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Poll: Men Don't Wear Hats Anymore

But some still do, Which of these fashionable styles looks best? Discuss This Here

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    Mickey O'Neil

    The Gypsy Bare Knucle Fighting Style
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    The Droog's Style
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    The Revenge Style
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    Merritt McKinney

    The Magic Style
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    Detective Lt. Mike Stone

    The Street-Smart 20-Year Veteran Cop Style
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    Benjamin 'Lefty' Ruggiero

    The Good Hearted Mobster Style
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    Michael J. 'Crocodile' Dundee

    The Aussy Style
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    Wayne Campbell

    The TV Show Host Style
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    Raymond 'Red' Reddington

    The Concierge Of Crime Style
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    Rocky Balboa

    The Debt Collector Style
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    The Vigilante Style
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    Mitch Henessey

    The Cheap Detective Style
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    John Hancock

    The Problematic Superhero Style
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    Walter White

    The Drug Lord Style
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    The Mask

    The Anything You Like Style
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    Carl Hanratty

    The Relentless FBI Agent Style
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    Freddy Krueger

    The Dreamy Style
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    John Steed

    The Charming British Intelligence Style
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    Hudson Hawk

    The Cat Burglar Style
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    J.R. Ewing

    The Texas Style
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    The Bodyguard Style
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    Thomas Magnum

    The Head Of Security Style
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    Aldous Snow

    The Rock Star Style
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    Raoul Duke

    Vegas Style
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    Elmo McElroy

    The Master Chemist Style
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    The French Detective Style
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    Max Cady

    The Ex-Convict Style
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    Frank Sachs

    The Art Dealer Style
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    Steve Lopez

    The Journalist Style
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    Mickey Goldmill

    The Trainer Style
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    The Adjustment Bureau Style
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    Det. Jimmy 'Popeye' Doyle

    The Short-Tempered, Workaholic Police Style
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    R.P. McMurphy

    The Mentally Unstable Style
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    Cedric Livingston

    The Excentric Musician Style
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    Jimmy 'B-Rabbit' Smith

    The Rapper Style