Cary Grant's LSD Trips, His Mother's Secret Mental Illness & More Revelations from New Documentary

Cary Grant's LSD Trips, His Mother's Secret Mental Illness & More Revelations from New Documentary
Cary Grant, one of Hollywood’s greatest leading men, was always discomfited by the disconnect he felt between his public image — debonair, to the same degree that Napoleon could be called powerful — and a nagging internal emptiness. He alluded to it in his most famous comment (“Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant”), but the private unhappiness went a lot deeper — as you’ll learn from the fascinating new Showtime documentary Becoming Cary Grant.

“For many years I have cautiously peered from behind the face of a man known as Cary Grant. The protection
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Dina Merrill obituary

Heiress and philanthropist who became a Hollywood star playing poised, upper-class women

There has seldom been more closeness between an acting career and a lifestyle than that of Dina Merrill, who has died aged 93. As an heiress, socialite and philanthropist, Merrill had little trouble portraying upper-crust women in films and television. Her patrician allure led her to be proclaimed “Hollywood’s new Grace Kelly” in 1959. Alas, Merrill was seldom given the chance to shine as much as the star who became a princess. Nevertheless, she had a long career in films from the mid-50s to the mid-60s, and appeared regularly on television from 1955.

Perhaps she was best known on the big screen as Tony Curtis’s love interest in Blake EdwardsOperation Petticoat (1959). The action comedy starred Cary Grant, who had been married to Merrill’s cousin, the Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton. Almost as celebrated was her role
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Iconic Star Zsa Zsa Gabor Has Died at 99 After Suffering from Chronic Dementia for 5 Years

Iconic Star Zsa Zsa Gabor Has Died at 99 After Suffering from Chronic Dementia for 5 Years
The celebrated Zsa Zsa Gabor — long credited with being the first media personality who was famous simply for being famous — died Sunday, her rep confirms to People. She was 99.

” I am pleased that she is finally out of her misery,” her rep Ed Lozzi said in a statement. “For the past five years, Zsa Zsa has suffered chronic dementia, locked away in her mansion laying in a hospital bed being fed through tubes in her naval, not able to speak, see, write or hear. Nor knowing who she was or how famous she was.”

The once-sparkling Hungarian-American socialite had been
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The Academy Puts Strong Accent on British Members During London Film Festival

The Academy Puts Strong Accent on British Members During London Film Festival
On Oct. 14, the Academy organized a tony soiree for its members across the pond during the BFI London Film Festival, where foreign-language Oscar winner Pawel Pawlikowski is currently serving as president of the jury.

Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs toasted London-area members at the historic Winfield House, a villa once owned by Barbara Hutton and husband Cary Grant, which now houses the American ambassador to the U.K., Matthew Barzun — a film fan clearly delighted to host a roster of Oscar nominees ranging from Rooney Mara (accompanied by “Carol” co-star Cate Blanchett and director Todd Haynes) to Ridley Scott, whose latest, “The Martian,” holds the top spot at the box office.

Following a similar event a year earlier at 10 Downing St., the party brought together newly inducted European members, such as Gugu Mbatha-Raw and honorary Oscar winner Kevin Brownlow, with high-caliber veterans, including Joan Collins and Patrick Stewart, rubbing elbows
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Several of Grant's Best Films Tonight on TCM

Cary Grant movies: 'An Affair to Remember' does justice to its title (photo: Cary Grant ca. late 1940s) Cary Grant excelled at playing Cary Grant. This evening, fans of the charming, sophisticated, debonair actor -- not to be confused with the Bristol-born Archibald Leach -- can rejoice, as no less than eight Cary Grant movies are being shown on Turner Classic Movies, including a handful of his most successful and best-remembered star vehicles from the late '30s to the late '50s. (See also: "Cary Grant Classic Movies" and "Cary Grant and Randolph Scott: Gay Lovers?") The evening begins with what may well be Cary Grant's best-known film, An Affair to Remember. This 1957 romantic comedy-melodrama is unusual in that it's an even more successful remake of a previous critical and box-office hit -- the Academy Award-nominated 1939 release Love Affair -- and that it was directed
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The Dildo That Never Was and Grant Quote: 'Expect the Biographical Worst'

Cary Grant and Randolph Scott marriages (See previous post: “Randolph Scott and Cary Grant: Gay Lovers?“) The English-born Cary Grant was married five times: Charles Chaplin’s City Lights leading lady Virginia Cherrill (1934-1935), Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton (1942-1945), Grant’s Every Girl Should Be Married and Room for One More co-star Betsy Drake (1949-1962), Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice and Heaven Can Wait Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee Dyan Cannon (1965-1968), and Barbara Harris (1981-1986). Note: Cary Grant’s last wife was not the Barbara Harris of Nashville, Family Plot, and A Thousand Clowns fame. Cary Grant died at age 82 after suffering a stroke on November 29, 1986, while preparing for a performance of his one-man show, A Conversation with Cary Grant, in Davenport, Iowa. (Photo: Cary Grant and Randolph Scott ca. 1933.) The Virginia-born Randolph Scott was married twice: wealthy socialite Mariana duPont Somerville (1936-1939) and Patricia Stillman, from 1943 to his
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Betty White outs Cary Grant? Take that Newsweek!

  • Pop2it
So much for one Newsweek critic's lame theory that gay actors can't convincingly play straight.

According to a slip of "Hot in Cleveland" star Betty White's tongue on a recent segment with Joy Behar, the sexiest actor of all time -- Cary Grant -- was hiding throughout his career in the same closet as secretly gay Hollywood heartthrob Rock Hudson.

After mentioning Grant along with Hudson as someone everyone in Hollywood knew was gay, Betty immediately covers up her gaffe with an "I don't know. I never had him."

But we remain suspicious.

Not that this is a huge shock to anyone. Despite five marriages (including ones to heiress Barbara Hutton and actress Dyan Cannon), Grant and actor Randolph Scott were rumored to be more than BFFs for years.

But, really, who's next? Humphrey Bogart? James Cagney? Steve McQueen?

C'mon, Betty. Spill!

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