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Michael Buffer: George Foreman Would Kick Steven Seagal's Fat Ass

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_dizjkzog"]] If George Foreman and Steven Seagal ever really get it on, the boxer would beat Seagal's overweight ass all the way to oblivion -- so says Michael Buffer. We got the legendary announcer outside Craig's in L.A. ... and asked about 68-year-old Foreman challenging the "Under Siege" star to meet him in the ring. "My money's on George – even though Steven outweighs him by 1,000 pounds," Buffer told TMZ Sports. Fyi, Seagal -- a self-proclaimed martial
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Michael Buffer: Canelo vs Ggg Great for Hookers, Terrible for Judging

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_q3rntuu2"]] Canelo vs. Ggg was great for literally everyone (especially hookers) ... except the judges who doo-doo'd on boxing's big night -- so says the man who introduced the fighters. We got Michael Buffer a couple days after the fight ... and the legendary ring announcer didn't hold back on Saturday's controversial scorecards -- guaranteeing us that Adalaide Byrd (the 118-110 Canelo judge) wouldn't be ringside for the rematch. But Buffer gave us a pretty long list of
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Michael Buffer: I'm Not Doing McGregor Fight, But My Brother Might!

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_4qgzo61v"]] Legendary ring announcer Michael Buffer says he will Not be ready to rumble at the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight on August 26 ... but he strongly hinted his famous brother, Bruce Buffer, could be handling the duties instead.  Fyi, Michael is The Voice when it comes to boxing intros ... he's belted out his signature catchphrase at some of the biggest fights of all time ... including Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. But he won't be calling This Mayweather fight --
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Michael Buffer -- Let's Get Ready to ... Sell My Famous Phrase?! (Video)

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_yzuyz310"]] The end of an era could be near ... 'cause legendary boxing ring announcer Michael Buffer says he's considering Selling the rights to his insanely famous "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" catchphrase!  This is a Huuuge deal ... 71-year-old Buffer has been ferociously protective of the phrase, which he famously trademarked in 1992 -- and the rights to it could be worth a Fortune!!! So, it was shocking when he told us Wednesday night that he's thinking about
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Billboard Latin Music Awards 2016: Don Omar and Daddy Yankee Perform for the First Time on Television

Billboard Latin Music Awards 2016: Don Omar and Daddy Yankee Perform for the First Time on Television
It was a royal rumble between Don Omar and Daddy Yankee, complete with the voice of Michael Buffer and all. It finally happened y'all—the two artists performed for the first time on television and we all witnessed it. The two iconic reggaeton artists' performance served as a preview of what's to come on their Kingdom tour through 60 cities in the U.S. The Billboard Latin Music Awards plays paired artists of different genres together, but in this case it pair two of the biggest names in the urban Latino world. Yankee and Omar rotated turns and sang their greatest hits back-to-back as they brought to life their once real-life rivalry. The artists had a panel at the 2016 Billboard...
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'Jason Bourne' and 'Warcraft' Lead Universal CinemaCon Presentation

  • MovieWeb
'Jason Bourne' and 'Warcraft' Lead Universal CinemaCon Presentation
Universal Pictures kicked off its presentation for CinemaCon with a sizzle reel featuring more titles than most will even remember. These quick cuts played to the biggest franchises, showing off the best action the studio has to offer. The video also went onto thank the exhibitors for Universal's best year in motion picture history.

Universal President of Domestic Distribution Nick Carpou took the stage. He thanked his team and the exhibitors, giving a shout out to the folks at Nato that produce CinemaCon. Nick then brought to the stage Donna Langley, Chairman of Universal Pictures, to discuss how Universal sees the development of their slate. Langley said she wouldn't be showing us All of their great stuff, but promised that all footage released would be exclusive new footage, not previously shown anywhere else. This was actually a first at the convention, as most of the studios were showing trailers and
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Kevin Hart Says He May Be Done With Stand-Up Touring

Kevin Hart Says He May Be Done With Stand-Up Touring
Kevin Hart may be done with touring.

After performing 156 shows on his most recent stint on the road, and journeying across 112 cities, 13 countries and five continents, the comedian says be may put the suitcase in storage. He has nothing left to prove.

“I don’t know if I’m ever going to go out and do it again,” Hart told theater owners at CinemaCon on Wednesday, adding that it was “my last fucking tour.”

Hart may be the most successful stand-up comic of his generation, commanding the kind of crowds that Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin did in their prime. Fans of the comedian can take solace in Hart’s upcoming movie, “What Now?” It features Hart in the midst of his global road-trip, culminating in his sell-out show at Lincoln Financial Field, home of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles.

Instead of a “Last Waltz”-like rumination on the grind of the road,
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Benedict Cumberbatch to voice The Grinch

  • ScreenDaily
The British star has been cast in the lead role of Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s 2017 holiday season release.

Pete Candeland and Yarrow Cheney will direct the children’s film adapted from the Dr. Seuss book by Michael LeSieur.

Illumination head Chris Meledandri, who made the announcement during the Universal presentation at Cinemacon on Wednesday evening, will produce alongside Janet Healy and Scott Mosier. Audrey Geisel and Chris Renaud are executive producers.

Dr. SeussHow The Grinch Stole Christmas is scheduled for November 10, 2017, and will mark the first cinematic return to the property since Jim Carrey starred in Universal’s 2000 live-action version.

In other casting news, Meledandri revealed that South Park and Broadway smash The Book Of Mormon co-creator Trey Parker will voice the villain Balthazar Bratt in Despicable Me 3, set to open on June 30, 2017.

Bratt is an embittered former TV child star hell-bent on becoming the scourge of all those who mocked when he
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Marvel picked the best possible Mc for the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ premiere

  • Hitfix
Marvel picked the best possible Mc for the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ premiere
With the DC gladiator match behind us, it’s time to turn our attention to the Marvel superhero showdown ahead. It’s #TeamCap vs. #TeamIronMan, and if you didn’t already know it from the marketing, you knew at the premiere that the Avengers are divided, and you must choose your side. Tuesday’s world premiere for Captain America: Civil War had a half-blue, half-red carpet, and attendees were encouraged to wear red or blue denoting which superhero they’re devoted to. Show that team pride! And at the premiere helping all the sports fans movie fans show their superhero team pride was none other than Michael Buffer. The famed ring announcer introduced the cast before the start of the premiere screening at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre, using his booming voice to call out Tony Stark’s squad and “the opponents in the blue corner.” But this may not be
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Bruce Buffer --'SNL' Gets a 'Ready to Rumble' Pass

  • TMZ
Ufc announcer Bruce Buffer and his famous bro don't joke about protecting the 5 most famous words in pro fighting -- but says "Saturday Night Live" is getting a funny pass ... a very pricey one. The 'Veteran Voice of the Octagon' was outside Gold's Gym in Venice, and told us why "SNL's" Mayweather/Pacquiao skit -- which included Michael Buffer's "Let's get ready to rumble" -- isn't costing NBC a cent. Normally, Bruce and
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Michael Buffer -- Let's Get Ready To Cash In ... Announcer In Talks for Mayweather Fight

  • TMZ
Legendary boxing announcer Michael Buffer -- the "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" guy -- is in talks to be the main ring announcer for the Mayweather vs. Pacquaio fight ... TMZ Sports has learned.  We spoke with Michael's brother Bruce -- the Ufc ring announcer who also happens to be Michael's business manager -- who tells us he's still negotiating Michael's contract ... and it has potential to be the biggest check of Buffer's career.  "As his manager,
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7 WWE Main Events You Won’t Believe Didn’t Close A PPV


The term ‘main event’ has a certain aura that comes along with it. As a sports fan it immediately brings to mind images of Michael Buffer famously announcing the opening of a high profile boxing match.

If you are a fan of the Ufc you can hear his brother Bruce doing the same thing inside the octagon with, It’s Time! But in wrestling, the term ‘main event’ has meant something completely different lately.

For about the last ten years WWE announcers have used the term ‘main event’, to describe multiple matches on card. During an era where there were still two world titles the term ‘main event’ was used rather loosely.

Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero was described as the ‘main event’ of WrestleMania 20. It wasn’t! It was not the most anticipated match and it didn’t close the show. The two very things that determine what a ‘main event’ is.
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10 Popular Ufc Fighters That Will Never Be Champion

Julie Jacobson/AP/Press Association Images

Let’s face the facts, it’s an amazing feat of athleticism just to make it to the Ufc. However, everyone worth their salt as a competitor wants one thing: to wear the championship belt. Unfortunately for the athletes on this list, chances are that they will never hear Michael Buffer refer to them as the New Ufc Champion.

Olympic competition, collegiate wrestling, championships in other organizations, being in the best Mma camp in the world; none of these things guarantee even a title opportunity in the Ufc. This is a list of popular fighters. Most of them have the charisma to put butts in the seats. Many of them are knowledgeable enough to coach. But the hard facts say they just aren’t going to get that Ufc belt.

10. Hector Lombard

Matt Strasen/AP/Press Association Images

Current Welterweight, 34-4-1 (1 Nc), Age 36

One of the scariest,
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Froch v Groves II: 10 Big Things We Hope Happen

Sky Sports

The talk of the boxing clubs and in fans’ homes from now until Saturday evening will not be about the World Cup or the PGA tour, because there’s only one event that matters right now; what will be on everyone’s lips is the rematch between Carl Froch and George Groves. Billed as the biggest British boxing fight ever with 80,000 fans attending the contest at Wembley Stadium, the fight has captured the entire country’s attention.

Whether you’re a hardcore fan or a casual fight fan everyone has an opinion on the clash that feels more personal than anything else in recent years, which makes the fight so special. The last time the majority of the Britain were eager for a fight on Saturday night was back in 2007 when the Brits took over Las Vegas as Ricky Hatton faced Floyd Mayweather.

The rematch had to happen straight away,
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Honey Singh to launch boxing tournament

  • BollywoodHungama
Honey Singh to launch boxing tournament
Singer turned actor Yo Yo Honey Singh will soon be adding another feature to his cap. Apparently, Singh who is trained in mixed martial arts (Mma) and kick-boxing, is all set to launch a boxing tournament, Global Fighting Championship (Gfc), in Dubai on May 29. The said tournament will have top notch international fighters participating from all over the world. Some known names featuring in this tournament from the world of heavy weight international boxing are, Badr Hari, Peter Graham, Arnold Oborotov and Stefan Leko. It is learnt that each of the four will be contending for the championship title, while the American ring announcer Michael Buffer has also been roped in to add that extra zing. In order to promote the tournament, Singh will be joined by his friends Shafeeq, Zak D and Prince Amir as well as the Dubai Sports Council. Apart from them, Singh intends on inviting his celebrity friends,
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Kevin Feige Keeps His Pimp Hand Strong Against 'Batman vs Superman'

  • LRM Online
Absolutely loving the bravado and swagger coming out of Kevin Feige in his latest interview with Empire magazine. Showing the world Marvel ain't backing down against Batman Vs Superman displays they have supreme confidence in their brand. Here is that latest on what Feige had to say concerning the showdown.

We had the flag there first. What other people do and where has always been less of our concern. It's about keeping our head down and doing what we would believe would be cool for an audience to see. I wouldn't say that necessarily.

Not gonna lie, this showdown is getting more interesting by the minute. The only thing this fight needs is Michael Buffer to announce, "Let's get ready to rumble!"

What do you guys think? Chime in below!

Source: Empire

Umberto Gonzalez Darkseid! about an hour ago
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Swedish Chef Food-Battles Gordon Ramsay In First ‘Muppisode’

The Muppets will return to movie theaters when Muppets Most Wanted arrives in March. To hype up fans for the next chapter in the lives of Jim Henson's beloved creations, Disney will release several 'Muppisodes' across the web. The first one--featuring a culinary battle between Gordon Ramsey and the Swedish Chef--has already arrived on the WWE YouTube channel. As per usual, The Muppets are charming, witty, and lovable, and they're joined by the usual cavalcade of guest stars. Ross Lynch of the Disney Channel makes an appearance, WWE wrestler Mike Mizanin shows up as a health-conscious foodie, and Michael Buffer serves as the food battle's announcer. Of course, Ramsey takes center stage; his best moment comes when he alludes to the fact that he can't curse when guest starring with The Muppets. The Muppets are no strangers to the web. They made several appearances on Nerdist thanks to that
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Froch vs Kessler II: Warriors Call Fight Night Preview

Espn ringside reporter Chris Lloyd on tonight’s rematch, what Froch can learn from Calzaghe and what to expect from fight night at the O2 Arena.

18,000 seats sold out in less than 4 hours, two world championship belts on the line. Tonight, another incredible piece of boxing history. But great fights are won neither on history nor statistics. They are a snapshot in time – a moment where great fighters are made and broken – replayed over and over so much that we convince ourselves they lasted longer than the instance at which they took place.

For Carl Froch, the memory of his first loss at the hands of Mikkel Kessler 3 years ago was a brief moment in time that he has had on mental replay ever since. The media dissection of those brutal 12 rounds in Herning back in 2010 – the analysis, the interviews and the questions put to the man they call the
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Dish Network Enlists Glenn Beck And Eliot Spitzer To Debate Political Views

  • Deadline TV
It doesn’t look like Dish Network is using Charlie Rose, C-span, or Firing Line as models for the program it will air on October 2, the night before the first presidential debate. The satellite company calls its special with Glenn Beck and former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer The War Of The Words. And it introduced the event at a press conference today by inviting boxing Mc Michael Buffer to stand in the middle of a mock ring and to deliver his catchphrase — “Let’s get ready to rumble!” — as he brought out what he called the “heavyweights on the right and the left.” They’ll square off in front of a live audience for the broadcast, which will be offered on Dish’s channel 102 and streamed online at www.facebook.com/Dish. It will promote Dish’s pickup yesterday of Beck’s TheBlaze online video content as well as Current TV,
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Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto: Live Updates As It Happened

Mayweather vs Cotto as it Happened!

Live text feed from all the world championship boxing action Las Vegas, Nevada. Floyd Money Mayweather and Miguel Cotto face off for Cotto’s super welterweight world Championship. There is a stellar undercard including Sugar Shane Mosely vs Canelo Alvarez. Post and comments below, andtweet to @ChrisLloyd2012

GMT 0342 – So the time is finally upon us folks, an evening of world championship boxing live from Las Vegas. Chris Lloyd here bringing you all the action, blow by blow.

GMT 0346 – with all the hype on the main event, it was almost totally lost in the midst that Sugar Shame Mosely and Canelo Alvarez face off over 12 rounds as part of a stellar under card. It really says something about the quality of the main event to this evening, that Mosely vs Alvarez is an undercard fit.

GMT 0354 – Ok so far Alvarez has boxed well, spent much
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