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Michonne Takes Out Some Walkers In New Walking Dead Season 8B Clip

With the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead quickly approaching, AMC is ramping up the promotion and after giving us a sneak peek of the episode just earlier this week, we now have another one. Though brief and not terribly revealing, we do get a look at Danai Gurira’s Michonne acting her usual badass self as she slices up some walkers at the entry of Alexandria.

Of course, what fans are no doubt most curious to see when it comes to this particular character is how she’s going to deal with the impending death of one Carl Grimes. We’ve already heard from the actress that she’s “absolutely devastated” by it and in a recent interview, she explained a bit more, saying:

“I got a little depressed for a while. Straight up. You’re in the story. You’re in it, and you’re also in a family.
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New Walking Dead Posters Suggest It’s Time To Kill Negan

Subtlety and The Walking Dead aren’t often bedfellows. Exhibit A: these brand new posters for the second half of season 8, one of which references Rick Grimes’ promise to kill Negan that he made the day the pair met. This was way back at the end of season 6, which was nearly two years ago. The one poster appears to be hinting that Rick should shit or get off the pot in regards to the whole Negan thing, while the other flips the table, showing Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s big bad with the message “Kill Rick” on it.

Right now, Grimes’ aforementioned promise seems to be in doubt. The latest trailer sees Carl attempting to convince Rick that if he kills Negan he’ll merely be perpetuating the cycle of brutality and viciousness that’s gradually consuming the world and directly causing people like Negan to flourish. It’s a decent argument,
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Morgan Faces Saviors And Walkers In The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Clip

It’s been a long couple of months for The Walking Dead fans, as they’ve been patiently awaiting the return of the hit AMC zombie drama. After all, the midseason finale ended on a nail-biting cliffhanger when Carl Grimes was revealed to have been bitten by a walker.

Though we still haven’t seen any footage that sheds light on his imminent demise, one new clip from the upcoming midseason premiere – titled “Honor” – has arrived online today and features a tense scene, as Morgan Jones (Lennie James) stakes out some Saviors. Things then get even more problematic as he finds himself cornered by zombies, yet the old survivor, who’s faced much worse than this, is able to use his smarts to turn the situation to his advantage.

Fans will know that Morgan’s days on The Walking Dead are numbered, but not because he’s set to die.
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We Haven’t Seen The Last Of Rick And Morgan On The Walking Dead

We haven’t seen the last of Rick Grimes and Morgan Jones.

At least, that’s according to Andrew Lincoln, who recently hinted at a possible reunion between the two seasoned survivors beyond The Walking Dead season 8.

Ahead of the show’s mid-season premiere next Sunday, Lincoln, who plays the gun-toting Rick Grimes on AMC’s undead juggernaut, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the back-to-back departures of Chandler Riggs (Carl) and Lennie James (Morgan), who have been involved in The Walking Dead ever since its humble debut eight years ago.

The former is set to be killed off in “Honor,” the super-sized (and mid-season!) premiere that is poised to get the ball rolling on February 25th, before Lennie James’ fan-favorite becomes the bridge that unites The Walking Dead with its sibling series, Fear The Walking Dead.

In doing so, he’ll make history, and it’s fair to say that
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The Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira Is “Absolutely Devastated” By Carl’s Death

Fans of The Walking Dead are currently preparing themselves for the impending exit of Chandler Riggs from the show in the upcoming midseason premiere. Carl Grimes was revealed to have been bitten by a walker in the final moments of the last episode, meaning that Rick’s young son doesn’t have long left. It’s a big deal, too – one of the most significant deaths the series has ever served up, in fact – as Riggs has been part of Twd since season 1.

It’s no surprise, then, that his loss is hitting his co-stars very hard. While talking to The Huffington Post, Danai Gurira – who plays Rick’s girlfriend and Carl’s surrogate mother figure, Michonne – opened up about her feelings on the storyline. She said that she’s in tune with her character over this as she’s both “absolutely devastated” by Carl’s/Riggs’ exit in front of and behind the camera.
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New Walking Dead Photos Tease The Aftermath Of Carl’s Death

The clock is ticking for young Carl Grimes.

Just before Christmas, The Walking Dead mainstay, one who has been a cornerstone of AMC’s zombie drama from the beginning, suffered a fatal walker bite, indicating that his days are very much numbered.

Shell-shocked, Rick Grimes struggled to process what is undoubtedly the show’s biggest death – so far, at least – and that’s something that can be said about The Walking Dead‘s impassioned community, too, who will be forced to say goodbye to the young, and often times fearless Carl Grimes on February 25th.

But what comes after that? Well, we know that in the aftermath of his son’s death, Rick will be taking his proverbial last stand against Negan and the Saviors. When it comes to episode 8×10 in particular though, which will be the first one after Carl’s made his exit, we’ll see the various
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The Walking Dead Creator Says Judith Could Takeover When Rick Dies

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but at this point, it’s really a question of when Rick Grimes will die on The Walking Dead, rather than if. Andrew Lincoln has hinted at it, creator Robert Kirkman has basically confirmed it and showrunner Scott Gimple has flirted with the matter, too. Rick’s not making it to the end, folks, and you’d best start preparing yourself for what’ll no doubt be an emotional exit.

Again, we don’t know exactly when he’ll bite the bullet, but one thing that’s sure to spring to people’s minds as they contemplate a Walking Dead without Rick is who could take over as leader? Well, that also remains to be seen, but speaking at 2018’s Walker Stalker Cruise, Kirkman hinted that it could potentially be Judith, or even someone that hasn’t been introduced yet.

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New Walking Dead Season 8B Poster Will Have You Seeing Red

Proving that Maggie Rhee won’t be the only one forced onto a path of vengeance later this month, AMC has now pumped out another Rick-centric piece of promo material for The Walking Dead‘s mid-season premiere. And it’s certainly heavy on the foreshadowing and light on spoilers.

Unsurprisingly, Andrew Lincoln’s wounded hero is very much the focus of this new poster and can be seen making his proverbial “last stand” as a sea of red envelops him, no doubt teasing the bloodshed that’s to come. There’s not much else to take from this one sheet, as that’s all it shows us, but Rick’s clearly gearing up for his final confrontation against Negan and his malevolent goons (Aka the Saviors), which is sure to lead to some explosive episodes as AMC’s hit zombie drama barrels towards its season finale.

Until we get to all that,
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The Walking Dead season 8 episode 9 spoiler-free review: Honor

John Saavedra Feb 12, 2018

The Walking Dead midseason premiere is surprisingly satisfying, say our Us chums in this spoiler-free review...

This review originally appeared on Den Of Geek Us.

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8.9 Honor

Where else could I begin but with the big cliffhanger at the end of the midseason finale, as young Carl Grimes awaits death in the sewers underneath Alexandria? I'm going to stay away from spoilers since we're still two weeks out from the midseason premiere, but what I can say is that Honor delivers on this cliffhanger as well as a few other threads that were left hanging in How It's Gotta Be. In fact, The Walking Dead returns with its most efficient episode of the season, moving along at a record pace (at least for this show).

This episode is certainly the first
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Robert Kirkman Says Rick Will Eventually Die On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has seen what feels like an endless amount of beloved characters die over its past seven and a half seasons. However, one person we’ve always felt was safe is Rick Grimes. Andrew Lincoln’s former deputy sheriff has remained at the core of the show throughout, so it would be near-impossible to continue on without him. Right? Right?

Well, maybe not. Creator Robert Kirkman has already teased in the past that the fan favorite character won’t be making it to the finish line, and while we still don’t know exactly how much longer he’s got left, both Kirkman and Lincoln have been hinting at an exit sooner rather than later. We don’t expect it to happen this season of course, but it is on the cards and in case you need more confirmation, we’ve got some for you.

Speaking during a
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Here’s How The Walking Dead Cast Find Out They’re Going To Die

The Walking Dead has had no shortage of shocking deaths over the past eight seasons, to say the least, but it may have just committed its most controversial character exit ever. As everyone knows by now, the midseason finale that aired in December revealed that Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) had been bitten by a walker, meaning that Rick’s son is sure to meet his end when the show resumes later this month.

While it’ll no doubt be extremely difficult for fans to say goodbye to the character, we imagine it must be even tougher for Riggs himself to exit the show, as he’s been a part of it since the beginning. In fact, given how close the cast of The Walking Dead is, it’s probably tough for any of the actors/actresses to depart, and despite what you may think, they’re often not even told
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Go behind-the-scenes of The Walking Dead season 8B with new featurette

With exactly two weeks to go until the return of The Walking Dead, AMC has released a behind the scenes featurette which includes interviews with cast members Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Lennie James (Morgan), and executive producers Greg Nicotero, Denise Huth, and Tom Luse and gives us a look at whats ahead in season 8B; watch it below…

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All out war has had a devastating impact on every person involved. The communities themselves are fractured. Alexandria has been destroyed, the Hilltop finds themselves pinned, and the Kingdom is shattered — half of them dead, the other half controlled by the Saviors. At the very center — Rick, having been distracted by the conflict, has just returned home to learn that Carl, who heroically shepherded
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Will Carl’s Death On The Walking Dead Change The Comics?

The Walking Dead‘s recent midseason finale featured one of the zombie drama’s most shocking moments ever, as Carl Grimes was revealed to have been bitten by a walker, meaning his time on the show will surely come to end when Twd returns (at least, we assume that’ll be the case).

With Chandler Riggs’ character having been part of The Walking Dead since the very beginning, it’s hard to imagine just how much his death will affect the other survivors that have known him the longest. This is especially true of Rick Grimes, as played by Andrew Lincoln, who we’ve seen risk everything to protect his son over the past eight seasons.

Not only will this be the show’s biggest death yet, but it’s also the biggest deviation from Robert Kirkman’s comics to date, leading to some disgruntled reactions among The Walking Dead community.
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Finish The Fight With This New Walking Dead Promo

Regardless of whether you sided with the New England Patriots or are still hoarse from celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles and their historic win, we have some exciting news to jolt you out of your Super Bowl Lii hangover: AMC has dropped a brand new promo for The Walking Dead season 8, episode 9, which will be with us on February 25th.

For those who don’t know, the midseason premiere will release as “Honor,” with the official synopsis teasing an 82-minute ride involving “new difficulties” and “hard decisions.” And now, as we quickly approach the show’s return, the trailers are coming in thick and fast. Over the past few days, we’ve seen one promo after another hitting the web and today, we’ve got another one. Unlike the last preview, though, this one shifts the focus to the fight that’s brewing.

It’ll take place between Andrew Lincoln’s
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Exclusive Interview: Strike Back cast dishes on everything

Cinemax is back in the action-drama business as a new season and new cast dazzles in Strike Back: Retribution. It is the sixth series and second revamp in total based on the eponymous novel by former Special Air Service (Sas) soldier Chris Ryan. The previous Cinemax iteration that ended in 2015 starred Berlin Station’s Richard Armitage and The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln. The result of the reboot is a tight, non-stop action yarn made with cinematic production and a cracking new cast who have sweat equity in their respective roles. There’s a team of four badass soldiers in the field, more
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Lauren Cohan reportedly rejects new Walking Dead contract and is fielding pilot offers

If rumours are to be believed, The Walking Dead may be about to lose one of its longest-running survivors, with Deadline reporting that Lauren Cohan – who plays Maggie Rhee on the hit AMC drama – has rejected a new contract and is currently fielding offers for new TV pilot projects.

Apparently, Cohan – who first joined the series in its sexond season – was said to have been seeking parity with her male co-stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, but was only offer a modest pay increase for a long-term contract, which was rejected.

This is of course standard tactics during contract renegotiations, but Deadline’s report claims that AMC did not follow up the rejection with an improved offer, and there has been no further talks between the two parties. With the actress contractually free to explore other opportunities, it is said that she is in hot demand, and has been taking pilot meetings with multiple networks.
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‘The Walking Dead': Hear Carl’s Last Words in New Season 8 Trailer (Video)

  • The Wrap
‘The Walking Dead': Hear Carl’s Last Words in New Season 8 Trailer (Video)
(Warning: spoilers ahead for Season 8) All “Walking Dead” fans can talk about until Season 8 returns is the impending death of Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs)–and now we have more fuel for our teary conversations. In a new trailer released Friday, we get to hear some of Carl’s very last words before he succumbs to his zombie bite–and the Og Alexandria crew returns to the Hilltop without him. At the beginning of the trailer, above, we see Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) leaning over Carl, who is looking very ill. Also Read: 'The Walking Dead:' A Brief Showrunner History “You put away...
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The Walking Dead May Be Losing Maggie

It’s bad enough that fans of The Walking Dead will soon have to come to terms with saying goodbye to young Carl Grimes, but now we’re hearing that Lauren Cohan’s Maggie might be next. Granted, there’s been nothing happening on the show that points to her meeting her end, but a new report from Deadline sheds some light on what’s been going on behind the scenes lately, and it’s certainly a bit concerning.

Apparently, the actress’ contract is up at the end of season 8 and she’s now looking for a pay increase, one which will put her in the same ballpark as Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. AMC has refused, however, and will only agree to a minor raise. From what we understand, Cohan isn’t interested in that and is still fighting for a higher salary. And though she may very well get it,
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‘The Walking Dead:’ A Brief Showrunner History

  • The Wrap
It’s no secret that “Walking Dead” fans are super invested in the show’s leadership — even notoriously so. With the new shakeup, we thought we’d take a look back on the show’s showrunners and the impact each of them left. Scroll on! (there may be minor spoilers ahead, so beware). Season 1: Frank Darabont Darabont was fired in July 2011 because of “his volatile and disturbing interactions with the staff and talent,” AMC’s lawyer said at the time. Darabont responded by suing AMC $280 million in damages in 2013. Also Read: 'The Walking Dead' Star Andrew Lincoln Promises 'Catharsis' in Carl's Upcoming Final Episode Last...
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Strike Back Review: A Shaky Series Return Still Packs Plenty Of Firepower

The revival of Strike Back probably won’t come as much of a surprise to those who’ve watched the series before. It has already undergone a similar cast upheaval when the somber and conspiratorial first season, starring Richard Armitage and Andrew Lincoln, was transformed into the Lethal Weapon-like buddy antics of Stonebridge and Scott (played for four seasons by Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton, respectively). The transition was a success, and it became a gateway for Cinemax to move into more original programming — albeit in conjunction with Sky One, in this instance. The series was marked by its globe-hopping story lines and ability to deliver sustained action sequences that were some of the best offered anywhere on television. But when the series called it quits after season 4 (or season 5 in the U.K.) it didn’t take long before there were rumblings of bringing the series back, to
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