eggs

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Jun 3, 2017

Doctor Who series 10 episode 8: join as we dig deeper into The Lie Of The Land...

Everything’s wrapped up, and much later than usual… After three episodes, we’ve finally said goodbye to the Monks. Fortunately, we’ve not said goodbye to our weekly round-up of references, similarities and general observations, so here’s our guide to this week’s episode… If you’re more eagle-eyed than we are, let us know what you’ve seen in the comments below!

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The Memory Cheats

Though this is the first time the human race’s memories have been rewritten en masse (as opposed to time itself being rewritten, which has happened on multiple occasions, particularly since 2005), individuals’ memories have been played with from time to time,
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Homeland recap: season six, episode 11 – R for Romeo

With booby-traps, right-wing shock jocks and danger on the rise, Homeland has something for everyone right now – and it has never been more relevant

Spoiler alert: this blog is published after Homeland airs in the Us. Only read on if you’ve watched series six episode 11, which airs in the UK on Sundays.

The enemy within is always the most frightening, particularly when you don’t know who it is. At least we now have a name, even if the Office of Policy Coordination is as bland and obtuse a moniker as you could imagine. Homeland has a little something for everyone right now. President Trump could watch this episode and see his own struggles with the national security establishment mirrored. Hillary Clinton could watch it and see the reflection of a female New York senator tormented by right-wing agitators of dubious origin. It’s quite a different show now
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25 underrated political thrillers

Rebecca Clough Jan 13, 2017

Samuel L Jackson, Colin Farrell, Kirk Douglas, Denzel Washington and more, as we explore underrated political thrillers...

Ask someone for their favourite political thrillers and you’re likely to get a list of Oscar-winning classics, from JFK to The Day Of The Jackal, Blow Out to Argo. But what about those electrifying tales that have slipped under the radar, been largely forgotten or just didn’t get the love they deserved? Here are 25 political thrillers which are underappreciated but brilliant.

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Generally, the first hostage to get shot in a heist movie is considered insignificant; luckily this time the young woman killed by terrorists has a devoted boyfriend who vows to avenge her death. Charles Heller (John Savage) already works for the CIA, so he’s able to use secret information to blackmail his bosses into
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Futuristic Western, Sci-Fi Tale Top Brit List of Stellar Scripts

Projects in development at Ken Loach’s Sixteen Films, Colin Firth’s Raindog Films and Steve Coogan’s Baby Cow are among entries on this year’s Brit List, a compendium of stellar screenplays by non-u.S. writers that have yet to go into production, nominated by leading U.K. film biz professionals.

Topping the list is Ruth Greenberg’s futuristic Western “The Competitors,” about “a runaway prostitute who falls in with a lone rider pursuing a stolen child through a brutal landscape,” and Felix Harrison’s sci-fi tale “The Far Edge of the World,” which centers on three scientists at a remote research base in Antarctica.

The Brit List was set up in 2007 to complement the Black List in the U.S. Scripts to make the Brit List in past years have included “The King’s Speech,” “My Week with Marilyn,” “We Need to Talk about Kevin” and “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.
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Brit List topped by sci-fi, western

  • ScreenDaily
Exclusive: List of best unproduced movie scripts topped by two projects from emerging writers; biopics of Priscilla Presley, Alexander McQueen also feature.

The 2016 Brit List – a line-up of the best yet-to-shoot movie screenplays as voted on by the UK industry – has been topped by a sci-fi and an apocalyptic western, both from emerging writers.

Scroll down for the full list

The UK version of America’s Black List list is topped by joint-winners The Competitors, an apocalyptic western written by Ruth Greenburg, and sci-fi The Far Edge Of The World, written by Felix Harrison. Both projects received nine votes.

In second with seven votes was rom-com Bride Or Groom written by The Thick Of It and In The Loop actress Olivia Poulet and Lucy Brown.

Also making the list are Ecosse Films’ Lonesome Tonight, a biopic of Priscilla Presley written by Paul Viragh (The Face Of An Angel), Matthew Orton-scripted Eichmann and Chris Urch’s [link
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Star Trek: Uncut, HD Marathon of Original Series Bound for BBC America

Star Trek: Uncut, HD Marathon of Original Series Bound for BBC America
To both commemorate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek (as well as drum up some excitement leading to the debut of its own Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency), BBC America will air a marathon of uncut, digitally remastered HD episodes from the space saga’s original series.

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Starting Thursday, Sept. 8 at 8:30/7:30c — exactly 50 years from Star Trek’s original premiere on NBC — Bbca will present all Season 1 and 2 episodes, airing through Sunday, Sept. 11. That run will thus include Matt
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Film Review: ‘In the Shadow of the Hill’

Film Review: ‘In the Shadow of the Hill’
In first-time filmmaker Dan Jackson’s “In the Shadow of the Hill,” Brazil’s 2011 plan to rid the gargantuan Rio de Janeiro favela Rocinha of drug traffickers in advance of the 2014 World Cup and the upcoming Olympic games falters when one family’s very public protest of their disappeared patriarch goes global. Winner of the Documentary Australia Foundation Award at the Sydney Film Festival, the impressionistic yet resonant work is a natural for social justice-themed events and nonfiction sidebars.

At first, the elite yet now-notorious elite squad known as Bope is cautiously welcomed in the slum, having cleared out much of the criminal element without a shot being fired. It might have seemed a good idea on paper, but human nature being what it is the authorities end up policing the favela with an iron fist and remorseless demeanor (the cops’ notorious methods were dramatized in the popular 2007 feature “The
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