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Completing the trip by Anne-Katrin Titze

Michel Piccoli and Romy Schneider in Max Et Les Ferrailleurs - Bertrand Tavernier: "I see Claude Sautet as the son of Jacques Becker."

In the third and final installment of my conversation with Bertrand Tavernier on his Journey Through French Cinema (Voyage À Travers Le Cinéma Français) he discusses his dedication to Jacques Becker (Casque D'Or, Édouard Et Caroline) and Claude Sautet (Max Et Les Ferrailleurs), Mireille Balin's dress in Jean Delannoy's Macao, l'Enfer Du Jeu (Gambling Hell), Jean Gabin, not forgetting Jean-Pierre Melville's Army Of Shadows (L'Armée Des Ombres), Léon Morin, Prêtre or Le Silence De La Mer, Jean Paul Gaultier and Falbalas (Paris Frills), Mila Parély in Coco Chanel, Jean Renoir's A Day In The Country (Partie De Campagne), Joseph Kosma, Sylvia Bataille and Jacques Lacan, Howard Hawks's Red River and Only Angels Have Wings, and not having to see Rio Bravo ever again.
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StudioCanal pact with Radio-Canada

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StudioCanal pact with Radio-Canada
StudioCanal and Radio-Canada have entered into a distribution deal for Canada.

Under the five- year deal, starting January 2014, Radio-Canada will distribute more than 1,400 films in French - comprising 1,200 French films and 200 Italian films - from the StudioCanal library, via DVD, Blu-ray, Est and VOD.

In addition, as national public broadcaster serving French Canada, Radio-Canada will feature many of these films on its own platforms.

The StudioCanal film library includes classics from directors such as Jean Luc Godard (Le Mépris, Pierrot le fou), Renoir (La grande illusion), Claude Sautet (Max et les ferrailleurs, César et Rosalie) and Jean-Pierre Melville (le Cercle Rouge, l’Armée des Ombres).
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Studiocanal Inks Exclusive Distribution Pact With Radio-Canada

Studiocanal Inks Exclusive Distribution Pact With Radio-Canada
On the eve of Toronto fest kick-off, European mini-major Studiocanal has closed an exclusive distribution pact with Ottawa-based pubcaster Radio-Canada.

The five-year deal, effective in January, allows Radio-Canada to distribute more 1400 films (comprising 1200 French pics and 200 Italian movies) from Studiocanal’s library, on DVD, Blu-ray, Est (electronic sell-through) and VOD. Radio-Canada will also showcase films on its own platforms.

Studicanal has a similar deal with Lionsgate, covering home entertainment distribution rights to the French company’s library titles in the U.S.

“Radio-Canada has developed a 360-degree distribution strategy encompassing linear TV broadcasting, as well as digital and physical distribution,” said Juliette Moindrot, VP international home entertainment and TV distribution. “And as a result it can maximize the exposure of our library titles across all these platforms.”

A public broadcaster serving French-speaking Canada, Radio-Canada benefits from the deal by consolidating its leading position in the distribution of French content in Canada.
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‘Bourne’ Beats Up 3-Week-Old Batman at Box Office

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises was king of the hill for three weeks, but this weekend found it at the bottom of an inescapable prison. By “inescapable prison,” I mean in 3rd place with another $19.5m and a cumulative $835m worldwide gross, so no one is eating soup and cabbage at Warners or anything. The Campaign – featuring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis punching babies for votes – took 2nd with an opening draw of $27.4m domestic. The unsurprising winner, however, was The Bourne Legacy which scored $40.2m here in the States and a worldwide total of $48m. That’s a better opening than The Bourne Identity but it’s a bit behind the two other franchise entries. Again, not surprising. In slightly smaller releases, the Meryl Streep/Tommy Lee Jones marriage drama Hope Springs came in 4th place with 1,000 or so fewer theaters, taking $15.6m. Travis Pastrana’s stunt-fueled Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D took $1.1m
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Lee Byung-Heon, Choi Min-Shik for Kim Ji-Woon's Next?

The last time we talked about Kim Ji-Woon's upcoming projects, it was regarding his first venture into Hollywood, a remake of Claude Sautet's 70s caper Max et Les Ferrailleurs. Hoping to cast Clive Owen and possibly Sienna Miller in the leading roles, Kim wanted his Max and the Junkmen to start shooting in January, as winter was the perfect atmosphere for his noir ambiance. Seems like the film has hit a snag - we still don't have much in the way of the details, but it might just be casting issues delaying the first shoot past that all important Q1 2010 deadline, pushing things to late next year - so Kim is now focusing on his next project at home, which is tentatively entitled 아열대의 밤 (lit. Subtropical Night).

The film continues the recent noir thriller trend, with a man chasing the serial killer-cum-psychopath who killed his fiancee, and plenty of brutal action ensuing afterwards.
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Korean Director Wants Clive Owen, Sienna Miller for Remake

One of the more commercially-successful directors in his native South Korea, Kim Ji-Woon is getting ready for his first international production, and he already has actors in mind.

In an interview for the site 10Asia, subsequently posted in English by Twitch, Kim said his next film will be Max and the Junkmen, a remake of the 1971 French movie Max et les Ferrailleurs. Considered a heist classic, the original starred Michael Piccoli as a Paris detective who tries to raise his own stature by entrapping a group of petty thieves. It was directed by Claude Sautet.

Kim said he has finished the script, which he hopes to begin shooting in January 2010, with a fall-back date of around September-October 2010. Production would take place in Philadelphia, the weather hopefully lending a dreary look similar to Europe’s oldest cities. (Apparently, Kim had London in mind, since it was his first choice for locations.
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