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‘I, Tonya’ Filmmakers Rejected Indie Rock Darling Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Tonya Harding’ Song

‘I, Tonya’ Filmmakers Rejected Indie Rock Darling Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Tonya Harding’ Song
Indie-rock hero Sufjan Stevens is effectively running against himself in the Oscars’ best original song category, with two prominently featured and equally respected tunes in “Call Me By Your Name” (“Mystery of Love,” heard mid-film, and “Visions of Gideon,” over the end credits). But if he’d had his way, he might have had three songs in contention.

When Stevens announced this week that he was issuing a new single, “Tonya Harding,” almost simultaneous with the release of the film “I, Tonya,” plenty of fans figured the song was partnered with the movie. That was his intent, actually, at one point, even though he’d wanted to write an ode to the figure skater since 1991. “It’s not at all related to the new biopic,” he wrote on his website, before parenthetically adding, “I sent it to the music supervisors but they couldn’t find a way to use it.”

In going public
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Paul McCartney’s Long-Lost 1965 Christmas Album ‘Unforgettable’ Resurfaces Online

Paul McCartney’s long-lost Christmas album Unforgettable has resurfaced online after it was made back in 1965. McCartney, 75, only produced three acetate discs of the rare LP, giving one to each member of The Beatles. “Unfortunately, the quality of these discs was such that they wore out as you played them for a couple of […]
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Spotlight: TigerTime's Celebrity Supporters

TigerTime was established by the renowned British wildlife artist and conservationist David Shepherd Cbe on his 80th birthday. Donations fund tiger conservation projects all around the world.

Celebrity supporters

TigerTime has 23 known supporters, including Paul McCartney, Ricky Gervais, and Susan Sarandon

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Paul McCartney’s Unreleased Christmas Gift For His Beatles Bandmates Resurfaces On YouTube After 52 Years

52 years after it was first produced, a rare piece of Beatles history is available on YouTube. A Christmas compilation Paul McCartney created for his bandmates has been uploaded online.

The compilation is titled Unforgettable, and it is believed that only three copies of it were ever printed: one each for John, George, and Ringo, who received it on acetate discs as Christmas presents in 1965. On the album, McCartney plays the role of DJ, introducing each of the compiled songs and adding in some improv of his own. "And so in this program, Unforgettable, we hope that you are not gonna forget us and are gonna join in," McCartney riffs in his introduction.

Unforgettable takes its name from the Nat King Cole number that leads it off. Other songs featured in the compilation include "I Get Around" by The Beach Boys and "Don't Be Cruel" by Elvis Presley.

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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars Team Up With PETA To Free The Orcas

  • ET Canada
Ariana Madix, Lala Kent and Scheana Shay strip down for PETA. In PETA’s new campaign, the “Vanderpump Rules” stars are urging SeaWorld to free the orcas. Related: Paul McCartney Joins PETA To Urge Texas Blood Bank To Take Better Care Of Mistreated Greyhounds “Come together to free the orcas from Seaworld,” the ad reads, while the trio […]
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Mega Man 11 announced, first trailer

Ryan Lambie Dec 5, 2017

Capcom has finally announced Mega Man 11 - and it looks rather good. Here's the first trailer...

Update: Capcom's Mega Man 30th anniversary stream kicked off last night at 7pm UK time, and as expected, it contained some good news for fans of the Blue Bomber. For the first time since 2010, we'll be getting a main-line sequel to the classic action-platformer series, with Mega Man 11 due out some time next year.

See related Vikings season 5 episodes 1 & 2 review: The Departed Vikings has been renewed for season 6

The sequel will mark a slight change of direction, too, with the 8-bit, pixel aesthetic of Mega Man 9 and 10 giving way to an anime-style, hand-drawn look that brings it closer to something like Street Fighter V's use of 2.5D.

Otherwise, the platforming action's the same as always, with fast-paced run-and-gun levels giving way to rock-hard-looking bosses. Mega Man fans will notice plenty of nods to the past,
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Spotlight: The Humane Society's Celebrity Supporters

The Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Rescue Team crisscrosses the country saving thousands of animal lives every year from cruelty, animal fighting and natural disasters. The Hsus’ Animal Rescue Team has a fully equipped response team and the nation’s leading experts to assist law enforcement with investigation, evidence and animal seizure as well to coordinate animal care, sheltering and final relocation.

The Humane Society of the United States is on the ground in Nassau County, N.Y. and Ocean and Monmouth Counties in New Jersey, to help animals in these devastated areas.

Working in partnership with New Jersey Spca, the Kent County Delaware Spca, Toms River Animal Control and the Jersey Shore Animal Shelter, The Hsus has rescued nearly 200 animals in New Jersey and reunited dozens of pets with their owners. The Hsus also opened an emergency shelter in Ocean County to accommodate the growing number of
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Spotlight: Animal Defenders International's Celebrity Supporters

With offices in Los Angeles, London and Bogotá, Animal Defenders International campaigns to protect animals in entertainment; replacement of animals in experiments; worldwide traffic in endangered species; vegetarianism; factory farming; pollution and conservation. Adi also rescues animals in distress worldwide. Adi-gathered evidence has led to campaigns and legislative action all over the world to protect them.

Adi’s Mission: To educate, create awareness, and promote the interest of humanity in the cause of justice, and the suppression of all forms of cruelty to animals wherever possible to alleviate suffering, and to conserve and protect animals and the environment.

Celebrity supporters

Animal Defenders International has 28 known supporters, including Paul McCartney, Ricky Gervais, and Joanna Lumley

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Eight Days a Week: The Beatles' Touring History in 8 Concerts

Eight Days a Week: The Beatles' Touring History in 8 Concerts
For those of us who weren’t lucky enough to attend a Beatles concert in the 1960s, Ron Howard’s Eight Days a Week just might be the next best thing. The 2016 documentary traces the band’s rise from a cramped and dank cellar in Liverpool to record breaking television appearances, jam packed stadiums, and—ultimately—rock immortality. Lovingly assembled through rare and often unseen fan home movie footage, Howard’s film also draws on more familiar material—restored to the highest echelons of HD— and new interviews with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. All told, it’s a joyous
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Strictly Come Dancing: week nine – as it happened

The dancers were in Blackpool this week – so who rocked the Tower Ballroom, and who took the first bus home?

8.01pm GMT

Jonnie and Oti take a final turn around the dancefloor to “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”. Bit dusty in here.

On that sad note, this year’s Blackpool Special is over! Service will resume as normal next week, with only seven dancers left fighting for the four places in the Grand Final on 16th December. Kick off is at 6.50pm, so join me then for another sparkle-filled Saturday night. Thanks for joining in, and have a great week! Hx

7.58pm GMT

All the judges vote for Debbie and Giovanni, which means Jonnie And Oti are leaving the Strictly dancefloor.

He thanks the judges for judging him as an equal, and hopes the next person with a disability who performs on Strictly can tuck their bum under better than him.
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Spotlight: Comic Relief's Celebrity Supporters

Using comedy to help raise awareness and funds for those in need.

The Us Comic Relief aids the homeless and people in need, particularly in regards to disaster relief.

The UK Comic Relief is commited to helping end poverty and social injustice in the UK and around the world.

They do so by:

Raising money from the general public by actively involving them in events and projects that are innovative and fun. Informing, educating, raising awareness and promoting social change. Allocating the funds in a responsible and effective way. Celebrity supporters

Comic Relief has 149 known supporters, including Annie Lennox, Paul McCartney, and Sting

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Ringo Starr Spreads the Love at New York City’s Beacon Theater—With a Little Help from Radiohead’s Phil Selway

Ringo Starr Spreads the Love at New York City’s Beacon Theater—With a Little Help from Radiohead’s Phil Selway
The holiday season is nearly upon us, and anyone with a yen to perform should seriously consider asking Santa for a fraction of Ringo Starr‘s musicianship, stamina and stage presence. The 77-year-old rock icon commanded the stage at Manhattan’s opulent Beacon Theater Wednesday night, spoiling a sold-out crowd of New Yorkers with over two hours of peace, love and music.

He was flanked by the longest incarnation of his ever-evolving All-Starr Band, featuring luminaries like power-pop wizard Todd Rundgren, Toto guitar great Steve Lukather, Richard Page of Mr. Mister, and Gregg Rolie, who recently reunited with his former colleagues in Santana.
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‘The Lion King’ Turns 20: How the Disney Musical Became One of Broadway’s Best (Exclusive)

‘The Lion King’ Turns 20: How the Disney Musical Became One of Broadway’s Best (Exclusive)
The house lights dim, the sun rises on its first performance, and a powerful voice belts out: “Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba,” the first lyrics of “Circle of Life.” Lindiwe Dlamini, a member of the ensemble dressed in a white dress, holding African bird puppets in either hand with another on her head, nervously waits in the wings as she readies to take the stage in the opening number of Disney’s Broadway adaptation of The Lion King, the 1994 animated hit film about a lion cub who overcomes adversity and accepts responsibility for his pride and land to become king of the jungle.

“You didn’t know how the audience was going to receive it, [but] the energy was beyond belief,” Dlamini recalls to Et. The actress was 29 years old when she was cast in The Lion King, which opened on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theatre on Nov. 13, 1997. The show later transferred to the Minskoff Theatre in 2006, where
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Sir Paul McCartney Slams Donald Trump’s Attitude Towards Climate Change: ‘Forget About Him’

  • ET Canada
Sir Paul McCartney has lambasted Donald Trump for his attitude towards climate change, with the singer encouraging others to “forget about the president’s views” and make the change themselves. McCartney, 75, who is continuing his long-running vegetarianism campaign, was speaking to Radio 1′s Newsbeat about a short film he’s been working on which looks at […]
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Definitive Proof That Rey and Luke Are Related in The Last Jedi?

Definitive Proof That Rey and Luke Are Related in The Last Jedi?
Mark Hamill, the master of social media is at it again, but this time he may very well be hinting that Luke Skywalker and Rey are really related in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It's also important to note that Mark Hamill has been trolling Star Wars fan theorists for the past handful of months, but he's really stepped up his game this time around and in the process of fun and games, he may have let something slip about Luke and Rey's relationship. Adam Driver may or may not have let it slip out that Rey is a princess in a recent interview, leading many to believe that Kylo Ren and Rey are siblings and therefore, related to Luke Skywalker.

Mark Hamill took to his favorite social media tool, Twitter, to post an image of Rey and Luke. The top picture shows Luke in The Empire Strikes Back fighting
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Beyond Taylor & Joe: 10 Stars Who Inspired Love Songs

Beyond Taylor & Joe: 10 Stars Who Inspired Love Songs
Icymi: Taylor Swift just released her new single, “Call It What You Want”– the latest love song off her new album, Reputation. If her telling lyrics are any indication, the song appears to detail the singer’s courtship with British actor boyfriend Joe Alwyn and also references her drama-filled 2015 and her conscious decision to go under the radar for most of 2016.

Swift’s latest song got us thinking about other mushy love songs and the lovebirds behind them. Here are some of those songs – the artists’ muses might just surprise you.

Miley Cyrus – “Malibu”

Inspiration: Chris Hemsworth

Memorable Lyrics: I
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Paul McCartney Releases New Short Film for ‘Meat Free Monday’ Campaign, Featuring Unreleased Song

Paul McCartney Releases New Short Film for ‘Meat Free Monday’ Campaign, Featuring Unreleased Song
On Thursday, Paul McCartney’s ‘Meat Free Monday’ Campaign — which he started with his daughters Mary and Stella McCartney in 2009 — released a new short film featuring a previously unreleased song from Sir Paul himself.

The film “One Day a Week,” highlights the damaging role animal agriculture plays in the deteriorating health of our environment and encourages people to help slow climate change by eating less meat.

“Perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves the question, what can I as an individual do to help? Well, there’s a simple but significant way to help protect the planet and all its inhabitants,
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Paul McCartney Announces New Documentary Short For Meat Free Monday Campaign

Paul McCartney, musician, activist and global icon, has joined National Geographic Editor in Chief Susan Goldberg, for an exclusive conversation, ahead of releasing a new documentary short in support of his campaign “Meat Free Monday,” which can be viewed at

National Geographic Editor in Chief Susan Goldberg meets Paul McCartney

Along with daughters and campaign co-founders Mary and Stella McCartney, the new documentary film, One Day a Week, also features Academy Award-winner Emma Stone and Academy Award nominee and Emmy-winner Woody Harrelson, as they narrate and share facts about the impact of livestock agriculture on climate change.

Video: 'One Day a Week'

“Meat Free Monday encourages people to not eat meat at least one day a week with the hope that if enough people do it and the idea spreads, it will make a difference,” said McCartney. "My film, One Day a Week, aims to raise awareness of
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Lionsgate Takes U.K. Rights to Michael Caine Swinging 60s Feature Documentary ‘My Generation’

Lionsgate Takes U.K. Rights to Michael Caine Swinging 60s Feature Documentary ‘My Generation’
Lionsgate has snapped up the U.K. rights to “My Generation,” the upcoming documentary about the 1960s and with contributions from Paul McCartney, Roger Daltrey, Marianne Faithfull, and David Bailey. Michael Caine will narrate the feature documentary and appear in it. Simon Fuller is among the producers.

IM Global is behind “My Generation” and has global rights. The documentary will be released next year in the U.K. and uses film clips, archive, and music from the era to tell the story of the decade and the cultural revolution that took place. A key resource was a collection of footage and rushes the producers found that belonged to 1960s filmmaker Peter Whitehead. Filming has wrapped on the project.

“I am so pleased to hear that Lionsgate has picked up ‘My Generation,’” Caine said. “I had a wonderful experience with them on ‘Harry Brown’ and am so happy to be working with them again. ‘My Generation ’was such
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Mads Mikkelsen to Star in Action-Thriller Movie ‘Polar’ (Exclusive)

Mads Mikkelsen to Star in Action-Thriller Movie ‘Polar’ (Exclusive)
Mads Mikkelsen will star in the action-thriller “Polar,” set in the gritty underworld of political assassins.

Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund is helming Jayson Rothwell’s adaption of the Dark Horse graphic novel “Polar: Came With the Cold” by Victor Santos. Mister Smith Entertainment is debuting the feature film to international buyers at the upcoming American Film Market, which opens Nov. 1 in Santa Monica, Calif.

Producers are Constantin Film’s Robert Kulzer, Bolt Pictures’ Jeremy Bolt, Dark Horse Entertainment’s Mike Richardson, and Keith Goldberg. Martin Moszkowicz is executive producing.

Mikkelsen will play the world’s top assassin Duncan Vizla, A.K.A the Black Kaiser who is retiring when his former employer marks him as a liability to the firm. Against his will, he soon finds himself being hunted by an army of younger, faster, ruthless killers who will stop at nothing to have him silenced. Having no choice but to return to the shadowy life he
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