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Kung Fu reboot series in the works

Joseph Baxter Oct 2, 2017

Fox is moving forward with a reboot of 1970s series Kung Fu, this time showcasing a female lead and a change of setting...

The template-setting 1970s television series Kung Fu will be the next classic property to go the reboot route. A bidding war amongst networks saw Fox emerge victorious, granting it the rights to revive and update the action-adventure drama, which starred the late David Carradine, this time with a new female hero. Moreover, fans of The CW’s DC comics extended universe shows may welcome the notion, since it will feature the involvement of its continuity godfather, Greg Berlanti.

Fox’s Kung Fu acquisition is a done deal and intriguing plans for the new approach are already in place for a reboot pilot, reports Deadline. Greg Berlanti and his repertory collaborator Wendy Mericle have been tapped as executive producers; an idea that’s fitting, since
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Heartland: Canceled or Renewed for Season 11 on Up TV?

Vulture WatchCan Jack, Amy, and Lou keep the ranch going? Has the Heartland TV show been cancelled or renewed for an 11th season on Up? The television vulture is watching all the latest TV cancellation and renewal news, so this page is the place to track the status of Heartland season 11. Bookmark it, or subscribe for the latest updates. Remember, the television vulture is watching your shows. Are you?   What's This TV Show About?A Canadian family drama on the Up cable channel, Heartland airs on CBC in Canada. The cast includes Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, Michelle Morgan, Chris Potter, Alisha Newton, Shaun Johnston, Jessica Steen, Kerry James, Gabriel Hogan, and Nathaniel Arcand. The scripted TV show centers on the tightly-knit Bartlett-Fleming family of Canadian ranchers in Hudson, Alberta. It follows their challenges and adventures on the Heartland ranch, where they treat horses with special needs, due to neglect, or worse. Along with rehabilitation, they also seek
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Network: Up TV (Us) and CBC (Canada)Episodes: Ongoing (hour)Seasons: OngoingTV show dates: October 14, 2007 — presentSeries status: Has not been cancelledPerformers include: Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, Michelle Morgan, Chris Potter, Alisha Newton, Shaun Johnston, Jessica Steen, Kerry James, Gabriel Hogan, and Nathaniel Arcand.TV show description:A Canadian family drama, the Heartland TV show centers on the tightly knit Bartlett-Fleming family of Canadian ranchers in Hudson, Alberta. The series follows their challenges and adventures on the Heartland ranch.Read More…
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Heartland: Season 11 Renewal Announced for CBC Series

Big news for fans of Heartland. Recently, star Amber Marshall announced CBC has renewed the TV series for an 11th season.The Canadian drama, which airs on Up in the U.S., follows a young woman who has a natural gift with horses. The cast also includes Graham Wardle, Michelle Morgan, Chris Potter, Alisha Newton, Shaun Johnston, Kerry James, Gabriel Hogan, and Nathaniel Arcand.Read More…
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Heartland: Season 10 Coming to Up TV in April

The tenth season of the Heartland TV show is coming next month to Up TV, on a brand new night. Heartland, season 10, premieres on Up, Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 8:00pm. The season 10 premiere consists of two back-to-back episodes.A Canadian drama airing on CBC north of the 49th parallel, Heartland follows a young woman who has a natural gift with horses. Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, Michelle Morgan, Chris Potter, Alisha Newton, Shaun Johnston, Kerry James, Gabriel Hogan, and Nathaniel Arcand star.Read More…
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Heartland: Amber Marshall Previews the Season Nine Premiere

What's in store for the new season of Heartland? Recently, star Amber Marshall previewed the upcoming ninth season of the Up series.The Canadian drama follows a young woman who has a natural gift with horses. The cast also includes Graham Wardle, Michelle Morgan, Chris Potter, and Shaun Johnston. CBC (the show’s Canadian network) has already renewed the series for a 10th season.Read More…
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Anniversaries: Pat Metheny Born 61 Years Ago

Happy birthday to Pat Metheny (born August 12, 1954), one of the few jazz superstars of the past four decades to combine commercial success and critical plaudits. After paying his dues in Gary Burton's band (which he joined at age 19), Metheny put out his first album in 1976 and by the time of his third release two years later was gaining crossover radio play. Though the style of his eponymous band was smooth and tuneful, Metheny had a firm basis in jazz and straight-ahead guitarist gods such as Jim Hall (with whom he eventually recorded a fine duo album).

With success came the challenge of avoiding complacency, which Metheny has met masterfully with a wide-ranging series of albums in a variety of stylistic bags, from atonal skronk to mellow Brazilian, from thorny Ornette Coleman covers to mercurial bebop. Along the way he has lent his prestige to both respected elders (Hall, Burton, Coleman,
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‘Buffy’ Movie Star Kristy Swanson Joins Up TV’s ‘Angels in the Snow’ (Exclusive)

  • The Wrap
‘Buffy’ Movie Star Kristy Swanson Joins Up TV’s ‘Angels in the Snow’ (Exclusive)
Kristy Swanson is moving on from vampires to angels. Swanson, star of the film “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” has signed on for the Up TV Christmas movie “Angels in the Snow,” which began production last week in Vancouver, Canada. See photos: 10 Biggest Christmas Day Box Office Openers (Photos) Based on the Rexanne Becnel novel “Christmas Journey,” the domestic drama revolves around two very different families who find themselves snowbound together in a luxurious cabin during a Christmas blizzard. The affluent yet troubled Montgomery family is headed by workaholic real estate developer Charles (played by Chris Potter of Up’s “Heartland”) and his.
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Jazz Review Roundup

I didn't have enough free time in 2014 to review nearly as many of last year's prolific output of fine jazz albums as I wanted to. Here's a small step toward catching up, plus two 2015 releases (Ligeti/McDonas, The Side Project Saxophone 4tet).

Tom Varner: Nine Surprises (Tom Varner Music)

Composer and French horn player Tom Varner is indeed full of surprises, and they are not confined to the suite of that name (which, surprisingly, has 15 movements). I was most surprised by the outburst of New Orleans jazz in the last piece on the CD, "Mele," which Varner calls "a Gil Evans-influenced variation on the harmonic structure of a pop Hawaiian Christmas song." In general the music here seems highly composed -- these are not heads with strings of solos -- but still allowing for improvisation. The soloists who make the biggest impression are trombonist David Marriott and, no surprise here,
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First Word on and Trailer for Spencer Estabrooks' The Hunt Short Film

Ever since Lon Chaney, Jr., sprouted a puppy nose and lengthy canines in Universal's The Wolf Man, filmmakers have been penning love letters to the iconic film, and Spencer Estabrooks has now added to that canon with his short The Hunt.

Below we have the film's trailer, a still, word on a possible feature incarnation, and more.

First, though, here's the synopsis for Insurrection Films' eight-minute Canadian short:

An estranged father and son head out into the woods to repair their fractured relationship. Alone and isolated, they encounter something beyond their worst nightmares, but there is nothing a little hunting trip can’t fix, right?

The Hunt stars Chris Potter and Rohan Campbell and features creature design by Bleeding Art Industries.

“We set out to make a film that used zero digital effects,” says director Eastabrooks. “We are fans of old school horror, and we didn’t want our
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Check The First Teaser For Spencer Estabrooks' The Hunt

It was all the way back in 2009 that Twitch first came across Canadian director Spencer Estabrooks. He was pushing horror western short Dead Walkers at the time and that tale of the zombified west was so much fun that we've kept an eye on him ever since. And now he's back with a new short titled The Hunt. Insurrection Films Inc. presents The Hunt, directed by Spencer Estabrooks.The short film stars Chris Potter and Rohan Campbell and features creature design by Bleeding Art Industries. "We set out to make a film that used zero digital effects" says director Spencer Estabrooks "We are fans of old school horror and we don't want our monster looking like something out of a video game". "Bleeding Art Industries,...

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Best New Jazz Albums of 2012

When I was putting together my best jazz albums of 2012 article, Ivo Perelman's productive year had him dominating the list, so I made him artist of the year and then compiled a separate top ten of new recordings and a top five of older recordings mostly given their first releases this year. There were still plenty of excellent jazz albums to choose from. Jazz isn't dead, it just has to live on a fixed income.

Artist of the Year: Ivo Perelman

Brazilian tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman's album The Hour of the Star was #18 on my Best New Jazz of 2011 list. He was just warming up for an amazing 2012 in which Leo Records released six -- Six!!! -- Perelman CDs. All of them are excellent (and none of them, alas, are on iTunes yet).

Ivo Perelman/Matthew Shipp/Gerald Cleaver The Foreign Legion Ivo Perelman/Matthew Shipp/Whit Dickey The Clairvoyant
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'The Good Witch's Charm': Catherine Bell juggles 'Army Wives' and Hallmark movies

Whether as a witch or an Army wife, Catherine Bell has been doing a lot of television business lately.

The "Jag" veteran essentially has been playing two series roles for several years, if one takes her recurring part as the seemingly magical Cassie in Hallmark Channel's "Good Witch" TV movies into consideration along with Denise Sherwood, the sometimes brutally realistic character she plays weekly when the Lifetime drama "Army Wives" is in season.

"The Good Witch's Charm" -- the fifth entry in the franchise -- makes its Hallmark debut Saturday, Oct. 27, immediately after a marathon of the four earlier films. Business owner, small-town mayor, stepmom and new biological mom Cassie never has been proven to be an actual sorceress, but that confirmation might be closer as a reporter's (Geordie Johnson) interview with her reveals a strange phenomenon and goes viral ... bringing an unwanted form of attention to Cassie and her locale.
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Faced Productions Releases 'Big Top Evil' Trailer

By Seth Metoyer,

Sean Haitz, Chris Potter and their company Faced Productions (creators of Mangrove Slasher 2) have been hard at work on their second feature film, Big Top Evil.

The film is a horror/thriller which sports some of the most famous circus acts from all around the world. Some of whom even work with the Ringling Bros Circus. Such acts as the famous Wallendas. The entire film was shot in the most famous circus town Sarasota, at the Ringling Headquarters and other circus locations.

"Big Top Horror" was shot with all volunteer actors with a budget of $20,000. Their first film was shot for $1,000 bucks with a Dslr.

Check out the trailer below the synopsis, which features the famous high wire act the Duo Guerrero. Additionally, Alex Wallenda performs fire juggling duties. The movie also features Vincente Quiros, who works with Cirque Du Soleil.

Also, check out an
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First Word on and Official Trailer for Big Top Evil

The first word on a new indie film coming out of Florida, Big Top Evil, hit our inbox today, and we have all the early details on the flick along with a look at the official trailer.

Producer/director Sean Haitz (Mangrove Slasher 2) told us of Big Top Evil: "It's a horror/thriller. We have been lucky enough to have some of the most famous circus acts from all around the world appear in it, some even working with the Ringling Bros. circus. Such acts as the famous Wallendas. We shot the entire film in the famous circus town of Sarasota; it was a real thrill to shoot at the Ringling headquarters and other circus locations. We used all volunteer actors, and we will be releasing Big Top Evil through our company, Faced Productions, later this year." His co-director on the project is Chris Potter.


A group of mid-twenties
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Actual Circus Performers Appear in Cirque du Slay

Who doesn't love the circus? The exotic animals, the aerial performers and the clowns…the goddamn clowns. New film company Faced Productions is currently filming a feature entitled Cirque du Slay, which is not only based in a circus atmosphere but is being filmed in classic Sarasota, Florida, circus locations with actual performers participating. It's like a modern-day version of Freaks.

Cirque du Slay is currently in production. Keep an eye right here for more info.

From the Press Release

Sean Haitz and Chris Potter, creators of Mangrove Slasher 2, have started a production company they’ve named Faced Productions. Their new feature film, which has been in development since the Sarasota Film Festival, will be a horror-thriller featuring the circus--a subject very near and dear to Sarasota, Florida, where it all started with the Ringling Brothers.

Shooting will be held at real locations where circuses performed, such as the Ringling winter headquarters.
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Paul Motian (March 25, 1931 - November 22, 2011)

Paul Motian passed away at age 80 yesterday after complications from the bone-marrow disorder myelodisplastic syndrome. In a career that exceeded five decades, Motian was one of the most respected drummers in jazz history as well as a superb composer and adept bandleader. Critic Art Lange called him "that rare commodity, an intimate drummer." And here's a bit of trivia: Motian played at Woodstock, in Arlo Guthrie's band.

Even music lovers largely unfamiliar with jazz have heard his work with pianist Bill Evans, whose trio Motian played in from 1959 to 1964. Other piano greats who availed themselves of Motian's subtly swinging sense of rhythm included Thelonious Monk, Herbie Nichols, Keith Jarrett, Paul Bley, Carla Bley, Lennie Tristano, Mose Allison, Martial Solal, Enrico Pieranunzi, and Marilyn Crispell.

On his own records (perhaps to avoid comparisons?) he favored guitarists instead, most notably Bill Frisell. After graduating from their '80s apprenticeships in Motian's trio and quintet,
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Hallmark Fall Movie Preview: Natalie Hall, Greg Vaughan, Faith Ford, Kim Delaney & More!

Hallmark Channel has released a list of Fall movies whose casts include a number of soap opera stars. First up though Desperate Housewives' Nicollette Sheridan stars in Honeymoon For One, A Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere debuting Saturday, August 13 at 9p/8c.

See the fall movie list below which includes All My Children's Natalie Hall and Kim Delaney, General Hospital's Greg Vaughan and As The World Turns' Dylan Bruce.

Love Begins

Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere

Saturday, September 17 (9p.m. Et/Pt, 8C)

Starring: Nancy McKeon, Wes Brown, Julie Mond, Abigail Mavity, Jerry Burns

Love Begins” is the prequel inspired by award-winning author Janette Oke’s most beloved book series Love Comes Softly and Oke’s iconic hero Clark Davis (Brown). Clark’s adventurous dreams of seeing the world are cut short when he lands in jail after a café brawl. Clark strikes a
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'Heartland' Heading to the USA

The Canadian family drama TV series Heartland got exported to the USA. Besides, the show will be broadcasted in 2010-2011 by many American networks.

The show takes place in the Rocky Mountains in the Canadian province of Alberta. Amy (Amber Marshall) and Lou Fleming (Michelle Morgan) and their grandfather Jack Bartlett (Shaun Johnston) live on a ranch. Despite facing competition from Ashley Stanton, a wealthy rancher, the Fleming sisters want to keep their late mother's (Lisa Langlois) dream alive. This dream consists in healing abused and neglected horses.

The TV series stars Chris Potter, Graham Wardle, Nathaniel Arcand, Jessica Amlee and Greta Onieogou.

Moreover, CBS, Tribune, Sinclair, Hearst, Lin, Meredith, Nexstar and Belo among major groups that acquired the Canadian TV series.

Finally, no American premiere date has been announced.
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[TV] X-Men: Volume 5

Admittedly, I have an unjustifiable level of love for this cartoon. It wasn’t the best of its time, nor did it always make sense the way the episodes were arranged with no respect to an overarching timeline, but it was fun. It has sappy one-liners from Wolverine and Gambit; it cements Cyclops as the dickish leader; and it lets many of the great villains from the X-Men universe get a moment in the spotlight. Sure, it was inferior to Bruce Timm’s spectacular Batman: The Animated Series, but what cartoon of that era wasn’t? Despite its chronological shortcomings, the series as a whole maintained a superb visual aesthetic, great characterization, and interesting plots – at least until the end of the season. Just like Batman, which changed its name to The Adventures of Batman & Robin and altered its awesome opening sequence, some studio exec decided the X-Men series needed
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