My Top Ten Ginger Rogers Movies

by brickley220 | created - 22 Feb 2011 | updated - 18 Apr 2011 | Public

The beautiful and talented Virginia Katherine McMath who became Ginger Rogers was a singing, dancing actress who got her first part in a movie whilst still a teenager. Ginger had been in over 30 films before pairing up with Fred Astaire, but it was this partnership that became iconic. However to quote her relationship with Astaire "It's not as if we were Abbott & Costello. We do have separate careers as well". I believe that my list reflects that, although I admit that I have not seen all of her 90 or so titles.

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1. Follow the Fleet (1936)

Approved | 110 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

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A Navy sailor tries to rekindle a romance with the woman he loves while on liberty in San Francisco.

Director: Mark Sandrich | Stars: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Randolph Scott, Harriet Nelson

Votes: 3,366

My favourite 'Fred & Ginger' especially the finale "Let's Face The Music And Dance" a classic Irvin Berlin musical. "It isn't really that gentlemen prefer blondes. It's just that we look dumber." - 'Sherry Martin.'

2. Bachelor Mother (1939)

Approved | 82 min | Comedy, Romance

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An unemployed woman discovers an abandoned baby on the steps of an orphanage, and accepts an offer to take responsibility for the child in return for a job.

Director: Garson Kanin | Stars: Ginger Rogers, David Niven, Charles Coburn, Frank Albertson

Votes: 2,988

Ginger's performance opposite both David Niven and Charles Coburn showed her talents for both romantic and comedic acting. "I don't care who the father is, I'm the grandfather!" - 'Polly Parrish.'

3. Top Hat (1935)

Not Rated | 101 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.8/10 X  

An American dancer comes to Britain and falls for a model whom he initially annoyed, but she mistakes him for his goofy producer.

Director: Mark Sandrich | Stars: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Edward Everett Horton, Erik Rhodes

Votes: 14,655 | Gross: $1.78M

The Ultimate Hollywood Musical Fantasy, with every plot line in the book. Don't try to rationalise it, just enjoy! "How could I have ever fallen in love with a man like you!" - 'Dale Tremont.'

4. The First Traveling Saleslady (1956)

Approved | 92 min | Comedy, Western

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5.5/10 X  

At the turn of the century, Rose and ex-showbiz friend Molly get involved in selling steel. When they come unstuck with corsets, they embark on the even more hazardous project of selling ... See full summary »

Director: Arthur Lubin | Stars: Ginger Rogers, Barry Nelson, Carol Channing, David Brian

Votes: 437

Still sensual, Ginger sells corsets and barbed wire in the Wild West. Watch out for Clint Eastwood and James Arness in supporting roles. "You're handsome. And brave too I'll bet. You like girls?" - 'Miss Rose Gillray, Gillray Corset Co.'

5. Tight Spot (1955)

Approved | 97 min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.7/10 X  

A female inmate is whisked out of prison and into a police guarded hotel until the District Attorney can convince her to testify against the mob in the upcoming trial.

Director: Phil Karlson | Stars: Ginger Rogers, Edward G. Robinson, Brian Keith, Lucy Marlow

Votes: 1,122

As a Gangster's Moll turned State Witness Ginger faces possible assassination from the Mob or prosecution from Attorney Edward G Robinson. Brian Keith is the tough cop ordered to protect her. "Oh gee! You got me the poker dot dress." - 'Sherry Conley .'

6. The Gay Divorcee (1934)

Approved | 107 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.6/10 X  

An American woman travels to England to seek a divorce from her absentee husband, where she meets - and falls for - a dashing performer.

Director: Mark Sandrich | Stars: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Alice Brady, Edward Everett Horton

Votes: 5,780

Back to the safe world of mistaken identity and farce in another beautify choreographed Fred & Ginger musical comedy. Her song "The Continental" won the first Academy Award for a song in a movie. "I hope you like what I ordered. I've never had breakfast with two men before." - 'Mimi Glossop.'

7. Roxie Hart (1942)

Approved | 75 min | Comedy, Crime, Romance

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.1/10 X  

Roxie Hart signs a murder confession in order to attract publicity for her dancing career as dames don't swing in Cook County. Will everything go as planned?

Director: William A. Wellman | Stars: Ginger Rogers, Adolphe Menjou, George Montgomery, Lynne Overman

Votes: 1,372

Whilst not strictly a musical, this realistic film of the Chicago showbusiness murder story sets the benchmark, that Renee and Catherine had to reach sixty years later. Stanley Kubrick named this movie as one of his top ten all time favourites. "Well hush my big black mouth!" - 'Roxie Hart.'

8. Kitty Foyle (1940)

Approved | 108 min | Drama, Romance

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.1/10 X  

A hard-working, white-collar girl from a middle-class family meets and falls in love with a young socialite, but she soon clashes with his family.

Director: Sam Wood | Stars: Ginger Rogers, Dennis Morgan, James Craig, Eduardo Ciannelli

Votes: 2,612

A beautifully told story of the romances that go wrong on a girl's life. When she meets Mr. Right she finds that his family do not approve. "When I find I want to spend 10 Bucks on a girl, then I know that I'm in love." - 'Kitty Foyle.'

9. 42nd Street (1933)

Unrated | 89 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.6/10 X  

A director puts on what may be his last Broadway show and, at the last moment, a naive newcomer has to replace the star.

Director: Lloyd Bacon | Stars: Warner Baxter, Bebe Daniels, George Brent, Ruby Keeler

Votes: 8,832 | Gross: $2.30M

The classic Hollywood/ Busby Berkley musical with Ginger wisecracking as 'Anytime Annie' the veteran showgirl with the ice cold wit enclosing a warm heart. "Not Anytime Annie? Say, who could forget 'er? She only said "No" once, and THEN she didn't hear the question!" - 'Ann 'Anytime Annie' Lowell.'

10. The Major and the Minor (1942)

Passed | 100 min | Comedy, Romance

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.5/10 X  

A woman disguises herself as a child to save on a train fare and is taken in charge by an army man who doesn't notice the truth.

Director: Billy Wilder | Stars: Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland, Rita Johnson, Robert Benchley

Votes: 5,050 | Gross: $6.38M

Only Billy Wilder could even attempt to convince the audience that a thirty something Ginger could impersonate a 12 year old girl in this romantic comedy with Ray Milland. "You should be very glad I'm not 12. I was a very straightforward child. I used to spit." - 'Susan Applegate.'