Writers A-list

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1. Dennis Potter

Writer | Pennies from Heaven

Dennis Christopher George Potter was born 17 May 1935 in Berry Hill, a small village in the Forest of Dean, where his grandfather and father were coal miners. Through books, the young Potter found that "words were chariots". He attended school in London and spent two years in the Army. During his ...

(1935–1994) 1. Karaoke 2. Cold Lazarus 3. Midnight Movie 4. Pennies from Heaven 5. The Singing Detective

2. Peter Weiss

Writer | Hägringen

Peter Ulrich Weiss was born in Berlin in 1916. His family was prosperous, educated, and middle-class; his father had been in the military, and his mother had given up her acting career in order to marry Peter's father and raise a family. Weiss describes, with Kafkaesqe photographic recall, his ...

(1916–1982) 1. Marat/Sade

3. Harold Pinter

Writer | Sleuth

Harold Pinter, the 2005 Nobel Laureate for Literature, was born October 10, 1930, in London's working-class Hackney district to Hyman and Frances Pinter, Eastern European Jews who had immigrated to the United Kingdom from Portugal. Hyman (known as "Jack") was a tailor specializing in women's ...