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Exclusive Photo: Happy Birthday to Supermodel Lisa Marie

Chicago – She was the creative muse for one of the most famous photographers in history, she inspired a notable film director with her unique look and she was the face for Calvin Klein’s Obsession. Supermodel and actor Lisa Marie is celebrating her birthday on December 5th, 2017.

Lisa Marie at the Days of the Dead Convention

Photo credit: Joe Arce of Starstruck Foto for

She was born Lisa Marie Smith in New Jersey, and began to model in the 1980s, when she posed for infamous photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. It was photographer Bruce Weber who got her involved in the Calvin Klein campaign, and she appeared briefly in Weber’s Chet Baker documentary, “Let’s Get Lost.” She met director Tim Burton in 1992, was briefly engaged to him, and appeared in his films “Ed Wood,” “Mars Attack,” “Sleepy Hollow” and “Planet of the Apes.” She was the inspiration for
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10 Things You Didn’t Know about “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Now and again I really have to remind myself that The Nightmare Before Christmas is a kid’s movie. If you really look at the film it’s kind of disturbing in a way since it deals with a few subjects and visuals that might scare a lot of children and give the others, well, nightmares. The main character is a skeleton, the evil genius has a habit of literally picking his brain, and the love interest is able to tear herself apart and then stitch herself together again. I’d love to hear about the kind of nightmares that Tim Burton had

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “The Nightmare Before Christmas
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10 Things You Never Knew About The Nightmare Before Christmas

10 Things You Never Knew About The Nightmare Before Christmas
For many of us, The Nightmare Before Christmas has become as much of a holiday tradition as the stop motion animation classics that inspired it. Jack, Sally, Zero, and the rest of Halloween Town have enchanted our imaginations (and filled our collectibles shelves) ever since the movie arrived in theaters in October 1993. Here, we look at 10 things you never knew about The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Nightmare Before Christmas began as a poem.

Clement Clark Moore's 1823 poem A Visit from St. Nicholas is more commonly referred to as The Night Before Christmas, thanks to its opening line, "'Twas the night before Christmas." Tim Burton, who grew up in Southern California, has said he was inspired by the collision of holiday decorations in stores as the seasonal sections switched from Halloween to Christmas. As he toiled away as an animator at Disney, he started to work on his own projects,
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Grab Some Hot Cocoa, Because Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas Schedule Is Here

Are you ready for Freeform's annual Christmas extravaganza? Just like its festive 13 Nights of Halloween lineup, the network is taking charge of the holidays with a 25-day selection of movies that will give you plenty of reasons to stay inside on your couch where it's warm all December long. From Elf to The Nightmare Before Christmas (which is technically a Halloween movie, but whatever), check out everything that's coming to Freeform below. RelatedThe 19 Best Christmas Movies You Can Watch on Netflix
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Daily Dead’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide – Day 2: More Black Friday Deals, Home Decor & Ornaments

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Happy Black Friday, readers! I hope everyone has been finding some great deals so far and saving some cash as well. We already brought you a handful of awesome deals to keep an eye on in our first 2017 Holiday Gift post, and now we’ve got even more sales and deals that you definitely will not want to miss out on.

For day two of Daily Dead’s Hgg, we’re also taking a look at some great Horror-fied Home Décor options, some holiday gift ideas and ornaments that any genre fan would love to receive this season as well. Be sure to check back right here on Daily Dead each and every day for more gift ideas, deals, and more!

Also, we’ve once again put together some really cool Holiday Gift Guide prize packs this year, and for your chance to win one, just send an email to contest@dailydead.
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My 5: Corbin Bleu’s Favorite Modern, Holiday Classics (Exclusive)

My 5: Corbin Bleu’s Favorite Modern, Holiday Classics (Exclusive)
Only 28 years old, Holiday Inn had been out for nearly 50 years by the time Corbin Bleu was born. But that didn’t stop the former High School Musical star and Dancing With the Stars contestant from stepping into the role made famous by Fred Astaire in Broadway’s musical adaptation of the film.

In fact, Bleu brought a modern flair to the character of Ted Hanover, a professional dancer who loses his partner to an oil tycoon and later sets his sights on friend Jim Hardy’s holidays-only hotel performer and love interest, Linda Mason. In one particular number from the Broadway show, “Let's Say It With Firecrackers,” Bleu performs a solo tap dance with the accompaniment of firecrackers with so much pizazz and style that even Astaire would have been impressed.

“We were really giving a new birth to the new number,” Bleu tells Et about working with choreographer Denis Jones to morph it for his body
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Black Friday Week: Home Video Deals for Tuesday, November 21st

The Black Friday DVD, Blu-ray, and Uhd deals have already started rolling out across the web and in some stores, and over the next few weeks I’ll be gathering my picks for the best deals here on the site in daily updates.

I’ll be gathering deals over the course of the day, and updating this post as things come and go.

These are all affiliate links, and a portion of any sales made will go to helping the CriterionCast.

Deals at Amazon TVs Tcl 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart Led TV (2017 Model) $169.99 4 new from $169.99 2 used from $139.27 Buy Now Free shipping Tcl 43S405 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart Led TV (2017 Model) $349.99 2 new from $349.99 1 used from $349.50 Buy Now Tcl 49S305 49-Inch 1080p Roku Smart Led TV (2017 Model) $349.99 $389.99 4 new from $349.99 Buy Now Free shipping Sony XBR55X900E 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart
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‘Dark Tower’ Debuts at No. 1 on DVD, Blu-ray Disc Sales Charts

‘Dark Tower’ Debuts at No. 1 on DVD, Blu-ray Disc Sales Charts
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment scored the No. 1 spot on both national home video sales charts the week ended Nov. 4 with “The Dark Tower,” a science-fiction Western based on the Stephen King novellas that earned a disappointing $50.7 million in U.S. theaters.

Despite its poor box office performance and generally negative reviews, the film debuted at No. 1 on both Npd VideoScan’s overall disc chart, which tracks combined DVD and Blu-ray Disc sales, and the dedicated Blu-ray Disc sales chart.

The film knocked 20th Century Fox’s “War for the Planet of the Apes,” the third installment in the science-fiction reboot film series, to No. 2, a week after its debut at No. 1. “War” still sold nearly 85% as many units its second week in stores as “Dark Tower” did in its first week of availability.

Another Sony Pictures film, “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” slipped to No. 3 on both sales charts, down from No. 2 the prior week and No. 1 its first week
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From ‘Star Wars’ to ‘Game of Thrones,’ Film and TV Music in a Live Setting Is Thriving

From ‘Star Wars’ to ‘Game of Thrones,’ Film and TV Music in a Live Setting Is Thriving
Just a few years ago, “film music in concert” translated to short suites by big-name movie composers (Henry Mancini, John Williams) performed at summer pops concerts. Today, established American orchestras that once didn’t look at the merging of screen and music seriously, take heed of live-to-picture performances as very big business, with concert halls packing in audiences around the world.

That’s something of a surprise, considering how most classical musicians had traditionally looked down their collective noses at movie music. “Film music was a pejorative, and that was the end of it,” David Newman says. Now they see the attendance figures, and attitudes have changed considerably.

Indeed, just a month ago, the New York Philharmonic completed a three-week, four-film “Star Wars” series with Newman conducting John Williams’ scores for the original trilogy plus “The Force Awakens” to sold-out crowds at New York’s David Geffen Hall. “The orchestra absolutely killed it,” says Newman.
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The Last Word on ‘A Monster Calls’

I’m not actually sure what angle to take on ‘A Monster Calls‘. I’m not familiar with the award-winning children’s book it’s based on, so I can’t really come at it from that angle, although the animation and special effects, are impressive and seem special at moments. I’m certainly not gonna pan the movie outright, it’s too well-done for that, but I’ve just seen too many movies beforehand. Too many movies, read too many books, seen too many similar projects…, this is the kind of movie that’s either gonna work on you or it’s not, and I’ve just become a little too jaded over the years, or maybe I’ve just outgrown the narrative.

Actually, that’s not true, I’ve never liked this narrative structure. Structurally, the movie that ‘A Monster Calls‘ reminds me of, is Tim Burton‘s
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We'll Give You 1 Guess to Figure Out Which Celebrity Couple Is Hiding Underneath This Costume

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We'll Give You 1 Guess to Figure Out Which Celebrity Couple Is Hiding Underneath This Costume
A post shared by Jenna Dewan Tatum (@jennadewan) on Oct 31, 2017 at 11:28pm Pdt When you become a parent, your child becomes the most important person in your life. So when they request that you dress up as Sally and Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, you do it. This was the case for Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum, who had no other choice than to dress up as the iconic Tim Burton characters for Halloween this year after their 4-year-old daughter Everly asked them to. "When your daughter asks for Sally and Jack, you give her Sally and Jack. Happy Halloween everyone
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Danny Elfman’s Score For Justice League Set To Drop On November 10

WaterTower Music is proud to announce the November 10 release of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Warner Bros. Pictures’ epic action adventure Justice League. The album features one of the industry’s most versatile and accomplished film composers, Danny Elfman, who is returning to score a DC Super Hero film for the first time since 1992’s Batman Returns.

While bringing his celebrated and unique approach to the Justice League score, Elfman also gives DC fans some special familiar moments. Utilizing memorable character themes to tell the musical story, he incorporates and re-interprets iconic music from past films, including John WilliamsSuperman theme, Hans Zimmer’s Wonder Woman theme, and his own Batman theme. “I’m using the same thematic material that I used back then,” Elfman told Billboard Magazine. “It never actually went away. We’ve got these iconic bits from our past and that’s part of us, that’s part of our heritage.
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Exclusive: Danny Elfman Performs What’s This From The Nightmare Before Christmas at Hollywood in Vienna

Is it a Halloween movie? Is it a Christmas movie? Who cares?! The Nightmare Before Christmas is a charming and wonderful film that has managed to transcend time and become a classic film that kids and adults can enjoy regardless… Continue Reading →

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Check Out This “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Piescraper Carousel

I have to say that this is a Lot of work. But looking at the attention to detail I’m just stunned since the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas just come out perfect. The carousel is essentially two pies, one stacked on top of the other with the carousel in between. Obviously everything is edible as you can break off a piece and dip it into whichever pie you want. It would seem like a sin almost to do so however after all this hard work. Personally I think I’d let it sit and be admired for a while before

Check Out This “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Piescraper Carousel
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Newest ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Shoots to Top of DVD, Blu-ray Disc Charts

Newest ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Shoots to Top of DVD, Blu-ray Disc Charts
Sony Pictures’ “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” the second reboot of the Marvel Comics franchise, easily snagged the top spot on both national home video sales charts the week ended Oct. 21, while the Universal Pictures comedy “Girls Trip,” about four female buddies road-tripping to New Orleans, debuted at No. 2.

After two weeks at No. 1, Walt Disney Studios’ “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” the fifth film in the pirate franchise, slipped to No. 3 on Npd VideoScan’s dedicated Blu-ray Disc sales chart and No. 4 on the overall disc sales chart, which tracks combined DVD and Blu-ray Disc sales.

Holding its own was the 1993 Halloween fave “Hocus Pocus,” from Disney, which moved up a notch to No. 3 on the overall disc sales chart.

Rounding out the top five on the combined chart was Sony Pictures’ “Baby Driver,” down from No. 2 the prior week.

On the Blu-ray Disc sales chart, “Baby Driver” came in at No. 4, just ahead of
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Why Tim Burton’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Is an Underrated Gem

When the Halloween season rolls around, the Tim Burton film that most people seem to be discussing and watching the most is The Nightmare Before Christmas (which, for the record, Burton only produced—Henry Selick directed). But there’s another Burton film that’s just as fitting for the spooky fall season and also happens to be a pretty impeccable piece of filmmaking: Sleepy Hollow. Burton’s loose adaptation of the Washington Irving tale is a delightfully atmospheric, scary, and downright gorgeous piece of filmmaking, and it’s high time Sleepy Hollow got its due. Released in 1999, the film …
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In Honor of Halloween, Here's an Ode to the Hottest Movie Ghosts of All Time

In Honor of Halloween, Here's an Ode to the Hottest Movie Ghosts of All Time
Halloween is a time for make-believe, dress-up and delighting in all sorts of youthful exploits. But it's also a time for ghosts. Make that hot ghosts. These handsome denizens of the afterlife may not be the first thing that comes to mind for most during the autumn season, but for us it's always been our most favorite thing about the holiday. There are so many popular (and high-quality) movies dedicated to All Hallows Eve—The Nightmare Before Christmas, Scream and of course the ever-present Michael Myers and his Halloween series are great examples. But we're here today to pay special tribute to a few flicks that sparked somewhat of a sexual awakening and opened us up to the...
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Is the Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween Movie or a Christmas Movie? Let's Settle This

The Nightmare Before Christmas is an iconic holiday movie, to be sure, but one thing about the stop-motion fantasy has never been quite clear: which holiday is it really about? Yes, a lot of the movie takes place in Halloween Town and main character Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King, but there are also plenty of Christmas elements once Jack travels to Christmas Town. Is it a Christmas movie that happens to take place around Halloween, or is it a Halloween movie with strong Christmas themes? The debate between which is which has raged on among fans ever since the film's release in 1993 (in late October, it should be noted), so much so that director Henry Selick finally had to step into the fray. Selick, who went on to direct James and the Giant Peach and Coraline, participated in a Q&A at the Telluride Horror Show in Colorado back
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Halloween happenings by Jennie Kermode

The original Nosferatu. returning to some of his old stalking grounds this Halloween

There's something in the air: the turning of the seasons, the first chill of winter, the scent of burning leaves. Of maybe it's chloroform. You'll certainly find something to shiver about if you venture into UK cinemas this Halloween. We look at some of the scary screenings you won't want to miss.

Aberystwyth 29th - Abertoir at Chapter: Hotel Transylvania; Psycho; 78/52; Habit; The Mangler 31st - Abertoir Sleepover at the Ceredigion Museum: Gremlins

Birmingham 27th - Mockingbird Cinema: It; Ghostbusters 28th - Mockingbird Cinema: A Nightmare On Elm Street; The Thing 29th - Mockingbird Cinema: Carrie 30th - Mockingbird Cinema: The Shining

Bristol 28th - Bristol Cathedral: Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde (1920 version) with live organ score

Cardiff 30th - Underground Cinema at Cardiff Castle: The Corpse Bride and Coraline 31st - Underground Cinema at Cardiff Castle:
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Spend a Week of Halloween Featuring Some Horror Selections on Movies Anywhere

In case you’ve been hiding under a bed, Movies Anywhere is a place that organizes film purchases you have made through iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu and Google Play (from certain studios). While I am more of a physical media fan, it is super nice to have a digital copy if I’m away from home and now with the convenience of the Movies Anywhere app through my Roku or mobile phone, I don’t have to remember where the heck I bought a movie from. I can now go to one place and find most of my digital collection.

From today until Halloween, head over to Movies Anywhere where you can find specific collections of some great horror films that you can purchase (if you haven’t already) to help along with any of your 30 Days of Halloween challenges or to help get in the mood of the holiday.
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