‘The Memory Thief’ Will Be Adapted By Radio Silence For 20th Century Fox

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Exclusive: A filmmaking collective called Radio Silence has been hired to adapt 20th Century Fox animated/live-action feature The Memory Thief. Adaptive Studios and Shawn Levy's 21 Laps are producing the film based on the novel from Adaptive Books. Radio Silence is composed of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett and Chad Villella. The collective previously directed Southbound, which premiered at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival. Authored by Bryce Moore, The Memory Thief is…
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Radio Silence and Fox Begin a ‘Family Ritual’

While we’re being told there are a lot of inaccuracies in the report, but until it’s announced, this tracking board is writing that Bloody Disgusting family members Radio Silence (Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, and Chad Villella) are about to begin a Family Ritual with 20th Century Fox. Radio Silence, who directed the final story in our V/H/S, […]
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Fired Espn Tennis Analyst Is a ‘Pariah’ Since Venus Williams ‘Guerrilla’ Backlash, Lawyer Says

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Fired Espn Tennis Analyst Is a ‘Pariah’ Since Venus Williams ‘Guerrilla’ Backlash, Lawyer Says
Doug Adler, the Espn tennis analyst who was fired after referring to Venus Williams’ “guerrilla” style of playing at the Australian Open this year, is currently on the mend after suffering a massive heart attack — an attack that at least one of his doctors has attributed to his firing, and from the accusations of racism leveled at him. When he does get back on his feet, Adler might have a tough time lining up a new gig, to hear his lawyer David Ring tell it. “Radio silence,” is how Ring, who’s representing Adler in a lawsuit against Espn, described Adler’s.
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Have a Bizarre Dinner With ‘Southbound’ (Clip)

Have a Bizarre Dinner With ‘Southbound’ (Clip)
Southbound, which is already out on DVD and VOD here in the States, includes stories directed by Roxanne Benjamin (Xx), David Bruckner (The Signal), Patrick Horvath (Entrance) and Radio Silence (Devil’s Due), several of whom were involved in Tom and my V/H/S films. While the film didn’t get a Blu-ray here, UK readers can now hit the road […]
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DVD Review – Southbound (2015)

Southbound, 2015.

Directed by Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner, Patrick Horvath and Radio Silence.

Starring Chad Villella, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Kristina Pesic, Dana Gould, Zoe Cooper and David Yow.


An anthology of five interlocking stories that centre on different groups of people journeying on a desolate stretch of desert


Despite the promise of the V/H/S and The ABC’s of Death franchises, neither anthology series quite lived up to the ideas that must have looked wonderful on the page. Not that they were terrible or total disasters – although V/H/S: Viral does veer that way – but they just seemed to miss that vital something that made the old standards such as Creepshow and From Beyond the Grave so much fun, leaving the Halloween themed Trick ‘r Treat and Tales of Halloween as the standard bearers for modern anthologies, but they aren’t necessarily movies that work very well
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Lionsgate shocks the horror world and reveals a finished 'Blair Witch' sequel at Comic-Con

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Lionsgate shocks the horror world and reveals a finished 'Blair Witch' sequel at Comic-Con
You sneaky little so-and-sos. Lionsgate premiered Blair Witch, the new reboot of the 1999 horror classic, at Comic-Con earlier tonight, and they gave the exclusive news about the until-now-top-secret film to Entertainment Weekly. What I find amazing is that they’ve screened this film at least once for press and they managed to actually keep the secret until now. I know how embargoes work, and I know how people love to talk, so for Lionsgate to have pulled this off makes me believe once again that you can actually have and keep a secret in this business. Much like 10 Cloverfield Lane did earlier this year, this film snuck up on us while hiding in plain sight. It’s tough to keep the entire existence of a movie a secret, but keeping the nature of it a secret by telling everyone that it’s something else seems to be a workable game plan.
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‘Southbound’ is Getting a Blu-ray Release in the UK…and Has Cool Art!

‘Southbound’ is Getting a Blu-ray Release in the UK…and Has Cool Art!
Southbound, which is already out on DVD and VOD here in the States, includes stories directed by Roxanne Benjamin (Xx), David Bruckner (The Signal), Patrick Horvath (Entrance) and Radio Silence (Devil’s Due), several of whom were involved in Tom and my V/H/S films. While the film didn’t get a Blu-ray here, UK readers will hit the road in […]
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DVD Release Details & Cover Art for Horror Anthology Southbound

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Road trips take detours into fearsome territory in the horror anthology Southbound, coming out on DVD in May from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, and we have the official release details and a look at the cover art:

Press Release: Culver City, Calif. (March 21, 2016) – All roads lead to terror in the acclaimed horror anthology Southbound, available on DVD May 17, 2016, from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. From the creators of the popular V/H/S trilogy, the movie follows the fates of a group of weary travelers who confront their worst nightmares over one long night on a desolate stretch of desert highway. Directed by Roxanne Benjamin (producer, V/H/S 1-3), David Bruckner (V/H/S), Patrick Horvath (Entrance) and the film collective known as Radio Silence (V/H/S), the movie stars Kate Beahan (TV’s “Mistresses”, The Wicker Man), Matt Bettinelli-Olpin (V/H/S), and Mather Zickel (TV’s “Masters of Sex,
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Glasgow Frightfest: ‘Southbound’ Review

Stars: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Chad Villella, Hannah Marks, Fabianne Therese, Nathalie Love, Mather Zickel, David Yow, Tipper Newton | Written and Directed by Radio Silence, Roxanne Benajmin, David Bruckner, Patrick Horvath

Southbound is yet another horror anthology from the people behind the V/H/S trilogy. However unlike that series of films, Southbound actually gets things right. Perfectly right.

Southbound opens and closes with Radio Silence’s The Way Out and The Way In (in that order). A book-ending tale that introduces us to two men on the run, being chased across the desert by ethereal, skeletal grim reapers from which there is no escape. Especially when the pair stop at a gas station… We return to the same tale for the closer, discovering why the pair are on the run and why they are being haunted. Radio Silence’s opener The Way Out really sets the tone for the rest of the film,
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This Southbound Journey has Only One Stop - Hell: A Film Review

*full disclosure: an online screener of this film was provided by Orchard TV. **there is one spoiler after the review. Directors: Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner, Patrick Horvath and Radio Silence. Writers: Roxanne Benjamin, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, David Bruckner, Susan Burke, Dallas Richard Hallam and Patrick Horvath. Cast: Chad Villella, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Hannah Marks, Tipper Newton, Brad Miska and Kristina Pesic. Southbound is an indie horror anthology film, from four directors. Patrick Horvath, of The Signal (2007) fame, brings one of four stories. Though, an initial viewing would make the film appear as if it is five short films; the circular ending brings the film back upon itself. Southbound also brings an inconsistent morality to the screen as one good character finds escape, while another does not. The film also keeps its characters' histories and motivations hidden. This makes an interpretation of the plot difficult. But, the writers do agree on a trapped theme.
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The Quietcast: Radio Silence Talk Southbound

[Editor's note: You can now subscribe to Quiet Earth's podcast on iTunes or via RSS!]

Fans of the V/H/S series may recall seeing the credit Radio Silence and wondering what, who, how...? Well, as it turns out, Radio Silence is not a Daft Punk type filmmaking robot collective, but a team of four directors who adopted the moniker in the face of a last-minute decision prior to that film's first screening.

The directors' real names are Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, Justin Martinez and Chad Villella and after their Youtube short, Mountain Devil Prank Fails Horribly [Continued ...]
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Review: Southbound, Like Twilight Zone For The Indie Horror Generation

A lonely stretch of highway through the middle of nowhere provides ample fodder for the directors of Southbound, a new anthology project that reunites much of the creative team behind previous anthology hit V/H/S with a similarly high quality result. While most anthology projects tend to be developed with each segment in isolation from one another the creators of Southbound chose to take another approach with the segments directly linked into one another with the entire piece weaving into a whole that plays like Twilight Zone for the indie horror generation. Linked or not, these things are always easier to approach in individual chunks and given that there are only four creative teams here we'll look at each individually.Four man collective Radio Silence open and...

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Film Review: ‘Southbound’

Film Review: ‘Southbound’
What with the inferior “V/H/S Viral” having possibly run that hitherto enjoyable franchise aground, some “V/H/S” alumni plus a few newcomers try a different direction with “Southbound.” This entertaining-enough quartet of loosely interwoven terror tales falls right into the middle ground of horror omnibuses, with no outright duds but no truly memorable (or scary) segments either. Pic opens Feb. 5 in New York and Los Angeles, with another 30 or so theatrical rollouts currently booked after its VOD launch on Feb. 9; it should do well with genre fans in various formats.

The primary link among these suspense stories is that they all happen on or near a desolate stretch of desert road. (There’s also a minor connective thread in the audio-only form of Larry Fessenden channeling Wolfman Jack as a regional broadcast DJ.) In the Radio Silence troupe’s wraparound, “The Way Out/The Way In,” two
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Joshua Reviews Southbound [Theatrical Review]

  • CriterionCast
There are few things in the film world more difficult to successfully cobble together than the dreaded horror anthology. With its mixture of narratives, creative voices and actors/actresses, more often than not the horror anthology picture feels closer akin to the type of short film programs many people are flocking to this Oscar season than a fully formed, singular motion picture. For every great one like Trick r’ Treat or Three Extremes there’s a complete dud like the dreadful ABC’s Of Death or the unwatchable Little Deaths. A tough balance to strike between genuine terror and shifting creative visions, the success stories seem to be the exception to the lesser picture’s rule.

That’s what makes the latest attempt at mastering this concept, Southbound, so special. Four directors are accounted for here, including Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner, Patrick Horvath and the runaway stars of this show
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February 2016 VOD Releases Include Southbound, Martyrs, All Hallows’ Eve 2

  • DailyDead
With February being a short month, genre fans only have a handful of horror and sci-fi arriving on VOD to look forward to over the next few weeks. One of my own most anticipated movies for 2016, the horror anthology Southbound, makes its VOD debut on February 9th, courtesy of The Orchard. For those of curious about two of the more buzzed-about remakes in some time – Martyrs and Cabin Fever – both films arrive on VOD on February 2nd and February 12th respectively.

Other notable titles hitting VOD this February include All Hallow’s Eve 2, Convergence, The Veil, Uncaged and Riddle Room.

All Hallows' Eve 2 (Rlj Entertainment) – February 2nd

Alone on Halloween, a young woman finds a mysterious VHS tape on her doorstep—a tape that shows a series of gruesome and ghastly tales that appear to be all too real. But these terrifying glimpses of damned souls are not the only horrors that stalk her.
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Head Down a Highway to Hell in Trailer and First 7 Minutes From Horror Anthology ‘Southbound’

Horror anthologies are all the rage, with both up-and-coming and established filmmakers contributing to works like the extensive ABCs of Death films, and the found footage V/H/S trilogy. Now comes Southbound, a new collection featuring horror shorts directed by V/H/S alums Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner (The Signal), and Radio Silence, as well as Patrick Horvath (Entrance). A trailer and clip of the film’s seven-minute opener were just released, providing a peek at the terror to come.

First, the clip serves as a promising cold opener, dropping the viewer right in the middle of the action as two men in a classic pickup are pursued by dark, spectral beings – and then things start to get weird. While the footage recalls, to some degree, Twilight Zone: The Movie, details have painted Southbound as a twist on the disconnected style of previous anthology films. In an interview,
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13 Must-See Genre Movies of 2016

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Demonic activity, skinheads, and psychopaths: these are the words one might use to describe the upcoming genre films of 2016. From a possessed painter, to a devilish leg wound, to full-on war waged within the confines of a futuristic apartment complex, blood flies and fingers point in what looks to be one of the most intense, purposely-paced and experimental years for independent films to date.

Traces of David Cronenberg's Videodrome and Scanners, Stuart Rosenberg's The Amityville Horror, Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, and Nicholas Hytner's The Crucible can be found within these electrifying new entries from promising, emerging artists, proving that pulling from the past can wind up making a project feel fresh and new.

Although many of the films carry similar traits and themes like directorial debuts, single set locations, cult activity, and the ever-present presence of the devil's unholy spirit, each of these features is unique in its own persona.
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All Roads Lead Southbound in the Film's First Seven Minutes

The first seven minutes for Southbound have been released. This horror anthology features five tales of despair and desolation. The five features have been developed by: Roxanne Benjamin (V/H/S), David Bruckner (The Signal), Patrick Horvath and Radio Silence. And, the first seven minutes have been taken from Radio Silence's short film. The full movie clip is hosted below. The clip shows two bloodied men and a long stretch of highway. They see dark figures in the desert and decide to take a break, at a local rest stop. Here, the customer service is hostile and so are the mens' pursuers. Events get even stranger as it becomes apparent that there is no escape from this isolated locale. Southbound will have a limited theatrical release on February 5th, 2016. Following that, the film will be available through Video-on-demand formats, on February 9th. More details on the film are available past the break.
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Southbound Trailer Teases a Road Trip to Hell

The horror anthology resurgence continues next month with the release of Southbound, a new four-story feature from some of the filmmakers behind the V/H/S trilogy. Their latest follows several characters facing the consequences of past transgressions, but while the segments vary from great to merely okay the film’s biggest strength is a terrifically cohesive structure. From my review: “Rather than fade to black between stories or feature title cards for each, the film transitions naturally between the tales. As one ends the camera moves to another door, a different seat, or the next car approaching on the road and smoothly introduces the characters occupying the next story. It make the entire experience one continuing feature unfolding in a common world of regrets and past sins, and that theme is stronger for it.” Check out the first trailer below. Radio Silence opens and closes the film with the middle segments coming courtesy of Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner
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Five Tales Scorch the Screen with Southbound

The first trailer for the horror thriller Southbound has been released. This film had its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. A film anthology, Southbound features five interlocking terrorific tales. Set to release in early February, the film's first trailer shows several characters on a desolate road. What lies ahead at the next turn? Blood. The film has been shot by four talented film directors, including Roxanne Benjamin (V/H/S), David Bruckner (The Signal), Patrick Horvath and Radio Silence. The film's full, theatrical trailer is hosted here. A few details on each short film have been released. One story involves a band on their way to a show. Another story involves one man's struggle to just get home, while another man searches for his long lost sister. Will any of these characters make it out of the desert? The first trailer cuts from story to story. One
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