Untold stories, part 1 by Anne-Katrin Titze

Jon Nguyen on first meeting David Lynch: "In Poland, when he was making Inland Empire." Photo: Anne-Katrin Titze

Connecting a Mr Smith in Boise, Idaho, to Winkie's diner, splitting Naomi Watts in two, a Bob Dylan memory turned into Jeanne Bates and Dan Birnbaum coming out of a bag, and The Cowboy Monty Montgomery in Mulholland Drive, the air in Eraserhead, a Blue Velvet moment, the lines of Lost Highway, David Lynch's daughters Lula (Laura Dern's name in Wild At Heart) and Jennifer (voice in The Alphabet, starring Peggy Lynch) as bookends, cinematographer Jason S on call to film Jon Nguyen, Rick Barnes and Olivia Neergaard-Holm's David Lynch - The Art Life - all this and more came into my conversation with one of the directors.

On Mr. Smith: "I think the only person that knows is David. Just as he's the only one who
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'Sometimes the fish talks back to you'

If you thought David Lynch's films were weird, just wait till you hear him sing. Xan Brooks catches up with the surrealist maestro in the Paris workshop where he's plotting his next creative masterstroke

Tear up the notepad and throw out the questions: this road map is getting us nowhere. Across the table, David Lynch appears to be gently yay-and-naying me to death. "Yes and no," is his reply to my first query. "No, well, maybe," is how he greets the second. I feel as though I'm stuck on my own personal stretch of Mulholland Drive, going round and round in an endless loop.

All of which is oddly reassuring. We go to Lynch for severed ears and nightmare rabbits, dancing dwarfs and haunted radiators. We look to him for worlds that are wild at heart and weird on top. Straight answers and facile interpretations have never been his bag.
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