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Salvation Recap: Did CBS' Asteroid Drama Hit You Where You Live?

Salvation Recap: Did CBS' Asteroid Drama Hit You Where You Live?
CBS launches this Wednesday night Salvation, its new summertime thriller about a planet-killing asteroid. Did it make an impact, deep or otherwise?

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Setting things in motion, MIT grad student Liam Cole (played by Red Band Society‘s Charlie Rowe) is enjoying the afterglow of one of the cutest meet-cutes, with wannabe sci-fi author Jillian (RoadiesJacqueline Byers), when he gets an alert from his autonomous space-mapping programming that something is amiss. Liam dashes out in the middle of the night to share
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[DVD Review] Walt Disney Animation Collection: Volume 6: The Reluctant Dragon

The sixth and final volume of the Disney Classic Short Films collection finally found a way to load a disc with cartoons of genuinely similar moral themes. While Mickey and the Beanstalk did well in that regard as far as plots are concerned, the cartoons accompanying The Reluctant Dragon all take a different stance on identity and what it means to measure expectations of who people think you should be against who you actually are. Each of the cartoons does this in its own way – some more deftly than others. While more consistently thematically, it’s also worth noting that the average age of the four cartoons in this set is noticeably lower than those in other volumes; where volumes 1-5 each had about 2-4 cartoons from the mid 1930s, this volume has but one – and its 1938 creation date gives it a stylistic leg up over its 1933/1934 brethren of past volumes.
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