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Edge of Darkness

Mel Gibson's return to acting is decent but not anything special. It's not as complex as the UK mini-series it's based on and there isn't a lot of action, so it ends up being just a lighter version of Taken.

Extras include:

Deleted ScenesCraven's War of AttritionMel's BackDirector Martin CampbellMaking a Ghost Character RealBoston as a CharacterAdapting the Edge of Darkness Mini-seriesRevisiting the Edge of Darkness Mini-seriesEdge of Your SeatScoring the Film


Have heard good things about the Spierig Brothers' (Undead) vampire flick, so i'll have to check it out.

Extras include:

CommentaryThe Making of Daybreakers - 2 hour documentaryThe Big Picture - Spierig Bros. Short FilmBonusview Storyboards/AnimaticsPoster Art Gallery[Read More...]


Sure it looks cheesy but it's does have angels with machine guns, wall-crawling grannies, and Doug Jones. That's makes it a rental at least.

Extras include:

Bringing Angels to Earth: Picture-in-Picture, a running video
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This Week on DVD: Daybreakers, Edge of Darkness, Legion

For the most part, this week's DVD releases consist of a handful of forgotten releases from the beginning of the year including Daybreakers, Edge of Darkness and Legion... it's open to debate whether or not they were overlooked or just plain bad. There's also a dose of late '90s nostalgia in the form of Daria: The Complete Animated Series, and some '80s memories as well with both The Karate Kid and The Karate Kid Part II out on Blu-ray. Other Blu-ray releases include the Criterion Collection for Fritz Lang's M, and a trio of Mel Brooks flicks. Do you see anything worth buying or renting this week? Daybreakers [1] (+ Blu-ray [2]) Edge of Darkness [3] (+ Blu-ray [4]) Legion [5] (+ Blu-ray [6]) North Face [7] Malice in Wonderland [8] Tidal Wave [9] (+ Blu-ray [10]) Legend of the Tsunami Warrior [11] (+ Blu-ray [12]) Art & Copy [13] P-Star Rising [14] Daria: The Complete Animated Series [15] The Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Complete Fifth
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DVD Details: 'Avatar' Triple-Dip? Details on Blu-ray 3D and Criterion Titles for May

Just as the Internet gets excited for a 3D Blu-ray release of Avatar this November, Fox Home Entertainment comes along to shut down that excitement... for now.

Yesterday director James Cameron told The Wall Street Journal to expect a bare bones DVD and Blu-ray release of Avatar on Thursday, April 22, which coincidentally enough also happens to be Earth Day. He then added, "And then we'll do a value-added DVD and a 3D Blu-ray in, I think, November sometime."

Such a move looks to take advantage of upcoming home theater 3D technology with companies like Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba announcing 3D Blu-ray players at this year's CES and Sony's PlayStation 3 rumored to be releasing a firmware upgrade later this year enabling 3D Blu-ray playback. But don't get too excited, an update to the WSJ article reads, "A spokesman for Fox Home Entertainment said on Thursday night that the '3D
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The Criterion Column: May 2010 Releases, Out of Print Titles

The Criterion Collection is bringing out the big guns in May 2010. No, Hausu has not been announced yet, but another big Japanese release is forthcoming. Specifically, Criterion is releasing a 5 DVD box set of Nagisa Oshima films from the 1960s. Oshima's earlier works are very difficult to find in legitimate form so this announcement is very exciting.

The good news doesn't stop with Oshima. The second volume in the Stan Brakhage anthology will finally see the light of day, and both volumes will be collected on a 3 disc Blu-Ray set. Nicolas Roeg's Walkabout makes an appearance for the first time on DVD and Blu-Ray. Fritz Lang's M will receive the Blu-Ray treatment. Finally, John Ford fans (there are a few) can look forward to Stagecoach on DVD and Blu-Ray. As usual, full details on the new titles have been added to the 2010 release calendar at the bottom of this post.
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The Cyber-Horror Elite's Top 50 Horror Films of All Time (A Response)

The Vault of Horror blog recently posted The "Cyber-Horror Elite's" Top 50 Horror Films of All Time. This list was generated from the Top 10 lists of "32 cyber-horror notables," as detailed Here.

This was created (as stated in the above blog post) in retaliation against HMV's "highly flawed" survey of the top 50 horror movies of all time, culled from HMV’s annual survey of more than 6,000 customers, and conducted on HMV.com over a four-week period between September 19 and October 20, 2008 (source: Here ).

This blogger does nothing to explain why he feels HMV's poll is "highly flawed," so I'm assuming it's simply because he didn't like the list, which is hardly the same thing. If there's a more scientific reason why it's "highly flawed," it wasn't addressed in the above blog post.

In his initial response to HMV's list he states, "... you have Saw in the top 5, which, even as a supporter of that movie,
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