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Patricia Quinn Interview: “I Watch ‘Shock Treatment’ With My Grand Kids Now…”

It was perhaps appropriate that I had a dentists’ appointment on the day I interviewed Patricia Quinn, iconic star of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and its follow-up Shock Treatment, recently released on Blu-ray. Its groundbreaking story of vicious medical procedures fused with reality TV made it a cult hit, though it never scaled the heights of its predecessor. She plays Dr. Nation McKinley alongside a cast packed with comic talent, from Barry Humphries to Rik Mayall, not to mention creator Richard O’Brien himself (pictured below with Quinn).

Though I wanted to ask numerous questions about her roles in Rob Zombie’s The Lords Of Salem, Hawk The Slayer, I, Claudius and Doctor Who, the focus was very much on Shock Treatment, so I began by talking to her about the movie’s unique narrative…

Thn: It’s safe to say the film is quite different to Rocky Horror.
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Kaleidoscope launches Terry Marcel sci-fi series 'Dumarest Of Terra'

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Exclusive: Company’s first global foray into TV is for series from British sci-fi writer E.C. Tubb.

Kaleidoscope (Kfd) is to represent world sales on sci-fi TV series Dumarest Of Terra, which will be produced by Terry Marcel (Hawk The Slayer).

The initial series is being planned as a of 10 x 60 minute drama based on the first five books of the Dumarest saga, by British science fiction author, E.C. Tubb.

The book series charts the adventures of protagonist Earl Dumarest, who spends his life searching for clues to the location of his home world, Earth.

Dumarest has traveled so long and so far that he does not know how to return to his home planet and no-one has ever heard of it, other than as a myth or legend

The cult collection, which spanned 33 books written across more than 40 years, was translated into seven languages.

The pilot, The Winds Of Gath, has been written
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Spoilers, and the many ways a film can be spoiled

Guy Buckland Sep 7, 2016

From trailers and showy-off friends, to just hinting there's a twist, movie spoilers come in many different forms...

Spoilers: this article hints at spoilers for Fight Club, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Murder On The Orient Express. To stay on the safe side of spoiling films by using stills from them, we have illustrated this article with pictures of dogs.

While it rarely skirts controversy to proclaim that movie spoilers are bad, it has not evaded my keen Crow-like senses (and I mean that in the Hawk the Slayer sense rather than the Brandon Lee sense) that one’s definition of what actually constitutes a spoiler is rather more open to interpretation. I know this because while I’m rarely goaded into shouting matches over mismatched political ideals or how the Lethal Weapon films rank in order of merit,
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Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior - 1987’s most controversial videogame

Ryan Lambie Jan 26, 2017

With its lurid marketing and violent action, Barbarian was controversial in its day. But it was also a lot of fun, Ryan writes...

Where would the 80s have been without the writings of Robert E Howard? In cinemas, John Milius’ 1982 adaptation of Howard’s macho pulp tales, Conan The Barbarian, prompted a wave of sword-swinging imitators, including The Beastmaster, Deathstalker and Hawk The Slayer.

See related Doctor Strange: what to expect from the movie Black Panther: first pictures from movie shoot Captain Marvel to be origin story, Black Panther won’t be

The sword-and-sorcery zeitgeist also crept into the videogame realm, from the decidedly Conan-esque playable characters in the hits Gauntlet and Golden Axe to the muscle-bound adventurer in Taito’s fantasy-themed coin-op, Rastan. But for computer owners in the 1980s, one Howard-inspired game stood out from the pack: Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior, released by
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Back This: Hawk the Hunter / Metal Made Flesh 2

Welcome to the latest edition of our regular crowdfunding feature here on Nerdly – Back This! – where we take a look at some of the cool content taking the crowdfunding route on sites such as Indiegogo, Sponsume and Kickstarter. In this edition we’re taking a look at a new movie campaigns, and a cyberpunk graphic novel sequel…

Hawk The Hunter

Fans of cult movie Hawk the Slayer will be offered the chance to appear as extras in the long-awaited sequel, Hawk the Hunter, in their new crowdfunding campaign, which kicked off at the end of last month. Writer/director Terry Marcel, iconic rock musician Rick Wakeman and premier games and comic book publishing company Rebellion have joined forces for a crowdfunding campaign to finance the sequel.

Launching the Kickstarter last week at the Frightfest screening of Hawk the Slayer, Marcel called on fans to help raise the final 20% of the budget to make the sequel.
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Bunker Blueprint: Hawk The Hunter Hunts for Support

Fans of Terry Marcel's Hawk the Slayer are ardent and plentiful, so I hope we can all band together to bring the long awaited sequel Hawk the Hunter into existence. I know (because I've been following the film since it was announced years ago) that Hawk the Hunter has been a passion project for the original Slayer team for a very long time.

For those of you who don't know, Hawk the Slayer is a staple of the 1980's sword and sorcery craze that followed the success of films like Excalibur and Conan The Barbarian. It stars the late Jack Palance in a particularly scenery-chewing performance that is just golden.

It sounds like the production has secured so [Continued ...]
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Hawk The Slayer Sequel in the Works!

It seems like the 80s is a goldmine of sci-fi and fantasy movies that time forgot. Every other day some movie fan digs up some obscure bit of entertainment that they loved when they were kids and which still holds some nostalgia to a large enough group of people. This story is and isn't exactly that.

Remember Hawk the Slayer? The English high fantasy drama directed by Terry Marcel (who later went on to produce and direct "Dark Knight") co-wrote and directed this tale of knights and sorcery which pits Hawk (John Terry) and Voltan (Jack Palance) as brothers who are at war.

I never saw the movie but watching the trailer brought back memories of a load of other movies of this ilk that I flipped through on TV in the early 90s. I feel like I probably need to give this particular [Continued ...]
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Frightfest 2015 Podcasts: #1 – Hawk the Slayer

35 years after it showed in British cinemas Hawk The Slayer, an absolute cult classic in 2015, is back on the big screen thanks to Frightfest. The screening will also act as a platform for co-writer/director Terry Marcel to launch a $1,000,000 Kickstarter campaign for the long awaited sequel ‘Hawk The Hunter

Nerdly writer Stuart Wright, host of the Britflicks podcast, talked to Terry Marcel about the longevity of his original film and the rewards people can hope to receive if they support the Hawk The Hunter Kickstarter campaign.

Hawk The Slayer screens as part of Frightfest 2015 on Sunday 30th August at 1:20pm in Discovery Screen 2.
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Guest Post: Author Gary Whitta on the Cinematic Influences on Abomination

[Note: In this special guest post, Gary Whitta, author of the upcoming fantasy horror book Abomination, shares four cinematic influences on his new novel.]

Though I wrote Abomination as a novel, my background is primarily a screenwriter, and the movies I watched growing up played even more of a part in inspiring me to become a writer as the books I read. So it’s perhaps not surprising that many of the influences that led to the creation of this book have cinematic roots.

The Thing (1982)

Abomination really began with wanting to write a good old-fashioned monster story, a fable about a man struggling with a beast within him in the tradition of The Wolfman, Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, and even The Incredible Hulk. And I knew that I wanted the monsters to be as gnarly and twisted and horrifying as I could possibly make them. In that regard I always look at John Carpenter’s classic The Thing as the gold standard in stomach-churning monstrosity, and I definitely drew some influence from those awful,
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Frightfest 2015 – Guest line-up announced

What do Barbara Crampton, Rick Wakeman, James Cosmo, Toyah Willcox, Neil Marshall and Bernard Rose have in common? They’re all set to make an appearance at this years London Film4 Frightfest!

Scream Queen legend Barbara Crampton (pictured above) is Film4 FrightFest’s special guest icon, appearing in no less than four films in this year’s line-up. She stars in We Are Still Here, Road Games and Sun Choke plus makes a cameo appearance in Tales of Halloween. Not only will Barbara be introducing all her films, she’ll also be talking about her amazing career during a special interview event, hosted by Alan Jones, on Sun 30th August at 9.15pm.

Says the legend herself:

To say that I am overjoyed, excited and eager to attend FrightFest as a guest is putting it mildly. This festival has been on my radar for some time and to be included and
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‘Scream Queen’ Barbara Crampton to Reign at London’s FrightFest

‘Scream Queen’ Barbara Crampton to Reign at London’s FrightFest
London — “Scream Queen” Barbara Crampton, best known for cult horror movie “Re-Animator,” is the special guest at London genre film festival Film4 FrightFest, where she will appear in four films. The festival runs Aug. 27-31.

Crampton stars in the festival’s “We Are Still Here,” “Road Games” and “Sun Choke,” plus she makes a cameo appearance in “Tales of Halloween.” As well as introducing her films, she will talk about her career during an onstage interview. FrightFest also celebrates the work of artist Graham Humphreys, who will be talking about his career designing posters. The festival will also host Bernard Rose, the director of the cult horrors “Paperhouse” and “Candyman,” who returns to the fear front with his “Frankenstein” reboot.

There will be a stellar lineup for the opening and closing films. In attendance for “Cherry Tree” will be director David Keating, and leading cast members Anna Walton, Naomi Battrick,
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Hawk the Slayer is back – and he's brought his mindsword

They wanted to make a medieval Fistful of Dollars. They ended up with a cult hit that triggered the sword and sorcery boom. Now, Hawk the Slayer is set to return – with better fights and special effects, but still plenty of cheese

Back in 1980, Terry Marcel kicked off the cinematic sword and sorcery boom that would give us Excalibur, Conan, Dragonslayer and Willow with a low-budget opus called Hawk the Slayer. Shot in six weeks in Buckinghamshire for £600,000, it featured the handsome but wooden John Terry as Hawk, who – with his flying “mindsword” and mismatched allies (witch, elf, dwarf, giant) – sets out to rescue a nun from his own deformed brother Vultan, played by Jack Palance at his scenery-chewing worst. Now, 35 years on, Marcel is finally preparing the follow-up: Hawk the Hunter. It’s not quite the longest a British director has waited to make a sequel to a cult hit,
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Frightfest 2015: full film line-up revealed

Earlier this week we shared the opening and closing films of this year’s Frightfest, now we can reveal the full line-up. The festival which celebrates all things blood-curdling turns 16 this year and to celebrate the festival will host 76 films, 42 of which will be either UK or European premieres.

From looking through the massive list we can confirm that there should be something to suit everyone’s horror tastes. The films that have already caught our attention into Some Kind of Hate, a slasher flick that features a female killer for once, Curve which stars bubblegum sweet dancer/actress Julianne Hough playing against type, new werewolf movie Howl, The Lazarus Effect and closing movie, horror anthology Tales of Halloween.

Other films in the line-up come from high profile directors such as Takashi Miike and Neil Marshall, with actors Carrie-Ann Moss, William Shatner and Lance Henriksen making appearances on screen over the long weekend movie marathon.
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‘Hawk the Slayer’ to Finally get a sequel!

Legendary swords-and-sorcery film Hawk the Slayer is to get a sequel, 35 years after the original became a cult hit. The 1980 film, which starred John Terry and Jack Palance, has become a true cult classic – famously referred to in Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes, and Edgar Wright’s seminal comedy Spaced – and a sequel has been talked about since the original film was released.

Rebellion have announced that writer and director Terry Marcel – who helmed the original movie back in 1980 – has agreed with Jason Kingsley OBE, Rebellion’s CEO, on a deal which will see a Kickstarter launched to part-fund the long-talked-about sequel, called Hawk the Hunter. Rebellion will also invest in the movie, with Jason and fellow Rebellion director Chris Kingsley acting as producers. The Oxford-based company, renowned for games titles such as Aliens vs Predator and Sniper Elite, will assist in the Kickstarter campaign and has also acquired the games
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Film 4 Frightfest – Awesome 2015 line-up announced

After the announcement of the Fightfest’s opening and closing films a week ago, the UK’s premiere horror festival has announced its complete line-up… And they’re not making it easy for us to bring you reviews of the majority of the films screening this year!

Yes, not only is Frightfest taking over the Vue cinema on Leicester Square again this year but they’re also taking over an extra screen, Screen 1, at the old home of Frightfest, The Prince Charles Cinema – which will be the location of Another “Discovery” screen strand.

From the press release:

Bigger, bolder, bloodier…Film4 FrightFest 2015 marks its 16th year with its largest line-up ever. From Thurs 27 August to Mon 31 August, the UK’s leading event for genre fans will return to the Vue West End, Leicester Square to present seventy-six films across five screens, plus a host of special events. There are eighteen
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Full lineup for Film4 FrightFest 2015 announced

Film4 FrightFest has today announced its full line-up for its 16th edition, with a record 76 films – including 20 world and 42 UK and European premieres – set to screen between Thursday August 27th and Monday August 31st. Here’s the full press release:

FrightFest always takes great pride in platforming the brightest British and Irish talent and 2015 is an outstanding year. Apart from opening with David Keating’s Cherry Tree, there is the world premiere of Steve Oram’s hilarious and very disturbing Aaaaaaaah!, Dominic Brunt’s sharp-edged female revenge saga Bait, Ben and Chris Blaine’s sexually charged zom-rom-com Nina Forever, Mark Murphy’s tale of twisted minds, Awaiting, Paul Hyett’s much-anticipated Howl, Adam Levins’ sinister family drama Estranged, Howard J. Ford’s pulsating child-abduction thriller Never Let Go, Corin Hardy’s Sundance sensation The Hallow, Ruth Platt’s morally-challenging chiller The Lesson, Liam Regan’s gruesome revenge saga Banjo, Eugene McGing
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Film4 FrightFest scores 20 world premieres

  • ScreenDaily
Film4 FrightFest scores 20 world premieres
The 16th edition of genre film festival unveils full line-up.

Film4 FrightFest will mark its 16th edition with its largest line-up ever, showcasing 76 films across five screens at the Vue West End in Leicester Square from Aug 27-31.

This year’s line-up features 20 world premieres, a record-breaking 16 European premieres and 26 UK premieres, with 18 countries represented. In addition, there will be a further ‘Discovery’ strand at The Prince Charles Cinema, marking a return to the festival’s original home.

As previously announced, the European premieres of Cherry Tree and Tales of Halloween will bookend this year’s edition.

World premieres at this year’s FrightFest include Paul Hyett’s creature feature Howl, anthology A Christmas Horror Story, Steve Oram’s comedy Aaaaaaaah! and Liam Regan’s revenge thriller Banjo, while European premieres include Ben Cresciman’s Sun Choke, Paz BrothersJeruzalem and Adam Mason’s Hangman.

Bernard Rose’s Frankenstein, Ted Geoghegan’s haunted house throwback We Are Still Here, [link
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Film4 FrightFest 2015 Lineup Includes The Nightmare, Bloodsucking Bastards, We Are Still Here

Shadow people, sharp-fanged co-workers, and insistent sinister spirits will just be a few of the monsters haunting the theaters at this year's Film4 FrightFest. The full lineup for the upcoming event is packed with 76 films aimed to unforgettably frighten audiences.

Press Release: "Film news (UK): Film4 FrightFest serves up a fearsome feast with a record 76 films, embracing 20 world and 42 UK & European premieres

Bigger, bolder, bloodier…Film4 FrightFest 2015 marks its 16th year with its largest line-up ever. From Thurs 27 August to Mon 31 August, the UK’s leading event for genre fans will return to the Vue West End, Leicester Square to present seventy-six films across five screens, plus a host of special events. There are eighteen countries representing five continents with a record-breaking sixteen European premieres and twenty-six UK premieres. In addition, there is a further ‘Discovery’ strand at The Prince Charles Cinema, signalling a welcome return to FrightFest’s spiritual home.
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Hawk The Slayer To Return In A Sequel

Clearly it's a week for unexpected and belated sequels. A day after the news that Robin Hardy is prepping the final part of his Wicker Man trilogy, comes the revelation that Hawk The Slayer is also set to return, 35 years after his first adventure. Original director Terry Marcel, in cahoots with 2000Ad publishers Rebellion, is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Hawk The Hunter.Much beloved of VHS-era schoolboys, the 1980 Hawk starred John Terry (the guy from Lost, not the footballer) as the titular adventurer, with Jack Palance as his scenery-chewing evil older brother Voltan. Casting support came from Brit stalwarts like Bernard Bresslaw and Roy Kinnear. Voltan kills his father and kidnaps a nun. Hawk mounts a rescue mission with a sorceress, a dwarf, an elf, a giant with a big mallet, and the ancient power of the Sword Of Mind.The details of Hawk The Hunter are sketchy at present,
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Kelly Marcel: 'Someone from Disney's going to come and kill me'

Marcel, one of Hollywood's hottest scriptwriters, is keen to talk about her debut film, Oscar-tipped Saving Mr Banks. But what can she reveal about her next blockbuster, Fifty Shades of Grey?

For a woman who spends her days in a shed, the Kelly Marcel story has a lot to pack in. Right now the name will ring few bells, but any account of her professional life must find room for Steven Spielberg, Holby City, Walt Disney and the tattoos of actor Tom Hardy. It would be nice to have a screenwriter on hand to knock it into shape – one like Marcel herself, among the most sought-after writers in Hollywood, working from the bottom of her south-west London garden.

Perhaps we should cut straight to the mention of what will surely be a landmark in her career, her script for the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Abruptly, the mood
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