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22 Movies That Form a Secret Cinematic Universe

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22 Movies That Form a Secret Cinematic Universe
Marvel Entertainment brought the idea of a shared cinematic universe to the forefront with the multibillion-dollar McU. In the years since Robert Downey Jr. first suited up as Iron Man, Warner Bros. has worked to catch-up with their Dceu. Universal ventured into shared cinematic universe territory with their cache of classic monsters, sticking Dr. Jekyll squarely into their rebooted Mummy movie. But did you know 20th Century Fox had their own secret shared cinematic universe going back in the '80s, stretching across multiple franchises, with over 20 films and counting?

It all starts with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Communist dictators and related thugs were often the villains in the TV shows and action movies of the '70s and '80s. But given the sensitive nature of international relations, not every movie was willing to go full on Red Dawn and point the cinematic finger at the Soviet Union or Cuba.

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What The Running Man teaches us about 2017

Ryan Lambie Oct 26, 2017

Eighties action flick The Running Man was set in a dystopian version of the present. So what did the movie get right about 2017?

"By 2017, the world economy has collapsed. Food, natural resources and oil are in short supply. A police state, divided into paramilitary zones, rules with an iron hand. Television is controlled by the state and a sadistic game show called The Running Man has become the most popular program in history..."

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So reads the opening crawl of The Running Man, a Stephen King novel loosely adapted as a sci-fi action vehicle for brawny star Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987. If you've been loitering around Twitter, you may be familiar with its angular white typeface set against a blood red background, as users have screencapped and shared
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirmed One of Hollywood’s All-Time Great Troll Moves in a Fantastic Q&A [Beyond Fest]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirmed One of Hollywood’s All-Time Great Troll Moves in a Fantastic Q&A [Beyond Fest]
Late last week, Beyond Fest 2017 hosted a double feature of Predator and The Running Man to celebrate the 30th anniversaries of both films, and star Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in person for a Q&A session beforehand. It was everything an Arnold fan could have hoped for: great stories, terrific jokes, and even a surprise appearance […]

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Why 1980s Science Fiction Is Huge Right Now

Neil Calloway looks at why dystopias from thirty years ago are the biggest influence on Hollywood…

With a new Blade Runner movie opening to rave reviews, a new (and hopefully decent) Terminator film on the way, it looks like 80s science fiction is the way to go if you want to get a movie made now.

There are a few reasons for this, and probably the most important is that Hollywood, like publishing and the music industry, is extremely faddish; if something is a success it will quickly be followed by half a dozen very similar products hoping to hook themselves onto the bandwagon.

The other reason is that the people currently making movies came of age during that decade; the films that inspired them were the ones they are now referencing, making sequels to and remaking. It’s inevitable we’re going to end up with movies like Blade Runner 2049
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Worst Stephen King Movies of All Time

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Worst Stephen King Movies of All Time
Two months after The Dark Tower stunk up the multiplex, It came along and reminded all of us that it's possible to adapt a Stephen King story in a way that can be embraced by audiences and critics, to the tune of new box-office records, even. There are quite a few good films as you can see in our best Stephen King movies list. But while that may be true, there are probably more that just haven't hit the mark.

It's almost hard to blame Hollywood for getting it wrong so often, simply because there have been so many attempts at adaptations from wildly diverse source material, tackled by filmmakers with wide ranging levels of talent. Stanley Kubrick, Frank Darabont, Brian De Palma. There have been some real heavy hitters who have smartly adapted the work of our favorite Maine based ultra prolific author. But for every Stand By Me,
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10 Best Stephen King Movies So Far

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10 Best Stephen King Movies So Far
It stormed the box office in September 2017, smashing box office records, pleasing critics, and quickly washing away the bad taste of so many poorly wrought Stephen King adaptations like the current of a suburban neighborhood sewer. Move over Ernest Hemmingway! Beat it Dr. Seuss! The Stephen King adaptation is a hot commodity in Hollywood once again.

Sure, those aforementioned authors have had their books adapted less than half as many times as the works of Stephen King. With so many adapted works from the same prolific storyteller, many of them are sure to be bad. And that is the case with Stephen King. If you grew up in the 80s, you might even remember that a Stephen King movie was not anticipated with the kind of must-see attitude of today's audiences. Many laughed off the notion, believing that if it was a Stephen King movie, it must be bad.

But as It reminded audiences,
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Stranger Things pays homage to 80s cinema with new posters

With the second season of Stranger Things set to premiere on Netflix next month, the streaming service has released seven new posters for the acclaimed supernatural drama series which pay homage 80s (and a couple of 70s) cinema classics A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Evil Dead, Alien, Firestarter, Jaws, The Running Man, and Stand By Me; check them out here…

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It’s 1984 and the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana are still reeling from the horrors of the demogorgon and the secrets of Hawkins Lab. Will Byers has been rescued from the Upside Down but a bigger, sinister entity still threatens those who survived.

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The second season of
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Beyond Fest 2017: Modern Hits And Bold Classics Mix it up in Los Angeles This Fall

Oh Los Angeles, what have you done to deserve this? Beyond Fest announced their lineup of films today for this year's edition and it is a cornucopia of genre goodness, a mix of old gems and new highlights from the festival circuit.    First there is an amazing lineup of double bills. They include Predator and The Running Man with Schwarzenegger in attendance, Dario Argento will be in town for screenings of the 4K restoration and the 35mm Italian print of his cult hit Susperia. And horror authority Mick Garris will preside over screenings of Romero's Night of the Living Dead 4K and Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre.    And if you are a down on your luck actor of filmmaker and do not have two...

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The Top 10 Stephen King Movies

Tom Jolliffe with his top ten Stephen King movies…

With the impending release of the new It film, now seems a good time to run through a top 10 list of Stephen King movies. These are all feature films. I’ve not included TV miniseries.

As a writer it’s fair to say that King has been prolific. The sheer amount of novels, novellas and shorts he’s written has been astonishing and he doesn’t seem to show too many signs of slowing. The recent trend of translating popular fiction from page to screen is nothing new either. King’s work has been getting the Hollywood treatment for over 40 years. His films by their very concepts offer something interesting, often bizarre. As such there’s an array of films that lend themselves very much to cult followings. The output of King inspired work on-screen is a mixed bag. From cinema classics,
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New Stranger Things Posters Pay Homage to The Running Man, Alien, and More

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Over the past few weeks, Netflix has been releasing some fantastic posters for the upcoming second season of “Stranger Things,” including one inspired by A Nightmare on Elm Street. Since then, several more posters have made their way online; and they’re… Continue Reading →

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Stranger Things Continues Nods To ‘80s With Running Man-Inspired Poster

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We still have over a month until Netflix is graced with the presence of Stranger Things Season 2, but the streaming service is taking advantage of that time to get fans hyped. In addition to the trailer we got at Comic-Con, and the various other bits of marketing, they’re also encouraging fans to look back on previous episodes on #StrangerThursdays.

On Thursday, they took to Twitter to share a brand new poster for the series that showcases Hopper from Season 1. If it looks both old and familiar to you, you’re not alone, as the poster is a carbon copy of the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger pic The Running Man, which was based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King.

Check them both out below!

Of course, this is all in keeping with the spirit of Stranger Things. It may technically be a dark horror series, but it’s
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Josh Duhamel, James Franco Turn Death Into Entertainment in 'The Show' Trailer

Josh Duhamel, James Franco Turn Death Into Entertainment in 'The Show' Trailer
In The Show, a thriller directed by Giancarlo Esposito (of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fame), Josh Duhamel plays Adam Rogers, a reality show host who finds himself in an unusual situation.

Rogers is a Chris Harrison-like figure who hosts a dating show that ends in an attempted murder, wherein the runner-up tries to shoot and kill the winner.

As a result of Rogers' quick thinking, he is heralded as a "national hero" (here, James Franco plays an excitable morning show host who heaps praise on Rogers), and
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Stephen King Movie Adaptations: The Successes and Failures

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With the upcoming release of The Dark Tower and It: Part 1 - The Loser’s Club, we look back at the successes and failures of previous Stephen King film adaptations.

Stephen King published his first novel in 1974. That novel, Carrie, would go on to sell more than a million copies in its first year of publication. The popularity of this book resulted in a movie adaptation two years later. As Stephen King released more novels, his popularity as an author grew, and many more films, miniseries, TV shows, and graphic novels came to be based on his writings. Today, King is one of the most well known and successful modern writers. Although he has written in many genres (including contributions to comic books), he is best known for his horror writings.

58 films have been released so far that have been based at least in some part on the writings of Stephen King.
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Revisiting the film of Stephen King's The Running Man

Rebecca Lea Jun 26, 2017

Our lookback through the screen adaptations of Stephen King brings us to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and The Running Man...

The film: In the totalitarian dystopia of 2017, Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger) finds himself wrongly convicted and sent to prison. Recaptured after an escape attempt, he’s placed into a television gameshow called The Running Man, in which prison convicts attempt to stay alive in the Game Zone in order to achieve prizes such as a suspended sentence or even a pardon. However, Richards has links to the Resistance and they’re on hand to assist with his game-changing TV appearance.

To say that The Running Man is a loose adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name, published under his pseudonym Richard Bachman, is something of an understatement. Stephen E. de Souza takes a hacksaw to the original everyman Ben Richards, an unemployed family man desperate
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Kevin Costner, Woody Harrelson circling new Netflix movie

Simon Brew Jun 22, 2017

Highwaymen, a project once earmarked for Robert Redford and Paul Newman, is set to star Paul Newman and Robert Redford...

The mighty Kevin Costner is adding another film project to his work slate, with the news that he’s set to co-star with Woody Harrelson in a new film for Netflix by the name of Highwaymen.

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It’s a project that’s been around a long time this one, at one stage a possible vehicle for Robert Redford and Paul Newman. The current guise of the film will be directed by John Lee Hancock, who previously wrote the Kevin Costner-headlined A Perfect World, and directed The Founder and Saving Mr Banks.

Hancock has re-written the script too, from an earlier draft by John Dusco.

The project
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Revisiting the film of Stephen King's A Return To Salem's Lot

Rebecca Lea Jun 19, 2017

A Return To Salem's Lot isn't much of a Salem's Lot follow-up, but that doesn't mean we didn't get anything out of it...

This article contains spoilers for A Return To Salem's Lot

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The film: Anthropologist Joe Weber (Michael Moriarty) is given custody of his wayward son, Jeremy (Ricky Addison Reed) and decides to take him back to the town in Maine where he lived as a boy, Salem’s Lot. His memories of a happy childhood are soon swept aside by the alarming discovery that the town has been taken over by vampires. They want Joe’s professional help to write their bible, the story of their society, and Joe has to choose between his professional curiosity or getting the hell out of Vampire Dodge. Apparently, this is
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Love Connection Review: Andy Cohen Can't Save Fox's Awkward Reboot

Love Connection Review: Andy Cohen Can't Save Fox's Awkward Reboot
Being a loving connoisseur of ’80s cheese, my heart leapt at the news that Fox was rebooting the old-school dating show Love Connection. But alas, some things are better left in the past. The new reboot — debuting this Thursday at 9/8c — turns out to be the TV equivalent of a hot-pink leotard stuffed full of floppy disks.

The original Love Connection, hosted by Chuck Woolery, is a charming relic of the video-dating era, with singles choosing a date from three options and reporting back to Woolery how it went. It’s corny and hopelessly dated… but that’s part of the fun.
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Bargains Galore, Holyhead: the greatest shop you've never visited

Jenny Morrill Apr 12, 2017

80s and 90s kids: prepare to discover your new favourite shop...

Sometimes, you have to dig a bit to find real treasures. A cult film, an out-of-print book, an unsigned local band, or, in this case, the best shop in the world.

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Bargains Galore, tucked away in the middle of a shopping street in Holyhead, looks like an unassuming souvenir and general odds 'n' ends shop. You'd be forgiven for walking past the buckets and spades, and the odd jackets, without giving it a second glance. You'd also be making a huge mistake.

Bargains Galore is no ordinary tat shop. Step inside its Tardis-like interior, and you're presented with a wonderland of retro paraphernalia, toys and collectibles.

There is no discernible
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