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Arrow Video’s February 2018 Blu-ray Releases Include Basket Case Limited Edition, Scalpel, The Gruesome Twosome

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Even after all of your presents are unwrapped and your tree is packed away (or put on the curb), Arrow Video will continue to give the gift of new horror Blu-ray releases for fans looking to expand their collections. The company just announced their impressive February 2018 slate of Blu-rays, including a limited edition version of Frank Henenlotter's Basket Case, The Gruesome Twosome, and much more!

From Arrow Video: "Time for our new announcements! First up two titles coming from Arrow Records and Books this December…

New Arrow Book: The Hitcher (Book)

Pre-order now:

Release date: 29th December

Robert Harmon’s 1986 film The Hitcher is a complex beast: reviled at the time of its release, it has been adored in the long term as one of the most intoxicating, unrelenting highway cult films ever made. Starring Rutger Hauer in the title role whose alluring villainy
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October Horrors 2017 Day 3 – The Hitcher (1986)

The Hitcher, 1986.

Directed by Robert Harmon.

Starring Rutger Hauer, C Thomas Howell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Jeffrey DeMunn.


Jim is delivering a car from Chicago to San Diego when he stops to pick up a hitchhiker named John Ryder who quickly reveals himself as a serial killer who kills anyone foolish enough to pick him up. Narrowly escaping from Ryder’s clutches, Jim soon finds himself being pursued across the desert road by his new foe – a foe who will not stop until he kills his new prey.

Hitchhikers are a favorite of the horror genre with them either being the unsuspecting victim about to be picked up a passing psychopath or, more often than not, it’s the hitch-hiker who is the psychopath hoping to catch a ride with his latest victim. For me, one of the best examples of this trope comes in the form of Robert Harmon
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Book Review: Eric Red’s White Knuckle

Shock reviews Eric Red’s blistering road horror novel White Knuckle. Calling writer/director Eric Red the king of “Highway Horror” is appropriate. Witness some of his earliest and best known credits, serving as screenwriter for Robert Harmon’s blistering 1986 meditation on masculinity and violence The Hitcher and Katherine Bigelow’s 1987 neo-western vampire drama Near Dark. Both…

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Drive-In Dust Offs: The Hitcher

I’ve never picked up a hitchhiker. Not once even thought of doing it. The idea of having a complete stranger ride beside me, not knowing who they are or what they are capable of doing (or already done), terrifies me. This basic fear (and others) is at the heart of Robert Harmon’s The Hitcher (1986), a surrealistic cat and mouse game played out on the lonesome highways of Texas.

Produced by HBO Pictures and Silver Screen Partners and released by TriStar Pictures, The Hitcher was not a success at the box office, costing $6 million Us and barely eking that out in returns. Reviews were mixed, everything from worthless trash to artful exploitation. The truth is somewhere in between – while the film has the veneer of Michael Mann, it plays as a discombobulated Michael Myers. The film is very open to interpretation, allowing the viewer to graft on their own
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‘Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise’ Debuts Oct. 18 on Hallmark Channel

‘Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise’ Debuts Oct. 18 on Hallmark Channel
Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise,” the revival of Tom Selleck’s detective drama franchise, will debut Oct. 18 on Hallmark Channel.

The cast includes William Devane, Gloria Reuben, Leslie Hope and Luke Perry, who will join Selleck in his return as the title character. “Jesse Stone” will encore on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries on Oct. 25.

Tom Selleck is a TV legend and ’Jesse Stone’ is a cornerstone franchise on our very successful Hallmark Movies & Mysteries,” said Michelle Vicary, exec VP of programming and publicity at Crown Media Family Networks. “While unprecedented to debut a program across our networks, we want Tom’s millions of fans to see one of TV’s greatest actors reprise one of his best roles ever.”

Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise” marks the 10th anniversary of the detective franchise that are based on the Robert B. Parker book series. Robert Harmon returns to direct in the tenth
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New Blue Bloods Season 5,Episode 12 Spoiler Promo Clip Hit The Net

Last night, CBS served up the new, promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming "Blue Bloods" episode 12 of season 5, and it gives us new looks at some very intense and high drama scenes as a young homeless dude flips his wig and tries to run away from the cops, and more! The episode is labeled, "Home Sweet Home." In the new, 12th episode official plotline: Jamie is going to end up, asking Danny for help when he finds a homeless teen who claims his aunt was killed by her boyfriend. Plotline number 2: Jamie will get Danny involved when he finds a homeless teen who claims his aunt was killed by her boyfriend. In the meantime, Erin is going to get angered when McCoy replaces her as the prosecutor on a case involving a corrections officer. The episode was written by Bryan Goluboff, and it was directed by Robert Harmon.
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New Blue Bloods Season 5,Episode 12 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By CBS

Recently, CBS released the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "Blue Bloods" episode 12 of season 5. The episode is entitled, " Home Sweet Home," and it turns out that we're going to see Jamie attempt to help a homeless teen that's claiming to be a witness of a vicious murder, and more. In the new, 12th episode press release: Jamie will ask Danny for help when he finds a homeless teen who claims his aunt was killed by her boyfriend. Press release number 2: Jamie is going to get Danny involved when he finds a homeless teen who claims his aunt was killed by her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Erin will get angered when McCoy replaces her as the prosecutor on a case involving a corrections officer. Guest stars feature: Matthew Minierio (Tj), James Lesure (Alex McBride), Kacie Sheik (Christy Stewart), David Starzyk (Evan Beck), Kevin McCormick (Ghost), Rosalyn Coleman (Lisa Kelly), Joel Brady (Det.
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'Blue Bloods' Season 4, episode 17: 'Knockout Game' causes expectant couple's tragedy and more

A personal tragedy can affect someone in unforeseen ways.

Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) got new proof in "Knockout Game," Friday's (March 14) episode of CBS' "Blue Bloods" written by co-executive producer Brian Burns and directed by Robert Harmon, who also worked with series star Tom Selleck on most of the "Jesse Stone" TV movies.

The story opened with expectant parents Mike and Stephanie Rose (guest stars Josh Segarra and Rose Hemingway) taking an evening stroll and discussing possible names for their child. Suddenly, a gang of youths came rushing up behind them and one punched Stephanie in the face, felling her. A panicked Mike cradled her and screamed for help.

Frank (Selleck) already had concerns about the so-called "knockout game" being practiced randomly throughout the city's boroughs. As he struggled to determine factors linking the attacks, he ordered the NYPD to reach out to informants for any potentially useful information.

At a hospital,
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'Blue Bloods' Season 4, Episode 9: Maria runs into very personal 'Bad Blood'

Thanksgiving is coming for the Reagan family, too -- but if their anticipation of the holiday wasn't tempered by crime concerns, it wouldn't be "Blue Bloods."

Maria (Marisa Ramirez) had a particularly rough time with family matters in "Bad Blood," Friday's (Nov. 22) episode of the CBS police drama written by co-executive producer Daniel Truly and directed by Robert Harmon, who also has worked with series star Tom Selleck on all but one of the "Jesse Stone" TV movies.

A murder investigation began for Maria and Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) outside a Spanish Harlem bar, but they soon went in to interrogate the very enthusiastic, soccer-watching patrons. They came up empty on suspects, until a security tape revealed someone Maria recognized (guest star Kirk Acevedo, "Oz") .

Danny and Maria went to find the man, nicknamed "Tic-Tac" -- and while chasing him, Maria made a side run at him, sending him through a store's glass door.
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The Rutger Hauer is Awesome Double Bill - The Hitcher and Blind Fury

Tom Jolliffe takes in a Rutger Hauer double bill of The Hitcher and Blind Fury...

Rutger Hauer’s career has seen him star in an eclectic mix of both films and roles. He’s done art house, independent, blockbusters, and low grade b(z)movies. He’s plied his trade in Hollywood, and European cinema and filmed all over the world. He’s done just about every genre. He’s the leading man, he’s the villain. He’s the hero, the anti-hero and he’s played a vampire more times than most people have had hot dinners. There is always one consistent, which is that Rutger Hauer is cool. He can steal a good movie from under the nose of established stars, most infamously in Blade Runner, and also out shining Sylvester Stallone in Nighthawks. He can also elevate a lot of the B-grade material he’s appeared in.
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Joe Johnston To Direct Gotti Biopic With John Travolta

Joe Johnston, director of Captain America: The First Avenger, has signed up to direct the long-time-coming mobster biopic, Gotti. For the last two years, the film has been kicking around with everyone bar the Queen attached to star. Gotti once had Barry Levinson confirmed as director, Al Pacino as a crime boss, Joe Pesci as a ruthless gangster, Kelly Preston and…gulp, Lindsay Lohan as Gotti Jr’s wife. There’s no word on whether any of these supporting cast announcements still stand, but we do know that John Travolta will still star.

The film is based on a story by Gotti’s son, John A. Gotti, with a screenplay penned by Leo Rossi. No stranger to the mob, Rossi previously wrote 2004′s Mafioso: The Father, The Son. This will be the first time Johnston grapples with a mafia flick, stepping away from his usual genre fare. Previous efforts of his include Jurassic Park III,
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The 2000′s: A Vital Decade in Horror Cinema (pt 2)

Special Mention: The Fake Trailers from Grindhouse (2007, USA): The four fake trailers featured in the otherwise disappointing Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino double-feature: Machete by Robert Rodriguez, Werewolf Women of the SS by Rob Zombie, Thanksgiving by Eli Roth and Don’t by Edgar Wright-are all very entertaining trips down horror/exploitation film memory lane and are easily the best part of the film.


2) Other Notable Horror Films Of The 2000’s:

This list focuses on films that are partially successful and even touch on brilliance at times but ultimately don’t pull everything together to fully deliver on their promise.

Intacto (Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, 2001, Spain):

This film about a group of people blessed with supernatural good luck has a great premise, several great scenes-the revelation of the plane crash early in the film, the blindfolded race through the trees and the Russian roulette climax-plus the welcome presence of
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Supporting Actors: The Overlooked and Underrated (part 3 of 5)

Nicol Williamson as Merlin in Excalibur (John Boorman, 1981, UK):

Turning in by far the best acting in Boorman’s epic, Williamson sets the bar for all other interpretations of the Merlin character. Best known as an acclaimed stage actor with a history of incredibly unprofessional behavior, this is Williamson’s most memorable film role and will have you chanting the “charm of making” in no time.

Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty in Blade Runner (Ridley Scott, 1982, USA):

As an android seeking to prolong his short life, Hauer’s unique screen presence is perfectly utilized in director Scott’s atmospheric science fiction milestone. Hauer brings a sort of “alien” quality to the character Roy Batty and really makes this role a truly superior piece of casting.

Other notable Rutger Hauer performances: Nighthawks (Bruce Malmuth, 1981, USA), The Hitcher (Robert Harmon, 1986, USA).

Ricardo Montalban as Khan in Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (Nicholas Meyer,
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The 10 greatest Rutger Hauer films that aren’t Blade Runner

From the 70s to the present, we look back through the sterling work of Rutger Hauer to bring you the actor’s 10 finest films that aren't Blade Runner...

For some, Dutch actor Rutger Hauer will forever be associated with a certain rooftop speech about tears in rain. But although his turn as doomed replicant Roy Batty in Blade Runner was a classic one, Hauer’s output before and since has been stunningly prolific. This list, therefore, is designed to highlight 10 of Hauer’s finest non-Blade Runner movies, with a particular emphasis on those that are lesser known – which is why we've gone for some older pictures rather than the more recent and mainstream, such as Batman Begins. And since this is Den of Geek, expect to find lots of action movies, horror, and low-budget sci-fi in the entries below.

One thing they all have in common, though, irrespective of
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Exclusive In-Depth Chat with C. Thomas Howell Regarding MoniKa and More!

As a young man, he assisted a cross-dressing alien in evading the feds in Spielberg’s 1982 smash-hit E.T. The Extraterrestrial and was told to “Stay gold, Ponyboy,” in Coppola’s 1983 drama The Outsiders. He made famous the battle-cry ‘Wolverines!’ in John Milius’ 1984 Cold War flick Red Dawn and as ‘Jim Halsey’ nearly ate a french-fried finger in director Robert Harmon’s 1986 horror classic The Hitcher. Years later, and with nearly 150 titles to his credit, C. Thomas Howell sat down with us to discuss with candor his varied career as well as his role in Steven R. Monroe’s upcoming feature MoniKa. Read on!

“It’s sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, that sort of thing,” the forty-four-year-old Howell told us of his role last June on the Big Picture Soundstage, Burbank, California, set of MoniKa (then titled Hole in the Desert), which is co-executive produced by lead actress Cerina Vincent
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L'Etrange Festival 2011 Announces Line-Up

In recent years France has been among the front-runners in pushing the boundaries of modern horror. With such offerings as Frontier(s), Inside and High Tension, French filmmakers have been making us seriously squirm. It is with this reminder of the quality of their filmmaking that we at Dread Central bring you an announcement of the film list from the 17th Annual L'Etrange Festival, France's biggest horror film festival.

With over 70 films being screened and more than 17,000 attendees expected to descend on Paris, Le'Etrange Festival

Below we have the Complete listing of the festival's events:

From the Press Release

L’Étrange Festival – a unique event bringing filmgoers a fascinating roster of provocative and eye-opening films – is thrilled to announce the line-up for its 17th edition, September 2 – 11, 2011 in Paris, France.

The 2011 line-up continues the tradition of highlighting emerging talent, paying homage to independent-minded filmmakers and featuring a truly diverse program that includes cutting-edge works,
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Interview: Jason Eisener, Co-Writer & Director of Hobo With A Shotgun

What started off life as a $200 fake trailer entry into Robert Rodriguez’s SXSW Grindhouse Trailer Competition some years ago, Hobo With A Shotgun is now a fully fledged feature of bad-taste supreme starring the legendary Rutger Hauer. The film was released in the U.S. this past Friday and hits U.K. screens on July 15th.

We had an opportunity to talk recently to director Jason Eisener about the the rise of Hobo and his long-time respect for lead actor Rutger Hauer, the making of his award-winning short Treevenge and he was also kind enough to drop some hints about what he’s tackling next – in his home country of Canada, of course.

Obsessed With Film: Hi, thanks for taking the call. Just wanted to ask you a couple of questions about Hobo With A Shotgun.

Jason Eisener: Sure thing.

Owf: We saw Treevenge maybe a year back and loved it.
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Everyone's Favourite Dutchman: The Cult of Rutger Hauer

Tom Jolliffe with a retrospective on the career of cult actor Rutger Hauer...

In a career that has encompassed indie, cult, mainstream, and cinema from a range of different countries, Rutger Hauer has offered movie audiences a vast array of characters, in an eclectic grouping of genres. Born in Holland, Hauer was something of a scallywag as a youth. Troubled, rebellious, unpredictable. Stints in the army and in psychiatric institutions followed his young life before becoming an actor. As an actor too, he’s remained somewhat rebellious and unpredictable. His choices have raised eyebrows. As for his on set antics? He’s well known for his intensity. Very much a method actor, Hauer gets under the skin of his characters, bringing to his roles, especially his most memorable turns a depth beyond what’s on the page. Often his fellow actors have felt actual intimidation when Hauer gets in the shoes of his darker characters.
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Screamfest Hosts a Screening of The Hitcher in La this Wednesday with Writer and Director

"If you’re in the La area, thanks to the great people at Screamfest, we hope you’ll come by and take advantage of this rare opportunity to catch The Hitcher on the big screen and buckle up for a road horror action film as scary as they come,” the film’s writer Eric Red told Dread Central. “We’ll be there to talk about the making of the picture so pull over and stop by, even if your mother told you never to do this."

Taking place this coming Wednesday, April 21, at 8pm in Los Angeles at the Downtown Independent Theatre (251 South Main Street, L.A., CA 90012), this rare screening of 1986’s The Hitcher (which stars C. Thomas Howell as a desert traveler marauded by the crazed Rutger Hauer in the titular role) will be followed by a Q&A with the flick’s writer Eric (Near Dark, 100 Feet) Red and director Robert Harmon.
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Feature Trailer For Stephen Milburn Anderson’s Ca$h

Unshakable truth: Everything’s better with Sean Bean. Were it not for his presence in that wretched 2007 remake of director Robert Harmon’s “The Hitcher”, I never would have watched the damned thing. The talented actor’s latest endeavor, the stylish 2010 thriller “Ca$h”, looks pretty snappy, but then again, I’m a pretty big Sean Bean fan, so make of that what you will. However, even if you’re not quite sold on the actor’s inherent greatness, chances are the trailer embedded below will cause you to greatly anticipate the film’s upcoming theatrical release on March 26th. What’s it about, you ask? Sean Bean wants his cash back, and he’ll repeatedly pop you in the nose until you give it up. Now that’s gangster.
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