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Jonestown Massacre Biographer on the Question: How Successful Would Jim Jones’ Cult Be Today?

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Jeff Guinn doesn’t like the expression “drinking the Kool-Aid.”

First, he says, it’s inaccurate: Most of the 918 people who died in the 1977 Jonestown massacre in a remote commune in Guyana, in South America, actually killed themselves by drinking a cyanide solution laced with Flavor Aid, an inexpensive knock-off.

More troubling to Guinn is the glib judgment implied in that expression — and how it has too simply come to represent the willingness of fools to follow deranged leaders.

As Guinn found out while researching and writing The Road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple, released in bookstores on Tuesday,
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‘Cult Of The Personality’ Led To Obama’s 2012 Victory, Former San Francisco Mayor Tells MSNBC

In a segment on MSNBC’s Hardball about the dynamics that lead to a victory for President Barack Obama in the 2012 elections, former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown said that he found the Democratic Party’s fortune in the last cycle not necessarily indicative of future success. Brown said that Democrats did not win races at the state-level in the numbers they should have and, in combination with Mitt Romney’s weak candidacy, the “cult of the personality” around Obama was more responsible for his victory than the Democratic Party's appeal.
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Matthews Goes On Mini-Tingle Rant: ‘Objectively’ Hails Obama’s ‘Scope,’ ‘Relevance, And High I.Q.

On Thursday’s Hardball, MSNBC host Chris Matthews and former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown performed a postmortem on Wednesday night’s presidential debate which most political observers agreed President Barack Obama lost. Matthews was confused how, “objectively,” a man with such “scope,” “relevance,” and an “I.Q. in the hundred and whatever range” lost the debate. Brown said that he thought Obama was concerned that if he took on Mitt Romney, the public may have perceived him as “taking advantage of a lesser.”
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Bum's Rush For H'wood Big

Rush Limbaugh irritated the many Democrats at junk-bond billionaire Michael Milken's annual conference in Beverly Hills Tuesday night -- especially John Landis. The "Animal House" director was standing in the back of the Beverly Hilton ballroom, next to Post correspondent David Finnigan, when the bombastic conservative graded President Obama "barely a D." Landis stuck his tongue out and loudly razzed the talkmeister and walked out. Obama got an A and an A- from the Democrats on the panel,
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Actress Weds San Francisco Mayor

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Actress Weds San Francisco Mayor
Actress Jennifer Siebel has married San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom in Montana.

The couple wed on Saturday with a friend officiating the ceremony in Stevensville.

U.S. TV star Siebel, who features in hit new show Life opposite British star Damian Lewis, wore a Vera Wang gown. Her sisters served as bridesmaids.

Guests included former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown and Sex + The City star Jason Lewis, according to People.com.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Weds

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San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has tied the knot with actress and producer Jennifer Siebel. Newsom, 40, married Siebel, 34, in Stevensville, Montana on Saturday evening. The ceremony was officiated by a friend of the couple, Carol Simone, according to the mayor's office. Siebel, who has a recurring role on the NBC series Life, wore a Vera Wang gown and jewelry by S.H. Silver Company. The couple's sisters served as bridesmaids, while Newsom's nieces were the flower girls and Siebel's godson served as the ring bearer."I want it to be everything for her that she ever dreamed of," Newsom told
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