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Alessandra Ambrosio Models with Mini-Me Daughter Anja for Jordache Jeans, Plus More Star Style News

Alessandra Ambrosio Models with Mini-Me Daughter Anja for Jordache Jeans, Plus More Star Style News
We know there’s a lot to keep up with in the fashion world right now. From the gowns at the Venice Film Festival to the crazy underwear-flashing looks at Burning Man, it’s a busy time in fashion. That’s why we rounded up all the fashion campaigns and celebrity partnerships your favorite brands are launching this month. Alessandra Ambrosio posed with her mini-me, daughter Anja, for a new campaign with Jordache jeans. There’s a specially-designed Billy Jean King-themed timepiece that can be yours just “in time” for the upcoming film about the tennis star, Battle of the Sexes.
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Red Line 7000

It’s finally here in all its glory, the Howard Hawks movie nobody loves. The epitome of clueless ’60s filmmaking by an auteur who left his thinking cap back with Bogie and Bacall, this show is a PC quagmire lacking the usual compensation of exploitative thrills. But hey, it has a hypnotic appeal all its own: we’ll not abandon any movie where Teri Garr dances.

Red Line 7000


Kl Studio Classics

1965 / Color / 1:85 widescreen / 110 min. / Street Date September 19, 2017 / available through Kino Lorber / 29.95

Starring: James Caan, Laura Devon, Gail Hire, Charlene Holt, John Robert Crawford, Marianna Hill, James (Skip) Ward, Norman Alden, George Takei, Diane Strom, Anthony Rogers, Robert Donner, Teri Garr.

Cinematography: Milton Krasner

Film Editors: Bill Brame, Stuart Gilmore

Original Music: Nelson Riddle

Written by George Kirgo story by Howard Hawks

Produced and Directed by Howard Hawks

Critics have been raking Howard Hawks’ stock car racing epic
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"Masculin Féminin" Musique

  • MUBI
The new 2K digitization and restoration of Jean-Luc Godard's Masculin Féminin (1966) that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival is exclusively playing on Mubi in most countries around the world May 22 - June 21, 2016.Over opening credit titles that proclaim the film to be a French production, the “La Marseillaise,” the French national anthem, is heard being whistled off-screen. Then, spelt out with grating gunshots, the film’s title: Ma – Scu – Lin FÉMININ: 15 Faits PRÉCIS.It’s Paris. 1965. Sex, violence, revolution—change is in the air. Two youths, one male and one female, meet in a small cafe and begin a love affair. Paul (Jean-Pierre Léaud) is a passionate idealist who is driven by poetry and literature and is becoming increasingly indignant with the commercialization (read: Americanization) of the world around him. Madeline (Chantal Goya) is a hard worker who has a stable job at a magazine and is pursuing her
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Ingenious Godard Came up with Solution for Greece Debt Crisis: Why Is No One Listening?

Jean-Luc Godard in his youthful days. Jean-Luc Godard solution for the Greek debt crisis: 'Therefore' copyright payments A few years ago, Nouvelle Vague filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, while plugging his Film Socialisme, chipped in with a surefire solution for the seemingly endless – and bottomless – Greek debt crisis. In July 2011, Godard told The Guardian's Fiachra Gibbons: The Greeks gave us logic. We owe them for that. It was Aristotle who came up with the big 'therefore'. As in, 'You don't love me any more, therefore ...' Or, 'I found you in bed with another man, therefore ...' We use this word millions of times, to make our most important decisions. It's about time we started paying for it. If every time we use the word therefore, we have to pay 10 euros to Greece, the crisis will be over in one day, and the Greeks will not have to sell the Parthenon to the Germans.
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer Gets "Wes Anderson" Makeover—Watch!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer Gets
What would the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser look like if the movie was a Wes Anderson film? Days after the official teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams' new, seventh Star Wars film was posted, fan Jonah Feingold posted on YouTube a parody titled, Wes Anderson Presents: Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer. The clip, which is unaffiliated with the real Anderson, contains the same song, "Le Temps De L'amour" by French singer Françoise Hardy, that is featured in the director's 2012 movie Moonrise Kingdom and its trailer. The director, who also helmed movies such as Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums and The Grand Budapest Hotel, is known for making his film scenes appear symmetric...
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Turner Classic Movies Garner Tribute Next Monday

James Garner movies on TCM: ‘Grand Prix,’ ‘Victor Victoria’ among highlights (photo: James Garner ca. 1960) James Garner, whose film and television career spanned more than five decades, died of "natural causes" at age 86 on July 19, 2014, in the Los Angeles suburb of Brentwood. On Monday, July 28, Turner Classic Movies will present an all-day marathon of James Garner movies (see below) as a tribute to the Oscar-nominated star of Murphy’s Romance and Emmy-winning star of the television series The Rockford Files. Among the highlights in TCM’s James Garner film lineup is John Frankenheimer’s Monaco-set Grand Prix (1966), an all-star, race-car drama featuring Garner as a Formula One driver who has an affair with the wife (Jessica Walter) of his former teammate (Brian Bedford). Among the other Grand Prix drivers facing their own personal issues are Yves Montand and Antonio Sabato, while Akira Kurosawa’s (male) muse Toshiro Mifune plays a
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Young & Beautiful (Jeune & jolie) | Sfiff Review - SFIFF57

Seventeen-year-old Isabelle (Marine Vacth) is deflowered during her family's Summer holiday in the south of France, and by the time Autumn rolls around she has taken up a career as a prostitute. With an online profile that lists her age as 20, the underage call girl quickly builds a client base of wealthy old men. Unafraid to meet these strange men in hotel rooms, Isabelle does not seem to comprehend the inherent risks of her career. All the while, Isabelle's mother (Géraldine Pailhas) and step-father (Frédéric Pierrot) are utterly clueless about her secret life. Writer-director François Ozon's Young & Beautiful intimately observes Isabelle during the four seasons of the seventeenth year of her life, separating each season into a distinct chapter featuring a song by Françoise Hardy -- "The Love Of A Boy," "When Even Try?," "First Encounter," and "I Am Me." Ozon focuses the eerily nonchalant attitude of a modern teenager,
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Young & Beautiful Explores the World of a Young French Prostitute

Young & Beautiful Explores the World of a Young French Prostitute
Despite his superficial unpredictability from film to film, François Ozon's work often examines sexual states of flux, especially among teens and young women.

His latest, Young & Beautiful, explores the world of Isabelle (Marine Vacth), a 17-year-old who loses her virginity and starts turning tricks a few months later. The film is organized in four sections, each tied to a season and ending with a Françoise Hardy song. In summer, Isabelle hangs out on the beach and has a casual fling with a German boy.

In autumn, she's suddenly become a prostitute, a leap made in so jarringly elliptical a manner it would make Maurice Pialat proud. In winter, she quits hooking after a tragic incident. On the surface, Ozon makes no judgments about his heroine, but th...
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Matt Zoller Seitz's book illustrates the 'magnificence' of Wes Anderson

Plot isn't what matters to Wes Anderson – his movies care more about lush palettes and playfulness. Seitz's collection of essays and interviews with the director reveals a rare film-maker who isn't afraid to take risks

In Wes Anderson's 2001 film The Royal Tenenbaums, an insensitive father fails to appreciate his daughter's childhood attempt at writing and staging a play. There's no narrative, he complains, and as for characters, "What characters? It's a bunch of little kids dressed up in animal costumes." You might be tempted to dismiss Anderson's films in similar terms: the stories don't always add up to much, and while we know we're watching grownups (played by major Hollywood actors such as Bill Murray, Anjelica Huston and Ralph Fiennes), they often behave more like children dressed in their parents' clothes.

This quality of Anderson's cinema is captured in Max Dalton's paintings for a lavishly illustrated recent book,
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It's not enough to be a celebrity brand. Today you must be a guru

Want to do beach yoga like Gisele Bündchen? Or eat like Gwyneth Paltrow? Celebrities are stuffing their lifestyles down our throats

It's nothing new for a celebrity to advertise a new product on telly, put their name to a range of cooking pans, or launch a perfume that reminds them of love, beauty and existential freedom – or of the incredible profit margins to be made on a small jar of scent. Indeed, there was even a 19th-century Pope, Leo Xiii, who put his face and name in newspapers to advertise a tonic wine called Vin Mariani (a drink he found particularly delicious and which it now transpires was laced with cocaine.) Ah, the celebrity hustle has always been with us.

Yet in 2014 the famouses will be taking this product endorsement one step further – they will be selling themselves as lifestyle gurus. In fact, it has already begun, with Gwyneth Paltrow
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The best albums of 2013: how our writers voted

  • The Guardian - Film News
How did we come up with our chart? By tallying the votes of our pop writers – and here's what they plumped for

Tim Jonze


John Wizards – John Wizards

Disclosure – Settle

Paramore – Paramore

Hebronix – Unreal

Kanye West – Yeezus

Christopher Owens – Lysandre

Julia Holter – Loud City Song

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time

British Sea PowerFrom The Sea To The Land Beyond


Julia Holter – Hello Stranger

Miguel and Mariah Carey – #Beautiful

Drake – Hold On, We're Going Home

Sky Ferreira – You're Not the One

Justin Timberlake – Suit and Tie

Jeffrey Lewis – Wwprd

Paramore – Still Into You

Disclosure feat. AlunaGeorge – White Noise

The 1975 – Chocolate

Stylo G – Soundbwoy

Tom Hughes


15-60-75 The Numbers Band – Jimmy Bell's Still in Town

Meat Wave – Meat Wave

The Drones – I See Seaweed 4

White Fence – Live in San Francisco

Ooga Boogas – Ooga Boogas

Superchunk – I Hate Music

Bits of
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Jeune et Jolie – review | Mark Kermode

A vacant central performance and equally empty directorial treatment cast no light on the difficult subject of teenage prostitution

The whiff of fatuousness pervades François Ozon's film about "what it feels like to be 17" in which the grim subject of teenage prostitution is flirted with "to illustrate the questions of identity and sexuality raised by adolescence". Blithely quoting the poems of Rimbaud and the songs of Françoise Hardy, Ozon presents a four seasons portrait of "young and beautiful" Isabelle (Marine Vacth) who drifts listlessly from losing her virginity on a beach to selling her body in hotels.

Her motives are unclear. Beyond a disenchantment with people in general and sex in particular, there's no driving force (monetary, domestic) behind her actions. Inevitably, she ends up making a "connection" with an ageing client (Johan Leysen) with whom Ozon breezily imagines that her professional transactions are "tender, not at all mechanical", the tiredest of soft-soap cliches.
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Alexa Chung: 'I don't know whether to be open and vulnerable'

Model, TV star, It girl… Alexa Chung has become a style icon to rival Kate Moss. So why does she describe herself as 'nothing'?

Recently, Alexa Chung , was reading interviews she gave when she was just starting out, to see whether she'd changed in the past few years. She came across a stand-out quote: "I don't want to be known for floating around and just going to parties," the Alexa of yesteryear stated.

"And yet," says Alexa today, with an awkward laugh, "that's kind of what's happened."

We are sitting in the garden of a large house in Dalston, east London, a few minutes from Chung's own home. She is relaxing with coffee and cigarettes after a long day of modelling and is about to head off to a red carpet party. So, yes, it does look as though Chung has become famous for floating around and going to parties.
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Tiff 2013. Correspondences #2

  • MUBI
Above: Only Lovers Left Alive.

Caro Danny,

Thank you for setting the stage with your lovely intro, my friend. Film festivals have always struck me as sci-fi experiences, a procession of visions that heighten the traveling cinephile’s dislocation, tossed from one flurry of images to the next with often very little time to process them. “Did I watch that, or dream it?” That’s the question I’ve been asking throughout my first day here at Tiff, as much for the inherently oneiric nature of cinema as for the fact that I’ve made my way through almost half a dozen screenings while running on about three hours of sleep.

Jet-lagged, perplexed, suspended between time zones—the ideal mood, in other words, to watch Only Lovers Left Alive. Jim Jarmusch’s characters dwell in the margins of the world, and the world here is all margins. Or maybe that
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Rush's soap washes away subtleties of James Hunt and Niki Lauda | Richard Williams

The racing is superb as is Daniel Brühl's performance but the film is undermined by clunky dialogue and fundamental untruths

It was Jackie Stewart who gave the old Nürburgring a nickname: the Green Hell. He hated the 14-mile circuit in the Eifel mountains. But that wasn't good enough for Peter Morgan. When the writer of Frost/Nixon and The Queen came to create his screenplay for Rush, the new film about the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda, a more dramatic introduction was needed for the location of Lauda's terrible crash in 1976.

"In Formula One," a TV commentator announces in the film, setting the scene for the near-fatal weekend, "it is known as the Graveyard."

Well, no, it isn't. And it wasn't, even in 1976. Yes, five drivers died there during grand prix meetings. A terrible toll, of course. But at Monza, to take just one example, the equivalent
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Sundance Acquires Young & Beautiful

Sundance Selects has picked up N. American film distribution rights to the drama which also stars Geraldine Pailhas, Frederic Pierrot, Fantin Ravat, Johan Leysen, Charlotte Rampling, Nathalie Richard, Djedje Apali, Lucas Prisor, Laurent Delbecque, Jeanne Ruff, and Serge Hefez, reports Deadline. The French title also known as Jeune & jolie, which is written and helmed by François Ozon, tells of seventeen-year-old Isabelle, who is starting to explore her sexuality. Pic takes place over a year and is split into four segments, each of which is separated by a Françoise Hardy song. Covers her journey of losing her virginity and taking on a life of prostitution. Eric Altmayer and Nicolas Altmayer produce.
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Next Factor Q&A: 'Moonrise Kingdom' Star Jared Gilman

  • NextMovie
Wes Anderson's latest movie, "Moonrise Kingdom," stars Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward as two pen pals who run away together from their New England town in 1965. A local search party led by the sheriff (Bruce Willis) and the girl's parents (Bill Murray and Frances McDormand) fans out to find the young couple in this quirky slice-of-life drama that debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and has received almost universal praise.

Little is known about 13-year-old Gilman except that he was born and raised in New Jersey and was 12 when he filmed the part of Sam Shakusky in "Moonrise Kingdom." When we sat down with this up-and-coming actor, we discovered a young man with a maturity beyond his years and a genuine respect for the moviemaking process. Read on to find out how he got to know his "Moonrise Kingdom" leading lady and how Bill Murray helped him overcome his fear of ties.
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Interview: Wes Anderson escapes to Moonrise Kingdom

  • Cineplex
About a third of the way through Wes Anderson's '60s-set, lemon-hued look at young love and endless summers, Suzy Bishop (Kara Hayward) takes an inventory of the items she brought when she ran away from home with paramour and fellow escapee Sam Shakusky (Jared Gilman).

Among the varied ephemera in her survival kit are a selection of fantasy books, her record player, a Françoise Hardy album or two, rubber bands, left-handed scissors and her kitten.

Though Anderson, on the phone from Paris, never went to summer camp and admits the idea for Moonrise Kingdom came from the vivid emotions associated with "being a fifth-grader who thinks that he's fallen in love," he has plenty of experience planning an escape from the adult world.

"I remember making various attempts to run away. But for me, my older brother and I, we would set off on these things and we
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Moonrise Kingdom – review

Wes Anderson's most ambitious movie yet explores a community divided and reunited in 1960s New England

Reading this on mobile? Click here to view trailer

Wes Anderson's films – seven of them since his debut with Bottle Rocket in 1996 – constitute a consistent oeuvre. They're comedies tinged with a certain tragic sense of life. Various actors recur, most notably Jason Schwartzman as a geeky young man, Luke Wilson as a quirky thirtysomething and Bill Murray as a middle-aged curmudgeon. The films pursue groups of eccentric figures who make up families of a kind generally characterised as "dysfunctional", invariably attracting references to Tolstoy's dubious claim that happy families are all alike and unhappy families are unhappy in their different ways. They're also exquisitely composed and lit and accompanied by an interesting, often surprising choice of music.

Initially I had reservations over Anderson's whimsicality and wilful cultivation of the irrational. I was
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The Playlist Soundtrack Series Revisited: Wes Anderson

In 2006, before I started The Playlist film blog, out of boredom I began what I called the The Playlist Soundtrack Series. A sort of "If I Were _______ (insert filmmaker's name here)" type thing. The concept was naive and simple: choose a handful of music-savvy filmmakers whose work I admired and create imaginary soundtracks for movies they hadn't made, based on their taste and music they might conceivably use one day. It began as nothing more than a fun exercise for me, as I had time on my hands back then.

Eventually, I had amassed a half a dozen of these soundtracks in various states of completion, and to host them somewhere I started The Playlist blog in 2007. It then became a place to discuss music in film, soundtracks, etc., and when that topic was outgrown slightly (after a while you tend to hit all the classic film and soundtrack bases
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