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Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Regina King, Abigail Spencer Seek SAG-aftra Board Seats

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Regina King, Abigail Spencer Seek SAG-aftra Board Seats
SAG-aftra’s upcoming national board election has drawn a quartet of new high-profile candidates — Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Matthew Modine, Abigail Spencer and Regina King.

With ballots going out July 25, the names were revealed as the self-styled progressives of Membership First and the ruling Unite For Strength Factions have unveiled their candidate slates representing the Los Angeles branch, which has the largest representation and the most competitive races. The winners will be announced on Aug. 24.

Most of the attention is on the presidential race with current president Gabrielle Carteris heading the Unite For Strength ticket, facing a challenge from Membership First’s Esai Morales along with independents Peter Antico and Robert B. Martin, Jr. SAG-aftra’s 80-member national board is the key ruling body for the union.

Taylor Thomas is best known for voicing the young Simba in “The Lion King” and starring in “Home Improvement,” where he was a cast-mate of current national board member Patricia Richardson.

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Ghost World

Daniel Clowes’ comics creation receives an A-Plus film adaptation through the directorial filter of Terry Zwigoff. The show has more going for it than the bleak alienation of disaffected quasi- gen-Xers — the script offers a depth of character revealing the insecure, hopes and fears behind all the insulting attitudes and behaviors. It’s caustic, funny and also strongly affecting.

Ghost World


The Criterion Collection 872

2001 / Color / 1:85 widescreen / 111 min. / available through The Criterion Collection / Street Date May 30, 2017 / 39.95

Starring: Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson, Steve Buscemi, Brad Renfro, Illeana Douglas, Bob Balaban, Stacey Travis, Teri Garr.

Cinematography: Affonso Beato

Production Designer: Edward T. McAvoy

Art Direction: Alan E. Muraoka

Film Editors: Carole Kravetz, Michael R. Miller

Original Music: David Kitay

Writing credits: Daniel Clowes & Terry Zwigoff from the comics by Daniel Clowes

Produced by Pippa Cross, Janette Day, Lianne Halfon, Barbara A. Hall,

John Malkovich, Russell Smith

Directed by Terry Zwigoff

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Richard Stanley’s ‘Hardware’ to get 25th Anniversary Blu-ray

Cult film Hardware is being released in a 25th Anniversary Limited Edition (on DVD and Blu-ray), featuring art cards created by 2000Ad’s Clint Langley, on 23rd February 2015. Starring Dylan McDermott, Stacey Travis, John Lynch, Iggy Pop and Lemmy; and directed by Richard Stanley, the film is inspired by the 2000Ad story Shok! by Steve MacManus and Kevin O’Neill.

Radiation clouds choke the sky and over-crowded mega-cities threaten to dissolve into madness. A wandering junk merchant finds the remains of a defunct robot and sells them to Mo, also a nomad, who buys them for his urban artist girlfriend named Jill to use in her work. But he doesn’t know the robot is a self-regenerating prototype, a military drone intended to control the exploding population utilizing indiscriminate, gruesome murder. Trapped, alone in her apartment and spied on by her perverted neighbor, Jill must battle to survive against a
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'Phantasm II' (1988) Review

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Reviewed By: Chris Wright,

Directed By: Don Coscarelli

Written By: Don Coscarelli

Starring: James Le Gros (Mike), Reggie Bannister (Reggie), Angus Scrimm (The Tall Man), Paula Irvine (Liz), Samantha Phillips (Alchemy), Kenneth Tigar (Father Meyers), Ruth C. Engel (Grandma), Mark Anthony Major (Mortician), Rubin Kushner (Grandpa), Stacey Travis (Jeri), J. Patrick McNamara (Psychologist)

“You think when you die you go to heaven? You come to us!” “Phantasm II” picks up initially where the original left off; despite the fact the original was made 9 years prior to this film, which quickly fast forwards to the present. It’s risky tackling a sequel after this much time has passed, but Don Coscarelli pulled it off pretty good. It helped further solidify my love for this series!

The plot takes place with Mike (James LeGros) leaving his psychiatry unit after all these years after he convinces them he no longer believes
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Flickering Myth's Greatest Comic Book Movies: #22 - Ghost World (2001)

Throughout April, we're counting down to the release of Marvel's Iron Man 3 with our picks for the Greatest Comic Book Movies of All Time; here's #22....

Ghost World, 2001.

Directed by Terry Zwigoff.

Starring Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson, Steve Buscemi, Brad Renfro, Pay Healy, Illeana Douglas, Bob Balaban, Stacey Travis and Teri Garr.

Terry Zwigoff's comedy-drama Ghost World is based upon Daniel Clowes acclaimed graphic novel of the same name, which was originally published in serialised form in Clowes' comic book series Eightball between 1993 and 1997.

Only a moderate success financially upon its release, Ghost World has since went on to achieve cult status. The film stars Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson as Enid and Rebecca, two teenage friends struggling with their impending adulthood and all the complications it brings. During the summer after their high school graduation, the two girls begin to drift apart after responding to a personal ad
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A Christmas Story 2 Trailer!

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A Christmas Story 2 Trailer!
Warner Home Video has released the first trailer for A Christmas Story 2, debuting on Blu-ray and DVD October 30. Braeden Lemasters stars as a 16-year-old Ralphie, who wants a car for Christmas this year, a big step up from the Red Ryder Bb gun in A Christmas Story. Take a look at the first footage from this holiday sequel, also starring Daniel Stern as The Old Man.

A Christmas Story 2 Trailer

Years after realizing his childhood dream of getting a Red Ryder Bb gun for Christmas, 16-year-old Ralphie (Braeden Lemasters) sets his bespectacled sights on a gift of the four-wheeled variety in this belated sequel to Bob Clark's beloved 1983 classic A Christmas Story. As the snow begins to fall and the carolers start to sing, Ralphie dreams of waking up on Christmas morning to find the keys to a 1938 Hupmobile Skyline Convertible dangling from the tree, and embracing
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Trailer for A Christmas Story 2 on Blu-ray and DVD: The Holiday Gift for People You Hate

Summer of 2012 is barely over and we're already running headlong into the holiday season with this new trailer for A Christmas Story 2.  The official sequel is (thankfully) going straight to Blu-ray/DVD and you can pick it up with the original in a combo two-pack (only on DVD) on October 30th.  The follow-up film once again centers on Ralphie, his family and friends on the approach to yet another Christmas.  In the true spirit of the holiday, A Christmas Story 2 seeks to feed off of the nostalgia for the original film like a parasite and trick you into wasting your hard-earned money.  Season's greetings! Directed by Brian Levant (Jingle All the Way - which I actually liked...), A Christmas Story 2 stars Braeden Lemasters (Easy A) as Ralphie with Stacey Travis (Ghost World) playing the mother and Daniel Stern (Home Alone) as the Old Man.  (C'mon, Stern.  I know times are tough,
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Watch the Trailer for A Christmas Story 2

The full trailer for A Christmas Story 2 is now online, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies . The film, which goes direct to DVD and Blu-ray on October 30th, is touted as the "official" sequel to 1983's A Christmas Story (a sequel was previously attempted in 1994 with It Runs in the Family , later released on home video as My Summer Story ). "The original, traditional, one-hundred-percent, red-blooded, two-fisted, All-American Christmas continues five years later," reads the official press release, "with Ralphie (Braeden Lemasters), Randy (Valin Shinyei), Mom (Stacey Travis), and the Old Man (Daniel Stern). This time, Ralphie has his eyes fixed on a car. But trouble is sure to follow." The Warner Bros. Blu-ray/DVD/UltraViolet Digital Copy combo...
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Blu-ray, DVD Release: A Christmas Story 2

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Blu-ray/DVD Combo Release Date: Oct. 30, 2012, DVD Release Date: Nov. 27, 2012

Price: DVD $22.97, Blu-ray/DVD Combo $29.98

Studio: Warner Home Video

Ralphie’s back! A Christmas Story 2 is a sequel of the beloved 1983 about a boy whose attempts to convince his parents that a Red Ryder Bb gun is the perfect gift for the 1940s gets him in lots of trouble.

In the new comedy movie, it’s five years later and Ralphie wants a car for Christmas. Of course, trouble will follow.

Ralphie is played by Braeden Lemasters (TV’s Men of a Certain Age), while Daniel Stern (The Next Three Days) takes over as The Old Man, Stacey Travis (Easy A) as Mother and Valin Shinyei as Randy Parker.

Rated PG, A Christmas Story 2 is a DVD and Blu-ray premiere, with no release in theaters.

The Blu-ray version is a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack including the movie download or instant streaming via UltraViolet.
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A Christmas Story 2 Goes Direct-to-dvd

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Just when you thought the concept of direct-to-dvd sequels had been all but replaced by remakes and reboots, along comes Warner Home Video to remind us that Dtv flicks are still alive and well... and equally as frustrating. Apparently someone out there thought it was a good idea to create a sequel to the timeless holiday classic A Christmas Story without any of the original cast or creative team (admittedly, director Bob Clark and writer Jean Shepherd are no longer with us). Thirty years have passed since the original film was released but somehow Ralphie is only a teenager in this sequel, which certainly makes for some chronological confusion (I assume it is set in the 1940s?). Either way, Ralphie now has his sights set on a new toy for Christmas: a 1938 Hupmobile Skyline Convertible, which sounds slightly safer than a Red Ryder Bb Gun. Braeden Lemasters (Men of a Certain Age) will play Ralphie,
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'A Christmas Story 2' Is Coming to Shoot Your Eye Out This October

Yes, friends, whether you like it or not we're finally getting that long-awaited Christmas Story sequel no one ever asked for this October 30, courtesy of Warner Home Entertainment, which means it's going straight to DVD/Blu-ray. Jingle All the Way director Brian Levant (who our own Scott Weinberg called a "soft-focus tripod" via Twitter) is behind this one, with a story that looks to pick up with Ralphie (Braeden Lemasters) as a teenager who desperately wants a Red Ryder 1938 Hupmobile Skyline Convertible for Christmas. Daniel Stern will play Ralphie's "Old Man," while Stacey Travis is his mother, and Valin Shinyei is brother Randy. Don't worry, both Flick (David W. Thompson) and Schwartz (David Buehrle) are in it too.  But before...

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South Africa's Celludroid Film Festival Announces Full Line-up with Special Guest Richard Stanley

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It is time again to get abducted to South Africa's Celludroid Film Festival! In addition to a wide range of exciting sci-fi, anime, and fantasy movies, this year will feature special visiting guest director Richard Stanley (with his movies, documentaries, short films, and new book), and for the first time short film collections will be part of the line-up.

The venue will again be the legendary Labia Theatre, Orange Street, Cape Town; and the event will run across 5-14 July.

From the Press Release:

Expatriate director, esoteric scholar, anthropologist, and author Richard Stanley (aka The Nagloper) will attend Celludroid with some of his classic movies (including Hardware and Dust Devil), his documentaries, and short films. His new book, Shadow of the Grail, will be discussed after the screening of his related doc, The Secret Glory; and he’ll take on the controversy around The Island of Dr. Moreau with a live commentary track.
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Mandate for Merger

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In a Screen Actors Guild election that was widely considered a referendum on merger with the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, proponents of that idea emerged with a clear mandate.When the results of SAG's 2010 national board of directors election were announced Sept. 23, MembershipFirst, the SAG faction that emerged from the group of actors who helped scuttle merger in 2003, lost the fight for all 13 Hollywood-based national seats up for grabs to its rival faction, the pro-merger Unite for Strength. MembershipFirst partisans had held all 13 of those seats. The loss hands the coalition of Hollywood, New York, and regional moderates who had held a slim majority of the national seats—and who have been vocal in support of merger—a commanding boardroom advantage.Even more striking is MembershipFirst's loss of its majority on the Hollywood board. Unite for Strength won an overwhelming 33 of 35 open seats. Ufs, formed in
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SAG National Board Candidates Announced

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SAG yesterday released the official list of candidates for its upcoming national board elections. Notably, all of the open seats in La (the Hollywood Division) are held by MembershipFirst members, which means that, as was the case last year, Mf can at best maintain its level of representation on the national board. More likely, it will lose some of its board seats.

On the Hollywood divisional board, Mf could gain or lose, as all division seats are up every year. This contrasts with the national board, where approximately 1/3 of the 69 seats are up in any given year. The president and secretary-treasurer, who are ex officio members of the board, have two-year terms, and are not up for election this year.

Ballots in Hollywood and New York will be mailed on August 24 with a return deadline and tabulation on September 23. Election results are expected to be announced that evening.

The Hollywood
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Actors vying for seats on SAG boards

Actors vying for seats on SAG boards
Jeff Garlin, Ron Perlman, Clark Gregg and Gabrielle Carteris are among the candidates from the Unite for Strength party vying for seats on the Screen Actors Guild's national and Hollywood Division boards.

Ufs announced Wednesday its full slate of 35 candidates, which includes 15 Hollywood board incumbents and a number of first-timers. Ballots go out to Hollywood Division members August 24 and must be returned by Sept. 23, when results will be tallied.

A first round of preliminary discussions with employers for a new TV-theatrical contract begins four days later. That deal expires June 30.

The Ufs party, which is part of a majority coalition that now runs the guild, was founded in 2008 in the midst of inter-union strife and took the hotly contested presidency last fall with its candidate Ken Howard.

"I'm inspired by our candidates," said Howard. "These are smart, dedicated SAG members who are passionate about protecting actors. They represent the diversity
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Hardware – Dylan McDermott – d: Richard Stanley

Hardware (1990) Direction: Richard Stanley Screenplay: Richard Stanley, with additional dialogue by Michael Fallon; from Steve MacManus and Kevin O’Neill’s story "Shok!" Cast: Dylan McDermott, Stacey Travis, John Lynch, William Hootkins, Iggy Pop Dylan McDermott, Stacey Travis Hardware What did you get your sweetie for Christmas? Mo (Dylan McDermott), a Marine just barely scratching a living out of the post-nuke wasteland of Richard Stanley’s Hardware, valiantly favors the thoughtful approach over blind expense. For only a pittance – "fifty" of whatever-the-official-currency-in-this-particular-dystopia-is – he buys a bag of disassembled robot fragments off of a junk-collecting drifter to give to his shut-in sculptor girlfriend Jill (Stacey Travis). This turns out to be just what her latest work-in-progress needs and, after a bit of welding and painting, she builds [...]
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Hardware (Review)

You Can't Stop Progress. Hardware Directed by Richard Stanley In a post-apocalyptic future somewhere in a radioactive desert, terminally ill Moses Baxter (Dylan McDermott) has just returned from scavenging for whatever waste he may find that could be of use to him either back home or for sale. Along his journey he discovers some robotic parts from some unknown android which he brings to his dope-smoking sculptor girlfriend Julie (Stacey Travis) as a Christmas present. She incorporates it into her latest piece, but neither of them is aware that the hardware is actually a robot programmed to kill humans. After settling in and reconnecting following his long absence, their reunion is cut short when the robot awakens, reassembles itself and resumes its original purpose as a government-sponsored population control droid. Despite few similarities, Hardware was dismissed by most as a rip-off of The Terminator. In fact, the film was heavily
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Hardware (DVD/Blu-ray Review)

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“This is what you want…this is what you get…this is what you want…this is what you get…” Public Image Ltd. chants under the end credits of Richard Stanley’s Hardware. If what you’ve been wanting for the last decade is a worthy disc release of the 1990 sci-fi shocker, what you get from Severin Films’ recently issued two-dvd set and Blu-ray is everything you could imagine, and a few things you probably couldn’t.

First and foremost is a fine 1.85:1 transfer that holds the hyperstylized, vibrantly hued visual scheme (described by Stanley amongst the extras as “rock ’n’ roll lighting”) extremely well, with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio that’s equally aggressive. Stanley’s command of sound and image elevates Hardware above a basic storyline that he freely admits is derivative of any number of past genre films, citing everything from spaghetti Westerns and classic science fiction literature
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DVD Playhouse--October 2009

DVD Playhouse—October 2009


Allen Gardner

The Wizard Of Oz 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’S Edition (Warner Bros.) A true highlight in digital restoration technology, Warner Bros. restoration of the 1939 classic is cause for celebration. The Technicolor of the late ‘30s looks as though it was shot yesterday, and is especially stunning on Blu-ray, which was produced by scanning each of the film’s original Technicolor camera negatives using 8K resolution. From this scan, a final “capture” master was created in 4K, yielding twice the resolution seen in the master utilized for the film’s previous DVD release. Judy Garland’s Dorothy is charming as ever, and the entire cast: Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr, Jack Haley and Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch, are all stellar. Four disc set bonuses include: Sing-along track; Documentaries and featurettes; Two 1914 silent films produced by Oz author L. Frank Baum, based on his stories
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Iggy Pop Promo for the Hardware DVD, Blu-Ray

The packed special edition DVD/Blu-Ray release of Hardware is now officially available as of today courtesy of Severin Films. And as one last promotional push, they've released another teaser clip, this time with rocker Iggy Pop as Angry Bob! This is the first time Hardware has been available in the Us completely uncut and uncensored. The 1990 horror/sci-fi epic was directed by Richard Stanley and stars Dylan McDermott and Stacey Travis, along with special appearances by Lemmy of Motörhead and as mentioned before Iggy Pop. You can watch a preview of all the disc's special features at our previous news post here . Check out the latest promo below:
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