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First Images of the Western Comedy 'Gunless'

Yesterday, The Cultural Post learned that the first images of the upcoming western comedy Gunless have been online for a few days. As you can see on the poster, the film will be released in Canada on April 30.

The film follows the Montana Kid (Paul Gross), a notorious American gunslinger.He staggers into the tiny Canadian hamlet of Barclay’s Brush, life for the town’s 17 inhabitants is about to get exciting. The Kid immediately gets into an unfortunate altercation with Jack (Tyler Mane), the town’s surly blacksmith, which leads to the The Kid ‘calling him out’ for some good old frontier justice – a showdown. But in a place totally ill prepared to deal with a classic gun fight and without a single working pistol to be found, adhering to the code of the American Wild West may prove difficult.

Not able to let go of the ‘code’, The
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