Canadian Killer, Convicted in Deaths of 3 Teen Girls, Has Volunteered at Elementary School: Reports

Karla Homolka, who is one of Canada’s most notorious killers, has volunteered at her children’s private elementary school in Montreal, according to multiple news reports.

On one occasion, Homolka was asked to come into the classroom at Greaves Adventist Academy “to show the students something related to knitting,” CTV News reported on Wednesday.

She also went on a field trip with students, along with their adult supervisors, and once brought in a dog for show-and-tell, according to CTV and the Montreal Gazette.

“How would you feel knowing that your child is interacting with a person who is a serial killer?
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Lena Dunham makes joke about Canadian serial killers, annoys Canada

Notorious object of sometimes-legitimate, sometimes-misplaced Internet scorn Lena Dunham is ruffling feathers again. Not for not having enough black people on her show, or signing an inflated seven-figure book deal, but this time for “joking” about notorious Canadian serial killers Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka and their victims. Following friend Mindy Kaling’s suggestion that she, Dunham, and B.J. Novak dress as the West Memphis Three for Halloween, Dunham upped the ante in her patented, unflinching, “I’ll-say-anything” way, tweeting, “You guys go as killer Canadian couple Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka. I’ll be her sister they murdered. Scariest ...
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