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Avengers to “Disassemble” again in ‘Avengers: No Surrender’?

It’s the end of an Avengers Era as we know it… And in the team’s final days, a change has come to the Marvel Universe in the form of an all-new Weekly epic – which starts this January!

Debuting in the pages of Avengers #675, the Avengers-verse changing Avengers: No Surrender storyline is a weekly saga that unites the casts and creative teams of three titles into an epic tale of heroic action, jaw-dropping cliffhangers, and drastic adventures! The Avengers, Uncanny Avengers and U.S. Avengers come together in a powerhouse of an event that will be unleashed in a story as, and I quote: “spectacular and epic as the Marvel Universe itself”. Hmmm, where have we heard That before?

Featuring one of Marvel’s biggest collaborations to date, each issue will be co-written by superstar writers Mark Waid, Al Ewing and Jim Zub with art by Pepe Larraz for the first month,
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Marvel Promises To Reveal Steve Rogers’ Secret In Secret Empire #9

Now that we’re past the halfway point when it comes to Marvel’s currently unfolding major crossover event, Secret Empire, we fully expect Nick Spencer and company to kick things into high gear. And, for your own safety, it’s recommended that you not take a drink any time the word “secret” is used by either us or the publisher from here on out.

As you know by now, the limited series was granted an extension by one issue not long ago, forcing many readers to question how this book is being paced. Well, according to Marvel themselves, Steve Rogers’ secret – whatever it may be – will be revealed within the pages of Secret Empire #9 later this summer. Needless to say, that gives the creative team plenty of time to explore the fallout in the finale.

In fact, let’s read their teaser before proceeding any further:

When Steve Rogers
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Emily S. Whitten: News and Fun from Nycc!

  • Comicmix
I love visiting New York City, and New York Comic Con is one of my favorite shows. I always have a great time, and this year was no exception. One other thing that remains consistent every year I go is that it all goes by in a total whirlwind blur, and I can barely remember all the things I saw and did, or when they occurred.

But for you, my faithful readers who may not have been able to attend, I’ll try to remember some of the best parts of the weekend, and, as Inigo Montoya would say, “sum up.” So here we go! In no particular order, some of the coolest experiences I had in NYC:

I saw First Date, the Broadway musical starring Zachary Levi, and it was fantastic. I also interviewed Zac at The Nerd Machine booth during the con – so stay tuned for my review
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Amazon Original Comedy Pilots Review

  • SoundOnSight
With the recent release of House of Cards and Hemlock Grove, Netflix has established serious interest in the original programming market. Amazon, another major player in online streaming services with Prime Instant Video, has made the first major step to follow suit. Late last week, 16 pilots were made available for free streaming on Amazon – 8 comedies and 6 children’s series. Most buzz has surrounded the pilot for Zombieland, a series written by the creators of the 2009 film of the same name. But some of the other pilots feature experienced production and acting credits (notably John Goodman in Alpha House and Jeffrey Tambor in Onion News Empire). Amazon is letting viewers fill out mini-surveys for each pilot as a means of collecting feedback to help decide whether or not a series gets picked up for a full season. Sound On Sight is here to offer some feedback for the comedy pilots:

Alpha House
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Black Panther (2011)

  • Planet Fury
Directed by: Mark Brooks

Cast: Djimon Hounsou, Alfre Woodard

Lets shake things up a bit, move into new and unexplored frontiers, and battle beasts the like of which we have never seen! Lets go to American animation!

My benefactors at FanGirlTastic have graciously provided me with some material they would like me to review; among these is a cartoon series that aired on Bet in January of last year: Black Panther. For those of you that don’t know, Black Panther is the first black superhero to appear in mainstream American comics, and made his debut in 1966 during the Silver Age of comic books. The Bet series was animated in the motion comic style, and Black Panther himself was voiced by none other than Djimon Hounsou, of recent films such as Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and Blood Diamond.

The plot is fairly typical of a super hero series. We’re
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Oscar Winners, Kirk Douglas, And Trent Reznor In Today's Twitter Report

The gloves came off when Oscar tweeting began last night. Haters, lovers and Banksy supporters all responded to what was going on at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre Sunday, and in many cases their play-by-play was more entertaining that whatever was going on on-screen.

Kevin Smith, for instance described "Toy Story 3" in his own predictably provocative way, while Kirk Douglas and Trent Reznor both became big topics for other creators. Just don't bring up Gwyneth Paltrow's performance with Jason Aaron, because he clearly was not a fan. Find out who Batman backed, who Patton Oswalt compared to Charlie Sheen and what could have made the night worse down below.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for February 28, 2011.

@ThatKevinSmith Justin, no... Not Another stab at the Banksy joke. Regardless, Schindler's Toybox Wins! I cried more at that flick than my Dad's funeral.

-Kevin Smith, Writer ("Batman: The Widening Gyre,
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'Mad Men' Reviews, 'Halo: Reach' Encounters, And Marvel Cats In Today's Twitter Report

Last week's "Halo: Reach" release has been generating happy tweets on a daily basis in the Twitter Report feed. Yesterday, artist Mike Norton offered an assessment of the game and Nathan Fillion joked around with someone whose name you'll probably recognize at a "Reach" party.

Elsewhere, there was no shortage of "Mad Men" opinions pouring into the feed Sunday night. Mark Millar is just now getting acquainted with the series but if you caught the newest episode "The Beautiful Girls," you'll know what David Gallaher and Paul Southworth were talking about. Find out if you share their sentiments down below where you'll also see some Marvel characters drawn as cats and a "Doom Patrol" work post from Brian Keene.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for September 20, 2010.

@BrianKeene Back in the office. Scripting Doom Patrol this week -- something I've wanted to do since I was 10-years old.
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Twitter Report: Emmy Winners, 'Mad Men' Reactions, And 'Glee' Thoughts

Reactions to the Emmy Awards ceremony last night were enthusiastic and varied in the Twitter Report feed. Warren Ellis wished Jay Leno had had something else to do, while Nathan Fillion wished he could have received a little more attention and Mark Brooks made a "True Blood" discovery.

Big topics in comics were brought up as well, as Eric Powell made a historical claim to using zombies before they were cool, and Christos Gage felt left out when he realized he doesn't have a nemesis in the industry. Find out if you can help him out with his problem below where you'll also find some articulate opinions about "Mad Men" and "Glee."

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for August 30, 2010.

Emmy Awards pt. 1: @warrenellis The Emmys would be more interesting if Jay Leno arrived on a motorbike made from Johnny Carson's bones.

-Warren Ellis, Writer ("Transmetropolitan,
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Twitter Report: Westboro Baptist Comic-Con Protests, Star Wars Debauchery, And Sketches

Well-known protest signs from the Westboro Baptist Church arrived at San Diego Comic-Con this week, and both Gail Simone and Ben Templesmith reacted to their anti-sdcc messages via Twitter. If debauchery was on on their list of gripes, they probably needed to look no further than the G4 party, which Nathan Fillion was keeping an eye on.

Elsewhere, Jon Favreau was still gearing up for his Comic-Con arrival, and it sounds like he's going to be tired. Find out why after the jump alongside a spiffy Olivier Coipel Red Sonja sketch and a look at Dan Slott taking a video game break.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for July 23, 2010.

@MarkBrooksArt Olivier Coipel Red Sonja con sketch step by step part 6- finished!:

-Mark Brooks, Artist ("Cable & Deadpool," "Dark Reign: Young Avengers")

@NathanFillion Slave Leia debauchery at G4 party #sdcc /via @cyborgturkey -- Geekgasm.
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Slayer announce Playing With Dolls horror short

  • Fangoria
With Slayer's World Painted Blood (see our advance rave here) set to hit retail on November 3rd, news is beginning to flow from the Slayer camp. Today brings word that the limited-edition CD/DVD Combo version of the album will come with a 20-minute short film created by Mark Brooks, director of Adult Swim's Metalocalypse.

Get the details and view the trailer below.

Official Statement:

It was only a matter of time before Slayer's lyrics leapt off the printed page and made their wanton way to the visual medium.  The band's discography is gorged with tales of mass murderers, serial sadists and drooling deviants of every stripe - vicious mental cases just begging for a cinematic reception. 

Enter Metalocalypse director and big-time Slayer fan Mark Brooks who created a 20-minute DVD titled Playing with Dolls, a 12-episode video-graphic novel that will be included exclusively in Slayer's World Painted Blood Deluxe Edition,
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