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It: Chapter Two Will Film This Summer, Full Kid Cast Returning

Part of what makes Stephen King’s It so unique – and so engrossing – is that the legendary auteur allows his Pennywise saga to unfold across two decidedly different eras: 1958 and 1985.

And though New Line toyed around with that timeline during the transition from book to screen – Andy Muschietti’s horror hit actually kicks off in 1988 – the 27-year time gap still applies, meaning It: Chapter Two will likely begin in the year 2015, by which point the Losers Club will be fully-grown adults.

It’s a flash forward that has raised a lot of questions in the casting department, and horror fans have been quietly rooting for Jessica Chastain to land the role of adult Bev. But what about those breakout stars that anchored Muschietti’s modern gem? Indeed, will they have a role in the upcoming sequel? Well, if a new report is to be believed, then yes, they most definitely will.
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Quote of the Day: Viola Davis on Receiving Fewer Opps and Less Pay as a Woc

Davis on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

What’s absent from far too many conversations about pay equality in Hollywood — and elsewhere — is recognition of the fact that all women aren’t compensated equally. As bad as things are for women in general when it comes to being underpaid and receiving fewer opportunities than men, the situation is significantly worse for women of color. Viola Davis is reminding everyone about this critical piece of the puzzle.

“We won’t talk about gender inequality of pay. Because a lot of the women who’ve stepped forward — and I stand in solidarity with them, okay? — what they are getting paid, which is half of what a man is getting paid … well, we get probably a tenth of what of what a Caucasian woman gets,” the Oscar winner told W Magazine. “And I’m number one on the call sheet. And then I go in,
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It 2 Targets Summer Start Date with Kid Cast Returning

A new report suggests that It 2 will begin production this summer, ahead of the September 2019 release date. We know that the movie will take place roughly 30 years after the events of the first movie, but no casting for the adults has been announced officially at this time. It is believed that the sequel will include flashbacks, so it's assumed that Bill Skarsgard will return as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. However, nothing has been officially confirmed in terms of the casting yet.

It looks like It 2 will begin filming on June 18th, according to the new report. Additionally, filming will take place in the Toronto/Port Hope area just like the first installment of the big screen adaptation of Stephen King's It. Specifically, it has been reported that production will begin at Pinewood Toronto Studios on that date in June. Port Hope was used as Derry in the first movie
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Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer: Inside the Newlyweds' Whirlwind Romance

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer: Inside the Newlyweds' Whirlwind Romance
Surprise! Amy Schumer is a married woman. The comedienne said “I do” to boyfriend Chris Fischer on Tuesday — just days after confirming their relationship on Instagram. The happy pair tied the knot at a private ceremony in Malibu on Tuesday, sources confirm to People.

And while the newlyweds have been dating since November of last year, Schumer and Fischer have largely kept their relationship out of the spotlight.

Here is a quick look back at their relationship:

A Casual Dinner

The actress was seen grabbing dinner in New York City with the chef and cookbook author in early November.

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Oscars flashback: Octavia Spencer (‘The Help’) takes home ‘the hottest guy in the room’ [Watch]

Oscars flashback: Octavia Spencer (‘The Help’) takes home ‘the hottest guy in the room’ [Watch]
By receiving her third Oscar nomination last month, for Best Supporting Actress in “The Shape of Water,” Octavia Spencer matched and made several Oscar records. She tied with Viola Davis for the most Oscar nominations earned by a black actress (three). She became the first black actress to earn two consecutive nominations (following the 2016 film “Hidden Figures”), and became the first to earn multiple nominations after a previous win.

See Octavia Spencer (‘The Shape of Water’) chats working with Guillermo del Toro, Sally Hawkins, and being ‘protective of your true friends’ [Exclusive Video Interview]

All of these accomplishments have been achieved in just a short eight-year window. With these stats in mind, let’s enjoy an Oscars flashback remembering her victory for “The Help” at the 2012 ceremony (watch the video above). After Christian Bale declares her the winner, she kisses Viola Davis and Jessica Chastain on her way up the steps to a standing ovation.
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Celebrities Show Support for Olympic Skater Adam Rippon

As 2018 Winter Olympics get underway and the eyes of the world are trained on the South Korean county of Pyeongchang, Hollywood seems to have chosen figure skater Adam Rippon as the (possible) favorite athlete of Team USA.

On Sunday night, Rippon made his Olympic debut, performing a difficult routine by landing two triple axels. He received the bronze medal. Despite delivering an energizing performance, Rippon placed lower than Russian skater Mikhail Kolyada and Canadian skater Patrick Chan, both of whom fell during their routines while Rippon did not. Many viewers believed that Rippon was robbed of the gold by the judges, to which Rippon responded on “Good Morning America” by saying “I think we need to get those people who think that I was ripped off on a judging panel immediately, maybe before the individual competition.”

Former NFL player Colin Cole shared his ire with the results on Twitter, saying “Adam Rippon got ripped off (pun intended
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After dropping F-bomb, Sam Rockwell is voted fans’ favorite ‘Saturday Night Live’ host of 2018 [Poll Results]

After dropping F-bomb, Sam Rockwell is voted fans’ favorite ‘Saturday Night Live’ host of 2018 [Poll Results]
It was the F-bomb heard round the world. When Sam Rockwell uttered the dreaded four-letter word during a “Saturday Night Live” sketch about a PBS kids show, he may have earned an FCC fine but he also earned his place in America’s heart. Rockwell has just been voted fans’ favorite “SNL” host so far of 2018, according to the results of our recent poll. It was a narrow victory, with 31% of our poll respondents voting for Rockwell over Will Ferrell (28%), Natalie Portman (27%) and Jessica Chastain (14%).

Rockwell hosted the January 13 episode with musical guest Halsey. During his monologue the movie star poked fun at his newfound leading man status by channeling Elvis Presley and singing and dancing around Studio 8H to “A Little Less Conversation.” Rockwell is having a great 2018. For his role as a racist police officer in “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” he scored an Oscar nomination for Best
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Jessica Chastain has been cut from Xavier Dolan’s The Death and Life of John F. Donovan

Bad news for Jessica Chastain fans looking forward to Xavier Dolan’s The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, as the filmmaker has announced on Instagram that Chastain’s character has been completely cut from the film.

“What you need to hear from me is that Jessica Chastain’s character, after what was a long period of reflection, had to be cut from the film,” wrote Dolan. “It was an extremely difficult decision to make. I feel, toward Jessica, a very sincere love, and a great admiration. The decision was editorial and narrative, in that it has nothing to do with a performance, and everything to do with a character, and the compatibility of its storyline.”

Dolan went on to reveal that his initial cut of the movie was over four hours, and that the “villain subplot” featuring Chastain did not feel in fitting with the rest of the film.
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Margot Robbie (‘I, Tonya’) could be the first person to win Oscar gold for playing a real-life Olympian

Margot Robbie (‘I, Tonya’) could be the first person to win Oscar gold for playing a real-life Olympian
Tonya Harding didn’t win Olympic gold, but Margot Robbie could win Oscar gold for playing the infamous figure skater. If she does take Best Actress next month, the “I, Tonya” star would be the first performer to earn an Oscar for portraying a real Olympic athlete.

Robbie is only the third person and the first woman to be nominated for playing an Olympian, all of which has occurred this century. Will Smith was up for Best Actor for playing Muhammad Ali, who won Olympic gold in the light heavyweight boxing division in 1960, in 2001’s “Ali” and Mark Ruffalo received his second of three Best Supporting Actor nominations for playing 1984 wrestling gold medalist Dave Schultz, who was murdered by millionaire John du Pont (Steve Carell), in 2014’s “Foxcatcher.” Smith lost to Denzel Washington (“Training Day”) and Ruffalo came up short against J.K. Simmons (“Whiplash”).

However, unlike “I, Tonya,” which is
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How 'Avengers' Directors Helped Selma Blair Speak Out Against James Toback

How 'Avengers' Directors Helped Selma Blair Speak Out Against James Toback
When Selma Blair weighed the decision of whether to share her claims that filmmaker James Toback sexually assaulted her in 1999, she received support from Rachel McAdams, Jessica Chastain and two others.

"Really, it was two men who were the most comforting to me in saying, 'You'll be safe, you'll be Ok,'" Blair tells THR. "That was [Guardians of the Galaxy director] James Gunn and [Doctor Strange writer-helmer] Scott Derrickson. They reached out and said how important it was to be on this side of history." (Gunn praised Blair on Facebook in October, calling her "a hero," adding...
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Rose Byrne’s Moira MacTaggert won’t be in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Just as she did with X-Men: Days of Future Past, it seems that X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Apocalypse star Rose Byrne will be sitting out the next – and possibly final – instalment of 20th Century Fox’s main X-Men series, X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

“Unfortunately, Moira MacTaggert is not showing up,” Byrne told CinemaBlend . “I wish she was. I had such fun on X-Men: Apocalypse. I love that cast. It is a really fun, what do you call it? Superhero film… ensemble exactly. I can’t wait to see what [Jessica Chastain] does, cause I’m such a fan.”

Moira MacTaggert may be absent, but writer-director Simon Kinberg has previously revealed that the movie will have a heavy focus on its female characters, which includes Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey, Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique, and Jessica Chastain’s mystery villain, referred to in the first look photos as ‘Smith’.

See Also:
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Watch a 1-Hour Roundtable Conversation with Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone & More

With the Oscars just around the corner, we're in the heat of awards season and The Hollywood Reporter is rolling out their lengthy roundtable discussion with the year's biggest contenders (well, some of them -- these interviews are filmed months in advance, so some of these ladies didn't ultimately land the nomination). The latest 1-hour talk focuses on female actors, and THR lined up one heck of a power squad with Jessica Chastain (Molly's Game), Jennifer Lawrence (mother!), Emma Stone (Battle of the Sexes), Mary J. Blige (Mudbound), Saoirse Ronan (Lady Bird), and Allison Janney (I, …
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The Bachelor: This Season's Most Important Scene Has Nothing to Do With Arie

  • BuzzSugar
This week's episode of The Bachelor was truly the Super Bowl episode of the season, thanks to a round of romantic dates taking place in Paris and the highly anticipated two-on-one date with taxidermy collector Kendall and this season's villain, Krystal. Krystal had already ruffled some feathers throughout the season with her snide comments and her aggressive approach towards winning Arie's heart, so it was no surprise she was chosen for the two on one. During her time with Arie, Krystal revealed to him that she didn't think Kendall was "ready for marriage" and questioned her intentions on being on the show. Arie, of course, divulged this information to Kendall and they cleared the air. When watching Kendall go to confront Krystal, we all anticipated an argument that typically would break out during a two-on-one date, but Kendall shocked and tugged at our heartstrings with her amazing response. "I dated someone like you before,
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One X-Men Cast Member Has Ruled Themselves Out Of Dark Phoenix

The upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix will reunite just about every major character from the previous three movies in the franchise, continuing the rebooted story of the X-Men universe that began with 2011’s First Class. One star of the series who was there at the beginning of this journey was Rose Byrne, who played CIA agent Moira MacTaggert – an ally for the X-Men and a love interest for James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier.

However, we now know that Byrne is one of the few who won’t be part of the next installment. While promoting Peter Rabbit, Cinema Blend questioned the actress about Dark Phoenix and she revealed that, though she would love to have been part of the film, she won’t be.

“Unfortunately, Moira is not showing up. I wish she was. I had such fun on X-Men: Apocalypse. I love that cast. It is a really fun, what do you call it?
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Frank Ocean and Xavier Dolan Interview Timothée Chalamet About High School, Intimacy, and the Future

Frank Ocean and Xavier Dolan Interview Timothée Chalamet About High School, Intimacy, and the Future
When Timothée Chalamet’s name was called during the Oscar nominations announcement, the 22-year-old breakout star of “Call Me by Your Name” become the youngest Best Actor nominee in almost 80 years. The nomination followed numerous award wins from critic groups throughout the fall, and his role as Elio in Luca Guadagnino’s coming-of-age romance has put Chalamet on the radar of everyone in Hollywood and beyond. It turns out he’s also made big fans out of two of his idols: Frank Ocean and Xavier Dolan.

For the new edition of V Man magazine, Chalamet got to meet both Ocean and Dolan for two separate interviews in which he was asked about a variety of different topics, from his high school days in New York City to his movie career in “Call Me by Your Name
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T'weetweek, T'Challa!

a semi weekly collection for those w/ or w/out twitter curated by Nathaniel R

Why do straight people riot when their sport team wins? Like, when Julianne Moore won her Oscar all I did was have an extra mimosa.

— Love. Angel. Music. Benji. (@benarmishaw) February 5, 2018

After the jump little jewel tweets on Saoirse Ronan, Asl in film, Russell Crowe on his next film, and Jessica Chastain relating to Lady Bird. But first Black Panther...
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Quentin Tarantino Talks Uma Thurman’s ‘Kill Bill’ Car Crash & Harvey Weinstein

The story is continuing to unfold from the explosive The New York Times piece this weekend, in which Uma Thurman outlined her sexual assault allegation against Harvey Weinstein, and shared the details (and video) of a horrific car crash on the set of “Kill Bill” that could’ve left her with serious injuries. Quentin Tarantino has taken considerable heat for the latter incident with Jessica Chastain, Judd Apatow, Evan Rachel Wood, Asia Argento and others calling out the director for putting his leading actress through an unsafe stunt.

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Jessica Chastain Cut From Xavier Dolan’s New Movie

  • Slash Film
Jessica Chastain Cut From Xavier Dolan’s New Movie
Don’t expect to see Jessica Chastain in Xavier Dolan‘s new movie. Donlan’s upcoming film The Death and Life of John F. Donovan has a phenomenal cast, but Jessica Chastain is no longer among them. Dolan recently revealed that after much deliberation, he’s has cut Chastain and her character out of the film. Would you cut Jessica Chastain out […]

The post Jessica Chastain Cut From Xavier Dolan’s New Movie appeared first on /Film.
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Watch Hour-Long Roundtables with the Year’s Top Directors and Actors

As Oscar season finally winds down, with less than a month ago until the Academy’s ceremony, the last worthwhile bits from the season are cropping up. The Hollywood Reporter, who used to publish their hour-long roundtables a bit sooner, but thanks to a deal they cut with SundanceTV, they are now releasing them one by one online later.

First up, we have a director’s roundtable, which features Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water), Angelina Jolie (First They Killed My Father), Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman), Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird), Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049), and Joe Wright (Darkest Hour) as they discuss tough decisions on set and the origins of their latest films.

Next up, there’s the actors roundtable, featuring Tom Hanks (The Post), James Franco (The Disaster Artist), Gary Oldman (Darkest Hour), John Boyega (Detroit), Sam Rockwell (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri), and Willem Dafoe (The Florida Project
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‘Saturday Night Live’ poll: Who’s your favorite 2018 ‘SNL’ host so far — Sam Rockwell, Jessica Chastain, Will Ferrell or Natalie Portman?

  • Gold Derby
‘Saturday Night Live’ poll: Who’s your favorite 2018 ‘SNL’ host so far — Sam Rockwell, Jessica Chastain, Will Ferrell or Natalie Portman?
So far in 2018 three movie stars and one former “SNL” cast member have been asked to host Season 43 of “Saturday Night Live.” The late-night staple is on a break now until after NBC’s airing of the Olympics, so it’s the perfect time to look back on how each of these four hosts did at bat. After last year’s viral season that took the country — and the Emmys — by storm, there’s a lot of pressure on “SNL” to keep up the momentum. Which host do You think did the best job in January/February? Vote in our poll below.

SEEFrances McDormand, Gary Oldman, Allison Janney & Sam Rockwell could become first foursome to win every acting award in same year

Sam Rockwell — January 13, 2018

This Oscar nominee for “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” has dominated awards shows in recent weeks, winning Best Supporting Actor prizes at the Golden Globes,
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