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Play Jackie O in a One-Woman Equity Drama in L.A.

One talented actor is sought for what could be considered a role of a lifetime. “Jackie Unveiled,” a one-woman drama about the life of Jackie Kennedy Onassis that intends to “peek behind the façade of America's most private public figure,” will hold Equity Principal Auditions in Los Angeles for the title role. Naturally, for a role like this, the bar for prospective talent is set incredibly high. The female actor, aged 18 or older, must be able to portray the first lady at the ages of both 38 and 64; at the former age, “a sophisticated, sexually manipulative, fiercely protective mother,” and at the latter attempting to “put her life in perspective as she faces her own mortality.” The team, which includes the drama’s writer Tom Dugan and director Jenny Sullivan, will see talent Sept. 26 in Beverly Hills, California. There will be an initial workshop Dec. 4–9, with rehearsals slated to begin Jan.
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Blu-ray Release: The Other (1972)

Blu-ray Release Date: Oct. 8, 2013

Price: Blu-ray $Tba

Studio: Twilight Time

Uta Hagen learns her grandsons are connected to a series of fatal accidents in 1972's The Other.

The 1972 horror-mystery film The Other, one of the creepier “twins” fright flicks of the Seventies, makes its Stateside Blu-ray debut from Twilight time in October.

It’s the summer of 1935, and twins Niles (Chris Udvarnoky) and Holland (Martin Udvarnoky) spend all their time on the family farm in Connecticut , sometimes congregating in the cellar, though it is prohibited due to their father’s death by falling down the cellar stairs. Their grief-stricken mother (Diana Muldaur) passes most days in her bedroom, while their sister, Torrie (Jenny Sullivan), and her husband, Rider ( John Ritter), are expecting a child soon. Then, the first of a serious of fatal accidents occurs…

Based on actor-turned-novelist Thomas Tryon’s novel of the same name and adapted for the screen by the author,
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'Mad Men': How the cast members are spending their summer vacation

'Mad Men': How the cast members are spending their summer vacation
The Mad Men cast was left somewhat twiddling their thumbs while waiting for show runner Matthew Weiner and AMC/Lionsgate to reach a satisfying end to their fraught negotiations. (Hands were finally shook last night, and we now have a guaranteed two more seasons. Hooray!) But with the show’s production schedule suddenly pushed from a late April to late July start, they’re all staring at an unexpected hole on the calendar. What now for some of our beloveds? (By the way, the Internet voted last night and everyone is totally on board with the idea of Kiernan Shipka
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'V' pilot invades ABC

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  ABC has greenlit a pilot for a reworked version of the '80s sci-fi classic "V." According to Variety, the new pilot was written by Scott Peters, who knows a few things about this sort of material as co-creator and executive producer of "The 4400." Written and directed by Kenneth Johnson, the 1983 original focused on the aftermath of an invasion by the Visitors, seemingly benign aliens.  Naturally, these lizard creators aren't so benign at all. The two-part miniseries, which starred Jane Badler, Marc Singer, Faye Grant, Michael Durrell and Jenny Sullivan, caused a TV sensation when it aired on NBC....
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