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Jeanne Moreau, Star of French Film Classics, Dies at 89

Jeanne Moreau, Star of French Film Classics, Dies at 89
Acclaimed French actress Jeanne Moreau, whose films include such masterpieces as “Jules and Jim” and “Diary of a Chambermaid,” has died. She was 89.

The mayor of the Paris district in which Moreau lived confirmed her death.

French President Emmanuel Macron called her “a legend of cinema and theater … an actress engaged in the whirlwind of life with an absolute freedom.” Pierre Lescure, president of the Cannes Film Festival, tweeted: “She was strong and she didn’t like to see people pour their hearts out. Sorry, Jeanne, but this is beyond us. We are crying.”


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Moreau was honored with a 1965 Time magazine cover story, rare for a foreign actress, and was compared to such screen greats as Garbo and Monroe. Since her rise to prominence in the mid-’50s, she epitomized the tenets of the French new wave, boasting a womanly sexuality and a fierce independent spirit. Orson Welles,
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Happy 50th to Jason Scott Lee

Jason Scott Lee in Rapa Nui (1994)A very happy 50th birthday to one of our favorite 90s stars Jason Scott Lee. The Chinese-Hawaiian actor burst onto the scene in May of 1993 with major leading man charisma playing Bruce Lee in the mainstream biopic Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and co-starring in the arthouse romance Map of the Human Heart. He chased that double with another the following year with Disney's live-action Jungle Book and the Easter Island tribe movie Rapa Nui. Only the last of those films was a flop but then he vanished, only popping up occassionally in supporting roles in action films. The roles just weren't there despite three early consecutive successes...
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Nz's Emma Slade set for UK Pfm

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Nz's Emma Slade set for UK Pfm
Emma Slade, Steve Kearney, Briget Callow-Wright heading for the UK’s Production Finance Market.

Sales agents from across the world yesterday voted New Zealand’s Emma Slade as the producer at the 37º South Market who most deserves a spot at the UK’s Production Finance Market (Pfm) in October, plus $1,860 (A$2,000) in travel assistance.

Runner-ups Steve Kearney and Bridget Callow-Wright from Australia also won places – but no cash.

Organizers said 2,203 meetings were held as part of the eighth edition of the co-financing film market, which is part of the business arm of the Melbourne International Film Festival (Miff).

Slade will be seeking a sales agent for The Love Of Humankind, the lead project in her slate, during her visit to London.

The “vodka-fuelled tragicomedy about unrequited love” is to be directed by comedian Danny Mulheron (Fresh Meat) from a script by he and Brian Sergent.

Based on a stage play, her one-liner
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Rio 2 – The Review

I was supposed to review the first Rio two years ago but on the way to the Saturday morning press screening, my daughters and I were involved in a car accident which caused us to miss it. We caught up with the movie a couple of weeks later but I fell asleep and can’t remember a thing about it. I don’t fall asleep at movies often and never at ones I’m planning on reviewing (I fall asleep in church a lot – my wife’s always elbowing me in the ribs since I snore). Other films I’ve slept through include The Score (w/ DeNiro), Yogi Bear, Winter’S Bone, and all eight Harry Potter movies. In 1992 I slept through most of Map Of The Human Heart at the Shady Oak Theater in Clayton. When I awoke, all the other patrons had moved to seats as far away from me as possible.
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Jason Scott Lee’s Dance of the Dragon Trailer

It’s been a while since Jason Scott Lee showed up out of nowhere to play Bruce Lee in 1993’s “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story”. Since then, he’s been in a couple of high-profile projects, including “Map of the Human Heart” and “Rapa Nui”, but in recent years he’s mostly done low-profile films like the direct-to-dvd sequel “Time Cop: The Berlin Decision” (which I thought was vastly superior to the first one with Jean-Claude Van Damme) and the “Dracula” franchise. His latest is the 2008 Singapore movie “Dance of the Dragon” from writers/directors Max Mannix and John Radel. It’s… not exactly what I would expect from Lee, and from what I can tell, he plays the big bad villain trying to keep the poor country kid from true love. Bah. Still, it’s nice to see Lee back in the mix again, hopefully we’ll see more of him.
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