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Cease Fire! — 3-D

Here’s an Army booster production that got way out of hand: it’s a semi-docu using real soldiers, and filmed in Korea near the real combat zones – and filmed in full-scale 3-D. The soldiers, the equipment, everything is real — even the ammunition used is live, not blanks.

Cease Fire!


Kl Studio Classics

1953 / B&W / 1:66 widescreen / 75 min. / Street Date November 21, 2017 / 34.96

Starring: Captain Roy Thompson Jr., Corporal Henry Goszkowski, Sergeant Richard Karl Elliott, Sergeant First Class Albert Bernard Cook, Private Johnnie L. Mayes, Cheong Yul Bak, Sergeant First Class Howard E. Strait, Private First Class Gilbert L. Gazaille, Private First Class Harry L. Hofelich, Corporal Charlie W. Owen, Corporal Harold D. English, Private First Class Edmund Joseph Pruchniewski, Private Otis Wright, Private First Class Ricardo Carrasco, John Maxwell.

Cinematography: Ellis W. Carter

Film Editor: John Woodcock

Original Music: Dimitri Tiomkin

Written by Walter Doniger, story by Owen Crump

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We Interrupt This Program to explore Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio drama

In 1938, Orson Welles caused nationwide panic with his special Halloween episode of The Mercury Theatre on Air, with many listeners confusing his radio adaptation of H.G. WellsThe War of the Worlds for news of a real alien invasion. And now the story behind the drama looks to be heading to the big screen.

According to Deadline, Echo Lake Entertainment is teaming up with Sean Sorensen’s Royal Viking Entertainment for the feature film We Interrupt This Program. Based on Sorensen’s spec script, the film will “chronicle the stormy struggle taking place behind the scenes between Welles and his producer, John Houseman, as they pulled off what would become the most influential radio broadcast in history”, as well as detailed the chaos that ensued as it was broadcast.

The site reports that the project is now out to directors, and will shoot in 2018.
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Film Review: ‘Brave New Jersey’

Film Review: ‘Brave New Jersey’
Long before Trump coined the term “fake news,” there was Orson Welles’ legendary 1938 radio dramatization of H.G. Wells’ “The War of the Worlds,” which convinced thousands (if not millions) of listeners they were hearing actual news bulletins about a Martian invasion. Several books and films (most notably, “The Night That Panicked America,” Joseph Sargent’s terrific 1975 TV movie, and “War of the Worlds,” Cathleen O’Connell’s shrewdly constructed 2013 PBS documentary) have emphasized the infectious terror that the broadcast inadvertently sparked among gullible folks who tuned in late and missed the introduction that clearly identified it as a presentation of Welles’ “Mercury Theatre on the Air.” But in the world according to “Brave New Jersey,” Jody Lambert’s uneven but ultimately winning comedy about small-town channel surfers who missed the intro and assumed the worst on the evening of Oct. 30, 1938, a little bit of terror might not be such a bad thing.

To be sure,
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26 new UK TV shows to look out for

Louisa Mellor Jun 1, 2017

Some exciting new UK drama and comedy commissions are making their way to TV over the next year or so…

We know, we know. You still have two episodes of Fargo season two before you can think about starting season three. You’ve already fallen behind on American Gods. Your planner memory is chock-a-block with Big Little Lies and that Oj Simpson thing and some Spanish prison series your workmate bullied you into recording. You’re struggling to make time for Twin Peaks. New Game Of Thrones is just around the corner. And guess what, Netflix UK have just added a whole new season of It’s Always Sunny, those sods. You need a list of new TV show recommendations like you need a hole in the head.

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And yet, as long as they keep making them, we’ll keep recommending them.
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Those Redheads from Seattle 3-D

Another 3-D breakthrough, this time for a Paramount musical rescued from oblivion and remastered by the 3-D Archive. Rhonda Fleming and Gene Barry star in a blend of songs and Alaskan adventure filmed in downtown Hollywood. The depth effects are great, but the big surprise is Teresa Brewer, the radio star turned one-shot movie musical wonder. Her voice resurrects memories of pop vocals just prior to the arrival of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Those Redheads from Seattle

3-D Blu-ray

Kl Studio Classics

1953 / Color / 1:66 widescreen / 90 min. / Street Date May 23, 2017 / available through Kino Lorber / 34.95

Starring: Rhonda Fleming, Gene Barry, Agnes Moorehead, Teresa Brewer, The Bell Sisters, Guy Mitchell, Jean Parker, Roscoe Ates, John Kellogg, Sheila James Kuehl, Dub Taylor, Max Wagner.

Cinematography: Lionel Lindon

Film Editor: Archie Marshek

Original Music: Sidney Cutner, Leo Shuken

Written by Lewis R. Foster, Geoffrey Holmes (Daniel Mainwearing) and George Worthing Yates

Produced by William H. Pine,
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Ruth Wilson to play her own grandmother in The Wilsons

The BBC has tapped The Affair star Ruth Wilson to play her own grandmother in a new three part drama entitled The Wilsons.

The story will follow Alison Wilson, husband of Alec Wilson, a British spy and bestselling novelist. When her husband suddenly dies, Alison is shocked when a woman turns up on her doorstep, claiming that she is the real Mrs. Wilson. Determined to prove the validity of her own marriage, Alison is instead led into a world of dark and troubling secrets and she discovers she wasn’t Alec’s only family.

“I am so excited to bring to the small screen the extraordinary lives of my grandparents,” said Wilson, who is also executive producing the series. “Theirs is a profoundly moving story and the BBC is the perfect home for it.”

The Wilsons is one of several new projects commissioned by Piers Wenger, the new controller of BBC Drama,
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BBC developing a Victorian-era War of the Worlds mini-series

  • JoBlo
H. G. Wells' "The War of the Worlds" is well over one hundred years old at this point, but very few of the adaptations of the classic sci-fi novel have stayed true to its Victorian-era setting. The BBC recently announced a handful of new projects, among them a three-part series based on "The War of the Worlds," except this time the series will be set in the... Read More...
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Russell T Davies and Stephen Poliakoff lead BBC drama line-up

BBC drama boss Wenger orders over 25 hours of drama.

Russell T Davies, Stephen Poliakoff and Call the Midwife creator Heidi Thomas have penned dramas for Piers Wenger’s inaugural slate, reports Broadcast.

The BBC drama boss unveiled over 25 hours of new drama commissions across BBC1 and BBC2 at an event co-hosted by director general Tony Hall.

The nine series, seven for BBC1, one for BBC2 and one for BBC3, join recently announced Wenger commissions including Kudos’ Gunpowder and The Forge’s Carey Mulligan-fronted crime drama Collateral.


Doctor Who writer Davies has written A Very English Scandal, a 3 x 60-minute series directed by Stephen Frears.

Based on the book A Very English Scandal: Sex, Lies and a Murder Plot at the Heart of the Establishment by John Preston, it follows the true story of Liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe’s conspiracy to kill his ex-lover Norman Scott.

Commissioned by Wenger and BBC director of content Moore, it
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BBC Orders Adaptations of ‘War of the Worlds,’ ‘Little Women’ for New Drama Slate

BBC Orders Adaptations of ‘War of the Worlds,’ ‘Little Women’ for New Drama Slate
The BBC has ordered up 11 new high-end dramas, including new television versions of “The War of the Worlds,” “Little Women,” and “Black Narcissus.” The three titles are the latest classic novel adaptations to be commissioned by BBC Drama, which is currently in production on a new four-part adaptation of E.M. Forster’s “Howard’s End” (pictured) by Oscar-winner Kenneth Lonergan for BBC One and Starz.

Also in the lineup are the first-ever screen adaptation of Vikram Seth’s 1993 novel “A Suitable Boy” and three-part true-story drama “A Very English Scandal,” written by Russell T. Davies and directed by Stephen Frears.

The new slate was unveiled Thursday at an event in London co-hosted by BBC Director General Tony Hall and new controller of BBC Drama Piers Wenger.

“It feels to me a special moment for drama. What really excites me is I think we’ve shaken off all preconceptions about what stories people will come to,” said
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Line Of Duty series 4 episode 6 review

Louisa Mellor Apr 30, 2017

Blimey. The Line Of Duty series 4 finale did not disappoint. Major spoilers ahead in our review…

This review contains spoilers.

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Line Of Duty creator Jed Mercurio originally trained as a doctor; if he’s still licensed to write prescriptions, he owes us all a month’s worth of anti-anxiety pills and a sedative after that.

And perhaps something for finger cramp. After ten minutes of holding mine to my face, rigid as bicycle spokes, I can barely type. From the second Jamie arrived in the interrogation room to the moment he handed over his gun, I’m not sure I exhaled.

Even after Jamie gave Steve the gun, there was more cheering to be done than respiration.
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War Of The Worlds: Colin Morgan starring in audio version

Rob Leane Apr 20, 2017

Merlin and Humans star Colin Morgan will lend his voice to an audio adaptation of The War Of The Worlds...

Colin Morgan - currently seen in Humans, formerly the star of Merlin, seen in Doctor Who that one time - has just added another gig to his CV. He'll star in an audio adaptation of H.G. Wells' War Of The Worlds, from Sherwood Sound Studios.

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Big Finish regular Lisa Bowerman will direct, and Nick Scovell has adapted the text. The cast also includes Dan Starkey (Doctor Who), Ronald Pickup (The Crown), Nigel Lindsay (Victoria) and Olivia Poulet (The Thick of It).

"First serialised in Pearson’s Magazine in 1897, this classic science-fiction has never been adapted as it was intended with the dark horrific tone intact…
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Newswire: Infamous BBC Halloween stunt Ghostwatch manifests on Shudder

Next to Orson Welles’ 1938 radio play of The War Of The Worlds, The BBC’s presentation of Ghostwatch is probably one of the best-known media-induced panics in broadcasting history. (And possibly more effective, as historians have recently concluded that the bedlam surrounding Welles’ broadcast was exaggerated by contemporary newspapers eager to discredit their radio-news rivals.) On Halloween night of 1992, the BBC aired Ghostwatch, a 90-minute faux-investigative report purporting to show evidence of real paranormal activity in a London house featuring real news and kids’ show personalities. The whole thing was a stunt dreamed up by screenwriter Stephen Volk, but the people of Britain didn’t know that. Thinking they were seeing a real ghost really taking over the TV airwaves, people freaked the fuck out, leading to national panic, soiled underpants, and, more tragically, a suicide connected to the incident.

And Ghostwatch is remarkably terrifying, not least because ...
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‘Signs’ and ‘Arrival’: A Philosophical Comparison

What the two alien invasion films tell us about existential questions.

Ever since H.G. Wells released “The War of the Worlds” in 1898, the alien invasion genre has become a vehicle for humanity’s fears, questions, and aspirations. Although at the time that novel was thought to be a metaphor for the superstitions of the Victorian age, the story proved universal enough to apply to any era; from anxieties about Nazism when Orson Welles read it as a radio play in 1938, to Cold War nightmares when Byron Haskin adapted it into a film 1953, to worries about the War on Terror when Steven Spielberg did the same in 2005. But beyond merely reflecting the terrestrial fears of any particular time, the genre also addresses more universal questions — about life, death, and humanity’s place in the cosmos. Two of this century’s best alien invasion films — M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs and Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival — take precisely this existential
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Time After Time Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Picture Fades

So Time After Time Season 1 Episode 5 gives us some hints that Stevenson isn't as stone cold as he has seemed to be so far.

This presents some interesting possibilities but may backfire as his villainy is really the sole driving factor in this show.

Having used the time machine to escape to Paris 1918 in order to find the son he never knew he had, he immediately killed a man for his clothes and money. Well, they've never claimed he's anything other than efficient.

Meanwhile, Wells and Jane are proving a really effective team once again as they figure out – via the vast and infinite Internet – what Stevenson's up to in 1918.

Then they go and ruin it with another painful "couple" moment, albeit not without humor when Wells refused to let her come in the time machine because of the danger it would place her in.

Wells: At the risk of sounding.
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12 People with 10+ Oscar Nominations and No Wins

12 People with 10+ Oscar Nominations and No Wins
At the Academy Awards on Sunday night, Kevin O’Connell just broke the longest streak for Oscar nominations without a win. The 59-year-old New Yorker had been nominated 21 times in total, making 2017 a very good year for him.

Who else among Hollywood’s finest has had to weather a storm of nominations without a win? Well, even just keeping it to over 10 nominations, it’s a healthy list. Let’s take a look.

Greg P. Russell

O’Connell’s win must have been somewhat bittersweet for Russell, who’s directly behind the elder sound mixer in the category of most nominations without wins.
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How allegory in sci-fi can narrow representation

Chris Farnell Feb 2, 2017

It might be time to think about how we use allegory in sci-fi...

From 1984 to The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, from Fahrenheit 451 to Westworld, science fiction has always congratulated itself on being the literature of ideas, a tool for examining society and human nature. And in its toolbox one of its most powerful tools is allegory. With science fiction allegory we can turn a situation upside down, reverse it, take it to its logical extreme and bring to light aspects of it the audience couldn’t, or often, wouldn’t allow themselves to consider through a more realistic lens.

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Look at The War Of The Worlds. One of things that separates that book
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The Quiet Earth

Remember the warning to avoid ‘crossing the streams’ in Ghostbusters? Director Geoff Murphy enjoyed a world-wide release for this eerie sci-fi fantasy about a scientist who becomes unstuck in time-space, alone in an empty world.

The Quiet Earth


Film Movement

1985 / Color / 1:85 widescreen / 91 min. / Street Date December 6, 2016 / 39.95

Starring Bruno Lawrence, Alison Routledge, Pete Smith

Cinematography James Bartle

Production Designer Josephine Ford

Art Direction Rick Kofoed

Film Editor Michael Horton

Original Music John Charles

Written by Bill Baer, Bruno Lawrence, Sam Pillsbury from the novel by Craig Harrison

Produced by Sam Pillsbury, Don Reynolds

Directed by Geoff Murphy

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

New Zealand was indeed quiet on science fiction filmmaking before the massive production Lord of the Rings. When Geoff Murphy and Bruno Lawrence surfaced in 1985 with The Quiet Earth it was received as a pleasant surprise, a brainy alternative to the Australian Road Warrior series. Distinguished
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Mars Attacks: Breaking Down 5 Types of Alien-Invasion Movies

Mars Attacks: Breaking Down 5 Types of Alien-Invasion Movies
Multiplexes across the country are going to be invaded this weekend by Arrival, a moving sci-fi drama starring Amy Adams as a linguist who helps the U.S. government communicate with mysterious visitors from another world. The film represents Hollywood's latest attempt to speculate on what might happen if we're ever actually contacted by extraterrestrials. Will they be green-skinned warlords with creepy antennae? Grayish waifs who come bearing gifts? Sexy supermodels with nefarious agendas? Or something else altogether?

Since the 1950s, movies have sent so many aliens to Earth that
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Berlinale sets sci-fi retrospective for 2017

Berlinale sets sci-fi retrospective for 2017
George LucasThx 1138, Byron Haskin’s The War Of The Worlds and 1918 silent film A Trip To Mars among 27 features set to screen.

The Berlin Film Festival’s annual retrospective will be devoted to science fiction films at the 67th edition of the festival unfolding Feb 9-19 in 2017.

The sidebar – Future Imperfect. Science · Fiction · Film” - will screen a total of 27 international features, including classics, cult films and largely unknown productions from countries including Japan as well as central and European Europe.

Describing science fiction films as one of the most “visually stunning and spectacular genres in the history of film”, the festival said the event would focus on two themes: ‘the society of the future’ and ‘the strange and the other’.

“The possible worlds on earth or in space open up a vast scope for re-defining questions of collective visions and fears. So as a mirror for society’s public debates, science fiction
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MTV bringing The War of the Worlds to the small screen

MTV has tapped Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis and writer Andrew Cochran for a TV adaptation of H.G. Wells’ sci-fi classic The War of the Worlds, THR is reporting.

Published in 1897, the book is one of the earliest to explore the conflict between humans and extraterrestrials, as Earth is invaded by Martians. It has been adapted numerous times, perhaps most notably by Orson Welles with his infamous 1938 radio broadcast, and most recently by Steven Spielberg, with the 2005 feature film starring Tom Cruise.

The TV series is being produced by The Firm’s Jeff Kwatinetz and Josh Barry, whose grandfather Gene Barry happened to star in the first feature film adaptation of the book in 1953.

The War of the Worlds marks the second post-Teen Wolf project for Davis, who is also developing an adaptation of the Swedish vampire novel Let the Right One In for TNT.
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