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Colin Buckingham arrived at Back Stage's annual Actorfest NY event last year with copies of his headshot and résumé but only a vague idea of whom he might be able to give them to. When the hopeful young actor learned that casting director Barbara McNamara, who casts background performers for the NBC series "30 Rock," was available for one-on-one "meet and greet" sessions in the afternoon, he immediately got in line for his chance to talk to her.Buckingham, a nonunion actor and a sophomore in the undergraduate acting program at Pace University, says he's been a fan of "30 Rock" since the first episode. When it was his turn to sit down for a precious few minutes with McNamara, he forced himself to be more outgoing and talkative than his normally shy personality allows."I talked to her about the show and how I'd been watching it for a long time,
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Looking Back, Looking Forward

We hope you have enjoyed reading the monthly tales from our 2010 Take 5ers. We at Back Stage thank them deeply for revealing so much of themselves and writing so beautifully about the actor's life. It has been an honor to share their stories with you.Are you interested in being among the 2011 Take 5ers? If so, contact Back Stage Executive Editor Dany Margolies at, with "Take Five" in the subject line. Let us know a bit about yourself and your interest in writing, and include a headshot and résumé. We are seeking working actors from anywhere in the country.Allison Strong, Union City, N.J.A warm smile, a firm handshake, some small talk regarding the weird winter weather and last Saturday's ballgame—all components of a strong introduction. One year and 11 "introductions" later, I hope I've made a good impression on the person on the other side of this page.
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