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53rd Chicago International Film Festival Review – Lady Bird (2017)

Lady Bird, 2017.

Written and Directed by Greta Gerwig.

Starring Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts, Lucas Hedges, Timothée Chalamet, Beanie Feldstein, Odeya Rush, Kathryn Newton, Andy Buckley, Daniel Zovatto, Jordan Rodrigues, Stephen McKinley Henderson, and Lois Smith.


The adventures of a young woman living in Northern California for a year.

In the hands of many other writers, the titular, self-proclaimed Lady Bird – real name Christine McPherson played by renowned Irish actress Saoirse Ronan – would come across as whiny, entitled, and unlikable to the point where the entire film comes crumbling down. Fortunately, Greta Gerwig is unlike most writers, as her directorial debut is a charmer that explores the complex bond between a mother and daughter on the cusp of adulthood. Bolstering the heated arguments are the pair’s opposing yet similar personalities; we get the sense that 30 or 40 years ago Marion (the strict, authoritative, but loving mother Laurie Metcalf
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John Carpenter Confirms New ‘Halloween’ Movie Will Ignore the Sequels

There may be no more storied and distinguished American horror director than John Carpenter. His closest competition would be George Romero and Tobe Hooper but Carpenter's is easily the most visually accomplished of the three. Carpenter is responsible for at least six classics that transcend the horror and science-fiction genres' supposed low-brow pleasures, including The Thing, Escape from New York, They Live, Starman, Christine, and most notably, Halloween. [caption id="attachment_662723" align="alignright" width="360"] Image via Universal/caption] Over the last decade, Rob Zombie has made one admirable remake and a frankly visionary sequel to that …
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The importance of cats in horror cinema

Mark Harrison Oct 31, 2017

Want to enhance your horror movie? Make sure you sign up a cat...

This feature contains broad spoilers for several horror movies featuring cats, including Alien, Cat People, Drag Me To Hell, Fallen, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, Pet Sematary and The Voices.

The relationship between humans and cats over time has given way to a number of cultural impressions and outright superstitions. Ancient Egyptians associated them with gods. In the Middle Ages, they were linked with witches and killed en masse, which probably hastened the spread of the Black Plague through the rodent population. And in the modern day, it's interchangeably lucky or not if a black cat crosses your path.

Like anything with such a wide array of symbolic links, movies have presented cats as characters in different ways over the years. It's their abiding association with the supernatural – whether as an omen
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John Carpenter Says He’s Done With Stephen King Adaptations

Writer-director John Carpenter was already a legend of horror filmmaking when he adapted Stephen King’s Christine for the big screen in 1983 – having previously delivered Dark Star, Assault On Precinct 13, Halloween, The Fog, Escape From New York, and The Thing. That being the case, Christine was very much a meeting of great minds within the genre. Now that Carpenter’s Halloween franchise is being resuscitated with a new instalment, and Stephen King’s work is seeing a resurgence in screen adaptations, fans are wondering if the two creators might reunite for a new project. The answer, however, according to John Carpenter, is a resounding ‘no.’

Speaking to Consequence Of Sound about his latest music project – the newly released album Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998 – Carpenter touched upon his adaptation of Christine, as part of a wide-ranging review of the music within his filmography. Despite renewed interest in the work of both storytellers,
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SAG-aftra Obtains International Support for Anti-Harassment Efforts

SAG-aftra Obtains International Support for Anti-Harassment Efforts
SAG-aftra has obtained a declaration from the International Federation of Actors urging the industry to work with unions to achieve workplaces that are free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

“We are very proud to author and sponsor this declaration,” said SAG-aftra president Gabrielle Carteris. “Sexual harassment and abuse is pervasive across nations and we are committed to working with our fellow Fia members to develop and implement educational and informational materials and best practices in this area. Working together we can help curtail this abuse now.”

The declaration was approved unanimously Thursday by the Ifa’s executive committee at its meeting in Croatia. SAG-aftra is one of 87 member organizations. The issue has gained significant traction since the Oct. 5 publication of a New York Times story about allegations of sexual abuse by now-disgraced ex-mogul Harvey Weinstein — prompting dozens of women to come forward along with three criminal investigations. Reps for Weinstein have denied that any sexual relations were non-consensual
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Halloween 2017: Hail to a King – The Sam Raimi Double Feature – The Evil Dead and Drag Me To Hell

  • DailyDead
[To get you into the spooky spirit, the Daily Dead team is spotlighting double features that we think would be fun to watch this Halloween season. Keep an eye on Daily Dead for more double feature recommendations, and check here for our previous Halloween 2017 coverage.]

Carpenter. Romero. Craven. Argento. Hooper. These names are synonymous with the horror community. They are royalty in the realms of horror fandom. The path that these filmmakers paved is undeniable, with their work serving as influence for the future generations of filmmakers. However, there is one name that seems to hold more regard with the passing of time. Sam Raimi’s catalog of horror films may be small, but the content he has produced is a unique blend of genre characteristics that compose an identifiable watermark for the director, all while also paying respect to the horror that paved the way before his work.

Analyzing the furthest spectrums of the director’s work displays why Mr. Raimi should be considered a master of the craft of horror. From the now perennial film that launched the director’s career, The Evil Dead, to the most recent return to the genre that
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‘We Sing Pop’ out now on PS4 and Xbox One

Thq Nordic have today announced that We Sing Pop is available globally, right now, in both digital and physical formats. We Sing Pop releases today on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and features the most star-spangled song list ever to grace a singing-game…

A virtual hall of fame, We Sing Pop promises the most exclusive artists, all-original recordings and official music videos. The full track list includes modern pop royalty from Beyoncé to Sia and Coldplay, alongside international pop icons Abba and the late legend George Michael, with anthems from his earlier ‘Wham!’ days, and his later solo career. The latest installment in the multi-award winning We Sing series, We Sing Pop has been developed and produced by interactive music collaboration We Sing Productions, a joint enterprise between Thq Nordic, Wired Productions and Le Cortex. Formed back in 2016, all three companies collaborated on the original series.

Aspiring pop starlets can
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John Carpenter Is Fine With All Of His Films Being Remade

Over the course of his 55 year filmmaking career, John Carpenter has delivered some of the most iconic projects of both the horror and thriller genres. From Halloween and The Fog, to The Thing and Christine – the writer-director has been long-established as a gold-standard creator of cinema. Of course, along with that legendary status also comes people trying to remake your films, which Carpenter is no stranger to.

Over the years, we’ve seen many of the director’s finest efforts get a fresh coat of paint, and with a new take on the aforementioned Halloween now brewing in development, it makes one wonder how he feels about all these remakes. Thankfully, The Guardian recently asked Carpenter that very question, and it seems that he’s all for it – as long as they pay him.

I love it, if they are going to pay me money. If they pay me, it’s wonderful.
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Hsus To Honor Rob Thomas At 2017 To The Rescue! New York Gala

The Humane Society of the United States will honor Sidewalk Angels Foundation, founded by Grammy Award-winning artist Rob Thomas and his philanthropist wife Marisol Thomas and luxury beauty brand Moroccanoil at its 2017 To the Rescue! New York gala.

The gala, which celebrates The Hsus’ animal rescue efforts, including its important disaster response work in the wake of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, will take place on Friday, Nov. 10, 2017 at Cipriani 42nd Street.

The Hsus will honor the Thomases and their Sidewalk Angels Foundation with its Compassion in Action Award for making real change in helping those who have no voice, and recognize Moroccanoil with its Corporate Consciousness Award for making animal welfare and social responsibility its cornerstone.

Saving, rehabilitating and caring for hundreds of thousands of animals each year, The Hsus and its global affiliate Humane Society International deploy responders across the country and the world to help animals at
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Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Cover John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ Theme — Listen

  • Indiewire
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Cover John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ Theme — Listen
John Carpenter’s musical legacy is nearly as revered for his music as he is for his movies, not least because the two are intertwined. The latest to pay tribute to the “Halloween,” “The Thing,” and “Escape From New York” director are Nine Inch Nails bandmates Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, who’ve recorded a cover of the “Halloween” theme. Listen below.

Read More:Trent Reznor, Massive Attack, Flea and More Record Music for Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel

The duo’s latest collaboration with a celebrated auteur follows their appearance on an episode of the “Twin Peaks” revival that aired earlier this year, to say nothing of their recent scores for “Gone Girl,” “Patriots Day,” and “The Vietnam War.” Carpenter, for his part, is producing a new sequel to his classic slasher flick directed by David Gordon Green.

Read More:‘Twin Peaks’: David Lynch Had Nine Inch Nails
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Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Drop Creepy Cover of ‘Halloween’ Theme

Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Drop Creepy Cover of ‘Halloween’ Theme
To celebrate the Oct. 20 release of horror film auteur John Carpenter’s anthology of newly recorded themes from his films, Nine Inch NailsTrent Reznor and Atticus Ross have released a new version of the theme from Carpenter’s iconic 1978 film “Halloween.” The remainder of the tracks on the album were recorded by Carpenter — who directed and wrote the music for films including “The Fog,” “Escape From New York” and “Assault on Precinct 17.”

Reznor says, “I clearly remember my friends and I at 13 years old conning our parents into letting us see ‘Halloween’ when it came out in 1978. We left the theater forever changed. We were damaged and scarred, with the shit genuinely scared out of us and that theme stuck firmly in our heads. John Carpenter, it’s your fault that I turned out the way I did.”

Speaking about the new version, John Carpenter says, “Moody and dark, Trent Reznor and [link
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Here’s Your First Look At The Strangers 2

Ten years is a lifetime in the film industry.

To put that into perspective, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was viewed as little more than wishful thinking back in 2007, when Jon Favreau and the Powers That Be quietly began plotting an Iron Man post-credits scene involving a certain Nick Fury. Twelve months later, Favreau’s standalone pic launched Robert Downey Jr.’s career into the stratosphere and the rest is history. But 2008 also witnessed the release of a lesser-known horror pic. Its name? The Strangers.

Headed up by Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman, the home invasion thriller became something of a cult hit nine years ago and now, after enduring a prolonged spell in pre-production, The Strangers 2 is officially on the cards. Former Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, Bailee Madison and Lewis Pullman have all climbed aboard to anchor the horror sequel, while Johannes Roberts of 47 Meters Down fame is at the helm,
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The 13 Worst Horror Movie Monsters of All Time

The 13 Worst Horror Movie Monsters of All Time
Some horror movie monsters instantly achieve iconic status and proceed to slash, mutilate and maim their way through an ever-increasing stack of sequels until the inevitable jump-the-shark moment when they’re shelved (until it’s time for a gritty, dark reboot).

Others … well, others don’t quite get that chance. For every Michael Myers, there’s a dozen wannabes stalking the shadows of lesser-known horror films, just trying their hardest to scare people. They fail miserably, of course, but where would we be as a civilization without the likes of …

Evil Trees in The Triffids

They’re trees. And they
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Mondo & Death Waltz to Unleash Lovecraftian Horrors with The Void Vinyl Score

  • DailyDead
The unsettling score to The Void (one of the most buzzed-about horror releases in 2016, read our review here) is coming out on a new vinyl from Mondo and Death Waltz, and we have the full details on the release, as well as the remastered Christine score vinyl from Varèse Sarabande.

From Mondo: "Hi all - this week we have a brand new Death Waltz release, The Void. We also have copies of the all new pressing of John Carpenter's Christine soundtrack, along with a restock of Brave Wave's Ninja Gaiden Box Set and a distributed title from our friends at Enjoy the Ride, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. Please note Hellraiser will now go on sale 10/11.

As always, all new releases go on sale on Wednesdays at Noon (Ct).

Death Waltz

The Void - Original Motion Picture Score LP. Music by Jeremy Gillespie, Brian Wiacek, Menalon and Blitz/Berlin. Pressed
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John Carpenter’s New Music Video For His 1983 Soundtrack To Stephen King’s Christine

As if Christine couldn’t get any creepier. Does anyone remember the story of this psychotic Plymouth Fury? Christine was a mean, vengeful car that didn’t like anyone except her owner. And even he wasn’t immune to the madness she caused. Stephen King had a real horror on his hands when he unloaded Christine to an unsuspecting public. For just a short while people didn’t fully trust their cars any longer, but thankfully that faded fast. It actually went away quicker than people’s fear of sharks after Jaws came out. Anyway, the video is fairly low key until it gets to

John Carpenter’s New Music Video For His 1983 Soundtrack To Stephen King’s Christine
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October 3rd Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Cult Of Chucky, 976-evil, The Hidden (1987), Jackals

  • DailyDead
Happy October, gang! With the Halloween season now officially underway, we have an incredible day of horror and sci-fi home entertainment releases to enjoy. Arrow Video has put together three stunning special edition sets for Children of the Corn, Don’t Torture A Duckling, and The Suspicious Death of A Minor, but we also have several other modern cult titles debuting as well, including Popcorn, 976-evil, and The Hidden.

For all you Charles Lee Ray enthusiasts out there, Cult of Chucky and the Chucky: Complete 7-Movie Collection both come home on Tuesday, and Scream Factory is also releasing the recent indie horror thriller Jackals on Blu-ray.

Other notable home entertainment titles bowing on October 3rd include American Horror Story: Roanoke, A Ghost Story, Haunters: The Art of the Scare, Little Shop of Horrors: The Director’s Cut, iZombie: The Complete Third Season, and Vampyr: Special Edition.
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Revisiting the film of Stephen King's The Mangler

Rebecca Lea Oct 2, 2017

Our lookbacks at the screen adaptations of Stephen King arrive at The Mangler's house...

The film: The Blue Ribbon Laundry houses a big industrial press called The Mangler. When an accident occurs involving Sherry (Vanessa Pike), it becomes apparent that the press is out for blood. Officer John Hunton (Ted Levine) gets involved after another employee is killed and his friend Mark Jackson (Daniel Matmor) introduces the idea of demonic possession. Overseeing everything is the Laundry’s mysterious owner and Sherry’s uncle, William Gartley (Robert Englund).

See related The horror movie undertones of The Goonies Bonnie & Clyde, and the film critic who helped change its fate

When it comes to adapting Stephen King films, a horror pedigree usually helps. The man himself is handy to have around when it comes to screenplay duties. When you’ve got directors like George A. Romero and John Carpenter on board,
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Fantastic Fest Had a Rough Year, But the Best Movies Featured Powerful Women

  • Indiewire
Fantastic Fest Had a Rough Year, But the Best Movies Featured Powerful Women
This year, Fantastic Fest turned 13, a number that felt apt if you’ve been following the news. Most conversations started like this:

“How are you?”

“How are you?”

Exhale. Hug. Repeat.

Eventually, people got around to talking about the films. Even those were emotional.

Tortured Souls

In past years, bringing context into the Alamo Drafthouse theater meant deciding not to chomp chips and queso during a hushed thriller. This time, audiences welled up watching Carla Guigino confront a lifetime of abuse as the emotionally and physically handcuffed wife in Stephen King’s “Gerald’s Game,” a Lifetime movie-looking low budget adaptation whose blockbuster impact at the Fest might not translate to people at home when it premieres on Netflix. (Guigino, however, is terrific in a dual-of-sorts role as the manacled victim and her empowered subconscious.)

Read More:Fantastic Fest Under Fire: Why America’s Preeminent Genre Festival Needs Its Fans
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Watch John Carpenter Direct in New Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Christine Music Video

  • DailyDead
Earlier this month, horror fans were given quite possibly the coolest Halloween treat of the year when John Carpenter stepped behind both the wheel and the camera for a music video featuring a new twist on the iconic score for 1982's Christine, part of Carpenter's upcoming album Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998. If your engine is still revved up from seeing the Master of Horror reunited with a 1958 Plymouth Fury scorned, then you'll want to check out a new behind-the-scenes video showing Carpenter directing the enthralling music video.

The behind-the-scenes video was shared on YouTube by Carpenter's wife and business partner, Sandy King Carpenter, and you can watch it below. In case you missed it, check here and read on for more details on Carpenter's new album and tour dates.

"The theme for "Christine" is available as a part of John Carpenter's 'Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998,'
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‘Mamma Mia!’: Andy Garcia Joins Cast Of Universal Sequel

  • Deadline
Exclusive: As it tunes up for a July release, Universal’s Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again has added Andy Garcia to the cast. The sequel to 2008’s toe-tapping $610M worldwide grosser will return audiences to the magical Greek island of Kalokairi in an original musical based on the songs of Swedish pop sensations, Abba. Garcia is stepping into a new role that is being kept under wraps. He joins the previous film’s Meryl Streep as Donna, Julie Walters as Rosie and Christine
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